the Pain of Cluster Headache (second version)

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  • Ashley Gomez
    Ashley Gomez 2 дня назад

    You managed to make something absolutely beautiful and make it look almost effortless. Something that cannot be taught in a classroom.. Very Inspiring.

  • J Alv
    J Alv 3 дня назад

    This is the face I make when I take a shit in the toilet

  • Martial le Mec
    Martial le Mec 12 дней назад

    You described it pretty well with this picture. 😩

  • Sara Fouad
    Sara Fouad 2 месяца назад

    why are you so talented? it makes me wanna cry...

  • Zahin Hossain
    Zahin Hossain 5 месяцев назад

    did you switch to acrylic with the red and white?

  • Paraniød Crybaby
    Paraniød Crybaby 6 месяцев назад

    Pretty sure that's how my soul looks..

  • AwakenedGraphics
    AwakenedGraphics 6 месяцев назад

    Sounds System of a down - Chop suey

  • Ew Ok
    Ew Ok 7 месяцев назад

    the americans made tests with  a variation of  lsd what doesn't makes you high and it was a success. 
    . A Testperson was healed but the gouvernment stopped the research, don't ask me why...your pictures are amazing : )

  • Sally mey
    Sally mey 8 месяцев назад

    Absolutely love the painting and the song. Both capture so much emotion.

  • Sin Man
    Sin Man 9 месяцев назад

    Can you give a tutorial

  • Joel Bedolla
    Joel Bedolla 11 месяцев назад

    i love it

  • Andrew Musulin
    Andrew Musulin 11 месяцев назад +1

    Where can I buy one?

  • †Black Sun†
    †Black Sun† Год назад

    It's very beautifull! *-*
    Agnes, you're Awesome!!

  • Nicole Stef
    Nicole Stef Год назад +20

    I'm absolutely in love with all of your work. Thank you for showing that pain is real, even if it's invisible.

  • Carolina Macêdo
    Carolina Macêdo Год назад +1

    First time I am seeing your videos and I think you may just have become my favourite artist 😍

  • jasmin artmann
    jasmin artmann Год назад

    why does this remind me of DMC ????xD

  • Kawaii Potato:3
    Kawaii Potato:3 Год назад

    wow this is.... man i have no words to express how beautiful is this master piece *.*

  • The Beat That You Love
    The Beat That You Love Год назад +1

    fucking nice music Thanks alot ;-)

  • Eobard
    Eobard Год назад

    Can anyone, tell what kind of painting process is this?

    • Carla Lindsay
      Carla Lindsay Год назад

      +Eobard watercolor? If not acrylic


    Thankfully, I have cured my migraines through natural methods.. but this painting is superb in relaying the total and utter despair and agony of an attack ...I hope don't suffer from headaches? if so, please ask for advice that hopefully will help

  • Larissa P
    Larissa P Год назад

    BRILLIANT. (and so true)


    I like is different modern art...............

  • Darius Ratliff
    Darius Ratliff Год назад +3

    In my opinion I liked both (music wise) but this gave a different feeling to watch it. (in a good way)

  • GiJa L
    GiJa L Год назад +2

    Hi there, just saw this video... Tears are dripping.... U put in a canvas what i feel Every single day, sooooo many times....
    Beautifull, Goose bumbs....wauw....

  • goo gooroo
    goo gooroo Год назад +1

    ผมใช้แผ่นเจลเย็นระงับปวดคลัสเตอร์เฮดเอช ได้ผลชะงักปวดได้อย่างรวดเร็ววางกดตรงจุดปวดสักพักนำออกให้คลายทำสลับกันไปไม่นานอาการปวดก็ทุเลาอย่างรวดเร็วอยากให้ผู้ที่ทรมานลองดูครับแผ่นเจลเย็นซื้อตามร้านขายยาทั่วไปนำมา แช่ช่องแช่แข็งในตู้เย็นไว้ใช้ได้ผลดีมากครับ

  • Lysa Rodriguez
    Lysa Rodriguez Год назад

    Such perfection

  • Isabella Raeann
    Isabella Raeann Год назад +3

    I really see the story behind every painting I watch u do. just amazing omg;')

  • MrWolfe20
    MrWolfe20 Год назад +2

    just got over one. I need a copy of that. how much?

    • Arte Cluster
      Arte Cluster Год назад


  • Peachyy Deer
    Peachyy Deer Год назад

    I get headaches like this sometimes, they are horrible. you captured it perfectly.

  • valerie Potter
    valerie Potter Год назад

    I had migraines like that . Horrible. The painting is right on.

  • Enrico Giampi
    Enrico Giampi Год назад


  • Utkarsh Anuse
    Utkarsh Anuse Год назад

    The expressions are effortless👌

  • Gabriel ae
    Gabriel ae Год назад

    i see myself in your painting. ...sad and depressed...

  • Kim Nielsen
    Kim Nielsen Год назад +1

    why would you play this crazy music for those seeking relief?

  • Péter Kemenyás
    Péter Kemenyás Год назад

    really cool. I wish to have talent like author.

  • Arquimera90
    Arquimera90 2 года назад +1

    Me conmueve tu arte. Grande

  • Katherine Buchanan
    Katherine Buchanan 2 года назад

    Absolutely superb artwork. And you have captured the agony so well. Love your work x

  • JustSeanTime
    JustSeanTime 2 года назад

    Absolutely a beautiful painting. And yes, even pain can be beautiful from a perspective. +agnescecile you are awesome!

  • JustSeanTime
    JustSeanTime 2 года назад

    Yep, but for me the lips would be sewn shut and tearing open. When you have those you need to protect from experiencing their dad going through such trauma. For a while, you can keep from screaming.

  • SweetHeart Lul
    SweetHeart Lul 2 года назад

    Such talento, Beautiful artwork..beautiful n i also have migraines ahhhh  their so painful

  • Authentistic ツ
    Authentistic ツ 2 года назад

    Dang This Only Took Her Four Minutes to Draw!!!

    • Tohtori Kumiankka
      Tohtori Kumiankka 2 года назад

      +Rhayvo If you are looking for someone to troll, please. Or if you really thought this video wasn't sped up, well... it is sped up.

  • Otso Huhtala
    Otso Huhtala 2 года назад +1

    Holy crap, I just wanna cry when I watch you paint! Such talent.

  • botheone40
    botheone40 2 года назад

    Looks like me when i wake up to another day of crap.

  • FFS
    FFS 2 года назад +8

    I have it right now, luckily the worst part is over, but this is really emotional. The pain when having it makes me wanna kill myself. My father has it too. I constantly have to hold a hand over my left eye as it feels like somebody is drilling in there.

    • kristian mcshane
      kristian mcshane 11 месяцев назад

      I believe they are called suicide headaches, aptly named, good luck and I hope it doesn't go that far.

    • fabiha din
      fabiha din Год назад

      +Ariel Domínguez same is awesome painting......

    • MrThumbsofThunder
      MrThumbsofThunder Год назад

      +froggerfromspace I hope you and your father have found relief by now. I had my first time in December 1990. I thought it was just some sorta badass sinus infection or such that the doctor(s) were trying to treat me for. Nothing worked of course. Then one night while this was going on I went to sleep and then awoke to "Freddy". "Freddy" was this level of pain I had never felt and includes having live nerves exposed in a newly broken tooth. I went with referring to it as "Freddy" can only get you when you are asleep. Freddy Krueger of Nightmare on Elm Street fame to be clear. That attack lasted roughly 10 weeks. During that time I was given all different kinds of medications to try to relieve the pain. Then one day I was given something new and it appeared to work as Freddy was gone. The drs by this point shrugged and said "I guess that works" though they still hadn't coined the term Cluster Headache at that time. Fast forward to 1994 and Freddy showed up again. I immediately went back to whatever that last pill was that worked but no dice. Not so much as blip of relief. This cycle lasted about 10 to 12 weeks again and again it seemed as though the latest med worked as no more Freddy visits. The only difference by then was the  drs now called them Cluster Headaches. Next was in 1998 and again with pill after pill and I finally was given something that they said I only had a 5 minute window with which to take it and it be successful. The name escapes me atm but it was red and roughly $55 per pill at that time. I was successful with it 1 out of 4 times and the cycle ended finally. The 1st time was when it worked and not the last just to be clear lol. So then again in 2003 they returned but this time the drs knew a ton more about them and it was explained to me by a neurosurgeon that there was surgery they had developed but there was a huge risk of permanent brain damage as it required removal of a major nerve in the back right of your upper neck that they believed was where the headaches were coming from. This nerve is the one that causes all of the pains. The stabbing you in the eye; inside your temple burning white-hot and jolts of lightening across the front right segment of your head and face I was told. However he said  they also had an alternate option. It is the drug called Adalat. It was originally a high blood pressure med that apparently was given to a cluster headache sufferer and it seemed to work. I went that root. What I can tell you is this,  you may still have the symptoms while talking it, they are nothing even close to the intensity anymore!  I've been diagnosed as being a chronic CH sufferer since 2003 but Adalat saved me from the shotgun or bridge or anything that would make it stop. I hope any fellow CH sufferers maybe reads the above and Adalat or whatever there is today 12yrs later will help them or your dad and you as it did me.Peace

    • Tohtori Kumiankka
      Tohtori Kumiankka 2 года назад

      That must be terrifying... I pay respect to you guys.

    • Ariel Domínguez
      Ariel Domínguez 2 года назад

      +froggerfromspace same here

  • Paul Haig
    Paul Haig 2 года назад


  • Kharoe
    Kharoe 2 года назад

    I much prefer this one.  The music fits so much better than in the first one.

  • Clustermarc's Airsoft & Airgun Reviews & More

    amazing work, and was emotional to watch..Great stuff.. :)

  • tangy tomato based sauce
    tangy tomato based sauce 2 года назад +1

    do you listen to music while you paint?

  • Oscar Gavidia
    Oscar Gavidia 2 года назад


  • Rajiv Gandhi
    Rajiv Gandhi 2 года назад

    Looks like Bob Marley... Nice Art...Bless.

  • BeardWIN
    BeardWIN 2 года назад

    Wow. Is this for sale?

    • Arte Cluster
      Arte Cluster 2 года назад

  • Arnel Platon
    Arnel Platon 2 года назад

    So inspiring!!

  • Жамъяндагва
    Жамъяндагва 2 года назад

    How would i make the magic like this?

  • Ragahd Adel
    Ragahd Adel 2 года назад

    OH MY GOD ❤️😍😍

  • J. Heil
    J. Heil 2 года назад +2

    Best representation I've seen. Mine are also left side, and I would add drips coming out the left nostril and a large railroad spike entering the bottom left of the back of my head, exiting through the left eye - that's the way it felt from about midnight to 4 AM this morning - current cluster started about 3 wks ago after about 2 yrs relief, averaging 1-2 a day but have had a few days off in between; started about 30 years ago. Praying they'll hide away again very soon.

  • And Hop
    And Hop 2 года назад

    Can you tell me everything you used for this artwork what ink what paper brush if you used watercolor or not please I think is awesome

    TREMORUS1 2 года назад

    Thank You.

  • joppe54
    joppe54 2 года назад

    I love it

  • Joaquin Quintas
    Joaquin Quintas 2 года назад

    In the beginning she wears black color or an intense violet? i'm blind x.x Beyond that, it's wonderful :)

  • Jeremy Robbins
    Jeremy Robbins 2 года назад

    Love it. Watch it all the time. Great art!

  • Kiara Mimi
    Kiara Mimi 2 года назад


  • Ganta Igarashi
    Ganta Igarashi 2 года назад

    Can anyone translate the song name in english

    • faceless127
      faceless127 Год назад

      +Ganta Igarashi Dreams of My Heaven - deep , eternal , pure

    • 1of those
      1of those 2 года назад

      the dreams of my sky-deep,eternity,pure (russian)

  • clusterhead 2489
    clusterhead 2489 2 года назад +3

    I have suffered with clusterheadaches for 28 years now and can relate to the pain portrayed in this artwork ,though I prefer the first version as the music is much more emotional,would love to get this done as a tattoo with your permission would go well with my other tats

    • Jesse B
      Jesse B 2 года назад

      Yeah understand what you mean with the song, yet I feel like this one adds way more "chaos". Kinda hard to explain, but from someone who doesn't suffer from cluster headaches, this song really adds something insane to it. As for the tattoo, I'm sure a good artist can make something really nice out of this painting.

      I don't know how they are, not even close probably. Just stay strong, I can't really add anything more to it. 

  • Yoann bry
    Yoann bry 2 года назад


  • MORENIK666
    MORENIK666 2 года назад

    veramente brava i miei complimenti., mi iscrivo al tuo canale. iscriviti anke tu al mio se ti fa piacere. ciao ciao grande artista

  • Shakwan Williams
    Shakwan Williams 2 года назад

    I would love to read a graphic novel illustrated by you!!!

  • Northern Cold
    Northern Cold 2 года назад

    Can I get a print?

  • dul1995 Vargas
    dul1995 Vargas 2 года назад

    Me gustaría saber el nombre de la rola... alguien sería tan amable de proporcionarme la? :D

  • james lee
    james lee 2 года назад

    This is exactly how a pain cluster headache feels. I suffer from it and I can relate to what you put as your art. I truly love how you paint and how it relates to feeling so well.

  • Skary Kid
    Skary Kid 2 года назад +7

    I know this was to show the pain of cluster headaches, but to me it showed something so much more. I suffer heavily from depression and bipolar disorder. And the way these two work together is severe anger with so much depression. and this painting showed my family and friends what it means to feel the way i do. i never knew how to describe it until i saw this. So thank you! 

  • Cussundria Kneal
    Cussundria Kneal 2 года назад

    that.... was amazing. i don't suffer from cluster headaches' but this........ your painting conveyed so much agony....... amazing.

  • Oussama Khamlichi
    Oussama Khamlichi 2 года назад

    :( i suffer from cluster headache 

  • bashpr0mpt
    bashpr0mpt 2 года назад

    +agnescecile - That's my face after getting a cluster migraine from the crappy song playing in the background. Thanks dude. .__.

  • Lak ritz
    Lak ritz 2 года назад


  • Sily Piz
    Sily Piz 2 года назад

    New divide Linkin Park theme

  • Christopher Smith
    Christopher Smith 2 года назад +15

    This painting is about as close to how it feels...

    • Eddy Grant
      Eddy Grant 18 дней назад

      The way you build the painting up the darkness of the inner pain. And the wildness of the hair , that screaming pain that just builds and builds and builds until your smashing yourself in the head with your hand" slapping the pain" for some kind of relearf that never comes... slaps turn into punches. punching your head for a different feeling cos ya head has exploded into the most internal explosive pain your head is just screaming out the pain, the red paint is the pain exploding from within. Your painting is as explosive as the pain...amazing visual expression of the inner working of a cluster headache leaking out via your eye and dripping from your nose. "Let's not forget the ice cold feeling one gets on your forehead" freezing ,!!! I can suffer 4/5attack a day, lasting 20minutes to 3/4 hours. I'm so glad I live in England and not America, because having access to a gun would not be good because I think I may have been tempted ta end the pain once and for all..Suiside headaches as they are called by those that suffer is the best description ever...

  • Zenomexican
    Zenomexican 2 года назад

    Absolutely superb. I would love to buy this one. Please, PLEASE let me buy the original! :'(

  • Lucy C
    Lucy C 3 года назад

    @Roisin Arnold read the description

  • alincasandra cruz
    alincasandra cruz 3 года назад

    Wow! You're a wonderfull artist, I Rally love your work

  • Roisin Arnold
    Roisin Arnold 3 года назад

    What media do you use here? I'm pretty sure it's oil washed out with turps judging from the fact you use a palette knife, but I'm thinking of doing something similar in acrylics. You're really good at using the paint, especially when spreading and splashing it!

  • Toruk8Makto
    Toruk8Makto 3 года назад


  • Toruk8Makto
    Toruk8Makto 3 года назад +1

    Only with GOD..We can truly know what happiness....Hes Alive and very powerful

  • Ginny Cox
    Ginny Cox 3 года назад

    So many wonderful artists in the world.

  • Swapnil Singh
    Swapnil Singh 3 года назад

    I had suffered cluster headaches and trust me there is nothing which can explain that pain completely

  • Ecopowerr
    Ecopowerr 3 года назад

    I believe there is a cure in the Amazon. Sadly they are destroying the Amazon. What can I do? Thank you for the video, just back in a cluster so I have time to listen it again.

  • Christine Tollefsen
    Christine Tollefsen 3 года назад

    I have it. Thankfully its not something that is going on everyday till i die. There are monthly breaks, but ofc it returns.

  • Exzentriker
    Exzentriker 3 года назад


  • CeUnicorn Go
    CeUnicorn Go 3 года назад

    This is so amazing! There is so much behind your art. I love it. It's so inspiring.
    Regards from Germany

  • steve davies
    steve davies 3 года назад

    A magnificent painting - portrays true pain and emotion!

  • Sarahs Awesome Art
    Sarahs Awesome Art 3 года назад

    That's AMAZING. It's inspiring for me to do something similar to express my chronic pain.

  • Erick Carrillo
    Erick Carrillo 3 года назад


  • zzz1111
    zzz1111 3 года назад

    GOD, I want to buy this one!! In all of your works, I'm really fascinated to this one, it's just so powerful!!

  • UrbanArmed
    UrbanArmed 3 года назад

    Wow, so well done. It even matches which eye it comes behind..

  • Suraj Chaware
    Suraj Chaware 3 года назад +1


  • AnixMafaldix
    AnixMafaldix 3 года назад

    Hi. Can't find this music... Can you send me the name of the band/music in english? Thanks so much!... ;) 

  • Alisha S
    Alisha S 3 года назад

    Wow. You're so talented! I love how you make everything flow and make it so realistic.

  • Faris Albaitouni
    Faris Albaitouni 3 года назад


  • Comet00 003
    Comet00 003 3 года назад +1

    i cringed so much throughout this

  • Vince Amato
    Vince Amato 3 года назад

    Agnes - The first version has a tortured voice of a headache, and the second version could be sounds inside a secluded bout of pain. It seems to get louder the more you paint.
    I like the way you cross your thumb over your forefinger during some of your detail work.