Real Sociedad vs. Barcelona analysis: What should Ernesto Valverde do with Sergio Busquets?

  • Published on Dec 14, 2019
  • ESPN FC's Alejandro Moreno and Mark Donaldson dive into Barcelona's 2-2 draw at Real Sociedad, which leaves the visitors just one point ahead of Real Madrid in La Liga. Moreno says it looked like Barca spent the first 30 minutes "hanging out on the team bus," giving Real Sociedad the edge on every 50-50 ball. Moreno also suggests Ernesto Valverde has to make a difficult decision about Sergio Busquets' role as Barcelona's style has evolved over the years. He believes there is a domino effect taking place when Busquets fails to recover defensively, limiting Frenkie de Jong and Lionel Messi from impacting the game as they look to overcompensate and keep the team's structure.
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Comments • 466

  • iam theking
    iam theking Month ago

    The real question is: What we gonna do about Valverde? Before Valverde Bousquets was best 6 in the world for 10 years straight.

  • Maxmen
    Maxmen Month ago

    unfortunately busquets doesn't have the pace to play effectively anymore. thanks alot fifa

  • jromero 177
    jromero 177 Month ago

    Unpopular opinion: the only reason suarez still scores its because of messi assisting him or if messi is playing good

  • Kumar Prakhar
    Kumar Prakhar Month ago

    Tell him to retire

  • Adrian Martinez
    Adrian Martinez Month ago

    They should switch formation to a 4231 with de Jong and busquets in the middle with Messi In the middle, Suárez up top, griezmann on the left, and Fati, dembele on the left with Arthur subbing on for Messi or busquets

  • Aurun Bhattarai
    Aurun Bhattarai Month ago

    Coutntino laugh

  • R bar
    R bar Month ago

    Messi a small team player.

  • Dizz Low
    Dizz Low Month ago

    Send him to Barça B.. Hes straight garbage..

  • Dr House
    Dr House Month ago

    Yes , real Madrid dropped points at Valencia ...1-1 very poor from Madrid ,very static ,isco was very poor , Zidane took decision very late , and finally Madrid needs to find something for casemiros replacement, Valverde is good but he has so much more to offer at front you , Zidane needs to work more to bring fluidity ,very static game , anybody could read real Madridz game today

  • Messi Messi
    Messi Messi Month ago

    What if we got Fabinho

  • Sean Strangeway
    Sean Strangeway Month ago

    Todibo should be playing CDM in midfield with De Jong and either Alena or Arthur. He could become a CDM in the same vein as Kante and Fabinho.

  • evans ekhator
    evans ekhator Month ago

    Fire Barcelona president without pension with immediate effect NOW!

  • denis okelo
    denis okelo Month ago

    We wanna teach them an El Classico lesson for once

  • Kevin T
    Kevin T Month ago

    Didn't play well but Ref gave that game to RSO. Fake penalty given to them but not for Pique. Garbage ref


    Arthur de jong alena
    Thats it

  • Prayag Ranade
    Prayag Ranade Month ago

    Sell him and Suarez ez...

  • Mahdi Taghvar
    Mahdi Taghvar Month ago

    Was on Real Sociedad's Twitter earlier. Great answer to Barca's pathetic claims about penalty!
    Obviously Pique fouled first...

    • TheeDevilWearsPrada
      TheeDevilWearsPrada Month ago

      It was a clear clear penalty. 90% of fans feel the same way. Even the top journalists and media have said it's a penalty. And no, they had no affiliation with Barca.

  • culė72 cat
    culė72 cat Month ago

    They both should go

  • Quest Fortune
    Quest Fortune Month ago

    Alena out here gathering dust

  • saphired02
    saphired02 Month ago

    Valverde wont leave untill they get pounded in the clásico.

  • Zachary Nyambu
    Zachary Nyambu Month ago

    What has valvade done surely? I thought he has continued to improve the team? Let's give credit when due.

  • Vishwesh Swaminadhan

    After the second goal it was all Sociedad, what are these guys even talking about? Did they watch the match??

  • Prashant
    Prashant Month ago

    big messi fan but busquets was better than him yesterday
    Stop always exploding at velverde

  • Jofman Tivar
    Jofman Tivar Month ago

    Aleña should play more often

  • Hleketile Chauke
    Hleketile Chauke Month ago

    Imagine if Pochettino went to Barcelona

  • Rosario 777
    Rosario 777 Month ago

    It’s not valverde’s fault


    This Alejandro Moreno guy, did he play football? I don't like his tone. It's so ubnoxcious

  • robinjoe1
    robinjoe1 Month ago

    Racitic did not track backing on a goal. Buscuets gave away the ball. Our midfield is a mess. They don’t press like Barca of old.

  • Curtis Charles
    Curtis Charles Month ago +1

    Valverde has destroyed the way Barca played their game. Barcelona defence is to keep the ball but now valverde decides to drop and defend deep to their goal,now they have given possession to the opponents and now have to defend by running behind players, instead of it being the other way around. This fool has embarrassed this club and this president is as stupid as valverde

    • vơ vu
      vơ vu Month ago


  • Greek Paian2zeus
    Greek Paian2zeus Month ago

    Surprised Moreno didn't spend all the time praising his God Messi

    • zakaria djouzi
      zakaria djouzi Month ago

      That's funny coz he doesn't even think that Messi is the GOAT !!!!!!!

  • LucCy7
    LucCy7 Month ago

    Rakitic and vidal should go away and not play at all. It's a wasted midfield and then you have valverde..

  • Perceptionist /
    Perceptionist / Month ago +2

    Reports coming from english media that Barça are opening the doors for Pep if he decides to leave City after this season. 😳
    Please be true. Imagine what Pep could do with this team.

  • funk frank
    funk frank Month ago

    Whether frenkie de jong is on the field orr not messi still drops back in possession but not in defense ...also de jong dropped back but was always afriad to tackle...also are u guys saying that penalty agaisnt Busquest played no role and the "no call" of the penalty chance for the same exact infringement against Pique and the total absence of VAR in this case didnt play role in this ......i agree busquest is slowing down even more when he was already slow and that hes left wanting in certain games ....but cmon man u cant have a conversation about this game an not talk about the VAR and how much of a role the referee played in this one " UNLESS ITS SOME KINDA BIG CONSPIRACY" (WINK WINK)

  • Prashant Mishra
    Prashant Mishra Month ago +1

    Barca should have dropped to the Europa and hoped to play Frankfurt if the fans wanted to see veleverde sacked..

  • Bughatii Lovren
    Bughatii Lovren Month ago

    Valverde the best coach Barcelona ever recruited

  • No Name
    No Name Month ago

    I dont know what we hate most ... Valverde or Valverde tactics 🤔🤦‍♂️ im waiting to see Valverde put Messi as Goal Keeper and Ter Stagen as Attacker

  • róbert rob
    róbert rob Month ago

    It's just one problem...Valvedere, he is not good for Barca!

  • Real Gems
    Real Gems Month ago

    Messi sucks the oxygen out the room

    IQBAL AHMED Month ago

    If barca plays 1 good game..
    They play bad for 10 games

  • Moist Peanut
    Moist Peanut Month ago +2

    Bring him off the bench so he is fresh allowing De Jong or whoever is the 6 to move up in the second half.

  • Aryan Kurdi
    Aryan Kurdi Month ago

    Busquets was class until valverde came the problem is clearly valverde he doesn’t have a style of play therefore busquets is not able to perform to the standards we are used to seeing

  • Aizaz Izzat
    Aizaz Izzat Month ago

    The number of top players at barca that are 30 and over (especially if you consider who they are) and most if is that spine, if barca aren't careful they could be in massive trouble for the next few years.

  • Sullay BJ
    Sullay BJ Month ago

    I used to say Barca re ruthless I guess not anymore. Valverde is lucky man like Ole

  • Leo Steel
    Leo Steel Month ago

    Alejandro said it best

  • Gurpinder Singh Sidhu

    F for Valverde

    PHENOM ENAL Month ago +3

    I think we're gonna end up like ac Milan

  • Vikas Ahlawat
    Vikas Ahlawat Month ago +11

    Midfield should be Arthur dejong and Alena plus puig

    • Sean Strangeway
      Sean Strangeway Month ago +2

      Alena as CAM, De Jong CM and Todibo CDM. Trust me this midfield would possess he ball better, is press resistant with all 3 and we would have incredible defensive cover and ball winning in Todibo.

  • Hajime Saitou
    Hajime Saitou Month ago +1

    Couple of idiots blabbering not even mentioning the penalty given to Sociedad that wasn't and penalty not given to Barca that was. Should have finished 3-1 to Barca.

  • Cheddah C
    Cheddah C Month ago +2

    By far, Valverde's biggest sin he's made in Barca has been ruining a 160m signing in Coutinho. UCL exits, and playstyles changing are just part of the game and can't be entirely blamed on Valverde, but ruining Coutinho's career in a Barca shirt is entirely on him

  • Gabriel Mad
    Gabriel Mad Month ago

    Alejandro is the only guy in this channel that should be doing analysis. Really like to hear his comments

  • Commander Shepard
    Commander Shepard Month ago

    TBF, Sociedad outplayed Barca and deserve to win. Busquets is finished, he needs to be replaced.

  • Abubakarr Titus
    Abubakarr Titus Month ago

    Valverde is the main problem for playing so bad

  • Utti Siseppe
    Utti Siseppe Month ago +4

    Busquets gets dragged
    Refferee : yop it's definitely a penalty, no need for var
    Busquets : surprised pikachu face

  • paco ramon
    paco ramon Month ago +4

    Real Sociedad plays the best football in La Liga.

  • J V
    J V Month ago

    Ten Haag in

  • Jsm For real
    Jsm For real Month ago +1

    Did de Jong play good I did not watch the game

    • Jasper Boonstra
      Jasper Boonstra Month ago

      @Jsm For real One of the only ones that carry this team at the moment.

    • Jsm For real
      Jsm For real Month ago

      Amit Bora this but is he really that good

    • Amit Bora
      Amit Bora Month ago

      good in passing and dribbling but he didn't do any defensive work and press opponents. ....overall he performed ok ....but rakitic didn't play well

  • venta Syiem
    venta Syiem Month ago +4

    A chance for Real Madrid 💪😉

  • Max Z
    Max Z Month ago +1

    Pep will go back to Barcelona

  • SND
    SND Month ago

    It is not valverde's fault if the "ballon d'or" winner played like dogshit if there is someone to blame it is messi

  • JustAdreamer Forgood

    Busquets is 💩

    • Amit Bora
      Amit Bora Month ago

      no he is good in his position other midfielder is bad