Conor McGregor boxing sparing Chris Van Heerden, 2016

dont forget to watch this video :https://youtu.be/sbwJlycj380

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Автор dexter morgan ( назад)
jesus connor keep your freakin gloves up...

Автор wyatt bartlett ( назад)
Floyd wins but not by knock out

Автор Gustav Johansen ( назад)
so fucking stupid

Автор Eti Lui ( назад)
as much as i dont like floyd this guy is fucked he got no hands rt u need work

Автор Enlightened Soul ( назад)
Chris said he can't hang with any top boxers. man it looked like you would have a tough time in a boxing match with him.

Автор Eliseo Lusian ( назад)
ayyyy did u break a nail honey? well dont worry 75 million should make it worth it

Автор Aldo AldoRodriguez ( назад)
kind of bum

Автор James Abdullah Wang ( назад)
lol and he wants to box with Floyd

Автор Dean thomas ( назад)
Conor mcgregor, " what the shite just happened"??????......

Chris Tucker, " You got KNOCKED the fck out"!!!!!!!!

Автор LiveLife Random ( назад)
I respect McGregor but sorry man, here's things that a boxer is ahead of you (I'm a boxer myself)
first: Stamina, boxers had the most stamina in fighting sports 12 rounds is a lot,
second: movement, hybridization of techniques and footwork, punches.. I think you fell short on this by a lot
third: defense, bro mayweather is a top defensive fighter, in this vid I've seen a lot of amateurs far faster and better than you
fourth: I'm not even a top class boxer nor others out there, you're challenging a high tier boxer (Pacquiao, mayweather), why don't you try to fight lower or middle tier boxers?
fifth: Experience, sorry to say this, but even unknown boxers even amateurs have a lot of potential, I've seen a lot, you might be surprised that their a lot faster than you could ever imagine
sixth: You're not fighting still opponents, they'll continously and aggressively puch your smiling face, you cannot kneel in boxing, you might die if you're too complacent
seventh: I've known champions from MMA and even Muay Thai admit that they can't win against a pro-boxer in boxing whose not even a champion yet,
lastly: start small don't be too cocky , I hope that, Mayweather, Pacquiao, Lamachenko, Walters, Cotto, Rigo, and many others accept your fight, hope that they'll teach you a lesson, I am a low-tier amateur boxer whose fought muay thai and MMA fighters in different gyms including kicks, I've won most fights, But I've lost some because of experienced pro-fighters, but I an amateur was able to beat pro fighters and I consider myself extremely weak and I respect those that I have defeated (over 200 sparring fights), yet you underestimate boxing too much, Hope that they'll accept your fight, the training in boxing is longer as I have seen, may the fight happen and may you live to tell the tale

Автор ajkidking ( назад)
i hope he keeps training

Автор David Kellium ( назад)

Автор Jack PS ( назад)
McGreggor vs Mayweather will never happen.We in the sane world know this but the hype is earning them both a lot of money.

Автор Eliseo Lusian ( назад)
jab jab then upper cut to stomach. do that in a real boxing fight and see if it works

Автор Eliseo Lusian ( назад)
ayyy i hope they didnt break a nail.

Автор sectoral heterochromia ( назад)
thats hilarious he cant even box to top amateur flat footed not a boxer ever period

Автор pistol pete ( назад)
question to all you retarded MMA heads....this guy honestly imo didnt do as bad as everyone makes it seem in this sparring session. but he did struggle against a 25-2 no-name boxer...HOW THE FUCK do you think he'll get good enough to fight against the greatest boxer of this generation? the man won't last 3 rounds...u ppl r dumb

Автор Carey Bohanos ( назад)
ok here's the breakdown. the bell sounds Connor rushes in with his hands by his sides wakes up seconds later to mayweather dancing around the ring laughing his ass off

Автор Pirate Gaming ( назад)
Boxing is so gay..

Автор shermaine callahan ( назад)
Oh hell no!

Автор randomcompdude427 427 ( назад)
Ya know what? I think Connor is doing this really smart. I think it is a play to get people to think that he can't box.

Автор jeff spicoli ( назад)
it would be the most boring one sided fight ever. Mayweather would easily win on points because he can't knock a wank out.

Автор &Not2Yield ( назад)
..so basically Mayweather is gonna get paid millions to beat up a shit sparring partner.. Floyd s genius is not inside but outside the ring..

That goes for connor. Would love to get this opportunity. get the shit knock out of me within a minute and never have to work again.

Автор Keith Murphy ( назад)
I anything can happen in the fight game. You think you other wise your not in the fight game. I remember once a cocky light heaves champ starting a fight and then getting beaten by one of the Roadie's at a music gig.

Автор lemigod ( назад)
His technical Flaws are waay too much.Keithe Thurman,Danny Garcia,Adrien Broner would all put Conner to sleep.He's too technically flawed to even have a chance against a Top 20 Welterweight,let alone Mayweather.So I hate bursting the Bubble for all those Connor fanboys,but the guy better stick to UFC. He has zero 0 sweet science skills,no head movement and his reaction time is also slow.Only the most Delusional fanboys actually think he has a doo drop in hell chance.

Автор pauline Bloggs ( назад)
I will have to put a bet on Floyd

Автор The time is now ( назад)
Connor admittedly didnt look great in this sparring but is this part of his plan? Release average footage so floyd definitely takes the fight on? Could also be connor wasnt at full throttle. I expect mayweather to win but connor cannot be underestimated; his pain threshold must be incredible, his body is unbelievably finely tuned etc etc

Автор Султан Алибаев ( назад)
welcome Kazakhstan Conor number one school boxing

Автор Damon Paschall ( назад)

Автор LoversLane4Me ( назад)
Money wants another easy payday. McGregor needs a big payday himself. Anyone who pays cash $$$$ to see this dog and pony show should understand this is a concert, an event were you know who the winner will be. These men simply want an easy pay and are starting the beef to get people interested. Mcgregor has no shot in hell beating Floyd in BOXING. NONE... ZILTCH.... NADA ... NOPE. Another EASY HYPE fight for them to cash on.

Автор InsightONE ( назад)
This is a light sparring match. Don't confuse it with real. That was Chris vanheerden a very good boxer!

Автор Steeven Solis ( назад)
this dude is gonna get exposed in the boxing ring lmafo

Автор Nahson Wilson ( назад)

Автор david moore ( назад)
Wwwaaaayyyyy too slow

Автор Stacy Fountain Of Youth Bailey ( назад)
Why would you post this SHIT! They are scamming us with a trash talker who aint no boxer!

Автор Stacy Fountain Of Youth Bailey ( назад)
Garbage garbage garbage!!!

Автор Zekizme ( назад)
People will pay to see either Floyd or McGregor to get their ass kicked. Chance for white America to have a pale skinned person beat Floyd since their support of Hispanics or any other plus even the Courts have failed. lmao...

Автор Tony McLovin ( назад)
I thought McGregor looked pretty nice until I found I was watching the wrong guy. WTF.

Автор Jason Zepeda ( назад)
This beat sounds like they got it of of some cheap porn video

Автор AX 3 ( назад)
Why can't they have a kickboxing fight 😂 meet in the middle

Автор a meme ( назад)
then put floyed in mma and see how he stands. connor is done

Автор Heru Malinke ( назад)
Lmao ok

Автор David ( назад)

Автор Ice King ( назад)
In boxing, they have bigger gloves,  so his hands wont be as fast! This is why he needs to stay in the octagon! If fights any seasoned boxer, he is going get fucked up!

Автор Andrew Kirkland ( назад)
its all abought the money hope it does happen just to see something in mma and boxing that's never happened before at such a high level Floyd is  going to smoke McGregor in boxing and Floyd knows dam well connor would kick his fuckin face off or choke him out in 5 min in a street fight I would go will McGregor hes more well rounded and ive had boxers on there back and there like a fish out of water panic mode

Автор Pepe is your friend ( назад)
So many boxing experts here.

Автор Hollow Merks ( назад)
hahaha no footwork

Автор Sergio ESP ( назад)
Name of the song?

Автор Diego El Cholo Simeone ( назад)
Conor movement different from boxers McGregor could easily beat mayweather

Автор Richard Contreras ( назад)
This is old footage you idiots. He just started the whole boxing shit a lil bit before this

Автор Agustin Vallin ( назад)
McGregor you dont have boxing skills you suck

Автор Ernest Hemingway ( назад)
blatantly just staging it so floyd falls in to false sense of security and doesn't work too hard for the fight. well i hope so anyway....

Автор Edward White ( назад)
He'll make a lot of money regardless of how he blocks punches with his head.

Автор Joe Lackey ( назад)
Now go watch a video of Mayweather sparring.

Автор Sudarshan Aravamudhan ( назад)
what floyd did to arturo gatti he will do to mcgregor, only 10x worse

Автор Damir Ertylov ( назад)
Клоун!!! Макгрегор клоун!!!! Ему не на флойда надо напрашиваться на бокс, а с каким нибудь боксером любителем 2 или 3 разряда. Это максимум что он осилит

Автор allstuff1 ( назад)
conor looks horrible as a boxer , bad feet bad hands looks bad and he mite get a shot a the champ lol exhibition match lol

Автор Enlightened Soul ( назад)
his offense is honestly not bad. he really needs to work at counters and head movements

Автор Donald Griggs ( назад)
McGregor is garbage!! mothafucka can't throw a punch, can't block a punch, and this clown couldn't beat a journeyman and his dick riders think he has a chance against one of the all time greats, straight delusional fans!!!

Автор Vitaly Lenovo ( назад)
Конор мешок

Автор plasmus ( назад)
Conor is much worse boxer than Floyd, but he can still win boxing match. Psycho and ability to create reality.

Автор Emeka Iheanacho ( назад)
this man will get killed

Автор ta Mau ( назад)
i watch this sparr on other 6 min video. and they said this 2 min video is the unedited full video. how in heaven 2 min video is the unedited full video of 6 min video??

Автор Deshawn Daniels ( назад)
he's gonna gas out.. Floyd footwork and angles is gonna give conor problems conors great tho

Автор Robert Cross ( назад)
horrible shit

Автор Prescott Fulton ( назад)
brace yourself for comments about how Conor doesnt stand a chance against mayweather

Автор Gung-ho Going Ho ( назад)
I think connors great but this is a fish climbing a tree!
Pro boxers throw too much volume of punches compared to MMA.
He's going to be overwhelmed

Автор Honey Trevor Palla ( назад)
Brian Villoria would fuck him up

Автор Harold BeaumontFinns ( назад)

Автор jonjon5665 ( назад)
i get mad just looking at this and seeing all the pros making any comment on this circus....floyd sparring partners, sparring partners, sparring partners which is probably the guy in the ring would be beat mcgreggor in boxing....next

Автор Chemically Assisted ( назад)

Автор Bill Piper ( назад)
i'd love to see conor knock out mayweather but that will never happen, not even close. Boxing is a different world especially at floyds level. So many new comer fans that fell in love with conor overnight are delusional to believe he stands a chance!

Автор skotiskiller ( назад)
Conor is a mma fighter so don't judge him too hard.He is extremelly good in boxing for not being a boxer.

Автор Dauzq De ( назад)
All these people talking about how bad Conor is...

Go watch Mayweather sparring videos. No different.

None of you guys were there. For all we know, they could've been boxing for hours before this session, working unfamiliar form, or whatever. Moreover, the clock in the back states that it's the 4th round. Like all of Conor's fights, he pretty much just takes it slow after round 3 to regain his stamina.


Maybe Conor's tricking Mayweather into thinking he's completely green... trying to get him out of retirement.

Автор Mashout! ( назад)
Connor would lose to a fighter with 30 losses

Автор Rachida Veenstra ( назад)
This is sparring so that proves nothing

Автор MrErnestCC ( назад)
let him kick

Автор gaurav bisht ( назад)
Keeping the money aspect aside for sometime ,atleast conor has the guts to step inside the boxing ring on mayweather terms for just boxing , despite of the fact conor chances are less but atleast he is still ready to face the world who is ready to criticize him if he loose , but does mayweather has the guts to face conor even for one MMA round with even for half of the rules ???

Автор bob bob ( назад)
they both oviously werent going hard conor was jus feelin him out seein how boxers react in certain ways in their style of striking. if any of you actusly think hes goin to come out boxer mayweather like this then ur all jus retarded.

Автор uzoma Hughes ( назад)
Omg!! im not impress this boy needs to get embarrassed bad put your money on Mayweather

Автор trill full ( назад)
49-1 and NEW!!

Автор trill full ( назад)

Автор HTFAT ( назад)
This is laughable. Tapper should just take the money ,beating then retire. He'd be a fool not to get in there get shit kicked then bail.

Автор Sam ( назад)
Floyd will potshot him for 4-5 rounds, McGregor will gas out and get knocked out in the middle rounds.

Автор DazZzZZEd N BlAZzZeDd ( назад)
Watching Conor spare and thinking if he really tries to fight like this against Floyd he will be Picked apart and taken to school

Автор UltraAtomic ( назад)
I think he could possibly win after seeing this.

He seems to be controlling the fight in my opinion.

Автор George From Jungle ( назад)
LOl, all you whiny little bitches. Conor is sparring with a champion here and still is looking very decent. You have to be out of your mind to watch this and say Conor does not look decent. The man can also improve his boxing skills, this video was recorded in 2016, do you really think he did not improve after that when he knows he has to face Mayweather ? And by the way go watch some Mayweather sparring sessions with no champions but ordinary guys and you will see how much mistakes he makes and how often he is punched right in the face. Go watch it... If you have the patience cause they are boring as hell ! So all you haters and whiners can go fook yourself !

Автор Fernando Palomo ( назад)
I'm sorry but Conor's gonna get out classed.

Автор Johnny Hernandez ( назад)
I hope this fight happens. I would pay the $60.00 just to watch the beat down. No way either one of these guys could compete with each other in their respective sport. Mayweather wins in the ring and McGregor would win in the octagon.  Truth be told... I would take the azz whoopin from Mayweather for 25 million too.

Автор jtm97 jtm97 ( назад)
Mcgregor stands straight up with his chin out, no boxing fundamentals.

Автор Sab maq ( назад)
mma yes. boxing nahh!!!!!!!!!

Автор Yvhvy Yhvgv ( назад)
ахах, че за хуйня, но даже эту хуйню он больше 5 раундов не проделает ахах

Автор dsanchezc3 ( назад)
what a fucking joke this guy is

Автор Valjermayne ( назад)
Is this a joke? Conner save yourself the embarrassment please don't step into a ring with Floyd. The crowd would start laughing at you getting hit a gazillion times.....

Автор Kayla Kosatka ( назад)
everyone says he is garbage yet for a guy who is a knockout specialist and not a "point scoring boxer" nobody seems to mention the fact they are using 16oz gloves and head gear, Im sure Mcgregors hands feel a lot different without head gear and lets say 10oz gloves

Автор M F ( назад)
Conor will eat more mayweather jabs than i do roast dinners (im fat btw).

Автор R J ( назад)
Conor holds his chin high.

Автор Fiv O.scars ( назад)
Delusion at its finest... Connor is not a boxer, floyd is not an MMA fighter... fuck two diffrent games leave each other alone and respect one anothers art of self expression

Автор jaeda m ( назад)
Mcgregor vs Floyd is like Harlem globe trotter vs golden state warriors .. ok U gonna fool mma fans and mcgregor fan boys but ur not fooling me with this $&@$

Автор trolltrap ( назад)
A fight with boxing rules and against a boxing champ.

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