Vietnam travel of a lifetime - Phu Quoc, Saigon, Hanoi, Halong Bay (Sony a7s)

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  • Check out my cinematic Vietnam video! Also made this Vietnam LUT: My equipment*: ►Camera: ►Stabilizer: ►Kit Lens: ►Prime Lens: ►Underwater Housing: ►Mic:

    This time I traveled for 30 days through Vietnam, traveling from the south of vietnam like Ho Chi Minh City to the north of Vietnam like Hanoi. One of the most exciting adventures was my trip through the Tu Lan cave systems in which I could use my underwater case for my Sony a7s.

    Ho Chi Minh City
    Mui Ne
    Nha Trang
    Hoi An
    Phong Na Ke Bang
    Ninh Binh
    Cat Ba Island
    Phu Quoc Island

    Many thanks to my supporters on this trip:
    Oxalis Adventure Tours:
    Source Kiteboarding and Lodge:
    Yolo Hostel:

    Post-Production: Final Cut Pro X, Adobe After Effects.

    ODESZA - Sundara
    ODESZA - Always This Late
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    Overlay Movies 2 часа назад

    Awesome video bro! Allow me to give you a piece of insight of a fellow filmmaker - the kind of music you used is very mellow and contemplating, which implies that you kinda relax and just gaze at the views and think about life, but your cutting seemed too fast, too rushed, not going well together with this type of music. Though it would look just fine with something like trap music where the music is energizing and fast

  • Zombie Apocalypser
    Zombie Apocalypser 1 день назад

    Beautifully done!

  • Sebastian Betz
    Sebastian Betz 1 день назад

    Joo Tobi, ich muss dir echt ein Kompliment da lassen. Wahnsinnige Arbeit beim Schnitt und beim Dreh! Einmaliges Gänsehaut-Gefühl! Mein allergrößten Respekt! - Mach bitte weiter, wir brauchen mehr Filmer wie dich, die uns solche Orte auf so eine Art und Weiße zeigen! mit viel Gefühl!

    SÀI GÒN NGÀY NAY 3 дня назад

    Video very nice, thanks!

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    tfdorr 4 дня назад

    amazing. what was your route?

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    did a good job .Love that movie <3

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    Omg so amazing, welcome you guys to my country :)

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    sorry aber... scheisse wie geil ist das video! :D respekt!

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    this is amazing!

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    TubeKraft 21 день назад

    Hey, ich habe mal eine Frage. Wie heißt der Sound-Effekt den du bei den Zoom Transitions angewendet hast ?
    Danke schonmal im Vorraus

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    Amazinggggggg, love your video, so vibrant

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    der erste deutsche Fotograf der wie ich finde echt gute Videos macht ^^ auch wenn es auf jeden Fall besser geht^^

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    Amazing film.. its sooooooo beautiful

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    Amazing video!

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    damn teach me these editing skills.

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    Holy crap! Totally subbed! incredible work mate

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    I love the ideas to build all scenes of this video. It's so amazing!

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    You've never failed to make an awesome video all the time! You're my new idol out of all filmmakers (y) I'm your huge fan too.

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    It's like an adventure from the comfort of the home.

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    rick groot 2 месяца назад

    amaizing! im off to vietnam in a month!

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    Andi Pradana 2 месяца назад

    +Lost Memory
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    Geiler Scheiß ! So ein heftiges Video sollte mehr aufrufe haben.
    Respekt von mir.

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    I just discovered your channel and this the most amazing camera work and editing I've ever seen. The most beautiful and masterfully designed videos on the internet.

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    wo bekommst du immer deine copyride-freie hintergrundmusik her? die videos sind spitze

    • Tobi Schnorpfeil Filmmaker
      Tobi Schnorpfeil Filmmaker 3 месяца назад

      Schwieriges Thema :D Oft kaufe ich ne Lizens aber manchmal finde ich auch was auf Soundcloud oder ich finde Künstler die für mein Video komponieren.

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    Dayum those calves

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    hey everyone, travel is so great, i love to do that. By the way Im from Ho Chi Minh city in Viet Nam. If you have a chance to go there, you can contact with me, Im very appreciate to become tourguide for you ( free)😀. My phone 0971759161. Email: Facebook: 0934028504. Hope to meet you soon!!! Friend in the world🌍

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  • Evan Gillespie
    Evan Gillespie 4 месяца назад

    was this shot in 4k or 1080? some of your shots look like they are super slow at 120fps so just curious I am currently learning the settings on my a6300! thanks and keep it up :)

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    Das Video war meine Inspiration, sodass ich im November in Kambodscha und Vietnam war. Ich habe dein Video vielen Vietnamesen gezeigt... Du hättest Ihre Gesichter sehen müssen! Kannst du mir sagen, welche "LAPTOP/MAC-AUSSTATTUNG und PROGRAMME" du benutzt?? Gruß

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    • Tobi Schnorpfeil Filmmaker
      Tobi Schnorpfeil Filmmaker 6 месяцев назад

      Sounds amazing, i've just come back from Indonesia. Right now I have no exact locations yet ;)

    • nicolas kaneider
      nicolas kaneider 6 месяцев назад

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      Yes of course you go and come back with a other sight of live!
      I don't no because i must work..
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    • Tobi Schnorpfeil Filmmaker
      Tobi Schnorpfeil Filmmaker 6 месяцев назад

      Thanks! Travel is so much more than just taking a plane somewhere, its an art :D Where are you going this year?

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