CATS you will remember and LAUGH all day! - World's funniest cat videos

  • Published on Feb 10, 2017
  • Here's a challenge for you: watch this and try not to smile or move your lips! It's simply impossible! These cats are too funny! Just look how all these cats & kittens play, fail, get along with dogs and other animals, get scared, make funny sounds, get angry,... So ridiculous, funny and cute! What is your favourite clip? :) Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos!
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  • Tiger Productions
    Tiger Productions  6 months ago +25


    • Avani Zaveri
      Avani Zaveri Month ago

      No fge eat and then we went

    • Lass-in Angeles
      Lass-in Angeles 2 months ago +1

      You are animals abusers torturing animals to get money on RUclip. I am going to shut you down, motherfuckers!

    • Andrew C
      Andrew C 4 months ago

      @Dusty Nelson brazilian society of nuclear medicine?

    • Louis Gaudio
      Louis Gaudio 4 months ago

      Dusty Nelson is

  • Susma Limbu
    Susma Limbu 3 days ago

    So funny video 🤣🤣🤣

  • dawn lynas
    dawn lynas 4 days ago

    The dogs and cats playing together were hilarious !

  • valerij zaporogeci
    valerij zaporogeci 6 days ago

    hipocrites in comments loving to show their superiority - none of you are better humans, you don't love animals more, than others with the video authors incl. just unlike them, you are boring sanctimonious snobs, having the capabilty to poop all joy around. cats were not suffocating, it's impossible for those few seconds to exhaust the oxygen in the cans, the authors of the videos certainly took care to take those things off timely (if those hadn't fallen off before), if you didn't get that - you are stupid. when stupidity meets hipocrisy, then comments like many of here born. "cats suffocating"... holy moly, they really are so cretine?

  • Shadow Wolf Army63
    Shadow Wolf Army63 9 days ago

    "Gotta feed your wild side" lmao

  • Shadow Wolf Army63
    Shadow Wolf Army63 9 days ago

    I think that cat at 0:38 was watching neko hentai

  • Boomboomfractal 09
    Boomboomfractal 09 14 days ago +1

    1/3rd of this video is cruel.
    Cats are being horribly treated.
    Do a Cat Tank Army VS. Dog’s Cruel Fortress of Torturing Cats.
    🐈🐈🐈🐈FREEDOM FOR US🐈🐈🐈🐈

  • Kerri Hamilton
    Kerri Hamilton 15 days ago

    1:00 I shall entertain myself!

  • Lewis Jones
    Lewis Jones 22 days ago

    Good collection, from the comments I think people think you filmed these yourself and they're your pets! Just remember that angry people (even those mad for stupid reasons) will always comment and gripe, Happy people not so much. This was good, keep 'em coming.

  • Valarie Tallman
    Valarie Tallman 27 days ago

    guys i understand your concern but do you really think they would let the cans and stuff on their heads for along period of time. only a few seconds, that is not enough to create harm. besides these animals have safe home thats all matters. they pulled the stuff immediately after. i am not saying a agree in this actions. but come and a plastic bag would be the same as a paper,or box. n one is forcing the cats to go in boxs. their onwers help seriously people now a days are to freaken sensitivities. on AFV its a tv show look it up. ya'll be laughing. and for the people saying not to own cats. you should own dogs because they do some much stupider unsafer shit all the time.

  • Lora Ross
    Lora Ross 29 days ago

    Not funny at all if pets get hurt, are encouraged to fight, or are tortured! Let someone trap and torture you!!! The ASPCA should put you away in a dark cell and throw the key away!!! Put stuff on your own STUPID head/body!!! I'll laugh my ass off at you!!! Boo Hiss to you human jerk jackass!!!

  • Pink Kawaii Mangle FNaF Foxy x Mangle

    Me: *sees the video's name*
    Me: oh I think it Will be funny! (I don't even start the video)
    Me: I go to see the comment section, the people will love this video!
    Me: *sees comments*
    Me: oh... I see They didn't enjoyed it... I thought they will love it. But now I seen the video.... It's not really funny. ;-;

  • Advocatus Diaboli
    Advocatus Diaboli Month ago


  • Fredriik Forkbeard
    Fredriik Forkbeard Month ago

    I reported this video to YT as having “violent or repulsive content”

  • Nancy Wright
    Nancy Wright Month ago

    1:53 Me on my way to the club

  • Alexandra Rynes
    Alexandra Rynes Month ago

    Funny momments part 2 :
    When you try to get in : 0:22
    I love this laptop : 0:32
    help me : 0:43
    Bongo cat : 2:38

  • AdroitWaterBear
    AdroitWaterBear Month ago

    Sick SOBs who think animals with their heads stuck in cups is funny, they can't breath, scared. Fasty nuckers.

  • Dea hagalaz
    Dea hagalaz Month ago

    Cat with its head caught in a can is not funny. That is abusive.

  • V-Gaming
    V-Gaming Month ago

    when there is free food


  • Carl Lazarraga
    Carl Lazarraga Month ago

    0:41 Quick! Clear history!!!

  • Identifiant Identifié

    They’re so nice with a mushroom sauce...

  • A e s t h e t i c B o i

    1:28 Legends say that the cat is still in the boot

  • Kathleen Hogan
    Kathleen Hogan Month ago

    How would you like to have your head stuck in a bag and be running around in panic? Shame....

  • Kathleen Hogan
    Kathleen Hogan Month ago

    Filming a cat with something stuck on its face is dangerous and cruel. Shame on you.

  • DoDo
    DoDo Month ago

    Most of them are dangerous! That’s not funny. Who the fuck uploaded this?

  • Tina McKnight
    Tina McKnight Month ago

    Pleas stop encouraging morons who abuse animals and call it funny. This also makes me wonder what type of person you are if you can’t tell the difference.

  • modern spongebob
    modern spongebob Month ago

    Is the cat on the thumbnail on meth?

  • Etherexl_Face.mp4
    Etherexl_Face.mp4 Month ago

    there are so many things wrong with this video. I don't get people who just bring out their phones when a cat is suffering. Nor the whole "cat on a swing thing" is not okay. Or a cat getting DRAGGED by a dog 5:44. they just sit there and film them suffer cause they think its funny.

  • Delia Darling
    Delia Darling Month ago

    😱 For the love of God, the animals could never just so happen to get stuck all on their own and someone video 3 seconds of it before they pull it off the cat! How about go watch an abortion video that shows an innocent baby having its limbs ripped off, or for all you late term abortion advocates, go watch a 9 month baby have a pair of surgical scissors stabbed into his/her skull!!! 😡😡😡

  • Karen Renee
    Karen Renee Month ago

    People are quick to judge. Animals do get themselves in crazy situations. If they are not hurt is it so wrong to be amused at their antics? If a human stuck their head in chip bag I would laugh as long as they were ok. If I am a sad monstrous human so be it. Get a grip. Most of the animals probably have better lives than most humans!

    • Karen Renee
      Karen Renee Month ago

      Oh, and my cat said he wants to thumb up my comment...but he doesn't have thumbs!!

  • BunNy Ja
    BunNy Ja Month ago

    Dislike the VDO? What's wrong with you people!!! :O wt*

  • vitaliy cherginskyy
    vitaliy cherginskyy Month ago +2

    To all those ppl who take this too seriously: you laugh when a person gets hurt, when a baby falls over. You laugh then, so why don't you laugh now?

    • Etherexl_Face.mp4
      Etherexl_Face.mp4 Month ago

      @vitaliy cherginskyy so you are saying we should stomp on them like they are bugs? Listen to me idiot, humans, animals, and bugs are different.

    • Etherexl_Face.mp4
      Etherexl_Face.mp4 Month ago

      @vitaliy cherginskyy The problem is that your trying to make your point on this video. which includes them abusing their cats. And another thing, parents throwing balls and swinging punching bags to their KIDS is not FUNNY. I honestly don't get your point. Both are bad and that's the END of it.

    • vitaliy cherginskyy
      vitaliy cherginskyy Month ago

      @Etherexl_Face.mp4 I'm not disrespecting you or anything and you probably aren't one of the ppl described, but it pisses me off when ppl treat their pets like it's their children. Then treat things like ants and crickets the same way, idk

    • vitaliy cherginskyy
      vitaliy cherginskyy Month ago

      @Etherexl_Face.mp4 oh I know, it's abuse but have you seen those vids where parents throw balls and even I saw once swing a punching bag at their kids. That's the point I'm trying to make here.

    • Etherexl_Face.mp4
      Etherexl_Face.mp4 Month ago

      the problem is that these are cats, and their owners are putting on CANS on their heads. (which had a risk of suffocating), cause they think its funny. That's why people in their right mind don't laugh.

  • Bunni Armani
    Bunni Armani Month ago

    Most of these show how stupid people are. Not funny at all and are a bad example for getting laughs. Shame on you.

  • King Peter
    King Peter Month ago

    OMG! that cat trying to get through that flap is a miracle!

  • Wise Lady
    Wise Lady Month ago

    Haha cute kitty's

  • Christine Capani
    Christine Capani Month ago

    This video is disturbing.

  • Artistically
    Artistically Month ago

    While I agree it's not funny to see a cat's head in something, judging from the comments it seems a lot of people have never seen a cat stick and unstick its head from something. I live in a neighborhood with a bunch of strays(?) and a woman who owns a bunch of cats, and see this almost daily

  • Tyler Remington
    Tyler Remington 2 months ago

    2:52 today the music stage, tomorrow the world 🤣🤣

  • Brody
    Brody 2 months ago

    Lmao that “you gotta feed your wild side made me laugh for 5 mins *straight!* but some of it was funny the only parts that weren’t funny is when the cat was getting hurt or having bags/can on their head.

  • Sandy Brecken
    Sandy Brecken 2 months ago

    You people don't know what you're talking about funny, this shut wasn't all that funny

  • Misa ,
    Misa , 2 months ago

    We are awesome 🐈

  • Dana Everhart
    Dana Everhart 2 months ago

    What's funny about a cat or kitten suffocating ????... Head in bag or box?... Not funny at all gents!

  • rat burger
    rat burger 2 months ago

    I've always hated this sadistic channel I first saw it when it had around 50,000 subs I don't know how it's gotten 3million

  • Alan Grey
    Alan Grey 2 months ago

    Unsubscribed. Cruelty to animals is not humor. 😠

  • Alan Grey
    Alan Grey 2 months ago

    This is outrageous. Cats stuck with cans, bags, or other objects on their heads is very dangerous. Owners allowing their cats to play in plastic bags should never be allowed to own animals or have kids. This video is not funny at all and should be banned.

  • Darcy O'Day
    Darcy O'Day 2 months ago

    Why do people think a cat with its head caught is funny?

  • Ida Z
    Ida Z 2 months ago

    Sigh.. I really want a fat cat but I'd hate to put it's life in danger like that.

  • Lass-in Angeles
    Lass-in Angeles 2 months ago

    0:24 - this is a morbidly obese cat getting stuck in the pet door. Its not funny that this cat is so fat and sick, and not funny that he is getting stuck in the door and struggling to get through. Would it be funny if an obese man got stuck in your doorway? Would you be laughing at him struggling to get out and breathe? Assholes! Don't you dare do this to cats!
    2:00 - Poor cat has a can on its face and you think this is funny? You put it there, fucking assholes!
    3:38, 359, 7:52 - You did it again! Shoved the cats face into plastic bags, paper cups, and cans.
    4:08 - this cat was deliberately pushed into hangers and made to panic, so that you could film it as a funny episode. Its not funny, its cruel, fucking morons!
    4:50 - morbidly obese cat which has been fed crap food and never allowed to go out to exercise. Now being harassed by a dog.
    5:24 - Cat made to wear a tight jacket then harassed by a dog again!
    None of these episodes are funny. They are abusive to animals and exploitative for money on RUclip. I will be reporting you to RUclip, and urge others to do the same. You will not profit from hurting animals, MOTHERFUCKING ASSHOLE MORONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mirla Sophia
    Mirla Sophia 2 months ago

    Cats are the funniest animal in the world

  • magic unicorns
    magic unicorns 2 months ago

    Don’t do this to cats probably if people keep doin this cats will be extinct

  • magic unicorns
    magic unicorns 2 months ago

    These cats probably got hurt!!!!! My kitten is silly but not hurt

  • DuneTube
    DuneTube 2 months ago

    3:52 cat: bumps into wall also cat: attacks wall

  • Lourdes Sangally Condori

    Muy adorable

    DJ COLIN H 2 months ago

    8:58 so cute

    DJ COLIN H 2 months ago

    There all so sweet

  • Lara Croft
    Lara Croft 2 months ago

    wha duh heck XDDDDDDDD

  • Emerantia Antonia Parnall-Gilbert

    Morons creating much anxiety to pets just to make a stupid video. What is wrong with you people. Take note, I've recorded all segments and reported the most unacceptable ones to the Animal Welfare Society.

  • Emerantia Antonia Parnall-Gilbert

    some of the treatment animals get from their ignorant owners is close to animal abuse for the sake of a video

  • Emerantia Antonia Parnall-Gilbert

    Cat at segment 1:10 has a serious condition that should be checked by a vet. Worms which could be dangerous to humans can create spasms in the cat's tail

    JBL NYC 2 months ago

    This video is FANTASTIC!! The music matches perfectly too.