Austin Mahone Goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex

Austin Mahone Goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex.

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Автор Alex E ( назад)
I wanna see Justin Bieber

Автор Mykal Cabrera ( назад)
Yeezy 2-$245 Ha complex you funny

Автор Scout 9301 ( назад)
God I want those Nike air mags soooooooooo bad

Автор Jorge AJ. ( назад)
I was here in flight club in Los angles

Автор Gucci Bang ( назад)
Those sport blues are 250 now and the taxis coming out again this year 😂😂

Автор Terrence Haley ( назад)
I laughed so hard when I seen the Jordan futures, shoes are so ugly

Автор theCookieToken ( назад)
man i hope one day i can just walk in a sneaker store and anything that catches my eye i would get no hesitation....ill just keep on dreaming

Автор mdlyonn 00 ( назад)
Can complex not do any episode without spending over 90% of the video focusing on Jordans?

Автор Yeah Nah ( назад)
Red Octobers ain't $245, they're $4000

Автор AltoSav ( назад)
the nigga don't even know they 12s he said these

Автор AltoSav ( назад)

Автор Kristina Le ( назад)
austin got robbed for the 12's

Автор chloemaxx ( назад)
Why do they give him a ripped box?

Автор Stephen Barrios ( назад)
this dude got ass raped for a pair of taxes $450 fucking crazy

Автор Nat Rat ( назад)
Who is this dude

Автор Jesus Zamora ( назад)
They r all retro

Автор Jesus Zamora ( назад)
I only own 6 pairs 😫

Автор Chris Enchiladas ( назад)
did this nigga really call the solar on the yeezys pink? what a lame

Автор loml loml ( назад)
Dorito boy, camren es real

Автор Eugene ( назад)
2:33 🚶🏾

Автор Axiis ( назад)
I hate this nigga

Автор Sym ( назад)
Miss this Austin.

Автор Christopher Orozco ( назад)
im really liking austin's jacket anyone know where i can find it?

Автор kream ( назад)
600 pairs of jordans? that's such a fucking lie, what the fuck.

Автор Drew Zorio ( назад)
Qrewkicks goes sneaker shopping

Автор sonny nayar ( назад)
flight club how much shoes can you buy each day

Автор kestyr ( назад)

Автор Bryan Hernandez ( назад)
All these rappers talk about how they would beg their mom for some filas, new balance basketball shoes and Malone just says how his mom got him Jordan 1 Chicago's like bruh 😢😀😢😒😳🐐😬😬😰😘😾🙏🏿🙀🖖🏽👊🖖🏽💪✊👊👘👙👨‍👨‍👦‍👦👙👙👨‍👨‍👧👙💄👨‍👨‍👦‍👦💄👢👨‍👨‍👦‍👦🎓🎓👩‍👩‍👧🌧🌪🌫☂️☀️🌬☄️🌬🌙💧💧

Автор Issa L ( назад)
Who the Fock is dis guy

Автор Charlie Davis ( назад)
"I was like you got the air mags in my size?" "Ya we got on size eleven left." Later on... "Can I get these in a size nine?"

Автор Taige Timmermann ( назад)
That's my bro

Автор Flores FC ( назад)
I thought he was gonna buy the red octobers

Автор junior Rivera ( назад)
He's nobody

Автор Suleman Mostufa ( назад)
DAMN YOU KIDDIN' ME FLIGHT CLUB?!?! 65$ on mother fucking tax man i will never go to flight club i'll just find legit shoe's on ebay.

Автор Overhead Valve ( назад)
Jordan 3 black cement clearly looks better than Jordan 12 taxi

Автор Justin Biber and Austin Mahone ( назад)
Love Austin

Автор Chris Hoehns ( назад)
It would be nice if the yeezy red Octobers would be $245...

Автор Real King ( назад)
this guy has a broken ass jump shot 😂

Автор Gila Monster ( назад)
I hate ppl who can't have enough has like 600 and still wants some more 😒

Автор NijaBoiTellEm ( назад)
The titles are messed up...

Автор The Bamboo King ( назад)
yea i danse withe my toes👌

Автор The Bamboo King ( назад)

Автор Zynks ( назад)
this isn't chum lee

Автор Will Hearn BMX ( назад)
Is it just me or is the title "chumlee goes sneaker shopping" 🤔

Автор JackieAndTT ( назад)
bro this isn't chumlee...

Автор Yongmin Lee ( назад)

Автор PandaPowa69 ( назад)
fix your titles

Автор Charles Reyes ( назад)
Like what the? "Chumlee" 😂😂😂 change the tittle

Автор Andrew Marapao ( назад)
When did chumlee get so skinny

Автор IIR_KERII GettinMONEY ( назад)
chumlee? wtf

Автор Joseph V ( назад)

Автор NoName ( назад)
Austin ahone is chumlee?

Автор JoshDuzVidz _ ( назад)
What are those shoes Austin was wearing?

Автор tanaka sigauke ( назад)
After Wildn out im a fan lol.

Автор Noah Klait ( назад)
Where was this nigga at for 5 years

Автор Diego Zazueta/the sneaker head ( назад)

Автор hypebeast hank ( назад)
what the fuck those red shits on his feet

Автор whospizza ( назад)
Holy fucking shit! I have like 3 pairs of footwear, including winter boots (I'm a girl btw) and this dude straight up has over 600 pairs!

Автор Jared Ripple ( назад)
why was he tryin to choose. he's rich just buy them all!!

Автор Nobody ( назад)
"Both are very classy shoes"
No they're not, they're sneakers bro smh

Автор Philipp Lang ( назад)
nice guy!

Автор Jorge Pitre ( назад)
did anybody notice that first it said 170 for the taxi 12s and then when he bought them it said 450

Автор Adriel_600 ( назад)
dam why is there allot dam Mc pick 2 commercials it's making me hungry

Автор Danny Lang ( назад)
Air yeezy 2 for 245. Someone please explain

Автор Mikkel X Music ( назад)
Dont  you have GZ Or Valentino or something?

Автор Mikkel X Music ( назад)
Please take some other then jordans all the time, its getting borring..

Автор Varonica Chapa ( назад)

Автор Lukas Skywalker ( назад)
damn those zanottis are sick

Автор JohnNy Bonnelll ( назад)
where the fuck can you find red os for 245?!

Автор Dathan Sophabmixay ( назад)
Y did they say the price for the Jordan 12 is $170 but the
Actual price is $400 ?

Автор kathy nguyen ( назад)
fucking dorito boy

Автор Brandon Yezzy ( назад)
austin mahome is a ole broke ass wanne be

Автор vip. Riley ( назад)
when i went to flight club they had the retro 12s at 1,750

Автор Ebit Lagger ( назад)
"I'm not a huge sneakerhead" "I just got about 600 pair" are you fucking serious???

Автор RyanTR Caton ( назад)
"I'm not a very big sneakerhead"

"I have over 600 pairs "

Автор Angel jay96 ( назад)
Daaamn 790.25 $ 😫😩

Автор sugadaddy drizzy ( назад)
I'd kill for jordan retros

Автор Jihane Gomez ( назад)
i love you A.M

Автор Alonso Barraza ( назад)
hand crossing ahh

Автор DJK ( назад)
Flight Club will rape you on prices and don't have the courtesy to give a reach around

Автор Ayed Zarith ( назад)
i heard that air mag back to future has a self lace thing? is it real?

Автор Franki Santiago ( назад)
at 4:48 you see the nike air mags in the top right corner

Автор Babahoe_ ( назад)
Reason They gave him fucked up shoe boxes, is as you can tell throughout the video them broke ass niggers were jealous of the rich white boy

Автор Dix Out 4 Harambe ( назад)
His chin beard is a little pubey

Автор Meto Ajagu ( назад)
how come the taxi 12s were 170 while my jordan 5 l9ws are 175? also flight club is prolly selling them for wayy more

Автор Daddy D ( назад)
I got 200 pairs of shoes

Автор Young Tiller ( назад)
Iv watched almost all sneaker shopping and this guy is really outgoing with the host, like some other celebs would cut him off or just be straight up rude and act all this nd tha

Автор Shaun Linehan ( назад)
Take off those kicks you wannabe Justin Bieber lookin mf

Автор SirGenuineGamer ( назад)
Is it just me or am i the only one that hates j's?

Автор Jaylen Candrea ( назад)
790? my parents won't even let me get a new baseball glove for like $45

Автор YOUNG AX ( назад)
3:37 did he just call bred 4s black cement 4s

Автор Hayden Lux ( назад)
What shoes are Austin wearing

Автор Erica Lee ( назад)
does anybody know what brand is Austin's black jacket?

Автор Noved Need ( назад)
LITERALLY the same shoe Macklemore got.

Автор Highlight mixtapes ( назад)
His shoes from 5th grade fit him? WTF?!?!?!??!??

Автор Yvng Shoota1 ( назад)
He said black cement 4s😂😂

Автор Datuk Rajo ( назад)
I'm Indonesian , i'm planning to go to LA this week . what is the name of this sneakers shop ?? pls someone help mee

Автор Najib Ali ( назад)
This white kid needs to stick to wearing his vans with Nike shorts.

Автор Erik ( назад)
2:33 why are the red octobers for 245?

Автор LoganArnoldKicks ( назад)
I thought at first he would want to buy some like brown Kobe 2s, but this guy is pretty dope

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