Saitamaya: The Master of Grilled Meat

If you have a great meal, but you're not allowed to take a picture of it, is it still delicious? At Saitamaya, the answer is yes.

We're thrilled to share our experience at Saitamaya, where the master has perfected the art of Yakiton, but he won't let you take any pictures or video of the food. Yet, he allowed us to shoot here this day. The food here is unbelievable. People travel from all over the country to eat here, and - if you're coming to Japan - you definitely need to stop by here.

Come, let us introduce you to the master of grilled meat.

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Автор The Mushroom of Death ( назад)


Автор Tim Guy ( назад)
they call him saitamaya. the amazing "one lunch man" who can make anyone full from only one meal.

Автор Megan ( назад)
man I feel bad. I was out of the loop for a while now mainly because this is my junior year in high school and things are starting to pick up.
Binge watching all these videos makes me feel great but at the same time I feel bad that I wasn't on the same time frame on your journey kind of thing does that even make sense?
I almost forgot how therapeutic it is to watch y'all's videos for me lol I'm actually doing my math homework while watching this.
Keep up the good work!! Oh god I hope you don't see this I haven't changed my username or photo since 2008 or something

Автор Doctor M. ( назад)

Автор Maximumtrollerable ( назад)
first song? very nice.

Автор John L ( назад)
The subtitles are so obnoxious haha. "Martina lets out another soft moan while looking deeply at her pork intestine." Enjoyable video though.

Автор George Bang ( назад)
구독한게 중요한게 아니라 아닐때 구독 취소가 중요한게 아닐까

Автор Nancy Mai ( назад)
I've watched this video over ten times and each time I grow to love the Chef's personality even more. It's like I don't even want to try his food as much as I just want to meet him haha. But jk the food looks amazing and this is definitely on my list to try when I go to Japan.

Автор I am Avs ( назад)
The man next to Simon looked like my student before. :)

Автор TJ the good guy ( назад)
This year I am going to Japan as an exchange student, I am excited to eat this kind of food.

Автор Znarf oal ( назад)
I'M HUNGRY !!!!!!!

Автор rene garcia ( назад)
looks amazing

Автор Israel Hodson ( назад)
0:48 Doublelift? ;)

Автор terrakie ( назад)

OKay so yo. I was just back and visiting in Japan for a week. And boy howdy did I go to this place. None of my friends were free to go with me so I hauled my ass out to Jujo and waited for an hour and a half. The meal I had was one of the best I've ever had because beyond the tasty tasty meat, I got to meet a lovely little family for two hours. Now I'm not just talking about the Ogumas, though Hideo was awesome and made sure I was comfortable as a single, lonely foreigner. I mean the people sitting around me. By the end of the meal I really felt like the whole restaurant had gelled into some unified collective of "people who ate at Saitamaya at 16:00 on Saturday March 18, 2017."

I can't wait to return. I feel the need to bring everyone I know to Japan, and then to this place.

Автор Gabriel Galvao ( назад)
You guys must make a video, about Nusr'et # SALTBAE pleaseeeee!

Автор Doni Setiawan ( назад)
you can come to my country Indonesia and in my country have a lot of like that, and the name is Sate.

Автор 333arisokapoios ( назад)
this is called souvlaki in my country Greece !!! common stuff nothing really special!!!

Автор yap choon ( назад)
one punch meat

Автор Dylan Otto ( назад)
love the choice of music, rly adds to the ambiance n sensuality of the food n restaurant

Автор Dylan Otto ( назад)
why the F am I watching this at 3am, starving?

Автор bugsan ( назад)
Songname at 6:00 ?

Автор d B ( назад)
What will Saitama do if he stop being a hero? This

Автор Dalem Otter ( назад)
p,s the way these people eat are creeping me out.just eat it and tell us that its nice

Автор Dalem Otter ( назад)
can you turn your grill on with one punch?

Автор SniperNinja-115 ( назад)

Автор D. Gary ( назад)
are you able to enter if you dont speak japanese ?

Автор The One they call Brian ( назад)
Shut the fuck up, you pretentious, cambucha juice, drinking, hippies. They're selling you the hype more than anything. I can grill meat just as good over a camp fire.

Автор Mr. Nice Guy ( назад)
Cow's balls is good too. MMmmmm... the nice, warm, juicy balls melts in your mouth with every bite...

Автор 6ix ( назад)
2:36 "and I love this dick" ... WHAT?

Автор J13tou ( назад)
So after killing all of the monsters, this is what Saitama retired to. And his hair came back.

Автор wordsone ( назад)
Have you guys checked out Midnight Diner on Netflix? if so you should, I think it might inspire you guys even furthermore beyond with how you go about your future videos, with things such as visuals, storytelling ect. Its pretty much about a Midnight Diner.

Автор Pizza Dude ( назад)
1k vegan hate this video

Автор Sayantan Saha ( назад)
when ignorant people make fun of some scientific institutions by comparing it with a Japanese bar.......

Автор Tech Zone_Ro ( назад)
A food locale does not have to cost a fortune/meal in order for one to have a great experience and a delicious meal at the same time. Interesting video 👍

Автор Cessnex ( назад)
Is it non-jap friendly communication wise?

Автор Michael Sierra ( назад)
you guys are too extra

Автор Nelson Lee ( назад)
I really dislike how before you even bite into the meat, you already make a face like you're about to orgasm. It's kinda fake. Just explain the food, stop overdoing it with the Hollywood acting.

Автор Richard Hogg ( назад)

Автор Akos Robert Vägvölgyi ( назад)
AMAZING QUALITY VIDEO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор markj7000 ( назад)
Saitama, mastering punches and grilling meat.

Автор Brandon Lambert ( назад)
I liked everything about this video, outside of when you actually ate the food. Scrunching your face up and saying "mhmm so good" after every bite of everything is definitely not a genuine reaction to eating foods. More of his honest description of the liver and less of "omg my mouth is in heaven" looks.

Автор Yi Wang ( назад)
I just want to say their way of "being surprised and satisfied of how delicious the food is" is so predictable so exaggerated so sick. Read more book and use more vocabulary, watch more movies and learn more facial expressions.

Автор Mark Wolfheart ( назад)
I feel I could eat a whole pig over there thx for a tasty review

Автор sdq sdq ( назад)
lol grilled intestines , where have u been , and that made me believe you ? haha

Автор Emily Pham ( назад)
Japanese version of Salt Bae

Автор Akhil Balla ( назад)
he's so fucking awesome and badass!!

Автор omega73582 ( назад)
I read Saitama O.o

Автор matthulen ( назад)
Went to nasa today, and crashed their spaceship right next to the launchpad... bummer

Автор Devin Xiong ( назад)
Bet CNN is jelly right now

Автор Jerden Caday ( назад)
i thought it said saitama

Автор Deathbrewer ( назад)
Actually I think asking to drive the NASA shuttle would be a *little* bit harder, lol... It's not like NASA is saying "yes" to CNN coming over and driving it either :D

This just required very specific networking (friend who asked him and you got lucky since he probably trusts said friend) but no amount of networking, knowing the right person, or "getting lucky" would EVER result in you getting to randomly drive the NASA shuttle, because NO ONE randomly drives that thing, it's a huge process and a huge deal every single time with nothing left to chance beyond what is literally impossible to control, lol.

Автор Yomka Hassan ( назад)
But,but,but where is the susi?

Автор Koji Shine ( назад)

Автор Theresa Metcalf ( назад)
stop talking crap.

Автор Phi Hung Thanh Nguyen ( назад)
can u send the adress thx

Автор Abhi Bhatia ( назад)
at 2:00 where's this girl at

Автор Kur kur ( назад)
Another I think I go to heaven video.

Автор Coffee Lover 11 ( назад)
CNN LOL Fake news

Автор Seth Brooking ( назад)
I wonder how many people expected this guy to punch the fish cause of his name being similar to Saitama from One Punch Man.

Автор sheeplvl1 ( назад)
spleen~ I've never heard that word with food before.

Автор Virgilio Telmo ( назад)
I love it!

Автор Maria Elisa ( назад)
Come to Peru please

Автор hilal türkoğlu ( назад)
Bu etler gibi güzel bir et daha tatmak isterseniz kesinlikle Abu Dhabi veya Dubai'ye Nusret'e uğramadan geçmeyin. #saltbae 😊

Автор karan pkatarki ( назад)
iam hungry

Автор Marcos Zuccaro ( назад)
So, the dude serves argentinian asado... interesting...

Автор Kim rich ( назад)
Haha secret sauce is MSG...
And not cook well is very soft and moisture.
Also be careful the cancer if you keep it burn.

Автор Adam Campos ( назад)
what does this generation know,Careful spleen and other inner organs cause serious GOUT!

Автор TripleAceAAA ( назад)
So basically a bunch of grilled meats on some unique bbq type of device...maybe with special smoke chips and flavours...a few secret sauces (every chef has secret sauces) served while boozing up......

I can do something similar for the boys on football night , nice idea

Автор Genile Bankai Elric ( назад)
SPLEEN!!!????????????????????? Who's Spleen!? LMAO! It looks tasty though. Suddenly I feel like Hannibal Lecter.....

Автор Genile Bankai Elric ( назад)
OMG!!!!! That food looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор eviltango ( назад)

Автор george5630 ( назад)
ONE PUUUUUUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Greg Singleton ( назад)
Awesome vid and she is damn adorable (no disrespect)

Автор Christian Campos ( назад)
I gotta stop watching these type of videos whenever I'm hungry.

Автор Goki Kawasami ( назад)
Great steak :D

Автор Lauri Mäkirintala ( назад)
his food is so good that it knocks people out with just one bite

Автор Amit Yadav ( назад)
omg! just when I was thinking of going veg! you guys show me this!!!!
fab video though!

Автор Egehan Kayalar ( назад)

Автор Alex Willis ( назад)
He cooks the beef with one punch

Автор Reyes Ruiz ( назад)
hoo! I want so hard go to that place !!

Автор Filippo Bonomo ( назад)
the meat looks always burned, beginner's mistake

Автор Norman Rose ( назад)
"It may not be the most expensive place but the food is absolutely top notch" 7:52 When does anything being expensive add to the enjoyment of something? If it's inexpensive (cheap would be the wrong word to use here) and the food is amazing, then I'm all in.

Автор Gorjess ( назад)
too much respect for you guys!

Автор Pino Mascetti ( назад)
i bet that they used 1 pig that entire video for the 14 people sitting around them

Автор Necro Phil ( назад)
"Where has this been my whole life?"

Well seeing as it is pork intestine that pretty much answers the question...

Автор Konrad Adenauer ( назад)
ihr musst taglich echt scheiss essen

Автор excellentes ( назад)
I dont watch this kinds of video, its makes me craved for this stuff for months?! no years to come God that meat!

Автор VisaZyre ( назад)
Just went there this evening! It was superb! Thanks for the recommendation :)

Автор APPfordable APPs ( назад)
I'm a chef of 30 odd years and you guys ROCK! 😎🤘

Автор E.T Pitt ( назад)
where is this place?

Автор Hiaruga ( назад)
I love the way Martina chews here food. Very cute. Makes the food that much more appetizing.

Автор snowhiterover ( назад)
when did Chris Elliott get a food show?

Автор Murtaza Kandil ( назад)
jobless westeners trying to make money in japan

Автор Ronz ( назад)
sorry i want to try this but meeg pies doesnt like pig ear

Автор scott smith ( назад)
Pork intestine it's called chitlins been in the south forever

Автор Sopan Sopian ( назад)
sate from indonesia??

Автор At Kafası ( назад)
Great respects from Turkey.Your videos keeping us knowladged about cultures etc. all around the world.You should try Kebab! =D

Автор cem deniz ( назад)
He isnt master you have to see adana's chef cook everyday and everywhere you can find grill meat, kebab

Автор cem deniz ( назад)
Mastermış hhahahahah ağam siz adana görmemişsiniz pazar günü şehri alttan ateşemi verdiler bu ne duman dersiniz :D

Автор Nishad Arora ( назад)
Can u guys please come to India and experience the amazing food culture

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