10 Best Moments Caught Live On Twitch

In this video we showcase 10 of the best moments caught live on Twitch tv.

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From accidentally showing your private parts to breaking down on stream. In this video we showcase the best and funniest moments caught on Twitch TV.

Have you witnessed any funny moments caught on twitch? Let us know in the comments!

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Автор MindGeek ( назад)
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Автор Tyler Denlinger ( назад)

Автор Y anônimo ( назад)
2:40 (0_0)

Автор Kingredrex ( назад)
gets eye cut by cat
stop panicking and go to the hospital

Автор Fox Cannon ( назад)
cats are hoes that's why I own 2

Автор Capn Evan ( назад)
"terrorists win"


Автор Andreas M ( назад)
14:45 this girl being #1 of the list, when the 9 before were ALL better, is fucking irritating. meanwhile shes trying to financially profit off boobs, in other words, being likeminded to a crazy person because if you describe why people FOLLOW YOU IN YOUR ONLINE PROFFESSION: YOUR ANSWER WOULD REQUIRE BEING ''E-Whoring'' so just naw... that last one was ass

Автор Noraisa Rinibatan ( назад)
why did the youtuber deserves to be busted !?!?! 😱😠😠🙄😕

Автор SaQ#10 ( назад)
is there something wrong as saying nigger?

Автор Had Enough ( назад)
Call an ambulance

Автор I is Smart ( назад)
Why is number 9 so mad?Lol I'm jk.

Автор Dresqo ( назад)
8 is why i fucking hate cats

Автор thunderlord2200 ( назад)
man i would really love to play with thos X3

Автор LaVar Ball . ( назад)
What was the reflection?

Автор Palsu Net ( назад)
what is Hooker

Автор Allen Brent A. Carino ( назад)
GET IT OUT YOU FCKING "Beep badap boop" *gasps*

Автор Nneka Wilson ( назад)
How do you find this funny because lt's not

Автор cj manipud ( назад)
4:00 isnt the best its the worst and scariest

Автор Angel Hernandez ( назад)
holy shit here fucking eyes wtf

Автор ballena9 ( назад)

Автор life of mike ( назад)
Lol swat teams there, csgo: terrorists win.😹

Автор Orhan Ahmedov ( назад)
"GUYS WHAT DO I DO" *cries* bitch call 911

Автор Joshua Pujols ( назад)
oh my god is she really crying for a little scratch, I got a big scar in my blind eye

Автор Tyrel Willis ( назад)

Автор max freddy ( назад)

Автор Zach Reynolds ( назад)
Ice trying to be threatening with a shaved eyebrow lol

Автор Zach Reynolds ( назад)
Ice trying to be threatening with a shaved eyebrow lol

Автор Melez234 Melendez ( назад)
#8.why didnt the girl call the ambulance

Автор brad S ( назад)
so... get a real job.. then u can buy a house.. donations pshh loser

Автор Chris J ( назад)
Iceposeidon- who in their right mind will sell a home to a dude with one eyebrow???? Pinksparkles- definition of human garbage.

Автор Kieran Seymour ( назад)

Автор DutchPandaYT ( назад)
Whats an hooker?

Автор Kieran Seymour ( назад)

Автор It's Kieran ( назад)
I feel sorry at 3:43 because that looks bad but I cut my eyebrow of falling down the stairs

Автор Paula Carvalho ( назад)
Yo how Can it be a 10 best moments on Twitch While a Girl Gets Hurt by a Cat and Starts Bleeding Like Dude Serioussly??

Автор MLG TELETUBBIES ( назад)
He should be glad the hooker wasn't the dog fucker

Автор Mr B ( назад)
that's swating one was pretty funny because one of the cops looked at the computer and you can tell he knows its a joke.

Автор Doctor of Inbreds ( назад)

Автор MeLfeZz ( назад)
police ??? :\

Автор Slime Queen ( назад)
11-45-14:00 was 31of "fucking" 😂😂😂

Автор James from HQ ( назад)
So are you telling me that people send Swat teams to people houses to fuck with them? How do these people figure out where they live?

Автор K-G ForLifegameing ( назад)
kill that damn cat fuck that

Автор Mad_Shooter10 ( назад)
I hated the guy that made fun of autistic people number 2... I wanted to stab him in the jugular...

Автор Kisaragi Ryu ( назад)
daaamn this catgirl :O

Автор Diciest Sphere2 ( назад)
Advice: to SaraKate Don't cry you'll bleed more so stay calm and look up then don't touch it but you'll lose a lot of blood but walk to the phone and call the ambulance and to not lose blood try to blink where there isn't blood draining out ok then 👍🏽

Автор neverlash ( назад)
02:00, "Someone called a hooker to my house!". Wow what a tragedy!
Just enjoy dude :) .

Автор RANDOM FUN VIDEOS_360 ( назад)
#2 he looked liked he shaved one eyebrow but not the other

Автор Ryan H ( назад)
LMAO !!! "What do I do guys!?" hahahaha go to a doctor you dumb twat, don't just stand there while you bleed from your eyeball.. filming it and asking other idiots for advice..

Автор LeSTORM ( назад)
9:48 whats happening in this one?

Автор Mike Flaherty ( назад)
i feel horrible for the lassie who hurt her eye the poor thing probaly needs a eye patch

Автор Jackson Spiess ( назад)
Why was cat lady in the video?

Автор Soshi Chan ( назад)
dude if my cat cut open my eye I would low key kill that cat

Автор Antonio Burdie ( назад)
the girl that got bitton by the cat should call the cops

Автор LordCthulhu2212 ( назад)
the cat bitch smacked her like a boss

Автор Console ! ( назад)

Автор Brennan McEneany ( назад)
The bloody eye was disturbing

Автор Carrots ( назад)
at 6:00 when the officer ask what he found funny I would have been like, Innocence until proven guilty

Автор Planky ( назад)
why was he swatted I don't understand 6:00

Автор skannei ( назад)
Grossgore is such an idiot. Who the fuck would have the brain to bring a hooker into a stream. it's fucking illegal and he wants to show her face. I'm glad that shitface got banned for shit he did.

Автор shimy ( назад)
rigged giveaways lol

Автор Offstar1029 ( назад)
14:12 Damn those things are bigger than my house.

Автор Kayden Umpherville ( назад)
shoot that I on that girl from that cat bite

Автор Gestur gaur ( назад)
mindgeek kill your self get cancer

Автор Gestur gaur ( назад)
poor girl and the cat showing that on youtube sick people

Автор FaTaL ReM1X ( назад)
WHAT DO I DO? Get ur fucking eye checked 😂

Автор Ethan Ocampo ( назад)
i ment bandage

Автор Ethan Ocampo ( назад)
mindgeek can you pls tell her call 911 or put a bandit

Автор henry rostock ( назад)
Hit the Cat the Girl in her eye

Автор jj brofist ( назад)
number 8 that must hurt

Автор Flow King ( назад)
I honestly feel for the ice guy like that's really fucked up shit man.

Автор Lynda Coyle ( назад)
call 911

Автор Tealss ( назад)
Her eye must been blind :,(

Автор TheBadAzzPotato TheBadAzzPotato ( назад)
Did the girl on number 8 loose her eye?

Автор Thelegend27 ( назад)
Can someone explain why he was swatted?

Автор Aksu 900 ( назад)
cat scrath shes eye why it is best moment

Автор Itz Avoh ( назад)
And now there's an old man at my door

Автор Semjje 11 ( назад)
i think everybody is starring at number 1 boobs

Автор Semjje 11 ( назад)
why is number 6 getting arrested?

Автор Landon Foley ( назад)
Why did swat come?

Автор jose avendano ( назад)
holly shit

Автор Jacob G ( назад)
i would fucking throw that cat across the room

Автор ItzBrinkzGaming ( назад)

Автор Videogamingledgend GG ( назад)
the girl that cut her eye looked like saskue😂😂😂

Автор Theo Nator ( назад)
U don't go up to a cat and be like kiss me.(cat) no die

Автор El Endos :v ( назад)
Oh boi 7u7

Автор Kaleb Graham ( назад)
How is that one of the best moments when the girl was bleeding from her eye

Автор Kinilo Sumait ( назад)
12:50 where his eyebrow at do #whereitatdo

Автор Tc3 reviews ( назад)
I hope that one dude never gets his house and lives on the streets

Автор Kakto Tak ( назад)
That hooker seemed nice though.

Автор Lord kifis ( назад)
wow that musta hert

Автор TheRobloxMan ( назад)
did some person on the chat send the swat team bc if so that's fed up

Автор TheRobloxMan ( назад)
why did the person get swatted

Автор SwaggleToothWolf XSmith ( назад)
The question is was she paid for doe 😏

Автор I'm2easy frezzy ( назад)

Автор ucnhtmenow1 ( назад)
Haha. Can you touch your elbows..Funniest shyt i heard all day

Автор ucnhtmenow1 ( назад)
#5 shows you the difference from cops in other countries and cops in the U.S. He didnt get slammed on the floor or "GET THE FUK ON THE GROUND(ed)" lol. Im moving to canada

Автор Colin D'Acquisto ( назад)
stop abusing your cats

Автор Colin D'Acquisto ( назад)
stop crying bloody eye girl itll make it worst this comes from experience

Автор hoover161357 ( назад)
I subscribed you deserve it 😃

Автор deathsongkidz ( назад)
cat was like kiss my ass bitch

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