10 Best Moments Caught Live On Twitch

In this video we showcase 10 of the best moments caught live on Twitch tv.

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From accidentally showing your private parts to breaking down on stream. In this video we showcase the best and funniest moments caught on Twitch TV.

Have you witnessed any funny moments caught on twitch? Let us know in the comments!

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Автор MindGeek ( назад)
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Автор Petr Hána ( назад)
What does she do in #4 9:35

Автор pilot cooper anderson BT_47 ( назад)
this is why dogs are better there not as violent

Автор rangerry_ games ( назад)

Автор Jake pauler Rr savge life ( назад)
wtf the girl who is bliding in her eyes. 😱😱😱😱😱😱

Автор lucas berg ( назад)
terrorists win XDDDD

Автор Hamid D. Portgas ( назад)
4:00 use your sharinga ! now

Автор KinqRNTX ( назад)
omg the girl with the cat omg what ?

Автор Alex Degnim ( назад)
10:00................wow this guy is a dummy. "Stop that, go pee and play a game with me" :(

Автор Kgamer21 Kovtans21 ( назад)
1 of it was bad mind fucker bich

Автор Fletcher Hore ( назад)
u fuckin ugly cunt my brother is alltistic look at u u looser u peice of Shit I'll smash ur Fucking face in. u paky cunt

Автор nick a ( назад)
the girl in number 1 needs to get canser

Автор Neon Demon ( назад)
That's why I own a dog.

Автор Freya The Pug Princess ( назад)
Ok feel so sorry for the girl with the cat

Автор Punde Poop ( назад)
I have to get my hair cut off

Автор Dragosity incorperated ( назад)
i feel bad for the 3rd girl.

Автор Dragosity incorperated ( назад)
the 2nd one. he need some milk. he shouldnt have dropped the milk

Автор Freddy Fazbear Gaming360 ( назад)
2:52 that cat is savage

Автор Selina Roland ( назад)
now was that foot in the back really necessary

Автор Selina Roland ( назад)
Her:guys what do i do
Me: throw the cat

Автор The Candyman That Can ( назад)
that's why i don't like cats.

Автор Susie Arellano ( назад)
Why is number 2 mad?

Автор Alexander McCutcheon ( назад)

Автор Twenty Øne Piløts løver l-/ ( назад)
The most scary one was when that girl got hurt by her cat I was going to throw up

Автор Jxro Zelaya ( назад)
Best moments!? Yeah that girl getting her eye gutted was a great moment. Sick bastards.

Автор Jxro Zelaya ( назад)
can you can you turn the volume up a little bit?

Автор Juliet Melo ( назад)
Omg was that girl who got her eye scratched by a cat okay afterwards

Автор ZZ_DA_ BOSS ( назад)
I will kill that cat

Автор Dustin Merck ( назад)
the hooker looked good though.

Автор Drewford302 ( назад)
I would've smashed if there was a hooker sent to me😂

Автор Diacamus ( назад)
3:10 I fell bad for laughing😂😖

Автор Sam Da beest ( назад)
they said ftp as they were getting swatted lol

Автор WachtDogs Player ( назад)
Is number 8 Blind or dead ?

Автор The Pugless Pug ( назад)
Why keedra or whatever got sawatted?

Автор Costyy Constantin ( назад)

Автор RedDualshock ( назад)
number 1 played them all like a damn fiddle. Hope it was worth the money lmao

Автор Jaylen Holiday ( назад)
Number 8 was disgusting and harmful that's not the best

Автор Dark 1007 ( назад)
the eye

Автор Anna Rose ( назад)
why does the guy in number two only have 1 eyebrow?

Автор Elijah Johnston ( назад)
THIS is why u DONT put HIGHLY SENSITIVE INFO on ur twitch info and review u dumbasses

Автор Katie Bromley ( назад)
the girl playing call of duty... poor thing

Автор Jordan yz77 ( назад)
Sara Kate should of took a bace ball bat and smashed that cats brains out that's what I would've done

Автор BOSSSLAYER623 Killed ( назад)

Автор MagmaProductions ( назад)
[Police come Into your house] [Goes on to talk to the police about the fucking game he's playing]

Автор Nathan Frank ( назад)
i feel so bad for that girl

Автор Gem Kega ( назад)
Right eyebrow on fleek...o nvm

Автор Jameer Bracey ( назад)
what did he get swatted for

Автор Rek Mini ( назад)
if i got swated on stream that would be not cool

Автор Choowde223 plays ( назад)
3:45 1. That isn't funny 2. That's why I'm a dog person

Автор iMup Gaming ( назад)
I'm not going to be banned? WELL I GOT BANNED FOR 3 DAYS LAST TIME! 😑

Автор XxMast3rKi113rX ( назад)
dang I cant believe her I was actually cut open on stream

Автор Alyssa Rose ( назад)
whats the story behind the guy at 7:00 ??

Автор CreativeGirl302 ( назад)
A girl getting her eye cut open isn't even cool or a good moment

Автор Reid McClanahan ( назад)
Lmaoo i love how the dude who got swatted in the U.S. is treated like a terrorist but the dude who got swatted in the UK gets treated like an actual citizen

Автор Cake Cart ( назад)
She's never had a cut in her life

Автор edgar mauleon ( назад)
On the third one that's why I don't get mother fucken cat

Автор Lukas Bohra ( назад)
Can you please remove the mic from within your mouth?

Автор Dariel Montas ( назад)
Damn that girl got scratched in the eye by her cat

Автор Zachary Lewis ( назад)
If your eye bleeds you sit there

Автор yovana ryan ( назад)
I'm sorry I laughed at 3:14 when the chair fell down with the cat on it 😂😂

Автор llinkii ( назад)
amy police still stupid af...
you think its funny kid? yes because he play a game you fucking IDIOT!!!!

Автор devil gamer ( назад)
3:24 mangikyu sharingun

Автор WOLF GON BAD 21 ( назад)
That girl deserved to get scratched in the eye by her cat

Автор Bozzak ( назад)
People can get banned because of what others do when donating? Is donating done within Twitch or a 3rd party thing?

Автор ♥RubyRecording♥ ( назад)
owowowowowowowo owww

Автор Scientistic Thug ( назад)
why did that dude have 1 eye brow

Автор Fallen_Crystal 393 ( назад)
rip headphone users at no. 1

Автор Sergiu Gabriel ( назад)
I would rip that cat's head off with my bare hands for doing that.

Автор DarkSharkBark ( назад)
who is the last?

Автор DarkSharkBark ( назад)
who is the last?

Автор Bataka M ( назад)
you're video s no okay you noob

Автор Jesús Salinero ( назад)
didn't know sarakate could amaterasu

Автор Keera B ( назад)
i feel sooo freaking bad for the the and hee stupid cat that l8ke OMG

Автор UHDGamers ( назад)
that cat would of had it's fucking neck snapped... A cat dome this to my daughter once.... it's in a fu king box under my garden now...

Автор Joseph Hardin ( назад)
I watched this video now theirs a lot of cleavage in my feed

Автор diego dt ( назад)

Автор michox dekkers ( назад)
4:08 wat should i do kill you're cat

Автор The Enchanted Bow ( назад)
6 why he got arrest

Автор jeffrey mason ( назад)
Okay for one is that girl who got cut by the cat is she alright? Another thing HOW THE FUCK IS THAT EVEN CONSIDERED A "BEST MOMENT"? THAT IS FAR FROM IT THAT NEVER SHOULD'VE BEEN IN THE VIDEO.

Автор bobom paw ( назад)
don't buy a cat, cats are jerk satans pets

Автор Tay The Beast ( назад)
That poor girl whose eye was bleeding. That wasn't funny just really sad.

Автор Joe Cronin Show ( назад)
OMG the cops in the UK were so chill... the US cops come in with fucking bazookas

Автор Joe Cronin Show ( назад)
call of duty full of evil cunts

Автор Keola Ignacio ( назад)
Really number 8 is not best moment really do u think is the Best stream hell no is not that pretty sad cause her cat just touch her eye and bleed really?😡

Автор Kevin Perez ( назад)
show some love to boy herb787 on twitch.

Автор OrangeLemonZ ( назад)
Omg why did you show it at 2:50 I feel so bad

Автор 2FaSt4u ( назад)
that poor poor girl she got her eye cut open

Автор SMOGGamer ( назад)
4:00 that is just sad

Автор sean da boss ( назад)
2:53 was so funny

Автор artykslam ( назад)
number nine should be glad i mean were do i get the number o that girl

Автор Juan Lozano ( назад)
3:20 i feel the pain ;-; i feel sorry

Автор UnnosedDogGaming328 ( назад)

Автор McCray C ( назад)
her eye is blooding out they should call 911

Автор Lauren BizzLe ( назад)
damn, why's he so mad about the ban? what was that about?

Автор Fahad Siddiqi ( назад)
The 8th one wasn't even funny, it was fucking sad and creepy

Автор Leireon Turman ( назад)
Weres that eye brow

Автор Leireon Turman ( назад)
lol do last one on of the dudes eye brows are missing

Автор Leireon Turman ( назад)
lol someof this stuff isnt funny

Автор Silver Ibex ( назад)
1:50 Yup

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