Tesla's new 2170 battery cell

As it turns out, Tesla, and its battery partner Panasonic, started production of cells for qualification at the plant in December, but today, it confirmed the start of “mass production” of the new battery cell, which will enable several of Tesla’s new products, including the Model 3.
The new cell is called ‘2170’ because it’s 21mm by 70mm. It’s thicker and taller than the previous cell that Tesla developed with Panasonic, which was in an ‘18650’ cell format.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been boasting about the new cell over the past few month. He said that it’s the “highest energy density cell in the world and also the cheapest”.

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Автор MaxAwesomeness GB ( назад)
So my GameBoy can last even longer

Автор Scarvolo ( назад)
0:30 It kinda feels like he expects the average american to have no clue of a cylinder but to be an expert a shotgun shells


Автор Pousing Phaomei ( назад)
Ironic that the Tesla name represents the use of DC today. Haha!

Автор Ric Aldrich ( назад)
Fuck Tesla and the government subsidies he rode in on

Автор oz93666 ( назад)
"transition to sustainable energy " .... Misleading jargon ...a battery just STORES energy , the electricity still has to be generated , usually by burning fossil fuels by electricity companies ... not that there's anything wrong with fossil fuels , or CO2 ...global warming is a LIE

Автор Alexander Kolesnikov ( назад)
May be 32650 is better choice. Or even using of BETA-radioactive isotopes in cells.
Li-ion - shitty technology, lifepo4 more prefered.

Автор Zsolt Peter Kodner ( назад)
Nikola Tesla thought the battery is a dead end! He made wireless electric transmission! This company brings shame on Nikola Tesla's name!

Автор 0pTicaL823 ( назад)
LoL, he said 0:07 "jigga factory". Joking aside, I really like Panasonic's eneloop pro rechargeable batteries.

Автор WTFp0s ( назад)
What a joke. Tesla = garbage for the envirment. LMK how envirmonetly friendly those lithium battierys are doing, faggots.

Автор Adam Lichty ( назад)
Jigga whaaaat!?

Автор Hao Yuan ( назад)
use on phone battery please

Автор DFTA (Don't Feed The Animals) ( назад)
Jigawatt? Jigawho? - Jay Z

Автор Marc & Nadine TRANCHET ( назад)
very interesting

Автор Seldom Pooper ( назад)
I have no idea why commenters on youtube give blowjobs to elon musk, spacex and tesla !

Автор jakie chang ( назад)
but will it vape?

Автор Bryan ( назад)
sky-net ? irobot? robocop? any one sees the possibilities

Автор Myles Nicholas ( назад)
So inefficient cramming all those little steel cells in a box to make a battery.

Автор Carlo T ( назад)
So why aren't you people making an electric car the masses can afford? All you're making are luxury cars for the elite and playing with rockets. How about making a real contribution to society and the planet?

Автор prabudkp ( назад)
Thats a 33.3% increase in range over the same weight or the same volume of 18650 batteries??

Автор Dan Krieg ( назад)
0:20 what is this a center for ants? anyway, hope mr Goodenoughs glass battery replaces all these cells.
Panasonic batteries are the best atm

Автор zamazalotta ( назад)
1:35 how would a 20 mm 2170 extend my laptop's battery life when my laptop is 18 mm thick? am i supposed to power up a defibrillator with it?

Автор raelcohen ( назад)
2170? 2017!

Автор Connor Rodenbeck ( назад)
Faux- Novo Amor, Ed Tullett

Автор Bernard Sk ( назад)
Would've been better if Tesla themselves explained why their technology was better instead of this moron...

Автор Engineering Nonsense ( назад)
lol you can't shorten mAh to mA... Two different measurements

Автор wagner24314 ( назад)
where do you buy the cells

Автор kleinbottled79 ( назад)
Jiggah-who Jigga-watt!

Автор Ronan Rogers ( назад)
I just visited the Nikola Tesla Museum at his birthplace, Smiljan in Croatia.

I like what Elon Musk is trying to do, but I'd like it a lot more if Mr Musk made a decent donation to the Tesla Museum. It's a very humble museum in need of some funding, and as Mr Musk appropriated Tesla's name, surely it's not asking too much to give something back, is it?

We all know how fabulously valuable brand names can become ( Coca Cola, Apple, Mercedes Benz etc), but the only famous brand I know of that uses an inventor's name is Tesla, so come on Mr Musk, show some generosity and help out the original Tesla Museum.

Автор Sina H ( назад)
This is going to change vaping forever.

Автор Catface ( назад)
Build a portable fusion reactor. Impress the king!

Автор LP4YOU ( назад)
I am really excitited about this and maybe sometime i´ll buy one of those batteries. I mean your independent from any energy and stuff!

Автор Jordan ( назад)

Автор Ørjan Bråthen ( назад)

Автор Pedro ( назад)
How well would this run my dual 10 wrap 3.5mm 0.46 Ohm clapton coils?

Автор fooflateka ( назад)
its GEEGA, na JIGGA....jeez wtf

Автор ijustwants ( назад)
Where can i buy this cells ? :)

Автор I-Love-CO Mountains ( назад)
Wait, does this mean I could get some Tesla 18650s for my vape?? :D

Автор Michael Gorman ( назад)
These would be great in personal vaporizers!

Автор sssyk888 ( назад)
And what happened to the graphene , They have no patent, fucking monopolists

Автор Chris McCaulley ( назад)
They went from making cars and rockets to batteries. Yawn. There are batteries powered by Tardigrade (aka water bears) that have infinite cell life. Congrats Tesla your about a decade behind in technology.

Автор sprinkles512 ( назад)

Автор Shane Bob ( назад)
I wonder if the japan ease gang that silences free energy has also put pressure on this company. Why doesn't the tesla company, look into tesla's 4 battery switch?
The 4 battery switch, will never run out of power. People need to look into it, rather than just say its impossible. Tesla did make this to work, and the plans are out there.

Автор Tiger Soupe ( назад)
its not jeega factory... its GIGA factory!

Автор garry ward ( назад)
I stopped the moment he said "Jigafactory"

Автор enator71 ( назад)
Why did they not go bigger like size D or F (used in lantern 6 volt battery) or the large ignition cell? Fewer batteries means better reliability.

Автор Tech DEEM ( назад)
Great Work...    W_W

Автор Walkertongdee ( назад)
Only one freekin problem Elon, there are millions upon millions of devices built around the 18650 battery now everyone is going to have to redesign everything and what happens when you come up with a new different size battery tks. a lot. Panasonic just came out with a 2070 no freekin standards these days.

Автор david potts ( назад)
Arrangement poem institution peak enjoy need second.

Автор Steven Andrews ( назад)
50% increase in size to only carry double or ( 50% more energy ) ? so whats the point here

Автор burav69 ( назад)
3000000 micro-ampers!!! Wow!!11!1!

Автор CountCarbsNotCals ( назад)
Is that an AA battery

Автор Liran Barsisa ( назад)
Pretty sure the title of the video is supposed to be "Tesla's new 2017 battery cell" and not "...2170..." .

Автор Hrach Hakobyan ( назад)
Its Gigafactory not a Jigafactory. not Jigawatt but Gigawatt!!!!! Those people piss me off!!! Why don't you keep a Jolden Retriever? Record your videos on a JoPro???

Автор Alfie Moon ( назад)
Tesla is a joke. Never in my life would I buy one over an AMG.

Автор Heron Myer ( назад)
next video, tesla glued two cells together to double it's energy storage capacity

Автор Picobyte ( назад)
Batteries can not drive our world.All tesla batteries from the newest factories produced in one hundred years is still nothing in total global energy consumption.And efficiency sucks.

Автор Corey Pattison ( назад)
I love this. "Hey we made a cutting edge battery that puts out twice the power of the old high power battery" Oh wow that's amazing! How did you do that? "We made it larger." Genius! Truly genius. Hey starving kids in Africa. I know you're hungry. I know how to end your hunger. Just watt more than you were. You're welcome.

Автор sanzo71 ( назад)
Lol Jiga

Автор MrLunithy ( назад)
Someone should show this video to Australian politicians.

Автор neddy laddy ( назад)
electrical energry is not measured in mA, but it is measured in mAHrs or AHrs or WHrs

Автор David Hancock ( назад)
At 1:34, you said that they doubled the level of charge and the volume whereas the information at 1:00 seems to contradict you, saying that it is 1.33x and the dimensions only increased by 10%?

Автор martysk8r ( назад)
Ok, where can I buy them?

Автор Michael Beeny ( назад)
Will these cells last as long as a petrol engine? I doubt it!!

Автор 이준열 ( назад)
테슬라가 역시

Автор Robbie Smith ( назад)
Do you call it Jolf too? Hey man, let's go hit 18 holes in a game of Jolf! *face palm* Golf.. Giga. not Jiga. Will Smith's song getting Jiggi wit it.

Автор Syl JoLy ( назад)
so hard to understand

Автор bluebull399 ( назад)
I hope Tesla get these batteries into laptops and other devices, battery life is the bane of modern technology so I support any company that strives to make cheaper and more efficient batteries.

Автор michbushi ( назад)
what the fuck a "jigafactory" is??

Автор Alastair Carnegie ( назад)
Sometimes in business, something comes along that makes your product completely redundant. Check out:- " Tesla Forums Graphene batteries, 5 X energy density of best Li-Ion(Model S) this summer?          Submitted by nightwolf9ss on May 5, 2016 " These beauties have been fully certified to produce an energy density of over I kWhr. per kilo weight. Not only that but they are actually Graphene polymer super-capacitors. They are near 100% efficient compared to Chemical batteries, that struggle to reach 85% efficiency with charge discharge cycles. Lithium batteries will soon look perfectly ridiculous. as Graphene takes over. Graphene conducts electricity over a hundred times better than pure Silver. There is little wonder performance is so good, and bound to get even better soon.

Автор BOOSTEDLASER ( назад)
a good 18650 is 3500 MAH ,NOT 3000

Автор Murad Beybalaev ( назад)
Why is this voiced by a Russian with a shitty mic and at least two different audio streams playing in the background?

Автор tigerfanman ( назад)
this is old tech.. waiting on that new glass lithium which is way safer and better in every way

Автор reezlaw ( назад)
Is it that hard to find a speaker that can actually speak? There are people willing to do this for 5 bucks on fiverr, ffs

Автор Omni Solåris ( назад)
make phone batteries.

Автор Sarwar Nezar ( назад)
But Donald Tramp will still put coal in his car!

Автор Dert Lee ( назад)
And question is: where you going to dump all that waist - oceans?

Автор Ray Sommers ( назад)
The music in the background is really distracting.

Автор normellow ( назад)
Keep an eye out for the solid state batteries with 3 x the power density.

Автор Snowbrawler ( назад)
Guess all Tesla owners will get some sort of notification that they have to change the battery next year

Автор MrTiti ( назад)
Since the Banana owner of this channel ahs absolutely no clue and did not even comment on Chandra's explanation, he is not to be taken any serious.
The owner of this channel is a pure (poor) joke.

Автор crni195 ( назад)
tesla dont even make batteries for their own cars... rimac does that

Автор shodanxx ( назад)
new incompatible battery format locks in consumers

Автор antimatterfire ( назад)
please use test to speech or someone without a t weird accent. it annoays the hell out of me when i dont understand what is being said.

Автор shalimarbaybayan ( назад)
Anyone here what the cost will be? That's really what it comes down too

Автор Chuck Warren ( назад)
Can these be made rectangular to eliminate wasted space between batteries (more batteries in available space)?

Автор galaxybeing1 ( назад)
Jesus, no one speaks understandable English in the U.S., anymore?

Автор Ebenezer Scrooge ( назад)
What a disgrace. Tesla would never have wasted his time on this garbage. He would rather you invest your time and money into super capacitors and wireless energy transmission to keep those caps filled.

Автор Aurora Jones ( назад)
Jiga factory I love it. Everyone has their blind spots hell i dont even know a second language so good job.

Автор sarge27271 ( назад)
@portable eelectric vehicle, ask Tesla why they simply didn't use the already existing 26650???

Автор robbie adams ( назад)
HOLY SHIT! so your telling me i can rock some tesla batterys in my fucking DNA vape! haha

Автор Terry Gesualdo ( назад)
Why not the 26650 cell, why aren't they using those cells?

Автор 1000 Clowns ( назад)
Improved energy density is great. Have they solved the lifespan problems with lithium-ion batteries? Wake me when they do.

Автор dcx ( назад)
will it be enuff to power the de lorean?

Автор BadFinger ( назад)
New vape battery !!!!!

Автор Mrx1080 ( назад)
Why would they use these in their vehicles? You would lose a ton of energy through internal resistance with that many cells. I would have thought they were using some sort of proprietary cell with dimensions unique to the battery compartment (large cell rather then many tiny ones).

Автор Walter Clark ( назад)
How can Tesla be proud of that stupid idea: They made the cell larger.

Автор Sh3lbz0r ( назад)
hopefully my telly remote can go on another 50 years without changing the batterys

Автор Mike Hershey ( назад)
Why not a 2180?

Автор Drone Journey ( назад)
ok so this means what?

Автор Buckoff00 ( назад)
did I hear you say "oversized shotgun shell"?? have you ever held a shotgun shell? .410 caliber maybe... but not any shell I'm using.....

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