Michigan woman’s 'last note' raises suspicions, leads to cop

  • Published on May 3, 2019
  • The detective knew Officer Ken Bluew was the one who found Jenny Webb hanging from the luggage rack of her own car. Bluew was the one who found the note in her purse. And now Bluew, a married man with a family of his own, was the father.
    More: bit.ly/2Vf8Uiu

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    FANNYLEROUX 10 minutes ago

    How does that sister honestly believe her brother? I know they say love makes you blind, but seriously you can't be that dumb, surely!

  • Shay’s Portal
    Shay’s Portal 4 hours ago

    The sister is delusional. There was an overwhelming amount of evidence again her brother and you still don’t believe it. He had all the motive his mistress pregnant and he was facing child support.

  • Grecia Nardulli
    Grecia Nardulli 15 hours ago

    Debbie the dumbass

  • FairyPants
    FairyPants 20 hours ago

    boona vista

  • hatchdog02
    hatchdog02 21 hour ago

    Debbie! Your brother should have got the death penalty. And he is so cold hearted MONSTER! It’s not your fault get a grip and except it.

  • Ash qelon
    Ash qelon Day ago

    had a adultery affair, a whore then claims illegal child,.
    that is NOT a family!

  • Cat
    Cat Day ago

    Debbie is a DUMB THOUGHTLESS BITCH. "Where is the DNA, Where is the evidence"

    Uhm... Excuse me?
    No hair? oh noooo he has a lint roller.

  • Lucy Sablan
    Lucy Sablan Day ago

    Cop's sister dingleberry...

    GDGUY4LIFE 2 days ago

    @ 31:00 His attorney looks like an old ass Dwight shroot.

  • TaylorAmelia
    TaylorAmelia 2 days ago

    Debbie's a dumb bitch.

  • TaylorAmelia
    TaylorAmelia 2 days ago

    This is so sad. How does anyone kill a pregnant woman? So senseless. They always get caught.

  • legendofzelda 0204
    legendofzelda 0204 2 days ago

    Debbie is a fucking cunt. Pig of a woman

  • cyril layman
    cyril layman 2 days ago

    The law is set up for women perfectly.Even though this man is married & he doesn't want anymore kids she goes & gets pregnant anyways not because she loves this man & wants to keep him,no she see's him as a nice alimony check.To bad for her he meant what he said,do not want a child get the picture now.

  • youngflyjuly
    youngflyjuly 3 days ago

    The death penalty is all I need this hear once a baby is involved

  • kez_ h
    kez_ h 3 days ago

    He does know DNA exists right? His DNA could be matched with the baby. Like just denying hes the father doesnt change theres actual body to compare it too.

  • yan C
    yan C 3 days ago

    what a shit show

  • Vera Samburova
    Vera Samburova 3 days ago

    Debbie, do you really think that people are idiots?

  • Maricar Laysico
    Maricar Laysico 3 days ago

    stupid sister in denial

  • Elpitha Bye
    Elpitha Bye 4 days ago

    Let’s see did any other cops find their blood all over the victim and crime scene and like the fucking note bro. I wasn’t to punch him and his sister in the taint

  • Sabrina Adam
    Sabrina Adam 5 days ago

    I can't believe this idiot was a cop and this was the best plan he could come up with. You would think he wouldn't make all these juvenile mistakes.

  • Urnusse Lemage
    Urnusse Lemage 5 days ago

    Gosh, this guy is the most sluggish criminal ever, and hes a cop.. I dont have a word for how much of a dense dumbass he is 😂

  • Urnusse Lemage
    Urnusse Lemage 5 days ago

    How did such a dumbass unable to create even a slightly credible suicide scene become a cop? His job is to see through these things and he acted like an amateur of 13 years old with a 50 IQ.

  • Bobbie Jones
    Bobbie Jones 6 days ago +1

    When people start stuttering that’s when you know they’re lying.

    • Mike Shelogowski
      Mike Shelogowski Day ago

      It is well known that Porky pig was one of the biggest liars in all of Hollywood.

    • Kendall Robertson
      Kendall Robertson 2 days ago

      Bobbie Jones I actually stutter when I speak sometimes not Because of a speak impediment but because I’m thinking faster than I speak. In most cases it is bc their lying.

  • Netia Louis
    Netia Louis 6 days ago +1

    Who left the Clue's?
    Bluew's Clue's.

  • cagii45
    cagii45 6 days ago +2

    This a cop, can’t even cover up his murdering this women and child. Pull the switch!

  • Stacy Jaye
    Stacy Jaye 7 days ago

    Stay Away from Cops!! They are a necessary evil in our world, nothing more.

  • Ataensic Hahgwehdiyu

    Neither officer checked vitals or tried to save the baby. Sad. 'Suicide' note conveniently tries to accuse another man of being the father. So damn obvious.

  • LaDonna Jenkins
    LaDonna Jenkins 7 days ago

    Ok sister STFU he did it

  • Hibiscus Lilytea
    Hibiscus Lilytea 7 days ago

    this heartless sister is a fing idiot - a blind squirrel can see all this evidence against her shitty brother who is the murderer

  • Natalie Cavazos
    Natalie Cavazos 8 days ago +1

    Who types a suicide note damn that’s stupid this guy needs life in prison

  • Samantha Rascon
    Samantha Rascon 8 days ago

    I'm sorry but the way that they say Buena vista? It's not Beuuna Vista. Wtf

  • Scott Wirt
    Scott Wirt 8 days ago

    A real pos!

  • CrystalPlayz :3
    CrystalPlayz :3 8 days ago

    Welp..he should know better if he is a cop but he did it worse than a criminal...dumb at..smh

    Edit: I kinda think he wanted to get caught 🤔🤔

  • Arlene Sampan
    Arlene Sampan 8 days ago


  • Gord Morris
    Gord Morris 8 days ago

    my god that sister is retarded

  • joooyceee100
    joooyceee100 8 days ago

    Oh Debbie, you sound very stupid 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • samichgrrl
    samichgrrl 8 days ago

    It's pronounced Bwaynah vista, not Byoona vista.

  • Sheila Smith
    Sheila Smith 8 days ago

    Lol you all comments are crazy

  • Preciousgem Stylez
    Preciousgem Stylez 9 days ago

    Debbie's face is so punchable. She sound dumb, to" where is the DNA", um, lady it was all over the damn crime scene. So now people taking his blood Andrew placing it at the crime scene🤦, she should stop talking.

  • Lissette’s Bloom
    Lissette’s Bloom 9 days ago

    Separated or not married is married.

  • Double The Money
    Double The Money 9 days ago

    Debbie is in denial. Smh 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Ross At-a-loss
    Ross At-a-loss 10 days ago

    Sorry but something slipped out, the Police admits that they know that they have employees sleeping on the Job. Due to the lack of leadership and addressing it leads to these types of cops thinking and showing that they believe they are above the law and openly show contempt towards the law and citizens

  • L.A. Mirra
    L.A. Mirra 10 days ago

    God Bless Jenny and her family.. God Bless the officers.. God Bless the Baby.. till we all meet in Heaven again.. 💙💚

  • ON Family
    ON Family 10 days ago

    33:00 there really are some good people left on this planet. God bless that decent human being

  • ON Family
    ON Family 10 days ago

    worlds dumbest criminal considering he was a cop. Sad 2 lives were taken over money!

  • Olivia Aquintey
    Olivia Aquintey 10 days ago

    Wtf his sister cant accept the fact that her brother killed his own flesh

  • Lafayette Cohee
    Lafayette Cohee 11 days ago

    He had more injuries on him than O.J. His sister needs to be kicked in the pussy. I wonder how much his attorney charged,

  • Tini Boyd
    Tini Boyd 11 days ago

    Debbie, your brother is murderer dumb b*tch, your name should be DENIAL!

  • Lidia Bob
    Lidia Bob 11 days ago

    God knew what He was talking about when He said: sex only after marriage. ..

  • Joselyn Guillen
    Joselyn Guillen 11 days ago

    I'm glad blew was as Dumb as rocks lol is a cop and left a mountain of evidence.
    Sister isn't too bright either

  • Abigail Grider
    Abigail Grider 11 days ago

    Was his sister dropped on her head as a child? Perhaps multiple times? On a concrete surface?

  • kokizag
    kokizag 11 days ago

    Debbie needs a reality check ✔

  • A J
    A J 12 days ago

    dumbest cop ever

  • Petra Paulina Emotera
    Petra Paulina Emotera 13 days ago

    Live long Gary Ginther (Forensic). You dad have a very big heart. I'm crying.

  • Petra Paulina Emotera
    Petra Paulina Emotera 13 days ago

    Fuck you Debbie! Fuck you bitch!

  • Emmy Allexis
    Emmy Allexis 13 days ago

    Debbie's delusional

  • Aimée Bautista Suero
    Aimée Bautista Suero 13 days ago +1

    Everyone commenting on the sister and the cop, yet I'm just here not getting over how she pronounces "Buena Vista" as "Viewna Vista". LOL.

  • Dreyden
    Dreyden 15 days ago

    What a monster. He is one of those, where the camera's need to malfunction and not catch him killing himself like Jeffrey Epstein.

  • KOKOAXXXable
    KOKOAXXXable 15 days ago

    It's like he suffered an uncontrollable diarrhea of evidence all over the crime scene! He is either very dumb or very dumb.

  • Keiairra G
    Keiairra G 15 days ago +8

    Why did y’all even let the sister get an interview?😂😂