CATS you will remember and LAUGH all day! - World's funniest cat videos

  • Published on Feb 10, 2017
  • Here's a challenge for you: watch this and try not to smile or move your lips! It's simply impossible! These cats are too funny! Just look how all these cats & kittens play, fail, get along with dogs and other animals, get scared, make funny sounds, get angry,... So ridiculous, funny and cute! What is your favourite clip? :) Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos!
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  • Tiger Productions
    Tiger Productions  2 months ago +12


    • Andrew C
      Andrew C 13 days ago

      @Dusty Nelson brazilian society of nuclear medicine?

    • Louis Gaudio
      Louis Gaudio 14 days ago

      Dusty Nelson is

    • Jeanmarc riviere
      Jeanmarc riviere 27 days ago

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      Hd7djdidge hfjfjfkrpeiendjrgos3gaidyf

    • Dusty Nelson
      Dusty Nelson 2 months ago


  • Mona1428
    Mona1428 5 hours ago

    I needed to laugh! thankyou:)

  • Meister Kaos
    Meister Kaos Day ago

    This kinda shit right here, is the reason cats want to murder us all.

  • G B
    G B 2 days ago

    Cat in swing is NOT funny. Had to stop watching.

  • zigaudrey
    zigaudrey 2 days ago

    Please! The cat will have mental scar
    1:27 There is a cat in my boot! 1:53 Its head is stuck in the can! Let it out! 2:28 Crushing tree. 2:31 Tush.
    2:36 Real life KeyBoard Cat. 2:53 CATS The Movie. 3:30 Help, I am stuck! 3:51 Help the poor cat!
    3:59 Not the kind of bed I would sleep on. 4:31 Singing Cat Opera. 5:01 Get your butt there!
    5:21 And the cat is exhaused. 5:53 Dog vs CardBoard Cat 6:24 Waiting for the cat to come out
    7:11 Giving cat some entertainment. 7:20 Playing with static. 7:43 It will get asphexia!
    7:57 Spider Cat. 8:19 Cat is cleaning the dog. 8:55 Cat watching fire-works. 9:38 Did you trown an hedgehog?

  • דרור זאב
    דרור זאב 3 days ago


  • Thomas Hogan
    Thomas Hogan 3 days ago

    What is that cool music playing? It adds much. Please let me know. Sounds Baroque like Bach or Handel.

  • Natalie Kendel
    Natalie Kendel 4 days ago +2

    I hate how more and more people are using their pets are toys for entertainment or for "likes" on social media. Don't put animals in danger, leave them compromised, or treat them like dolls. THEY ARE NOT! THEY ARE LIVING CREATURES!

  • Nya Nya Cat :3
    Nya Nya Cat :3 5 days ago +1


  • ash lee
    ash lee 7 days ago

    that wasnt as funny as i thought...

  • ash lee
    ash lee 7 days ago

    that wasnt as funny as i thought...

  • Tina Mcintyre
    Tina Mcintyre 8 days ago

    Why do some people get a kick out of seeing animals suffer ,i don’t get it 😢😖👎🇬🇧

  • METALKID2003
    METALKID2003 8 days ago


  • Gina MacDougall
    Gina MacDougall 8 days ago +5

    Those with something on their face, was not funny.
    Let the cat owners know. I don't think I will be able to view your videos in the future, unless your a little more diligent in the ones you accept...
    Not funny, not a single thing in distress should be funny.

  • Fatima Almeida
    Fatima Almeida 9 days ago

    Tão. Fotogênicos. Ia. Buscá-los. Num. Saco

  • Fatima Almeida
    Fatima Almeida 9 days ago

    Este gato. Foi. ao. Cabeleireiro. aí. Foi foi

  • amy lopez
    amy lopez 9 days ago +3

    Laygh?! I'm done because I'm not going to Laugh at animals suffering ANYMORE than I'll laugh at People, tho People are more important but Both are Abusive!!!

  • Jane Woods
    Jane Woods 10 days ago

    Tyler,bet you like these cat posts...don't ya???

  • Barbara McCroy
    Barbara McCroy 10 days ago

    Thanks for the laugh, it was like watching a bunch of curious , crazy kids have fun!”sweet”😘😘✌️

  • Lynda Doberman Hall
    Lynda Doberman Hall 11 days ago +11

    Did not like this video. Let a poor Cat go crazy with something stuck on their head. It is not funny, its mean.

  • Zesu 123
    Zesu 123 11 days ago

    Firat isn't funny..

  • Joann Monkey
    Joann Monkey 11 days ago

    What a beautiful Christmas tree at 3:12, absolutely gorgeous ! This is definitely one of the best ones I have ever seen !

  • Lee TV
    Lee TV 11 days ago +1

    The sneezing cat needs to go to the vets...ASAP!!!

  • My world as Bella
    My world as Bella 11 days ago

    I made one

  • My world as Bella
    My world as Bella 11 days ago

    Where is my profile picture???

  • JoAnne Burgher
    JoAnne Burgher 11 days ago

    Some of these idiot owners should be put down.

  • Katherine Termini
    Katherine Termini 12 days ago

    None of them made me laugh the title is so so so so so wrong

  • Meggy & Meggy
    Meggy & Meggy 12 days ago +4

    I can't stand people who, instead of helping their cat, stayed there laughing and filming.

  • Andrew C
    Andrew C 13 days ago

    it is never ok to let your pet become obese. your in control of their diet!! and then to be someone who displays that as the can stuck on the cats head clearly in distress..wh what?? how can that be funny? please stop promoting irresponsibility. society has enough problems.

  • Nikki Douglas
    Nikki Douglas 13 days ago +1

    What's funny about watching a dog drag a cat round by it's neck?

  • Kawaii Katarina
    Kawaii Katarina 15 days ago

    Most of these videos were annoying, not funny. I felt bad for some of those cats. Most of those people were stupid and annoyed the cats, thinking it's funny but it's not.

  • freecherokeespirit
    freecherokeespirit 16 days ago

    Aww the Santa cat was cute 🎅

  • freecherokeespirit
    freecherokeespirit 16 days ago

    Some of them are funny others are mean

  • Loranne Grech
    Loranne Grech 17 days ago +1

    NOT funny at all. I'm not laughing but feeling disgusted.Shame!!!

  • sst tss
    sst tss 18 days ago

    Not funny

  • sanoma barlow
    sanoma barlow 18 days ago +1

    That black and white cat is me when spring comes Me:*sneezes* . . . Ugh!!

  • Moria Blackie
    Moria Blackie 19 days ago

    There are animals suffering in these videos.Not funny.Animal are not toys.

  • BasTet
    BasTet 19 days ago

    Humanos idiotas...

    MAXIMUM THRUST 20 days ago

    You gotta feed yur wild side

  • rob yohn
    rob yohn 22 days ago

    There ought to be a video of animal abusers getting owned.

  • Abby Normal
    Abby Normal 23 days ago

    At @ the 5:30 mark I had to stop as it looked like the cat got it neck snapped as they laughed. SMH

  • evie becker
    evie becker 24 days ago

    hi lol nice

  • Steve Huffman
    Steve Huffman 25 days ago +49

    the 1/3rd screen videos make this unwatchable.
    Cats with heads stuck in a can is NOT "funny".

      GENERAL DISARRAY'S BOSS 83 6 days ago +1

      Speak for yourself DOUCHBAG I'm sure they helped the cat right away except for the few seconds that played on the video go complain inside your ass!!!!

    • To be Answered
      To be Answered 19 days ago +3

      Terrible, outrageous, how can people laugh at that, in stead of helping the animal. OMG, no appreciation of animals.

  • alexis giles
    alexis giles 28 days ago +2

    Just so you know - I love watching cat videos. And for those who think for some strange reason that any of these are mean then you DON'T have a clue how cats really act! I have seen my cats do most of the silly things shown in these videos. They are not being abused nor are they forced to do the things they's just their nature and/or personality being exhibited freely - they are clever and very funny creatures. I've never seen a Tiger Productions video that was showing mean or abusive things being done to any of the animals....

  • Sandra Paul
    Sandra Paul 29 days ago

    Me gusta mucho esta chistoso. está muy chistoso 😂😂😝😹😹🗽

  • William Jury
    William Jury 29 days ago

    dogs suck

  • Tuff OleBird
    Tuff OleBird 29 days ago

    Tiger production....cats...
    People dont realize that doing things to cats to make them dizzy or shake their heads fast causes nuerological problems that can be permanent. My vet adopted a cat that the last owner would tease cat in circles with stick toy. Eventually the cat could only walk in small circles. Its heartbreaking. Some people are cruel without thinking. The cup or can on head is another bad one. Wake up folks. Go talk to a vet. Or google these. And by the way to spook your animal causes problems for cat also.

  • Duane Schlender
    Duane Schlender Month ago

    funny video collection until the disgusting dogs showed up..

  • D L Malley
    D L Malley Month ago

    Yes , I laughed out loud.... ♡♡♡

  • I wånt tø ßë thë gïrl_ wïth thë møst cåkë》》

    lol lol lol hahaha LMAO 😂😂😂wow doesn't get any better than that! 😂😂

  • CoolSuperBlitz
    CoolSuperBlitz Month ago

    Me: Clicks video because of thumbnail showing cat with Limahl hairstyle.
    Seconds later: I'm noticing a lot of animal cruelty in this video, like what the shit!

  • Shobhana Kapoor
    Shobhana Kapoor Month ago

    The nodding and singing cats were so cute!

  • Selena Hansen
    Selena Hansen Month ago +1

    CATS CAN SWING TOO?!!!! AMAZALING!!!! 😹😹😹😹😹😻😻😻😻💙💙💙💙

  • Haya
    Haya Month ago +1

    I’m not going to laugh at a cat !


  • Chiken Nugget
    Chiken Nugget Month ago +1

    2:51 This cat is more talented than me

  • xisobelx373
    xisobelx373 Month ago

    Some of these were ok. Some made me mad, when people Intentionally torment or.harass kitty and kitty could be hurt and keep filming asinine antics..hoping for views and likes..makes me mad

  • Mirabai Devi
    Mirabai Devi Month ago

    I thought this might be fun to watch..........NOT laughing.........

  • Bruno Barga Paulino

    Oi e o maior barato kkkk

  • Marlene Kazekondjo
    Marlene Kazekondjo Month ago

    Once my dog got his head stuck in a cereal box it was so funny 😂😂😂😁

  • LGBT Jiki- chan
    LGBT Jiki- chan Month ago

    0:41, music???

  • Honey Owen-Armstrong

    so of them are so slay and sad horrible dogs

  • Honey Owen-Armstrong

    So cute love it :D

  • Or S
    Or S Month ago +2

    the cat turning head for yes or no is so cute!!

  • Bill Cipher
    Bill Cipher Month ago

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww kittens and puppies playing is so cute!

  • Paul Castillo
    Paul Castillo Month ago +2

    I remember Grumpy Cat, but he's dead.

    • Louis Araujo
      Louis Araujo 13 days ago

      I bet Grumpy Cat🐈 is famous in Heaven, too...😇

    • Paulina Balcerzak
      Paulina Balcerzak Month ago

      I think it was a girl...
      But I still feel sorry for that cat
      I think she's having a good time in haven😇

  • The Cat
    The Cat Month ago

    Wait what NEMO IS A CAT?!!!

  • Witty Macaron
    Witty Macaron Month ago

    My father once told me a story about his two cats, Blacky and Shadow. He also owned a dog. Anyways, one day, I don’t know why, Blacky jumped on the dog, and the dog went running around the house, with Blacky on it! Shadow was chasing after those two tooo...

  • Jessica Vincent
    Jessica Vincent Month ago

    This is just sad.

  • Diana living consciously

    I like the music, but where is the cat with the hair-do?

  • Jane Ledwon
    Jane Ledwon Month ago

    Have you ever showed your cats this video? My kitty got quite upset with the images of cats bouncing off walls after paper or plastic cups were put on their heads. In the cat world, this constitutes cruelty. Please do not do it.

  • Darkness Silence
    Darkness Silence Month ago

    some of these are pure cruelty human. Stop suffocating and intimidating your cats. This video just proves how many ignorant and idiot people are there with pets.

  • Jack de Metal Gear
    Jack de Metal Gear Month ago +2

    Me dio risa este vídeo, pero le di dislike porque había otra foto y ya no me acuerdo porque vine y eso no me gusta (perder la razón).

  • Lux Meow
    Lux Meow Month ago +2

    @1:51 the cat sneezing that bad and he's just filming, what an ass! My cat has allergies too but I try to calm him or else he gets out of control because he's stressed. Some are funny but some is like what are you doing man!

    • Silver Willow Schleich
      Silver Willow Schleich Month ago

      Lux Meow Sure and maybe that person didn’t know what to do. I personally have never seen a cat sneeze like that before, so I wouldn’t know what to do. Sure, maybe I wouldn’t start recording it for laughs. I’d probably record it so I could post it on social media and see if anyone with experience knows what to do. Or just google it. But anyhow, we don’t know the intent of the recording.

    • Lux Meow
      Lux Meow Month ago +1

      @Silver Willow Schleich True. Also true that if the cat is sneezing that badly, maybe remove him from that spot to see if maybe he's not allergic to something in that room. Instead of film his suffering.

    • Silver Willow Schleich
      Silver Willow Schleich Month ago

      Lux Meow Well sometimes you can’t control things like that. The reason we sneeze is because there’s some foreign object in our nose and we need to get it out. If the cat has to sneeze to do that, then let him sneeze.

  • Shyra Petrov
    Shyra Petrov Month ago

    3:30 Хозяева - дИбилы полные ( как и во многих других сюжетах) !!!!! Еще, уроды, смеются!!!
    3:51 Хуй бы свой засунул в банку, мудак!!!!! Еще и снимают, сволочи!!!!!

  • Kenneth Sakamoto
    Kenneth Sakamoto Month ago

    Many people are terrible not to be concerned with the stress they put them through just to get a laugh. They wouldn’t want to be put in the same position, primarily getting their heads in a bag, jar with no room to breathe.

  • Fra Clarke
    Fra Clarke Month ago

    At 7:58 ,looks impossible unless there is something on the glass?

  • Erin Laemmle
    Erin Laemmle Month ago

    Um some help please! Don't just sit and film for clicks! you dopes!

  • Fred Flynstone
    Fred Flynstone Month ago +2

    meh... My cat is only about 100 times cuter and 90 times funnier.

    • Fred Flynstone
      Fred Flynstone 20 days ago

      How dare you!... I've never been so insanely offended in my life. My kitty is the undisputed sweetest smartest nicest prettiest funniest cat of all cats anywhere ever... Anybody that denies it is a racist.

    • eliz0891
      eliz0891 21 day ago

      My cat is the cutest and funniest

  • Bom Bagel?
    Bom Bagel? Month ago +1

    Why laugh at cats when they need help from their parents?
    That’s not funny at all!! 😡😡🥺🥺
    1 like=1 cat saved

  • Wilson Alyadrian Amat
    Wilson Alyadrian Amat Month ago +4

    1:45 LEGEND SAYS it's still like sneezing...

  • nick adz
    nick adz Month ago

    These videos are great!

  • Comrade Critical
    Comrade Critical Month ago

    What is wrong with this comment section? People get so upset over the dumbest things

  • SiglundR
    SiglundR Month ago +2

    I'm sorry. I never EVER laugh at ANY of these stupid cat videos the way the title promises I will. EVER!
    And I like cats...

  • Matthew Simser
    Matthew Simser Month ago

    i watched this video this morning and i am STILL laughing!!!!

    • Andrew C
      Andrew C 13 days ago

      even at the cats who were in distress?

  • Patty McQueen
    Patty McQueen Month ago

    I don't find anything funny seeing a pet fall and hurt themselves. Stupid people!!

  • Julia Gamerz
    Julia Gamerz Month ago

    cat-plz dog leave me alone

  • Marsha Arrowood
    Marsha Arrowood Month ago

    2:34 you died.

  • Mary Thomas
    Mary Thomas Month ago

    Ok when i see a crying cat with its head stuck in something I stop watching. Got it fool?

  • Lydia Riggs
    Lydia Riggs Month ago


  • svenlundergard1
    svenlundergard1 Month ago +5

    Not liking how animals are treated on some of these. Will not watch Tiger Productions anymore.

  • Helder Almeida
    Helder Almeida Month ago +2

    There was not even one clip that made me laugh

  • ultra instinct goku

    If u didn't laugh u don't have a humorous heart 💔

  • Judy Gwen
    Judy Gwen Month ago

    Cats with cups stuck on their heads isn't funny!

  • Breeze_Paradise
    Breeze_Paradise Month ago

    5:39 that person should’ve stopped the dog

  • KMA Associates
    KMA Associates Month ago

    At 1:03 Now that is the first example we have ever seen of chasing your own tail, with malice intent !

  • le th
    le th Month ago

    Who are these ASSHOLES who put cans and/or potato chip bags on the cat's head so they're blinded? Fucking sadists...
    I'm not a cat person, as I have terrible allergies to them, but I would never do that to any animal. It's cruel and they could be hurt when they fall unexpectedly or run into something. I find ZERO humor in that. It's cruel to the animal.

  • The Hood Pastor
    The Hood Pastor 2 months ago

    Liked it but the music was way too much

  • Michelle Lawrence
    Michelle Lawrence 2 months ago

    like some of these pet owners are like probably forcing these poor animals to do these things for internet fame like this is not cool and not even close to funny!

  • EveryThingGirl238
    EveryThingGirl238 2 months ago +5

    "Are you guys loving each other"
    *Sees face expression*
    Apparently not. XD