$4000 Block of Wood

  • Published on Nov 24, 2021
  • This week I take an old chunk of walnut that I have had for a few years and turn it into a $4000 fireplace mantel for a customer across the country.

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    0:00 Intro
    0:23 Backstory on this log/mantel
    1:25 Wood cleanup
    2:12 Sealing the slab/epoxy pour
    3:40 Extreme epoxy leak
    4:55 Bold request, giveaway details
    6:20 Planing and jointing
    8:48 Router trick
    10:50 Sander Trick
    11:35 Floating shelf bracket install
    14:06 Dutchman joint inlay
    17:05 Block plane and sanding
    18:19 Finish the mantle (round 1)
    19:20 Big little mistake
    20:47 Final reveal

    Items used in this build (some alternatives given due to supply chain issues):
    Deep pour epoxy: amzn.to/3CEikFK
    Moisture meter (similar): amzn.to/3nipNEv
    C-channels: conceptthirteen.ca?ref=btjrt2...
    Angle grinder: amzn.to/3pu2iXZ
    Track saw: www.timberwolftools.com/mafel...
    Table top epoxy (touch-ups/fast): amzn.to/3asufLq
    CA glue: amzn.to/3tiiKNu
    Sandpaper eraser: amzn.to/2Zf2rr5
    Threaded inserts: conceptthirteen.ca?ref=btjrt2...
    Festool sander: amzn.to/3gVnlBg
    Lightstick (now $55): amzn.to/3faMWFu
    Rubio Monocoat: amzn.to/3bBBz6J
    Gem buffer: amzn.to/2N6qWRt
    Photography light (similar): amzn.to/2RjiMqp
    Router: amzn.to/3HI6yxf
    Flush trim bit: amzn.to/3r4OA26
    White buffing pads: amzn.to/3u85vzV
    3M sandpaper: amzn.to/2ZbLQ7x
    Auger bit: amzn.to/312dlRZ
    Sandpaper storage: amzn.to/3D7BV0P
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  • Green as Keen as
    Green as Keen as Month ago +413

    Worst place : Taiwan in winter 😬
    I'm wondering why you put in the bow ties?

    • L Simpson
      L Simpson 8 hours ago

      Actually bowties have been used for a few hundred years. Have a large table that had checks start some years after being made. From the stories from my great-grandfather, some large heavy wire bands were used to pull the wood closer to original. After numerous twists the wood was closer. Some kind of glue had been put in the cracks when tightening, then bowties on top and bottom were added to hold checks and prevent further movement. 150 years later table is still stable.

    • planit MC
      planit MC Day ago

      @George Young North cali sucks too been there in September

    • George Young
      George Young Day ago

      I personally love the bow ties. Both beautiful and functional. I have a few worst places. Iraq, Somalia, Bosnia, Timor, North Carolina and Arizona.

    • planit MC
      planit MC Day ago

      @Blacktail Studio avoid Thompson Manitoba too many drunk crazy’s

    • Jan Vink
      Jan Vink 2 days ago

      Absolutely love the craftsmanship. Beautiful mantle!

  • Flammable Maths
    Flammable Maths Month ago +191

    Excellent work, Cam

    • James
      James 10 hours ago

      This is all bullshit. $4000 for a worked over piece of old wood. What a bunch of gullible people who want to blow money.

    • Fyn Kozari
      Fyn Kozari 12 hours ago

      3:38, why didnt he cover properly in case theres any leak? It spilled all over the floor. Excellent work?

    • James
      James 4 days ago +1

      @Flamable. "Excellent work, Cam less than 3."? 3 what? Less than 3 what?

    • Barry Fontaine
      Barry Fontaine 8 days ago

      Ogema Saskatchewan

    • Zach Buchanan
      Zach Buchanan 20 days ago +1

      @Eria Masinra this is disgusting

  • Trent Lawson
    Trent Lawson 9 days ago +11

    Derby Western Australia ;)

    Looks unreal! Thanks for always running through even the basics in every video you do, I feel like it really helps aspiring woodworkers to draw up a plan in their head of how they will approach a project.

    Quick question:

    Did you learn anything new about the clear sealing beforehand? or whether it is absolutely necessary? I only ask because you sealed the piece at the beginning with the clear epoxy to stop the staining from the black that you filled with. However, when you cut it to size and squared it up that obviously exposed the wood deeper into the piece and I noticed the black fill epoxy had dripped out in sections but then it didn't seem like it was an issue at all when using the belt sander.

    Thanks again!

  • tHE HECk
    tHE HECk 3 days ago +5

    Happy for you, showing us craftmanship, the thought process and making this happen. It really does look beautiful and all, but...we all have priorities in life, I guess. A $4000 fireplace mantle? I guess it's a rich man's world. I'm having a hard time with that.
    Good work and nice recording!

  • Washman 1000
    Washman 1000 6 days ago +3

    This is the first video of yours I have seen and you're producing quite a nice piece of art here. You most definitely deserve a premium price for this mantel piece after the time you put in. I'm happy there are still some customers that prefer some American made art like this instead of some Chinese made Home Depot/Lowes special.

  • Perry Risberg
    Perry Risberg 5 days ago +4

    Very good job on a huge POS walnut. I have been doing something similar on an altogether different types pieces of wood for a few years and I enjoyed watching someone else taking something that most woodworkers would throw out and making a Masterpiece out of it. I owned a sawmill for years and used plastic end "Bow ties" in the end of saw logs to keep the cracks from getting wider before we sawed them. Used to use a hammer that was built just for this job to one hit them into the end of the log. Called "Flitch Savers". Plastic bow ties were so that we could saw threw them with the blade. I think that I paid over $200 for the hammer. Should have worked for the gov't. Really enjoyed your video.

  • Felipe Orbaneça Mania
    Felipe Orbaneça Mania 11 days ago +3

    It turned out great. I'm just jealous of the big amount of (huge) tools that you have!

    • Dave
      Dave 4 days ago

      Lol he likes your tool..🤣🤣

  • Curtis Prince Music
    Curtis Prince Music 4 days ago +2

    Beautiful work! I have that little Lie Nielsen plane too. I use it all the time, it’s one of my favorite pieces. Along the lines of “being perfect” you were talking about when you were drilling the holes for the mounting plate. While I, like you, strive for the perfect holes, the perfect squaring, the perfect alignment, etc. I’ve also adopted an idea from the man that taught me timber framing many years ago. Trust your process, be confident in your ability, then have the awareness and modesty to live with your limitations, be it from your tools, your shop or your ability. I’ve seen amazing projects come out of some tiny shops, with limited tooling There’s always “hand” in the work, as there should be. That said, as you do, always strive for perfection. For me, seeing the project finished, before I’ve even begun, is how I cross the finish line with the best results. There’s no substitute for great joiners vision. Thanks! I subscribed, and really like your process, attitude, professionalism, skill, and artistic vision.

  • Al Uliasz
    Al Uliasz 4 days ago +2

    Love your videos! You have mad skills... I have a few 4x6 timbers that were semi-rotted floor joists from a 300 year old house here in CT. I think they're elm, I want to do something cool with them like this. Thanks for the inspiration. So glad I found your channel!

  • D. Newsome
    D. Newsome 7 days ago +11

    Worst place? Inside a washer spray booth at a silk screen company where we washed out old screens with "pink pudding" and a high pressure hose.
    I love your honesty. That extra 1/16" is the word. Your attention to detail is great. Too bad most jobs don't pay well enough to allow for such perfection.

  • Rafael Mira
    Rafael Mira Month ago +29

    If there is something I admire about you Cam, it is the dedication and professionalism in each of the jobs you do. Spectacular piece, thank you for your time in narrating every second of the process, and even more important for me, is that you share your mistakes, no matter how small; now I no longer think of burning it all when one of my projects goes wrong, ah, ah, ah !!
    Thank you from Miami Cam and happy holidays !!

    • Bud Hartrampf
      Bud Hartrampf 25 days ago +3

      a lot of people, my GF included, don't realize how log it takes to complete a project like this. I am also a little OCD about my how my finish looks and I still do the hand rub method, though I am willing to try different products. He does great work and has opened my eyes to what is new out there.

  • Ryan Simpson
    Ryan Simpson 5 days ago +5

    I so want to have a mancave/shop of my own one day. Woodworking is so enjoyable.

  • rick f
    rick f 7 days ago +6

    your skill set is utterly mesmerizing and hard to stop watching, its like watching a great painting being created, bravo... what a gift to the client

  • Kelly Spann
    Kelly Spann 2 days ago

    Beautiful work on the fireplace mantle. Turned out beautiful ! I love making unusual things in my shop. I just made a bench out of a tree a beaver cut down. I carefully cut the trunk and part of the 2 major branches that forked up so in other words it looked like a Y. I made sure to keep the pointed end where the beaver chewed the tree down on the bench. I Cut a flat area to sit on and used 1 inch steel bars for the legs. I used the black epoxy to fill in the cracks and voids which is hard to do on the rounded edges but finally got it done. I didn't put a finish on it yet because I made this for a woman who was getting married on a ranch and she wanted all of her guests and family to sign their names all over it before I put a light finish on it later. Can't wait to finish it for her. I went to Thailand once and stayed in a hut over the ocean with fish swimming under us. That was amazing. The worst I hate to say was New York. The people were so rude.

  • Joey Canfield
    Joey Canfield 9 days ago +3

    Oil Patch's out in West Texas and New Mexico in the middle of a sand storm.
    From one carpenter to another. You do fantastic work. Keep it up. Love the videos.

  • Christopher Perisho
    Christopher Perisho Month ago +5

    Hey Cam, I just recently made a mantel with a hidden bracket too! I made the mistake of not oversizing the holes which made getting it mounted interesting. One thing I did right was to buy a Wood Owl bit for drilling the holes. Basically an oversized auger bit with more of a brad point on it. Cuts incredibly well, and it does not have the screw threads so it doesn’t pull itself through the wood. That helps with not jacking your wrist so bad!

    • Eria Masinra
      Eria Masinra Month ago

      ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 💜 NUDE.SNAPGIRLS.TODAY/anne 💜 PRIVATE S*X

      #ライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#かならりやばかったですね!1#万人を超える人が見ていたもんね(笑)#やっぱり人参最高!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした!#今後は気を付けないとね5). .

      !💖🖤❤#今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#1万人を超える人が見ていたも ん(#笑)#やっぱり人参最高!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!( #笑)#垃圾

  • Chad Croker
    Chad Croker 2 days ago

    Walsenburg Colorado. Love this mantel. My favorite project of yours so far has been the kitchen island, that is pure craftsmanship. I own my own HVAC business and I’m a perfectionist like you. I know i take longer than everyone else but I sleep much better knowing a customer got their moneys worth. It’s nice to see a craftsman doing their best at what they do. Keep up the quality videos my wife and I really enjoy them!

  • Peter Sorgi
    Peter Sorgi 8 days ago +1

    So I thought woodworking was pretty therapeutic and loved it as a hobby before, but the narration + video work here and then the transparency in the humble request for a subscription ... not only did you get me to subscribe to anyone/a channel wife first time, I think you might have restored my faith in humanity as a bonus side effect, dude!

  • Armand Zinzen
    Armand Zinzen Day ago

    Love your video's, learn a lot from them. I'm a beginner so can use all the help.

    I live in the Netherlands and there are more other types of wood here, but I can establish a relationship between the two.
    So again great videos and keep it up

  • Jesse Threebeards (Tribute)

    From a business standpoint, this setup you got is genius. First you make money on sales, then you make money on showing video of the product being made, as well as (I assume) sponsorships for the tools to do the work. Brilliant, honestly.

  • Ken Kloepping
    Ken Kloepping Month ago +133

    I am a metal worker/welder/fabricator with 40+ years of experience. I just discovered your channel and videos. I absolutely love watching them. Please don't change them. I find your commentary very helpful to know what and why you are doing! I am a new subscriber and eagerly awaiting your next project. Thanks for sharing your craft!

    • BR0 T4T0
      BR0 T4T0 2 days ago +1

      Oh yea
      Thanks for 40+ years doe, yeo💁‍♀️

    • BR0 T4T0
      BR0 T4T0 2 days ago +1

      Don’t keep ol head waiting tho. Homies got 1-maybe 2 years left!

    • Peter Sorgi
      Peter Sorgi 8 days ago +1

      @Ken KloeppingHOLY puns 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼😂😂😂

      Upon replying to a pun on a stranger's reply to another stranger's comment on a RUclip video not relevant to anything being worked on at the time nor seeming like one that ever will be - that was the moment he discovered 'Rock Bottom.'

    • Ken Kloepping
      Ken Kloepping Month ago +3

      @Marko I think you hit the nail on the head! Pun intended!

    • Marko
      Marko Month ago +4

      It appears a lot of us old metal workers love to transition to woodworking after we retire. Metal working is dirty, smelly, and generally nasty. It was interesting work and paid the bills but I much prefer woodworking these days. Thanks for a great video.

  • Mark-Stephen Vana
    Mark-Stephen Vana 8 days ago +3

    Absolutely gorgeous! I love the bow ties! It adds such a neat looking touch to the piece, and it shows amazing craftsmanship. Well done!

  • Paul Reinicke
    Paul Reinicke 4 days ago

    Beautiful work! I really loved the look of the bow ties, it adds interesting detail and probably will keep it from cracking with the temperature differences that might occur given that it will be near heat.

    Worst place outside the US: Sao Paolo, Brazil. An amazing juxtaposition between slums and the city. I would not have felt safe if I did not have an escort with me for work.
    Worst place inside the US: Toss-up between DC, the hotel was disgusting where you had to wear socks in the shower, and Santa Monica where I was followed by aggressive panhandlers who wanted my backpack.
    Best Place: Gold Coast Australia - Surfers Paradise. Great Nightlife, white sandy beaches, and tops are optional ;-).

  • Wyatt FL!P
    Wyatt FL!P 5 days ago +1

    Just ran across your videos, I like how you explain everything, and your keen to detail and passion, I love it. Amazing work.

  • Generaldisorderly
    Generaldisorderly 4 days ago

    Love the work, my dad is a retired Cabitnet Maker and he did this sort of work, making boardroom tables and the like, he always got the jobs that required that extra bit of craftsmanship

  • Richard Dalin
    Richard Dalin Month ago +7

    Maybe I've been lucky, but I can't recall ever being in a really terrible place. That said, I really like the look of bow ties on wooden pieces, although I'm not sure why.

    • RB
      RB Month ago +2

      Maybe you prefer the formal look of bow ties over the more casual Western string tie.

  • John Heart
    John Heart 9 days ago

    Wow! You make it look so easy! As for me, I just like wood, so I watched the whole video, but I don’t own any wood tools at all and have zero skills! You, on the other hand, have so real skills and talent! Bravo! Amazing work! As far as the worst place? Whatever it was I don’t want to recall the pain!

  • Jean Hill
    Jean Hill 11 days ago +14

    Son unos de los mejores LIkeeX.Uno
    los mortales abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer
    Megan: "Hotter"

    Hopi: "Sweeter"

    Joonie: "Cooler"

    Yoongi: "Butter"

    Senada: "Hermoso."

    Amor. "Momentos."

    Jamas.: "Corazon."

    Habara.: "Sostengo. ."

    Son unos de los mejores conciertos, no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente.
    hay nomas pa ra reirse un rato y no estar triste y estresado por la vida dura que se vive hoy..
    Navidad.y.noche.buena....mis.respeto.para.todas.las.mujes.del.mundo...saludos..al.fin.del.mundo. ..

  • N V
    N V 9 days ago +1

    Seeing and knowing that consumers get top quality wood pieces makes me happy.

  • TJ
    TJ 9 days ago

    Very impressed with your guidance. Already do woodworking but I have been looking at starting with epoxy work.

  • Dan brown
    Dan brown 5 days ago +1

    I just brought home about 50 sq
    Ft of black walnut from work. Pieces left over from an order I milled out.
    Watching your videos gives me so many ideas and inspiration. I learn a lot and really do appreciate it.

  • Shoomapa Doo
    Shoomapa Doo 6 days ago

    Really enjoyed watching and wow that was incredible! Great job!

  • BlackCell22
    BlackCell22 11 days ago

    Love your work! Do you ever work with epoxy in colors other than black?

  • M Ly
    M Ly 11 days ago

    I don't even know how did I end up with your video and I have little to no interest in woodworking but I did manage to finish the video to the very end and I really respect the level of attention to detail and the meticulous work you've done on the block so great work!

  • Ryan
    Ryan Month ago +88

    I left my job in healthcare back in June and started full time as a cabinetmaker under the guidance of the shop owner. I’m loving every second of every day and always learning something new. These videos definitely played a role in my decision to take the plunge and pursue woodworking full time.

    • Peter Kassies
      Peter Kassies 6 days ago +2

      Good for you. I wish you all the best in your new craft!

    • foof starr
      foof starr Month ago +3

      Were you a nurse? Just wondering

    • foof starr
      foof starr Month ago +4

      @Ben Richards wow a pharmacist leaving his profession thats a first i heard. Congrats for making the big move

    • Ben Richards
      Ben Richards Month ago +6

      Bravo. So many Healthcare workers are spent. Between geriatric joey and his unlawful mandates, the politics at hospitals and the burn out, your not alone sir. My buddy is a pharmacist and he is leaving the profession end of this year for pilot of small planes. He's done with Healthcare.

    • Ryan Simpson
      Ryan Simpson Month ago +5

      Sounds risky but if you are truly passionate about woodworking then it will yield much fruit

  • Vangie Fich
    Vangie Fich 11 days ago

    I really enjoy your videos! I love the wood and Epoxy combination!

  • tcw691
    tcw691 3 days ago

    Love the dedication and love of the art 💜

  • Patrick Patterson
    Patrick Patterson 4 days ago

    Impressive sir. I'm an Oregonian myself. I actually live near Pilot Rock. I really enjoy the process that you go through and the details that you share. I haven't had a hobby aside from fixing my cars and honestly i can only enjoy that to a point and i'm not in the habit of breaking something so i can have a project. I can say that i got interested in the epoxy wood work before i found your videos and was finding most of what they were doing was way beyond my skill level and there wasn't much in the way of showing how to get good enough that those could be doable. Well your explanations for different mixes and your attention to details made way more sense and i appreciate the effort you put in from start to finish. I am back to enjoying the process and want to try my hand at it. I think a small end table or a small coffee table will be where i start.
    Also for a town to not visit i'm not sure. I hate to say it but i'm not a fan of Portland but that's me. Lol i know its where you live but aside from omsi and the mall and Zoo i don't enjoy the town. But a good runner up is fort myers florida. I'm sure there are way worse places like chicago.

  • tfitz44
    tfitz44 9 days ago

    New subscriber from West Virginia. Nice work! I absolutely love walnut. We have some very old walnut that my fiancée salvaged from a 130 year old barn. It’s in storage at the moment while we are expanding our shop.

  • Fifth Business
    Fifth Business 22 days ago +18

    From Canada, and you’ve definitely earned my subscription! Excellent - and remarkable - work (though I’m somewhat envious of your shop and the tools at your disposal! But you’ve clearly earned them, and more). The way you are able to condense all that work into 20+ minutes of HD video is great. Wonderful editing!

    (PS The worst place I’ve ever been is Brindisi, a port city in southern Italy. Avoid it at all costs, unless you need to take a ferry to Greece 😉).

    • Frick Frack
      Frick Frack 20 days ago

      I had some really good spaghetti carbonara in Brindisi. Saving grace for me.

  • Jaz 47
    Jaz 47 3 days ago

    This is really awesome, amazing work 👍🏻

  • Ian Hilpus
    Ian Hilpus 12 days ago

    New here! Great video and fantastic craftsmanship going on here. I like the bows, they add mystery!

  • bluepacificsurf
    bluepacificsurf Day ago

    When you are doing your first gap fill with epoxy, 2:50 - 3:40, the rapid absorption into the pores/voids is expected. Have you considered adding a viscosity thickening agent to the epoxy before pouring it ? A minor amount would probably not change the adhesive qualities but would help to prevent it easily gravity filtering through the gaps. Certainly the epoxy manufacturers could suggest something that would work without radically changing the cured epoxy properties.

  • tonio909
    tonio909 3 days ago

    Not sure if you will see this but one step that I do with finishing is saturate the entire piece in paint thinner or mineral spirits and it will simulate what a finish will look for a minute or two, just do one face at a time. It's a good way to look at your piece to find imperfections before you actually apply the finish.

  • Cam G.
    Cam G. Month ago +3

    Hey man I love watching your work and listening to you talk about it, it's always great listening to someone talk about a passion and see how they hold themselves to a high standard, I really hope one day I can afford to get a piece from you. Also my name's Cam too! I guess that makes us best friends now hahaha keep up the awesome work man you're doing great!

    Edit: also the worst place I've ever been is the Penn train station in NY, I had to be there for 8 hours waiting for my next train and I was too afraid of missing it to sleep, the homeless literally live there, there's nothing but chairs and food stands, and they charge you $5 to LEAVE. I hated every second of it.

  • Eric Topp
    Eric Topp 10 days ago

    Gained a subscriber here. I don't really do woodworking, but I love watching the process and you did an amazing job for a great looking piece.

    Worst place I've been is probably Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Far from the actual worst places ever, but any time I've been there it's just crowded with terrible/confusing streets and traffic, and I'm never comfortable.
    Best place is probably Bend, Oregon. I didn't do much there, but enjoyed the environment. Stayed at my grandparents' house just outside the city, loved the quiet desert atmosphere. I'm from Wisconsin myself, so the contrast to the winter cold and summer humidity was great for me lol

  • Nick Lanier
    Nick Lanier Day ago

    That is the most beautiful piece of wood I have ever seen. Thank you for sharing.

  • Lvvry1
    Lvvry1 4 days ago

    What a pleasure to see a craftsman with the same love of his art as the old Europeans had.

  • ExtremeDeathman
    ExtremeDeathman 7 days ago +1

    Or use german chisels, just as sharp and tough at the same time😁
    Btw: that's not damascus steel. Japanese smiths don't produce damascus steel. It's pattern welded steel, folded and etched. Which looks like damascus steel but isn't the same.

  • Michelle Telli
    Michelle Telli 13 days ago +8

    Excellent, video, I just seen your work for the first time , and really enjoy seeing your passion for the wood trade. I also appreciate your honesty in admitting your mistakes, and am appreciative for the explanations given to correct them , lord knows we all make plenty of mistakes in the process. Beautiful work , I only wish I would’ve know of your videos sooner. Keep up the good work buddy. Thank you.

  • Surfer 101
    Surfer 101 4 days ago

    I enjoy watching your videos. I don’t do any wood working, but I love yours


    Awesome video it makes me want to get into wood working and building more of my own stuff and I've only been to Texas,Mississippi,Tennessee and I live in Louisiana so haven't traveled enough yet but I did stay till the end lol

  • bert from NZ
    bert from NZ 2 days ago

    Hi - I am an aircraft engineer and love your work! always watch to the end but couldnt think of the worst place :)

  • Gerald Sherman
    Gerald Sherman 12 days ago

    Just discovered your videos. They are awesome and I like the longer videos.

  • Kevin Buchanan
    Kevin Buchanan Month ago +26

    Just was so excited to watch this mantle build. The process was entertaining and was grateful to see even those of your caliber still makes mistakes. The outcome was amazing and the spider lines were absolutely stunning. Thx again for sharing your passion.

    • BreakinGames
      BreakinGames  21 day ago +1

      4 grand for that? Jesus I've got 40 acres with at least 1/4 of it huge walnut trees. I've given away more walnut fire wood than would fit in a dump truck

  • Ryan Mackie
    Ryan Mackie 11 hours ago

    Awesome video! Would love to see the finished fireplace

  • Scott Brown
    Scott Brown 5 days ago

    Love the black with the wood!! I also love doing bow ties!

  • Janis Miller
    Janis Miller 4 days ago

    So far, no worst place! I find something to enjoy everywhere we visit. Great video and a beautiful mantel.

  • Bob Sullivan
    Bob Sullivan Day ago

    You had to go to Pilot Rock to get that walnut ? 😳 Beautiful work, as always! Such a joy to watch you make beautiful things.

  • Jerry Daugherty
    Jerry Daugherty Month ago +4

    Well done! I will admit; When I saw you hogging out those holes with a hand-drill at 12:36 I was getting nervous - but the end product is marvelous!

  • Filip Wawer
    Filip Wawer 10 days ago

    First time watcher and I am impressed. As a kid I liked woodwork a lot 🙂 The worst places in the world used to be toilets on polish railway stations when I was studying 🤣😉

  • Dave O'Neill
    Dave O'Neill 9 days ago

    Don't have a worst place. Nice work! I started using that sandpaper a few months ago and I can't believe how well it works.

  • Roy Tally
    Roy Tally 9 days ago

    What a magnificent piece of wood! And, your craftsmanship extracts all of its beauty. Too bad it will kept in a private home rather than an art gallery.

  • Ken Spock
    Ken Spock 4 days ago

    Big cities, hard to relax. Love your videos. Always amazed when seeing the finished project.

  • trades 2013
    trades 2013 6 days ago

    Great video very informative 21 minutes went by like it was 2 minutes. Let me think, Japan is a great place to visit in the spring and fall. But I made a huge mistake and went there in the summer! Super hot and humid! But if you do go, check out some of the wood working. It's pretty much perfection like your chisels.

  • Jaime De La Rosa
    Jaime De La Rosa 12 days ago

    Wow, excellent wood work. I also do my own wood work and finish. For my own home.great way to release stress.

  • A Beer A Bloke & A Bible

    Thank you for this. Really inspiring to watch the whole process. Well done!
    Best place I've ever been ... Israel - pretty much anywhere there is amazing. Worst place ... probably one of our downtrodden cities here in the UK.

  • IBG
    IBG 3 days ago

    Thanks for all your videos and information!

    Do you find a belt sander works better than the Rotex sander for removing excess epoxy?

  • The Capital R
    The Capital R 20 days ago +12

    Worst place: I honestly don't know
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