NBA 2K Dribble Gawd Breaks My Ankles!! ImDavisss IRL 1v1

  • Published on Jun 27, 2019
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Comments • 845

  • Lori Jones
    Lori Jones 4 days ago


  • Brandon 98
    Brandon 98 7 days ago

    LSK can’t be telling nobody to go to the rack when all his tall ass wanna do is shoot deep 3’s nd do one leg faders like he’s KD. 🤦🏾‍♂️😂

  • John Ron
    John Ron 11 days ago

    Duke dennis

  • Obey_Smilx-_-
    Obey_Smilx-_- 20 days ago

    1v1 flight cuz he's gonna make an excuse for u winning

  • Will Op
    Will Op 24 days ago

    3:09 DAMN!!!!!

  • Green best Games
    Green best Games Month ago

    Man davisss did Zack dirty

  • Kid Rock
    Kid Rock Month ago


  • LAn Grabber
    LAn Grabber Month ago

    1v1 vs agent

  • Edderson gonzalez
    Edderson gonzalez Month ago

    Who else hated that shoe sound. It hurts my teeth😂

  • Hellnopo F2P
    Hellnopo F2P Month ago

    Zack wearing bucketsquad merch

  • Flapbackandsmack
    Flapbackandsmack Month ago +1

    3:07 to 3:12 was Kyrie mode lol

  • Tamtam Tomtom
    Tamtam Tomtom Month ago

    How bout deestroing he is pretty good

  • GX_ Retro
    GX_ Retro Month ago

    Zack went beast mode

  • Derek N
    Derek N Month ago

    His foot was out

  • Finn balor Fan
    Finn balor Fan Month ago

    Seat geek you have done it you have token over youtube now leave us alone YOU ABDUCTED ZACK NOW LEAVE R.I.P. Zack

    MAD MOWGLI Month ago

    Good click bate

    MAD MOWGLI Month ago

    It would be an honor to play you 1v1

  • Cash Malloy
    Cash Malloy Month ago +1

    Brawadis would be pretty dope

  • Larry Brd
    Larry Brd Month ago

    😂 the end Had me dying

  • jae saucexbruh
    jae saucexbruh Month ago


  • Devon Witherow
    Devon Witherow Month ago

    You should 1v1 Duke Dennis

  • Quashan Jenkins
    Quashan Jenkins Month ago

    Theres know ankle breaker he don't even stumble but jump

  • Eamonn Minch
    Eamonn Minch Month ago +1

    5:10 “YO GUYS ITS AFRO” get that 12 year with that cringe ass intro outa here

  • Kam Solomon
    Kam Solomon Month ago

    For some reason I think of king mcbang bang from prettyboyfredo channel

  • Cyrus thegoat4
    Cyrus thegoat4 Month ago

    Bone collector

  • iOutPlyedYew
    iOutPlyedYew Month ago

    Lol he not a dribble god, he not even a park sweeper...yeah I say he's pretty trash.

    AYE WHIPZ 2 months ago

    Fatboy goin crazy

  • ne garh -phone
    ne garh -phone 2 months ago

    Is that Daviss

  • yuhyurr
    yuhyurr 2 months ago

    davis is a thiccc ass boi😂

  • Ye eT
    Ye eT 2 months ago

    Song at the end is NormedBeats-Naruto Blue Bird remix

  • Allen #6
    Allen #6 2 months ago

    Let the fox himself play 1v1 against you

  • Davion Summers
    Davion Summers 2 months ago

    1v1 duke 😂😂😂

  • Jimmer Range
    Jimmer Range 2 months ago +3

    When you watch the full video and there is no ankle breaker

  • Nicolas Chu
    Nicolas Chu 2 months ago +1

    1v1 Marceles howard

  • Chris Robinette
    Chris Robinette 2 months ago

    Zacks the 🐐

  • Jellyfamej DaGOAT
    Jellyfamej DaGOAT 2 months ago

    1v1 duke

  • Clewis 2
    Clewis 2 2 months ago

    Fly me out I’m tryna hoop😂😂

  • Ryan Gaming & More
    Ryan Gaming & More 2 months ago +1

    1v1 Troydan 😂😂

  • Ryan Gaming & More
    Ryan Gaming & More 2 months ago

    The sound with there feet on the ground screeching makes me cringe
    I don’t mind the squeaking in stadiums though

  • HowardTheAlienAtArea51
    HowardTheAlienAtArea51 2 months ago

    ImDavisss lmao lmao lmao man super chubby

  • J Fre
    J Fre 2 months ago

    What movie is that clip at the end from lmao

    • J Fre
      J Fre 2 months ago

      Rolando Cruz 🤣 chill out ion watch movies a lot

    • Rolando Cruz
      Rolando Cruz 2 months ago

      Are you serious it's Jurassic Park

  • Matt 40607
    Matt 40607 2 months ago +1

    Davis was looking pretty thick I ain’t cappin

  • Idk srry
    Idk srry 2 months ago

    Where was the ankle break?

  • Diego G.
    Diego G. 2 months ago +1

    click bait

  • Nathan Yarkin
    Nathan Yarkin 2 months ago

    Davis’s ass lookin PHAT

  • Damingo Ellis
    Damingo Ellis 2 months ago

    He different 😂😂

  • Luke Ironhart
    Luke Ironhart 2 months ago

    How tall is Kris actually

  • Lake
    Lake 2 months ago

    Bring back Lenny

  • YngJayy
    YngJayy 2 months ago

    Whats the outro song name?

  • Terrill Anderson
    Terrill Anderson 2 months ago +1

    Play Austin from Ace family!!!!!

  • Zahir Crowder
    Zahir Crowder 2 months ago

    Zack a beast

  • Wavy Kevin-
    Wavy Kevin- 2 months ago

    1v1 duke

  • Monsterfox43
    Monsterfox43 2 months ago

    Poor beemalopolus at the end there had me dead 💀

  • Gamer _P
    Gamer _P 2 months ago

    David's ass is better than 50% girls on the world

  • Nick Cendejas
    Nick Cendejas 2 months ago

    Ima need that blue bird remix

  • Nike Head23
    Nike Head23 2 months ago


  • Ja Lowman
    Ja Lowman 2 months ago

    1v1 Coletheman_tw

  • Isaac Productions
    Isaac Productions 2 months ago

    1v1 solluminati

  • jamal davis
    jamal davis 2 months ago

    Got dam agent fat as fuck what happened

  • Aly3 Daya
    Aly3 Daya 2 months ago

    1v1 agent