Michigan woman’s 'last note' raises suspicions, leads to cop

  • Published on May 3, 2019
  • The detective knew Officer Ken Bluew was the one who found Jenny Webb hanging from the luggage rack of her own car. Bluew was the one who found the note in her purse. And now Bluew, a married man with a family of his own, was the father.
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  • hooptywes
    hooptywes Day ago

    bee yoona? it's buena u dumb white bitch wtf???

  • Brittany’s Man2018

    I’m sorry this is sad but Dwight Schrute did not age well

  • Puffy Clouds
    Puffy Clouds Day ago

    The cops sister: WHERES THE EVIDENCE?!
    Me: Where isn’t it?!?

  • Michael Lacen
    Michael Lacen Day ago


  • The Bicycle Chronicles

    Ermmmmm,is the sister saying the department went out of their way to frame one of their own,then? If they did,it was sure as hell over kill where that is concerned. Including impregnating the victim with his child and spreading his blood all over the place. I don't think I have ever seen a case where somebody looked that guilty. I mean they couldn't have made him look more guilty if they had left a Wanted poster with face and name on it at the crime scene. That sister must have eaten too many lead paint chips as a baby and believing the rest of the world is a dumb as we are must run in their family.

  • The Bicycle Chronicles

    Omy gosh,he thought he was smarter than everybody on the force and would get away with it. His blood was all over the freakin place including the cord that hung her and she was pregnant with his child,that does not bode well for what he thought of the abilities of his fellow officers.

  • jen brooks
    jen brooks Day ago

    he reminds me of pornstache in orange is the new black

  • sneha karpe
    sneha karpe Day ago

    What I don’t understand is how a cop can leave so much evidence

  • riley debiasi
    riley debiasi Day ago


  • gavin hill
    gavin hill Day ago

    I think that reporter is at risk of botulism poisoning

  • Karl Rossman
    Karl Rossman Day ago

    I dont understand how he thought he wont be caught. He did so many mistakes that it is unbelievable he is a policeman, a cop. I mean, they should be trained to know basics of what is a clue, what is a sign of foul play, what evidences are there that can connect him to them etc. Very stupid individual. If I had psychopathic traits (I dont, I cant harm anybody, I would feel bad like Raskoljnikov from Dostoevsky's novel) I would set this thing up immaculately. Jesus, you have blood on your clothes from a victim and you keep it in your car? You keep manual for chokeholds in your car? And you had a person choked and you didnt account for defensive wounds before? And you left fingerprints everywhere? You should have just recorded the whole thing and give it to police, that is how dumb this guy was. Poor girl and poor baby. I hope this guy has nice chokeholds against him in prison by other prisoners.

  • Archie Tito
    Archie Tito Day ago

    Why the fuck do you have to sleep with a married man?

  • גיא סיימו

    His sister is so freaking dumb

  • Scott Wheeler
    Scott Wheeler Day ago

    I love how the only defense for murderers come from their closest friends or family: I know them so well, there's no way they could do something like this. Guess what - you don't know shit! What do the friends and neighbors always say about serial killers: I would have never guessed he could do something like this. People hide in plain sight. You never know the inner workings of another person's mind (unless you're both on mushrooms or acid). I completely understand the implications and rationale behind cognitive dissonance but come on. Denying that the person you know & love is capable of murder is a slap in the face to the victim's family.
    "Maybe it was an accident, I don't know..."
    Well *I* know. And everybody who watched this video knows. Your boy is a stone cold murdering loser and - sorry not sorry - judicial decisions are based on evidence and facts not feelings.
    Guilty as charged. Lock his dumb ass up and throw away the key. Condolences to the friends and family of Jenny Webb. She was a strong, spitfire of a woman who fought for her life and thusly led investigators straight to her killer.

  • Diana Robles
    Diana Robles 2 days ago

    If they had used a condom, there wouldn't have been a pregnancy. P.O.S. cheated on his wife, she knew he was married, and they carelessly created a life by having unprotected sex. WRAP THE WILLY! smh. She looked and seemed like a really nice woman who would've made a wonderful Mother to her child. r.i.p. Jenny Webb and & baby.

  • kaylin545
    kaylin545 2 days ago

    His sister is in so much denial. He can still be your brother but acknowledge that he did a horrible thing. You thought wrong, he was more than capable of doing something so grotesque.

  • w harrington
    w harrington 2 days ago

    He's gonna have so much in prison. His ass is gonna be so sore.

  • Lindsay Sundefreelancewriting

    Thank God the State Police investigated him.

  • dedeeBRD
    dedeeBRD 2 days ago

    Bluew's sister is clearly in denial.

  • The Hydra
    The Hydra 2 days ago


  • Lyndel Beckwith
    Lyndel Beckwith 2 days ago

    His sister is a true moron. lol. What a TOOL! I'll bet she voted for Hillary because 'all the evidence against Hillary was probably planted.' Retardation is a serious illness. Please give generously to fight this aggressive, progressive illness! These sheep need your help NOW!

  • If a duck is a duck then whats a cow?

    *Don't trust anyone*

  • Sandra
    Sandra 2 days ago

    33:17 Does anyone know what the forensics person was saying? I couldn't tell through his tears. "Bit his finger and left all?" - I didn't watch the whole thing, so I am missing something...

  • Sandra
    Sandra 2 days ago +2

    Debbie is deluded - to include thinking that keeping the same haircut she has had since 1982 is a good look.

  • Florida Man
    Florida Man 2 days ago

    The mom is incredibly strong. She never broke through the interview and even spoke her piece to blue in the court room. Wow.

  • Florida Man
    Florida Man 2 days ago

    SO MUCH EVIDENCE. Hes a cop I camt believe he doesn't know how to commit a better murder

  • Ebenezer Kittoe
    Ebenezer Kittoe 2 days ago

    Wonder if he is more stupid than evil. Yet he was a cop

  • Christien Scheepers
    Christien Scheepers 2 days ago

    Manslut and slut make a baby....................his wife and kids suffer for the rest of their lives !

  • Jariel
    Jariel 2 days ago

    The narrator needs to be charged for pronouncing buena vista like that...

  • ThatGirlLib
    ThatGirlLib 2 days ago

    Is the sister blind? That’s the only explanation of her not being able to see the evidence clearly.

  • Jacquelin Sainte
    Jacquelin Sainte 2 days ago

    They had access to his blood? Yeah, ok.

  • Jeff Putterman
    Jeff Putterman 3 days ago

    The sister is the kind of woman who voted for t rump.

  • Wolf Goddess
    Wolf Goddess 3 days ago +1

    STFU COP'S SISTER!!!! >=[

  • Fali Disu
    Fali Disu 3 days ago

    Ok... this is too much evidence for a Police Officer. A person with cerebral palsy will not commit this much errors. 🤔.

  • Karla Porras
    Karla Porras 3 days ago

    Debbie..... girl 💆🏽‍♀️

  • craig swift
    craig swift 3 days ago +1

    Heaviest person you’d ever meet? Quality compliment.

  • wat blief
    wat blief 3 days ago

    me the best serio killer of usa sure thats me i strangel i steb i schoot to kill i torture i love doing strangeling

  • Gemini6Beauty
    Gemini6Beauty 3 days ago +4

    Never seen anyone more committed to being blind to facts...
    Oh wait....his sister

  • mcescobarr
    mcescobarr 3 days ago

    6:31 bitch it’s a suicide note

  • Laurie S
    Laurie S 3 days ago +2

    I'm having a hard time with how they are pronouncing "Buena vista".

  • kobedabest
    kobedabest 3 days ago +9

    How can you be a cop and leave so much evidence behind?!🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

    • Carolyn Yee
      Carolyn Yee Day ago

      kobedabest I think he was interrupted when he was still staging the scene by the officer looking for him. But all of that blood evidence would have still been there. I believe he thought he was just smarter than everyone else and he’d get away with it. Had they not found out that he was the father of her baby he may have done just that too. But I wondered the same thing myself....he must have really thought his fellow officers were stupid.

    • sneha karpe
      sneha karpe Day ago

      kobedabest exactly what I thought

  • Mar
    Mar 3 days ago

    You big dummy!! And for Debbie, your brother killed two people, wake up.

  • Alison Penn
    Alison Penn 3 days ago

    This man may be one of the stupidest men alive.

  • jaim haas
    jaim haas 3 days ago

    She kept this "hidden" yet secretly told everyone. How was that supposed to work out in the future...SMH!

  • Jody Doherty
    Jody Doherty 3 days ago +2

    SERIOUSLY?? This guy has to be the dumbest cop I’ve ever heard of! A cigarette, blood drops, piece of her necklace, hides his uniform in his car, denies paternity, used items from his own home, computer searches!!! What pregnant woman at 8 months would commit suicide? NONE! And by hanging! And in her car too!! I can’t believe this idiot really thought he did such a good job! His sister is severely diluted! There is DNA! HIS! This is just the most screwed up story!

    • jaim haas
      jaim haas 3 days ago

      I agree...almost too much to believe it is real. Unless he was framed because I don't think anyone could be this dumb.

  • pamela mcswain
    pamela mcswain 3 days ago

    Charisma Smith...If you're so tired,then...By.all means, STOP.PAYING.TAXES!!!!

  • Jody Doherty
    Jody Doherty 3 days ago +1

    Some fucking cop!! What a moron! Completely senseless and completely botched! 8 months pregnant and with his child too! How? Why? And the fact that he actually thought he did a good job covering his tracks!! How the hell did he pass the police exam?

  • ovalbeach
    ovalbeach 3 days ago

    Debbie Dennis has her head buried in the sand re her brother and she sounds like an idiot...perhaps a visit to an undergarment shop would help with other things as well.

  • Fallout Guy
    Fallout Guy 3 days ago

    Jenny and Braxton... may your new life be fill with joy and love where ever you are now.

  • Boom Bunnii
    Boom Bunnii 3 days ago

    debbie is crazy.

  • Jeffrey Fedak
    Jeffrey Fedak 3 days ago

    Wow, they finally found one guilty! Now we need to get the rest of them. My question is how could he be so stupid??? He’s a cop! You would think he would have know a little bit more on the collection of evidence. He should have gotten a life sentence for being a fucking dumb ass.

    • jaim haas
      jaim haas 3 days ago

      Do u suppose he really thought his "connections" would just keep him off the suspect list? Sure put a lot of faith in that suicide note.

  • Kin gatcha
    Kin gatcha 3 days ago

    Dawn: it was typed it was single spaced- ect.
    Me: damn sounds like my teacher nagging me

  • GageyyBoyy
    GageyyBoyy 3 days ago

    Did y’all see Blue’s lawyer? Dwight Schrute is a cop and a lawyer.

  • Angie Williams
    Angie Williams 3 days ago

    His sister is in denial. She needs professional help. Debbie you're going to hell as well

  • ElinT13
    ElinT13 3 days ago +1

    Why do people insist on getting pregnant from somebody who they don't care about and who doesn't want a child with them in the first place? I don't get that one. Which does not mean he had any right to touch her, of course, don't get me wrong.

    • jaim haas
      jaim haas 3 days ago +1

      This continues to boggle my mind too. Did she really think this was all going to work out just fine? Naive beyond comprehension.

  • Niji Sakura
    Niji Sakura 3 days ago

    8 and a half month man... So close to being born. How can someone do this... And not even look tortured or a bit sad. She looks so happy on all her pictures, the dude is heartless.. It's someone he knew for a decade, a friend, a very very pregnant friend. There's no words to describe someone that can do something like this.

  • dmfc04
    dmfc04 3 days ago

    Is his sister retarded or something? Jesus!

  • Nicole Cater
    Nicole Cater 3 days ago

    Why he ain't get the death penalty?

  • Nicole Cater
    Nicole Cater 3 days ago

    Yo I can hear Debbie's clown shoes squeaking from here

  • Nicole Cater
    Nicole Cater 3 days ago

    "I did in fact sleep with her." No shit clown 🤡

  • Linds C
    Linds C 3 days ago

    Lol!!! Impregnated by a married man that she had no real relationship with and didn't love yet this dumb shit doing the interview says things were going well for her....and her mother agreed! Hahaha!! Yeah, sounds like a fucking fairytale. I swear to God people just get dumber and dumber as the years pass by.

    • jaim haas
      jaim haas 3 days ago

      quite right here! stupid way to try and frame this story. Truly makes you wonder how dumb she was to act this way.

  • Ling Ling
    Ling Ling 3 days ago

    In 1000 years i will never name my future daughterss debbie, and also i will never let my family

  • Beverly Reid
    Beverly Reid 4 days ago

    The sister is delusional.

    • jaim haas
      jaim haas 2 days ago

      @Beverly Reid is it just me or does this seem to be the norm now? People now get hit by trains because they are looking down at their phones and not paying attention.

    • Beverly Reid
      Beverly Reid 2 days ago

      jaim haas sadly, you're right.

    • jaim haas
      jaim haas 3 days ago

      Sadly so was the victim.

  • HoldWholeTruthHoly
    HoldWholeTruthHoly 4 days ago

    I'm completely surprised that the location of the flip-flops was not used as evidence in the prosecution - I'm assuming that they belonged to the victim. The reporter said that they were lying in a ditch just below where the actual murder took place. but she never says anything about them after that It would have sealed the case up tight

  • Lee;O Gone Wild
    Lee;O Gone Wild 4 days ago

    The more I watch these shows, the more I realize how DUMB cops are. A pregnant woman hangs herself on her car and leaves a typed note and then one of them actually murdered her? What a psycho!

  • Tooki Wolfpaint
    Tooki Wolfpaint 4 days ago

    0:22 ... "byoo-na vista"??????

  • Paul Evangelista
    Paul Evangelista 4 days ago

    Debbie Dennis is a fucking idiot!

  • Cheryl Hooser
    Cheryl Hooser 4 days ago

    He is guilty

    • jaim haas
      jaim haas 4 days ago

      And the victim was painfully naive and stupid.

  • Vee Elle
    Vee Elle 4 days ago +1

    Debbie, the killer cop's sister is in seious denial. EVERYTHING points to her brother. How do you NOT see ALL the evidentiary items that point ONLY, and RIGHT TO your brother?! A bad cop killed Jenny and Braxton, and thankfully OTHER bad cops didn't cover his butt.

  • TacoDaddy
    TacoDaddy 4 days ago

    Duty Pantz 22:07

  • Typical Danielle
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    69 😜

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  • Don Ghidoni
    Don Ghidoni 4 days ago

    This is one stupid cop.

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