BTS_INTRO + Anpanman│2018 MAMA FANS' CHOICE in JAPAN 181212

  • Published on Dec 12, 2018
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  • Zahra Aulia
    Zahra Aulia 55 minutes ago

    Their performance is really something...

  • Aly Mendez
    Aly Mendez 6 hours ago +1

    Nobody gonna talk about how Jimin smacks Jins ass 😂😭💀 7:31

  • Sara Ajed
    Sara Ajed 8 hours ago +2

    كدامي ٧ ملائكه يجنو اولهم جيمين

  • eXoking exo
    eXoking exo 12 hours ago +1

    Samanyolu dırırororo

  • Sittie Alliah Sanggacala

    I like their intro here. SHIIIT

  • Kirsty T
    Kirsty T 16 hours ago +1

    Aaaarghhhhh, the closest I'll ever get to a BTS concert is in my dreams.. Wish me a goodnight hahahaha

  • Jaku Orbs
    Jaku Orbs 22 hours ago

    They all got the GOOD in every ways the looks, voice and moves at the same time .... after a long heartbreak from bigbang this group bring back my KPOP heart beating again

  • Agus Tandra
    Agus Tandra Day ago

    Ahhh they are so special 😉😉

  • linh nguyễn
    linh nguyễn Day ago


  • Mai Galvan
    Mai Galvan Day ago +1

    Nunca olvidar cuando BTS convirtió este MAMA en su concierto.

  • Brionna Nicole
    Brionna Nicole Day ago +2

    What did Hobi say at 6:19????

  • Fernanda Diaz Reyes

    i wish i could take my mask off but i cant im affraid that people are going to make fun of me

    one like = more help for me to take my mask off

  • jimin _CS
    jimin _CS Day ago

    Wow RM outfit :D

  • __Dhritismita __Sharma

    *Being an BTS army is difficult you develop new anonymous wierd feelings mixed of love thirst and sadness*

  • Aastha Negi
    Aastha Negi Day ago

    Is it really mama??😮😮😮😮😵😵😵

  • jimin's serendipity

    Legit for real forgot i was watching mama instead of bangtan’s personal concert. They own the stage and seemed so comfortable performing, not to mention extraordinarily stable live performance!!!ugh so rare to see it in award shows thank goodness. Loving all the audience as well, they moved their lightsticks in rythm lol, it feels like all of them are holding army bombs:’))

  • Lita Muchty
    Lita Muchty 2 days ago

    Lovers v jimin jin jungkok suga

  • MrhKna
    MrhKna 2 days ago

    berasa konser sendiri😅😂

  • SZPro
    SZPro 2 days ago +10

    Hobi has my heart and he won’t give it back

  • SZPro
    SZPro 2 days ago

    I love them having fun and smiling aww

  • なな
    なな 2 days ago


  • Mia Michelle
    Mia Michelle 2 days ago

    2:39 You can try to hide that smile Yoongi...

  • someone
    someone 2 days ago

    Love JK at part 5:59 (and yes including V) 😍

  • A. Mercado
    A. Mercado 2 days ago

    BTS FOREVER 7 ..

  • T- ARMY
    T- ARMY 2 days ago

    I wish ı was there

  • Jungshook ___
    Jungshook ___ 2 days ago


  • Maura Assunção
    Maura Assunção 2 days ago

    Anginhos amor😘

  • Monisha Monu
    Monisha Monu 2 days ago


  • John Lorence Sajor
    John Lorence Sajor 2 days ago +12


  • T O
    T O 2 days ago +10

    Back again to see Hobi 🔥

  • Melanie Lay
    Melanie Lay 2 days ago

    when joon sat down at the end 😂😂

  • Thắng Lê
    Thắng Lê 2 days ago

    Mama mà giống như concert bts thế

  • mayra
    mayra 2 days ago +2

    just gonna add one more comment to this hobi's appreciation thread: JUNG HOSEOK KILLED IT!!!!!!!

  • вова зенков

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  • لين لولو
    لين لولو 3 days ago

    تحول كونسرت بانقتان

  • maelaiza ventura
    maelaiza ventura 3 days ago

    i wish i am the one who watching them performing live

  • zafar hasan
    zafar hasan 3 days ago

    I like v's swag

  • Kim Taehyung
    Kim Taehyung 3 days ago

    This is their concert.. Lol😂😂😂

  • Sha _27
    Sha _27 3 days ago


  • Dlc E
    Dlc E 3 days ago +9

    The times when Hobi freestyles I am here for it LOOK AT HIM GO

  • nikka diaz
    nikka diaz 3 days ago

    bts iloveyouu

  • *BTS* Lover
    *BTS* Lover 3 days ago +11

    Omg i wish i was stage so jhope can walk all over my face

  • *BTS* Lover
    *BTS* Lover 3 days ago

    I came here again for RM fall at the end so cute UwU

    JEON JM 3 days ago

    Is this a BTS concert?!

    PREACH IT SIS 3 days ago

    BTS are one of if not THE kings of kpop. No question.
    BTS deserve their fame. No question.
    BTS paved the way. Other kpop artists caught a glimpse of it. No question.
    There is never gonna be any kpop group bigger nor better than BTS. No question.
    BTS are slowly changing the world. No question.
    BTS are hard-working boys who work their ass off for us just to make us happy, to make a difference, to keep us alive even. Yet, they still get hate for representing South Korea and trying to change the world. Funny, smart, TALENTED, handsome, humble KINGS. Haters, what has BTS done to you? Did they torture you? Did they bully? Upset? Embarrass you? No. No. And no. You have no reason to hate on BTS. If you hate ARMY, hate on us. Not the people we love. Nothing will stop BTS and nothing will stop us from loving them. BTS are possibly one of the best role models in your lifetime. No question.

  • Loly Manik
    Loly Manik 3 days ago

    How cute namjoon is 💜

  • RedAsh 0818
    RedAsh 0818 3 days ago

    *Namjoon doing the robot in a astronaut costume*
    Me: Mom...I love this man

  • Irma drew
    Irma drew 4 days ago

    Can't help RM is so cute~

  • missou dz
    missou dz 4 days ago +1

    hobi always slays this type of songs. like try hard (baepsae or someth?) , mic drop and anpanman. i wish they do more of these cause our precious sun needs to shine even more

    • Mahi ila
      Mahi ila 3 days ago +1

      I personally think he slays ALL type of concepts and songs , the thing is Camera doesn't catch him !!

  • Ellie Young
    Ellie Young 4 days ago

    Jungkook all the way xx

  • Daniela
    Daniela 4 days ago +2

    This is my favorite BTS performance, I love it so much

  • Swastika Maharjan
    Swastika Maharjan 4 days ago +15

    The title is wrong it's BTS concert not MAMA, besides the whole places is filled with ARMY

  • p_p cv
    p_p cv 4 days ago

    Why I can see only ARMYs Bomb in this hall? 😂
    If I didn't know this is mama I will think it is their own concert.

  • Samira Omar
    Samira Omar 4 days ago

    احبكم 💝💝💝💝

    BTS IS MY LIFE 5 days ago +2

    Who other group can do this .

  • YupItsEmm
    YupItsEmm 5 days ago

    I was today years old when I realised that this is an award show and not a concert

  • joonie
    joonie 5 days ago

    namjoon just- yes.

  • trung hồ
    trung hồ 6 days ago

    I saw some different bomb enjoy with Army and BTS,thank other fandom

  • amalia agustina
    amalia agustina 6 days ago


  • Lisa Heartifilia
    Lisa Heartifilia 6 days ago

    1:52 Twice:"What is love?
    BTS:" I didn't know what love is "

  • Angelo Buñay
    Angelo Buñay 6 days ago +1

    Que asco

  • Lauryn Louise Owen
    Lauryn Louise Owen 6 days ago

    The beginning sort of reminded me of the Volturi from Twilight 😂😂😅

  • Kat
    Kat 6 days ago +1

    hahah love how jimin slaps Jins butt @ 7:30 😂

  • healthybee !
    healthybee ! 6 days ago

    2:44 crAcKheAdS i love them

    DIAN LESTARI 6 days ago

    why they all look same?

  • ipurple you
    ipurple you 6 days ago

    I love the silence in 2:10 and then you hear "woooaaaah" it feels so powerfull!!!!

  • lucy hemingway
    lucy hemingway 6 days ago

    why is it their makeup is so light compared to their actual skin colour?

  • David Roberto
    David Roberto 6 days ago

    Red hair🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • SEW n' SEW
    SEW n' SEW 6 days ago +1

    *Wait ! First I thought it's a concert then I resized no ! Its a award function* ! !!
    *It's not my mistake they convert award function into concert* 😂😂😂

  • ItsMe Annika
    ItsMe Annika 6 days ago

    got bts advertisement before this. the taste!