Maleficent: Mistress of Evil Teaser Trailer #1 (2019) | Movieclips Trailers

  • Published on May 14, 2019
  • Check out the official Maleficent: Mistress of Evil trailer starring Angelina Jolie! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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    US Release Date: October 18, 2019
    Starring: Angelina Jolie, Michelle Pfeiffer, Ed Skrein
    Directed By: Joachim Rønning
    Synopsis: The complex relationship of Maleficent and Aurora continues to be explored as they face new threats to the magical land of the Moors.
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Comments • 1 423

  • bernice fresia
    bernice fresia Month ago

    What is this song

  • Shine lagz
    Shine lagz 2 months ago

    I wish have maleficent 3 hahaha its my favvvvv movie

  • ardiana faula skuy
    ardiana faula skuy 3 months ago

    I've seen this film and it's a great movie. I highly recommend it



  • anuradha anoo
    anuradha anoo 3 months ago +1

    Indian mom opposing love marriage....😂😂

  • Ana M.
    Ana M. 4 months ago

    im 100% the villain in this movie is the queen (idk her name)

  • Goku Black
    Goku Black 5 months ago

    So this movie gonna turn into action movie **Ok**

  • ᅧᅡᅮᄉ티노제맃호

    I like this trailer

  • kimah abdul
    kimah abdul 6 months ago

    i thought A.J. character is a good person?

  • Cecilia Rosas
    Cecilia Rosas 6 months ago

    Wen is it going to come out

  • Super Slovak
    Super Slovak 7 months ago

    I wanna see her true potential, felt like it was squandered

    ONCE UPON A TIME 7 months ago

    The FIRST movie was just amazing. The great and different storyline made it a success at close to $800 million. I'm afraid the sequel might not be as good because I'm afraid Disney think they will make the same or more profits as the first one. Then, who knows, Angelina is up against Michelle Pfeiffer, who is also a great actress, and the sequel might be a hit. I remember Angelina and the screenwriter telling the media in 2014 after Maleficent came out "We see no reason to be a sequel. The story of Maleficent was told well, we can't imagine a sequel". Also the filming for the movie was done last March 2019 and it had a May 2020 release so all the visual FX can't be created. Releasing the film 7 whole months earlier makes me afraid the movie might have choppy and rushed visual FX - I hope not and hope Disney will release a 3D version as well like the first Maleficent.

  • Gevork Bagdasarov
    Gevork Bagdasarov 7 months ago

    Maleficent 2 : F the first movie

    in your face fans

  • Aiden Jolly
    Aiden Jolly 7 months ago

    Idk why but I loved the part where all the flying uh evil stuff came omg loved that

  • Aiden Jolly
    Aiden Jolly 7 months ago +1

    Goosebumps instantly ESPECIALLY THE MUSIC OMGGG

  • tiemishuu101
    tiemishuu101 7 months ago

    Anyone know the name of the song?

  • Rodrigo Oliveira
    Rodrigo Oliveira 7 months ago


  • Ankit Mondal
    Ankit Mondal 7 months ago

    Might as well make a kingdom hearts movie then.
    Although if it ever happens it'll be far in the future when Disney would be out of ideas

  • Mr. Balagturd
    Mr. Balagturd 7 months ago

    Where’s Mal?

  • Jakub Stadler
    Jakub Stadler 8 months ago +1

    I think that this is just a shadow on true story. Maleficent in side is good person i quess. I think that her bad side has connetion with this Queen that was on trailer.

    But this is just quess😚

  • Ali Baba
    Ali Baba 8 months ago

    I love fantasy movies 😘

  • Андрей Поповичъ

    F*ck u Disney

  • Geofrey Hervin
    Geofrey Hervin 8 months ago

    no no! it's makes sense, in the first movie she bcomes good *as the leader of Moors* .
    now she wants war against humans, she never make peace with humans in the first movie.

  • Ricardo Silvestre
    Ricardo Silvestre 8 months ago

    wait... october 2018?

  • Dustin Blackhat
    Dustin Blackhat 8 months ago

    hell yeah!! the real QUEENS have returned to fight!!! cant wait!!!

  • Funny Squid
    Funny Squid 8 months ago

    I loved the last movie, hope this one is good too.

  • Kevin3DA
    Kevin3DA 8 months ago

    So.. make the same movie again but this time with bonier cheeks?

  • two june
    two june 8 months ago


  • Ian Templeton
    Ian Templeton 8 months ago +1

    I hope they actually make her evil in this. Not this "villain who was once good and then became good again" bullcrap lol

  • Aeshiryzen Aeschirett
    Aeshiryzen Aeschirett 8 months ago

    Elle Fanning is so dull.

  • oleg powder
    oleg powder 8 months ago

    Thor's sister is still evil.

  • Kieran Leeming
    Kieran Leeming 8 months ago

    Wow a movie no one expected or wanted

  • Candyfsu
    Candyfsu 8 months ago

    I assume this is set after the time of the original Malificent movie with Jolie and Fanning?

  • Sincerely Defiant
    Sincerely Defiant 8 months ago

    Ah.....I don't know. We didn't need one tbh. They said she would be evil in the last one too, but she turns into mush as soon as s he sees the baby

  • gamer hood
    gamer hood 8 months ago

    Angelina is back

  • keith xoxo
    keith xoxo 8 months ago

    Hela is that you??

  • chrinxyx bb
    chrinxyx bb 8 months ago

    Now i can't stop watching this. Im so excited💀💀💀

  • Kobi
    Kobi 8 months ago

    Michelle Pfeiffer is gold. I’m in.

  • Messi idol mvp
    Messi idol mvp 8 months ago +1

    Angelina Jolie looks evil af in the movie the trailer look epic still

  • Tucker Livingston
    Tucker Livingston 8 months ago

    i thought the last one had a happy ending- what's going on? how is this for kids also

  • sara zakaria
    sara zakaria 8 months ago

    what is the name of this song please ?

  • Fatemeh Khalafat
    Fatemeh Khalafat 8 months ago


  • Thảo Phan
    Thảo Phan 8 months ago


  • Marela Aryan Balagot
    Marela Aryan Balagot 8 months ago

    So Maleficent abandoned character development... seems like Disney took notes from Game of Thrones

  • Wayne A
    Wayne A 8 months ago

    I want Lana del Rey back for another song , what is the bullshit !!!!? The hell !?!?!?!?

  • TuTOk
    TuTOk 8 months ago

    After this lets make maleficent innocent again with different story...

  • Abdul Samad
    Abdul Samad 8 months ago

    Song name please

  • ميمي ميمي
    ميمي ميمي 8 months ago

    شنو اسم هذا الفلممم... بليزززز

  • Cody
    Cody 8 months ago

    She looks demonic.

  • Soya Sauce
    Soya Sauce 8 months ago

    the first movie showed malefecint turning kind

  • cez
    cez 8 months ago

    can disney leave the expectation subverting to d&d lol

  • Louis Daniel
    Louis Daniel 8 months ago

    Maleficent : well do you?
    Queen: do i what?
    maleficent : KNOW BETTER

  • Louis Daniel
    Louis Daniel 8 months ago

    The queen is back

  • Kimberley Gore
    Kimberley Gore 8 months ago

    Had no idea they were making a second movie and boy this ain't letting us down! I'd like to see Disney make more villain movies

  • genesis rogers
    genesis rogers 8 months ago

    cant wait

  • Kana _plaz
    Kana _plaz 8 months ago


  • Invox
    Invox 8 months ago

    The sequel NO one asked for...
    Thanks Disney.

  • Courteney Clark
    Courteney Clark 8 months ago +1

    Look, another movie no one asked for.

  • Lance Buttercream
    Lance Buttercream 8 months ago

    Donovan - Season of the Witch

  • Miguel Arias
    Miguel Arias 8 months ago

    So unnecessary.