HW News: Mini Polaris, Ryzen EFI Updates, 1080 Ti Boards

  • Опубликовано: 22 мар 2017
  • This week's news video recaps AM4 EFI updates, GTX 1080 Ti AIB partner models (Strix, FTW, Gaming X), and a mini Polaris GPU.
    Ad: EVGA 1080 Ti FTW3 goo.gl/wWKAJe
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Комментарии • 97

  • Gamers Nexus
    Gamers Nexus  Год назад +33

    Hey, everyone. We are working on some follow-up Switch hardware-level analysis (should be fun!), a few case reviews, and some 1080 Ti follow-ups this week. Stay tuned. The 1700X review is written and will go live on the site. We might make that an article only, due to the video schedule.

    • snowBlind
      snowBlind Год назад

      Probably HDMI -- For the few cases that have HDMI on the front for VR.

    • smokeydops
      smokeydops Год назад

      Sweet, thanks for the Switch news-of-news

      ANGRY CATTO Год назад

      How many gpu's do you have?

  • RepsUp100
    RepsUp100 Год назад +1

    Hey GN, ever thought of making videos on Raspberry Pi? I'd love to see you build a VPN on a Raspberry Pi.

  • Buster Slammin
    Buster Slammin Год назад

    How do Samsung E dies compare to B ones? my RAM has E dies.

  • Ice Bear
    Ice Bear Год назад +1

    Yuck... thick cards with RGB. What ever happened to subtlety?

  • RationalRampage
    RationalRampage Год назад

    Sea Hawk or Corsair Hydro plz MSI

  • PvtBenjy
    PvtBenjy Год назад

    Sitting here still waiting on Vega.

  • jootai
    jootai Год назад

    great content!

  • Dongsa
    Dongsa Год назад

    No, thank YOU. :)

  • T51B1
    T51B1 Год назад

    ASUS has been pushing a lot of updates for the crosshair 6, but their Prime x370 hasn't recieved jack for support. wtf asus?

  • Zgembo121
    Zgembo121 Год назад +2

    this channel should be called Jesus tech

  • Boris Zorrilla
    Boris Zorrilla Год назад

    Are you still gonna do the 7700k delid video?

  • Christian Stout
    Christian Stout Год назад +3

    I'm not in the market for one but that 1080ti ICX looks pretty slick.

  • MeMad Max
    MeMad Max Год назад

    You know what I hate more than anything?
    Being someones test bench...
    The last big corp to do it was MS with their Win8/10 bs...
    Now we are doing it with mobos/cpus?
    I'm just gonna sit on the sidelines for a few years, this whole thing is QA NULL....

    • Jake Garrett
      Jake Garrett Год назад

      I think every launch is like this. X99 Intel was not smooth from everyone else says, AM3+ had issues with the 8 core CPUs catching cheaper motherboards on fire (actually that's not a firmware thing, so it can still happen with boards with bad VRMs). At least they are improving things (unlike Windows which gets progressively worse since 7 and they force updates which often brick devices). This is more like an optional game patch, not a break everything mod like the garbage Windows seems to force push out.
      I would wait it out if you haven't bought a chip yet and that's something that bothers you. I'm not going to be one of those insane people that says "what are you waiting for, just upgrade to windows 10, its so much better". The only thing "better" about it is DX 12 for AMD GPUs. That's not worth loosing 90% of your hair in a year or two. I'm going to be an engineer, I'll be bald before I'm 40 anyways. (Ok, I may be exaggerating slightly, but I usually have to wipe or blow off my keyboard from all the hair I've pulled off because windows found another way to screw up for the day).

  • benbujwah
    benbujwah Год назад

    Are you going to get a chance to check out Zotacs line of 1080ti cards?

  • Witter PC
    Witter PC Год назад

    Nice will informed video as always ! I really enjoy watching your videos

  • T.E.D. de Medici
    T.E.D. de Medici Год назад +4

    Just got an intel add advertising that the best CPUs for streaming are an "intel i7".

    • SkeletalForce
      SkeletalForce Год назад

      T.E.D. de Medici I mean a 6950x is better but noone buys that

  • Clark Yokomizo
    Clark Yokomizo Год назад

    I hope the Polaris mini RX500 GPU is an indicator that AMD will be making some ITX sized GPUs in their refresh line up to compliment the R5 RyZen CPUs

  • FFsolutions
    FFsolutions Год назад

    Thumbs up for a review of the stock coolers of the AMD Ryzen lineup!

    BIGGS Год назад +1

    when are you going to delid an 7700k i bought my tool today i can't wait!

  • RoboDog
    RoboDog Год назад

    Hmm, should Steve give himself a perm hair for 500k subscribers?
    Weirdly, he might reach 500 k like this, instead of doing awesome tech reviews. RUclip logic at best.

  • TheGyuuula
    TheGyuuula Год назад

    That 1080 Ti with it's 3 fans reminds me of my Intel Celeron 233 clocked @450 Mhz =)

  • No_name 916
    No_name 916 Год назад

    I've heard of you guys and I subscribed when I got my ryzen 1800 x CPU. So glad I found you guys

  • mrkeefor
    mrkeefor Год назад

    No Asus Prime pro updates?

  • ṽᴧ volts
    ṽᴧ volts Год назад

    The tech released this week section was great. Any chance we can keep that up?

    • ṽᴧ volts
      ṽᴧ volts Год назад

      The small section that started at 6:22 was really nice. Just having knowledge of whats been released recently is \m/

    • Gamers Nexus
      Gamers Nexus  Год назад

      Any particular timestamp? Can probably do that.

  • Vandoeun Long
    Vandoeun Long Год назад

    still having problems posting with my crosshair vi

  • atvkid0805
    atvkid0805 Год назад

    Glad I went with founders 1080 Ti , seems most of these AEB cards are 3 slots and I don't have room for that in my case with other components taking up other slots

    • Axecution
      Axecution Год назад +1

      the strix is 2 slot iirc

  • TechFusion AZ
    TechFusion AZ Год назад

    Is it just me or does that Xtreme 1080 Ti From Aorus/Gigabyte look really ugly?

    • I Need Big Drink
      I Need Big Drink Год назад

      TechFusion AZ same, I don't see the appeal. The ROG strix looks great, but I'm waiting for the FTW3 to compare the two.

  • Hansel Law
    Hansel Law Год назад

    the outro is really as annoying as it gets.

  • nandagopal gopakumar
    nandagopal gopakumar Год назад

    gonna be patreon for GN

  • Bud Fox
    Bud Fox Год назад +1

    Valve DOTA2 Ryzen scheduler patch is out

  • urishima
    urishima Год назад

    What about IOMMU grouping with these EFI updates?

  • StraightupGamer
    StraightupGamer Год назад

    when can we expect the partner 1080ti with custom cooling designs sorry I don't know if he said

  • Yomero Soy
    Yomero Soy Год назад

    where can you get the new asus ROG CROSSHAIR VI HERO uefi update? the asus support page still has the 0902 version from march 13

    C SMITH Год назад +1

    So looking for info on the asus oc Ti.

  • JanPlaysStrategic
    JanPlaysStrategic Год назад

    Best AM4 Drivers from Manufacturers RIGHT NOW:
    Gigabyte > MSI > Asus > AsRock > Biostar

  • casheesed
    casheesed Год назад +2

    a card lower than the 460? I guess they wanted a GPU on the market that wouldn't be bottlenecked by ryzen.

    • casheesed
      casheesed Год назад +3

      Conor Pumfrey I plan on getting a ryzen CPU myself. it's a joke, don't get mad bro.

    • casheesed
      casheesed Год назад

      Conor Pumfrey haha

    • Conor Pumfrey
      Conor Pumfrey Год назад +3

      casheesed someone's an biased retard and this is coming from a long term Intel user.

  • vishal Sharma
    vishal Sharma Год назад

    can you confirm that if you overclock Ryzen to 4.2 or 4.5 it will survive or something else can happen 🤔 a RUclip video showed his CPU is not working after he overclocked it to 4.5 GHz

    • Gamers Nexus
      Gamers Nexus  Год назад +3

      Depends more on the voltage than the frequency. 4.5 is pretty ambitious.

    • Eduard Calota
      Eduard Calota Год назад +2

      vishal Sharma you can not overclock an r7 to 4.5

  • Federico Salemi
    Federico Salemi Год назад

    You make such good videos that even if i'm not intrested in the 1080ti I cant leave till the end of the video!

  • Miguel Águeda
    Miguel Águeda Год назад +10

    Honestly I think the RX500 series it's not the best move for AMD, specially when Vega is going to be called RX Vega and not 5xx. They should be a 485/475... so that people doesn't think they are rebranding

    • Roikhan Ulya Hamidan
      Roikhan Ulya Hamidan Год назад +1

      As long as it not more expensive usually most people are okay with rebranding.

    • airsftinator
      airsftinator Год назад +1

      so that people don't think they're rebranding? They ARE rebranding

    • Miguel Águeda
      Miguel Águeda Год назад +5

      +CryBeat Exactly, and when they did the rebrands people wasn't happy. I see this more as an incremental upgrade than a new generation

    • Yulus Leonard
      Yulus Leonard Год назад

      They did this every year. Rebranding+minor update? The next major update will be RXI or they return to R11. OFC the next year Ryzen will be Ryzen Rx 2xxx

    • Rengaruu
      Rengaruu Год назад

      Miguel Águeda and why is it now a problem ? amd did that alrdy the past few gpu generations

  • mkusanagi
    mkusanagi Год назад +3

    Corsair Vengeance LPX
    3200mhz, try
    16, 18, 18, 18, 36
    Voltage 1.35
    Frequency 3200

  • NOSfusion
    NOSfusion Год назад +10

    It's killing me waiting this long for the after market cards. I've entered my credit card info twice on Nvidia's website for the FE, but cancelled because 'what's two more weeks right?'
    Shout out to my onboard GPU, only thing keeping me going these days.

    • Autism Spirit
      Autism Spirit Год назад +1

      Yeah, iGPUs are actually really good in this generation, running an HD530 right now, waiting to get an RX480 or a RX 5xx equivalent

  • seesiedler1
    seesiedler1 Год назад +10

    Where did Asus "push" the updates? For the Prime X370 Pro the latest avalible BIOS is still from February 28th (0504).

    • seesiedler1
      seesiedler1 Год назад

      0511 is now avalible on the website. :)

    • TekReviews
      TekReviews Год назад

      Sometimes it's a good idea to check the Taiwan Asus websites, etc, they can have versions out before the US website gets it. I did this with my LG BluRay Drive, the Firmware from Asia allowed me to also read HD DVD discs along with BluRay but LG website in the USA was not offering that version of Firmware as a Download.

    • Jolinator
      Jolinator Год назад

      That is typical asus, they have no regards for existing customers best examples are the x79 rampage black which was left with a host of issues yet was their top of the line board, they then did the same thing with the r5e and then released the rampage anniversary .

    • jsparakov
      jsparakov Год назад +1

      really disappointed in Asus for only being responsive for the c6h and leaving everything internal for the prime. this is my last Asus board.

  • A M
    A M Год назад +27

    It's about time they got Electronic Fuel Injection....

    • Stickbo
      Stickbo Год назад

      Andrew M I was gonna post the same thing, you win though

    • atLucid
      atLucid Год назад

      Andrew M I was thinking the same thing! 😂

  • the one you dont see
    the one you dont see Год назад +5

    what if it's just a rx 450. but also it could be an apu gpu being featured. but thares still the unaddressed apu king rumors featuring 4 ryzen cores with L3 cache and 12 Polaris units putting the new apu king just under the rx460 and more than dubble the performance of a10-7890.

  • SergeantPope - Komada Computer Repair

    I think they should fix XMP support with Ryzen. I broke the BIOS on my board after enabling XMP and I had to ship it back.

    • Medokn
      Medokn Год назад


    • SergeantPope - Komada Computer Repair
      SergeantPope - Komada Computer Repair Год назад

      Because I forgot, bitch. I'm forgetful as shit.
      I didn't do that to bait, especially on a small channel like this. I commented to, uhh, I don't know, show other people to not set XMP profiles on a Ryzen board. Shut the fuck up Nopiw.

    • SergeantPope - Komada Computer Repair
      SergeantPope - Komada Computer Repair Год назад

      I reset the BIOS both ways (battery and jumper) and neither worked. The BIOS was done for. So no, that didn't fix the problem buddy.

    • SergeantPope - Komada Computer Repair
      SergeantPope - Komada Computer Repair Год назад

      Watch the video on my channel. Broke a Gigabyte mobo. BIOS wouldn't reset.

    • Medokn
      Medokn Год назад


  • ThisIsAPrettyLongUserNameWhyTheFuckWouldHeDoThatSoThatEveryoneWouldThumbsUpIt

    I wonder how 1700 performance will be with 3200mhz memory.

    • Eduard Calota
      Eduard Calota Год назад

      FlowerBedMonster btw intel do same thing for the cpu-s with very high count of cores, the diference of latency come from the memory controller

    • Eduard Calota
      Eduard Calota Год назад

      FlowerBedMonster technically the cores are in the same house, but what you dont understand is cashe is fastest memory we have atm, but is vey limited in amount due to costs, each compute unit don't communicate between each other by ram because is very slow compared to cache and inefective

    • col. hapablap
      col. hapablap Год назад +5

      Eduard Calota unlike prior CPUs, R7 performance is heavily dependent on memory speed.

    • FlowerBedMonster
      FlowerBedMonster Год назад +1

      This isn't a normal CPU. think of it as SLI or Crossfire where each processing unit must speak with each other but because they are not under the same housing there must be some kind of lag. As for the cache, there isn't enough L2 and L3 is still too small and just barely fast enough. Not only that the cache is shared between the 2 making going from one CCX to another frequently even worse or in simple terms, cache isn't advanced enough and ram is still growing in terms of speed which why we need it.

    • Eduard Calota
      Eduard Calota Год назад

      FlowerBedMonster the latency between cores are not afected by ram, but cash speed

  • Ryan Blair
    Ryan Blair Год назад


  • Lazer Person
    Lazer Person Год назад +5

    Thank you for making this video.