Silver Down - Markets Up On China News - Seriously? Again? Really?

  • Published on Sep 5, 2019
  • Delta Report (vid I mentioned within) -
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  • David C
    David C Month ago +2

    Very impressive at picking this top for silver. I was waiting for a pullback so I can get more, more, more. I'm dying to short the spy, so it will probably squeeze higher, was watching it today but it never went above your high when it closed this morning.

    • Silver Liberties
      Silver Liberties  Month ago

      thanks. People always say "you can't time markets" hopefully I'm proving that's somewhat BS. Its something that gets floated out there so that you just hand over your fiat to wall st and don't question anything.

  • Lord Humongus
    Lord Humongus Month ago +2

    Sold my SLV puts for +233%. I have followed Delta Report for a long time.

  • brotherofiam
    brotherofiam Month ago +2

    Is there a way to find out how much gold was being shorted prior to today's (9/5/19) pull back.

    • Silver Liberties
      Silver Liberties  Month ago

      I believe youre asking about the futures market? I never look, but I believe you can see volume there.

  • Franklin Maddox
    Franklin Maddox Month ago +3

    Thank GOD I am intelligent enough these days to be completely OUT of this stock market. You literally do not know anymore from one day to the next if you will wake up to a gap up or a gap down in premarket. Always on fake news from the POTUS or Fed driven by the POTUS. Now once again the real truth will be uncovered and put out and then The market will Gap down again in premarket.....just never really know when it will take place.....all this BS Volatility in markets the past year and a half or should I say since the first week of Feb 2018....all political and FED propping along the way with a market that has continually wanted to sell off. CRIMINAL activity.

    • Franklin Maddox
      Franklin Maddox Month ago

      @Silver Liberties Thanks for the reply and you may be exactly correct on the "last gasp market trust" before it blows it's top and comes down like a Led Zeppelin. Sure am glad I landed on your SANE and LOGICAL thinking channel a few of weeks ago. Keep em coming and I along with every other sub will be there!

    • Silver Liberties
      Silver Liberties  Month ago +1

      Its definitely a weird or "managed" looking market. I personally think this is the last thrust higher before we go down a lot. Which could give rise to qe or more china trade talks type stuff like you said.

  • Myles Gray
    Myles Gray Month ago +3

    I watch the delta report every day. Good Chanel! That and Greg Manarino and silver liberties. 🙂

  • Myles Gray
    Myles Gray Month ago +3

    I just deployed 2/3 my months investing cash buying the dip on miners. I bought Barrick GOLD and MAG silver both down about 8% on the day. Might not be the bottom but it’s a nice gap down to buy!

  • Ss999brandon
    Ss999brandon Month ago +2

    Great news. Glad its correcting lije it should

  • JoshuaKhaos
    JoshuaKhaos Month ago +3

    I was hoping that it's go down. I'm here for the long term on silver

  • james
    james Month ago +2

    Any thoughts on how far HL will pull back? I bought a small bit at 1.84 on the pull back but feel we have more room to go down

    • james
      james Month ago

      Thanks man! Great videos. Really like the updates on silver miners. Good info always

    • Silver Liberties
      Silver Liberties  Month ago +1

      Ill update today.

  • DJ Par
    DJ Par Month ago +1

    It's all bullshit ha! Nugt off 14% AG Down almost 9% . 🇨🇳 news must be great today. Ha! Fed is buying equities and shorting metals again! Beat em back good so I can buy buy buy buuuuuyyyyy!

  • DriverM
    DriverM Month ago +4

    I appreciate your analysis and videos. If you don't mind me asking, what trading platform are you using? If you don't want to say publicly, I understand.

    • DriverM
      DriverM Month ago

      Super helpful.

    • DriverM
      DriverM Month ago

      @Silver Liberties Thank You.

    • Silver Liberties
      Silver Liberties  Month ago +1

      Sure man. i use etrade and charting software is I should really setup a thing with them and see if I can get you guys a discount

  • ben firthy
    ben firthy Month ago +2

    Just found your channel, liking your work

  • SmashBrosBrawl
    SmashBrosBrawl Month ago +6

    If you bought silver at $19, don't feel burned, just hold it out, this time next year, you'd kill to be able to pay $19 for silver!

    • Ken D
      Ken D Month ago +3

      even after down 1.8% it's not a huge drop and frankly I was looking for this last week. It's just being silver -- ie: volatile

  • DavidisDawei
    DavidisDawei Month ago +3

    This is why I would gladly take a safe 6% and ignore all this noise ...if I could

  • Ken D
    Ken D Month ago +2

    plunge protection team at work is what's going on I'm pretty sure. Too many weird things going on like the inverted yield curve and I think it's dangerous to short any precious metals. Too much upward momentum but it was long overdue for a pullback to gather itself. Sure, I'd rather be a buyer of silver at $16 instead of 19, but as I was telling people as recently as a few months ago, we'll see days when silver is up a dollar or more in one day, like Tuesday was. It's not so much that I'm a silver "bug" but rather am anti-Fiat because I see what the federal reserve did (and continues to) in buying gold at a 50-year record pace. Then when they called gold a "relic of the past," I said to myself, "That's IT! BUY BUY BUY!" I think by election time or early 2021, people who have physical silver probably won't care too much if they bought-in at $15 or at $20 so long as they DID buy in.

    • Ankit Singhi
      Ankit Singhi Month ago

      @Ken D buddy what do you think at how far silver can move up .
      I am Indian have some silver in spot market.should I hold or sell ?

    • Ken D
      Ken D Month ago

      @Silver Liberties thanks -- exactly. Not in love with silver but it seems to be the default best "store of value" over gold (gold:silver ratio too high) and with worries over the dollar and cryptos being "more fiat than the dollar" IMO, it's no place to put your money...Bitcoin has shown continued weakness in the face of silver strength. I'm thinking in 18-24 mos, nobody will care if they bought silver at $14 or at $20 so long as they bought it.

    • Silver Liberties
      Silver Liberties  Month ago +2

      Great post. Its totally possible the ppt is at work. Video I mentioned within, said they're buying bonds. BUT hey.. "best econ ever!"
      Im also like you.. more anti monopoly money vs a silver lover.

  • Cooters BBQ
    Cooters BBQ Month ago +2

    I think I’m taking my money to the blackjack table.... better odds than this market casino

  • Nick Palmacci
    Nick Palmacci Month ago +5

    great vid! thanks for all you guys do!
    got SLV puts yesterday. easy 150%!

    • Nick Palmacci
      Nick Palmacci Month ago +4

      @Silver Liberties i always do man! pay it forward!

    • Silver Liberties
      Silver Liberties  Month ago +2

      BOOM! Fantastic man! I paid next months rent as well with it (I sold my silver shorts).
      Do me a favor. Take some of that money and do something nice for someone else with it. Significant other, kids, parents, random person. Give us a share too if you would be so kind :)