Shud the Mermaid - SNL

A marooned pilot (Mikey Day) is forced to marry one of three mermaids: Oceana (Cecily Strong), Aquaticana (Sasheer Zamata) or Shud (Kate McKinnon) and her best friend Kunk (Scarlett Johansson).

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Длительность: 5:21
Комментарии: 640

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Автор Parth Patel ( назад)
3:09 to 3:20, Ay Caramba!!!

Автор Anna Fowdy ( назад)
She's back!

Автор Potato Lifestyle ( назад)
shuds singing 😂😂😂

Автор Richard Delinsky ( назад)
Goddammit Kate I was eating

Автор Richard Delinsky ( назад)
I heard about this in AF boot camp

Автор Kid Chef ( назад)
I thought Shud was Ellen.

Автор Dollar Diva ( назад)
Had to watch again.

Автор HaoSci ( назад)
Are you reading off a prompter?? Their eyes are not watching the right targets.

Автор Kitty Starr ( назад)
Did someone say 'ok' right at the end?

Автор Joy Ellen ( назад)
Oh my gosh it's carnival of the animals in the background

Автор Ellie ( назад)
I never thought scarlett johansson could look ugly

Автор Ellie ( назад)
I thought she was 65% blobfish...inconsistency!

Автор Alicia Curione ( назад)
"Sorry girls! Got to be aggressive these days!" LMAO

Автор Jay Fee Jr. ( назад)
scarlett johanssons face is so pretty. even as an ugly mermaid.

Автор Grendel Sloth ( назад)
God bless Kate mckinnon

Автор Zoe Elizabeth ( назад)
When Kunk is still the hottest one there.

Автор Tenzin Hollister Dadon ( назад)
Were the tails worn by someone else, cause it looked like they were worn by other people?????

Автор Herman Quippen ( назад)
This was amazingly stupid

Автор draunt7 ( назад)
Why did they not use a real fish? I wanted a real fish. That would have been beautiful.

Автор chiroptera626 ( назад)
I loved Shud, and now I love Kunk.

Автор Carlos THE WIENER Danger ( назад)
I would take the shud over the Coonmaid.

Автор Just Chilin ( назад)
Today's my birthday!

Автор Just Chilin ( назад)
Idk what to think

Автор diana rios ( назад)
This is kinda mean but shud looks like ellen degeneres

Автор Sugartea ( назад)

Автор Saud Syed ( назад)
why Scarlett doing this? she is superstar already

Автор Lynne Costanzo ( назад)
Omg the fin! 😅

Автор K the Perf ( назад)

Автор Matthew Jenkins ( назад)
What happened to the last guy

Автор Mashup Artiste ( назад)
Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones are the funniest women
on this show, in my opinion.

Автор Anna R ( назад)
Ok but shud and the other ugly one is me and my friends.

Автор DescendIntoMadness 4000 ( назад)
You all may think this is all comedy...but 80% of women in South Jersey look like Shudd in the face.

Автор vlove562 ( назад)
wtf was this. LOL

Автор DanteBrian ( назад)
Is Shud psychic? She knew about the Simpsons long before they existed...

Автор Nia ( назад)
I am 100% ready for 100% more Shud sketches

Автор Andrea Umba ( назад)
Love the skit

Автор The White Wolf ( назад)
Which actor portrays the harrowing mermaid?

Автор Matt Chow ( назад)
Scarlett would be a hot mermaid.

Автор Kou D3x ( назад)
xD Simpsons bit

Автор ChaoticChiyo ( назад)
I love Shud

Автор Ariel Don't Worry ( назад)
omg I love this skit. I forgot about it

Автор AndiiBambii ( назад)

Автор curandero verde ( назад)
This is too hilarious...

Автор jack mayhoffer ( назад)
I'll bet Alec Balswin would bang Shud

Автор Aybüke Beyza ( назад)
omg kate!!!!!

Автор Kaylee Zimmer ( назад)

Автор I'm just trying to watch videos ( назад)
Scarlett still slayed 😂

Автор msj123variety ( назад)
"The Simpsons​! I don!t know why that cracked me up!

Автор Scopes TV ( назад)
Makeup department should've done a little more with Scarlets face, maybe a prosthetic nose like McKinnons.

Автор Robbie Nally ( назад)
we've all loved a Blobfish at one time or another

Автор Tamuna Tati ( назад)
OMG, Kate looks like Mike from BB and BCS 🤣

Автор Gabriele Moriani ( назад)
I would still bang Scarlett Johansson

Автор Daniel Levinson ( назад)
I'd pick the "adventurous" sister.

Автор Open Your Eyes! ( назад)
This is one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Thank you for giving me joy, SNL. Kate and Scarlett you steal the show. I can't stop watching this skit.

Автор GdoubleWB ( назад)
Honestly, with Scarlett Johansson's face, I'd brave a couple rounds with Kunk.

Автор That Guy ( назад)
5:00 You can hear a lady say "Okay"

Автор Prisca Nemger ( назад)
SNL needs new writers.

Автор v Corso ( назад)
Good acting, soo gross

Автор Aglebob ( назад)
that eye sucking scarred me

Автор Emma Angles ( назад)
Why are the actual hot ones playing the ugly girls

Автор Arezou Ramezani ( назад)
Kate McKinnon is GENIUS !

Автор Sawyer Ross ( назад)
I would marry Oceania.

Автор Leonie Laurens ( назад)
i think the one with ariana was better but kate rocks it everytime

Автор Georgia Irving ( назад)

Автор George Mkheidze ( назад)
ohshit it's Ben Kingsley

Автор Denise De Smit ( назад)
My eyes. They're burning.

Автор Tia Brooks ( назад)
So glad they brought back Shud XD

Автор Delilah Rose ( назад)
I laughed so hard at this! Ha ha ha

Автор Richard Beckhoff ( назад)
that skit sucked

Автор MrSuper240495 ( назад)
scarlett and kate look abruptly👍

Автор mew mew ( назад)
yaaaaaaaaay my favorite skit everrrrrr

Автор Miranda Adnan ( назад)
Is that scarlet?

Автор Rhea Price ( назад)

Автор Lolly Pop ( назад)

Автор Steve Mandl ( назад)
they haven't done this sketch in long time

Автор EveryZepAlbum ( назад)
That was surreal

Автор 707 ( назад)
kind of
Sort of
Laughing too much from the Simpsons part.

Автор dfailsthemost ( назад)
Anytime I mention SnL being good, it's garbage for a month. waste of talent.

Автор Beauty E ( назад)

Автор Kurolver ( назад)
I love Mikey Day so much

Автор X一 Walker ( назад)

Автор Anthony Fountain ( назад)
SNL sucks.

Автор fab42355 ( назад)
Don't want to look at Shud however can't stop looking at whatever it is.

Автор Joe Falconi ( назад)
Yeah, reminds me of Ben Foster

Автор Ashlynn D ( назад)
shud is dooneise

Автор Nehemiah Brown ( назад)
This is old

Автор Art Dent ( назад)
This guy was in the David Blaine: Street Magic parodies!

Автор justrosy5 ( назад)

Автор What Amber Thinks ( назад)
I died at the sea bass.

Автор Auris L ( назад)
im easy masturbate on this 1

Автор Rafael Trivino ( назад)
"Three of us going solo all watchen."  Why is that so damn funny?

Автор Sawyer Ross ( назад)
I would marry Cecily.

Автор Caitlyn Lambrecht ( назад)
Odd observation, but Kate has has really nice arms.

Автор Knez Fikol ( назад)
Not funny, only disgusting.

Автор rmcbeigh ( назад)

Автор audrey pearl ( назад)

Автор Teddi Stearns ( назад)
Kate is on Scale with Carol Burnett....she is freaking Hilarious.....

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