How to Make a Perfect Cheeseburger

  • Published on Apr 7, 2014
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    Toronto's Parts and Labour owner and burger champion Matty Matheson has had a burger or two in his day, so we put our trust in him to teach us how to make a proper one. Here Matty breaks down the science and technique of burger making, and shows us what separates the real deals from the fakes out there.
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  • Diego Alex
    Diego Alex 14 hours ago

    I’m surprised this man made it on to munchies

  • girraffeslayer
    girraffeslayer Day ago

    it's weird to think that he's so much thinner here

  • Sunshine In Africa

    how do people cut so thinly i can't even cut straight for fuck sake

  • Jacoby Hale
    Jacoby Hale Day ago

    Only thing I’d do differently is use cheddar and add mayo to bottom bun

  • Austin Vadassery
    Austin Vadassery 2 days ago

    Ahahhahahahah wtf he’s so funny

  • An Explode
    An Explode 3 days ago

    The thumbnail looks raw as fuck.

  • John Do
    John Do 3 days ago

    ok, 6:20 said all, we are out

  • John Do
    John Do 3 days ago +1

    ps: so my kids must see this video without sound..

  • John Do
    John Do 3 days ago

    nice video, but why to the f... you say 100 times fuckin... whatever.. ?

  • Jr Rivera
    Jr Rivera 4 days ago


  • Alan Davalos
    Alan Davalos 5 days ago

    Gonna eat a fu@&$& burger! Great vid bro. Thanks.

  • JMS1089
    JMS1089 6 days ago

    He makes all the decisions i hate lol. I hate patties overly thick. I dont like the tomato slices too thin. Hate when different sauces mix. Hate food thats hard to pick up without it falling apart. The burger looked great, but by the end i was like what the hell.......

  • Eric McGarrh
    Eric McGarrh 6 days ago +1

    You had me until mustard.

  • Sebastian Berg
    Sebastian Berg 6 days ago

    You should totaly eat a burger when ur getting a blowjob that would be fucking amazing

  • Jimmy Cen
    Jimmy Cen 9 days ago

    This looks so freaking good in 1AM

  • Danny Lahav Elkis
    Danny Lahav Elkis 10 days ago

    Just from the way he speaks I kinda don't wanna listen to the video :X dono if it's just me

  • Mike Litoris
    Mike Litoris 10 days ago +4

    Lol matty's voice a lot deeper here and he sounds nervous

  • PunkTV
    PunkTV 11 days ago

    This fat guy is annoying af

  • Arturo Danhille
    Arturo Danhille 12 days ago


  • Captn Coke
    Captn Coke 12 days ago

    Dont eat a burger while getting a blowjob 🤣🤣🤣

  • Viktor Ptychenko
    Viktor Ptychenko 12 days ago

    Bacon missing

  • ol1ver 0727
    ol1ver 0727 13 days ago +2

    Unpopular opinion:
    Thick burger patties are gross

  • shyam s
    shyam s 14 days ago

    Now that's one fuckin good burger!

  • Marcus Motamedi
    Marcus Motamedi 15 days ago

    He’s so déclassé

  • Armin Handanagic
    Armin Handanagic 15 days ago

    I always come back to see If the kids are still doing crack

  • Chase Smith
    Chase Smith 16 days ago

    "A dull knife means you're a fucking loser, you don't cry if you're cutting onions with a sharp knife"

  • Coati Rolater
    Coati Rolater 17 days ago

    I’m eating this while eating a burger. I’m beginning to question my burger

  • ApaChe
    ApaChe 18 days ago


  • Sukeshi Rishabh
    Sukeshi Rishabh 19 days ago

    Sexist pig.

  • Rob Wolfe
    Rob Wolfe 19 days ago

    Watch the language

  • ImportAustralia
    ImportAustralia 20 days ago

    Matty's really grown on me over the years. But come on bro. Where's the special sauce?!

  • Zayne Tyler
    Zayne Tyler 23 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay: That burger looks like a fucking cow took a shit on a Maccas bun
    Me: ...

  • JustSomeKnight 2003
    JustSomeKnight 2003 24 days ago

    Reminds me of Post Malone

  • AdventureCake
    AdventureCake 27 days ago

    So for this fucking recipe youre gonna fucking need to fucking stop fucking saying fuck while fucking cooking, you fucker!

    • Nik Brown
      Nik Brown 25 days ago

      If u don't like it dont watch it then stupid ass keep your comment to yourself bitch

  • Mike A
    Mike A 29 days ago

    Dressed all over

  • wickiezulu
    wickiezulu Month ago

    Been wrongly taught to add egg and breadcrumbs or flour to bind them, will instead try to adopt this approach from now on (though how does one account for the type of mince available as on other side of Atlantic there is no mention of fat / lean ratio, etc?).

  • Mr Santos
    Mr Santos Month ago

    Fuck you!

    • Nik Brown
      Nik Brown 25 days ago

      Fuck you Santoso Basuki keep opinion to yourself bitch

  • Chang Fuji
    Chang Fuji Month ago

    I like you your real

  • Yolo Swaggins
    Yolo Swaggins Month ago +3

    My brain when I'm hungry at 4 AM: *"Let's watch some youtube videos about delicious food"*

  • hippity hoppity i'm taking the property

    H E * K

    am I going to hell

    RADIO Month ago

    gordan ramsey says that burger is bad

    • Nik Brown
      Nik Brown 25 days ago

      Dude who cares fuck you and gordan Ramsey

  • Adam Ryan
    Adam Ryan Month ago

    Weird to watch Matty in a video where he's not shouting.

  • AppropriateName
    AppropriateName Month ago

    Who else thinks he should’ve made some special kind of sauce

  • Saif Momani
    Saif Momani Month ago

    Fuck you 2

  • magillasviews
    magillasviews Month ago

    Fuck you ! That's a good burger.

  • Keren Mnaba
    Keren Mnaba Month ago

    NOOOO 😑

  • Brian Lister
    Brian Lister Month ago

    You must feel pretty insecure if you need to curse as much as you do.

    • Nik Brown
      Nik Brown 25 days ago

      Brian shut the fuck up if u don't like it dont watch it bitch

    • Qui P
      Qui P Month ago

      What does cursing a lot have to do with him being insecure?

  • Justin Harrison
    Justin Harrison Month ago

    Lmao.. that shit looked good

    UK SEA ANGLING Month ago

    You man are a legend best burger ever had man sub from me bro

  • RootFooted
    RootFooted Month ago

    You forgot Mayo!

  • Marcu Tiron
    Marcu Tiron Month ago +1

    Real title: How to make a fucking fucked cheesfuckedburger with fucks😂😂

  • mm nn
    mm nn Month ago

    dirty mouth, dirty shape, dirty method..dirty video with this rude man

    • Nik Brown
      Nik Brown 25 days ago

      Shut the fuck up stupid bitch.

  • Cpoole9
    Cpoole9 Month ago

    "Baby dick" omg I lost it....

  • Dreamy
    Dreamy Month ago +1

    That food looks damn good

  • 5KD
    5KD Month ago


  • Riley Bell
    Riley Bell Month ago

    I just made some good ass burgers. I put butter on the top of the burger and let it melt while it cooked. I forgot to put my fries in my oven so now I just ate my all my burgers and my fries aren't even done yet 😭

  • Don Bobyn
    Don Bobyn Month ago

    Go FUCK yourself, dude. Ya fuckin NEED herbs & fucking spices in the fuckin MEAT, ya fuckin fuckball. Made a fuckin dimple in da fuckin meat, put in shit cheddar, , like a fuckin cheddar fuckin sammich, fuckbla.. THEN, add to grille. Fuckin eh.

    • Nik Brown
      Nik Brown 25 days ago

      Shut the fuck up u probably dont know how to cook your damn self bitch

  • Phill So
    Phill So Month ago

    God dawn this is the american version of gordon ramsey

  • Googlen Käyttäjä

    In video this man eat more hamburgers than i have ever eat in my career

  • matthewfuture
    matthewfuture Month ago

    How to make a perfect cheeseburger ball