• Published on Jan 18, 2019
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    5-MINUTE MAGIC  5 months ago +514

    What trick grieved you?

    • teenie she
      teenie she 3 days ago

      What trick grieved me?
      The existence of your channel/s - tricking and lying to the general public, for financial gain.

    • janne L
      janne L 4 days ago


    • Cheng Shang yun
      Cheng Shang yun 5 days ago +1

      All those ridiculous food tests from 5:50 😂 TRUE SCAM AND MISLEADING

    • ellemoo123
      ellemoo123 6 days ago

      ur clickbaiting

    • Ethan Byarugaba
      Ethan Byarugaba 10 days ago


  • destruidor12-1488

    That's scam and food waste

  • Wizzy Izzy
    Wizzy Izzy Day ago

    I mainly come here for the comments, there’re so funny

  • Cheng Shang yun
    Cheng Shang yun 5 days ago +1

    I appreciate all those smart tricks but this vid contains MISLEADING information that people might believe in it.
    5:00 that obvious video editing
    5:38 Same for the cake here
    5:57 8:13 Come on😂😂😂 What do you mean by starch is harmful when we take different kinds of carbohydrates everyday

    • Wizzy Izzy
      Wizzy Izzy Day ago

      Actually 5:38 isn’t 100% misleading, that’s gluten but they didn’t know what it was so yeah I guess it’s misleading but everything else, yeah 100%

  • smiles go for miles
    smiles go for miles 7 days ago

    Did you get permission to use Bright Sides's content?

  • Yodit Sebhatu
    Yodit Sebhatu 8 days ago

    Oooooh I see, they just melted that ‘real’ ice cream and also (ice cream doesn’t melt that fast😅

  • Pixlet
    Pixlet 9 days ago +1

    all these life hack channels are just copying off each other for views. I was interested in seeing maybe different techniques seeing is how I am a wannabe movie creator, but no just the same content as all the 200+ Life Hack channels.

  • Jesse Mcconnell
    Jesse Mcconnell 9 days ago

    4:58 Do you still want to eat apples with wax on them!!!
    Me:If they look appetizing I’ll eat them!! ;)

  • Jesse Mcconnell
    Jesse Mcconnell 9 days ago

    This video just shows me how much people complain about food! May not look good but taste outstanding!!

  • Natalie Mycka
    Natalie Mycka 9 days ago

    video: corn
    Me: and flakes?

  • Bruce Bevitz
    Bruce Bevitz 9 days ago

    Some commercial tricks are for advertising. Most of the crap in this video is useless, and misleading. Wandered all over the map accompanied by annoying pseudo-music which is no better than the commercial tricks. shown to us by people who are much wiser than use peons. How condescending can one be? Do you really want to waste your time watching this? How come their five minute magic lasted one second shy of 12 minutes? Couldn't they have "grieved" us in less time. Is that the proper use of grieve? I personally would have used aggrieved.

  • TigerMunchy
    TigerMunchy 10 days ago

    how is *starch* harmful?

  • Wimsem - Tekenen & Knutselen

    I bet you used fake shit on the real things as well

  • Tide Pod Pad Thai
    Tide Pod Pad Thai 14 days ago

    3:00 I'd eat pink mashed potatoes.

  • Juanita Walter
    Juanita Walter 15 days ago

    The grill lines on the burger was pointless since it’s gonna be hidden.

  • Madison Pearce
    Madison Pearce 15 days ago

    This video went from commercial hacks to 'here's some weird stuff that you can do your food' to 'here what's in your food' lol

  • Casey Nicolai
    Casey Nicolai 16 days ago

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  • The Shade
    The Shade 17 days ago

    4:38 literally the exact same

  • Useless Channel
    Useless Channel 17 days ago

    Wow i really hate all your channels because you just reupload but i really liked this one

  • Ty Holcomb
    Ty Holcomb 17 days ago

    This video is pretty much an exact copy of this one. ruclip.com/video/IKQVfheFkok/video.html
    Can you think of something new please?

  • Bailee Daniels
    Bailee Daniels 18 days ago +1

    All this video did was make me hungry

  • Jad Scotter
    Jad Scotter 19 days ago

    What about the 🍔 commercials where they put the bun on at the end.

  • Hung Le
    Hung Le 19 days ago

    Commercials: cha cha real smooth

  • jarjon76
    jarjon76 19 days ago

    Why the food shaming shit when the title says "COMMERCIAL TRICKS"? Make a separate vid for that, weirdos.

  • Cara
    Cara 19 days ago +3

    We know margarine isnt butter.... it isnt marketed as butter. If you buy a block of butter, labelled as butter then it is butter. Margarine is marketed as a spread bc we know it isnt butter lol

  • FloatAwhile
    FloatAwhile 20 days ago

    I don't understand the cottage cheese one...

  • Issac Adriano
    Issac Adriano 20 days ago

    I work for a company that helps do commercials and this does not happen only half of these are true...

  • BlueSky
    BlueSky 20 days ago

    I didnt know u were a commercial.

  • Mika Kiomy
    Mika Kiomy 21 day ago

    You can use that as a prank😂😂😂 for Kids (with the potato ice)

  • Dave Si
    Dave Si 21 day ago

    The first 4 minutes were pretty good until it started spewing junk science like “genetic memory in honey”. I call bullshit.

  • Sienna Freidenberg
    Sienna Freidenberg 21 day ago +1

    Who else sometimes gets bored on yt so u have to watch these

  • T.J. TheTomato
    T.J. TheTomato 21 day ago

    I re,ber being in fit grade and my teacher showed me a video like this on burgers and it ruined me for life lol! It's all a lie!

  • Kate Guccione
    Kate Guccione 21 day ago

    *Adds iodine too cheese* it’s black. That means it’s harmful... NO IT DOESNT IT MEANS THERES FUCKING STARCH YOU WANKER!!!

  • Elena Cuca
    Elena Cuca 21 day ago

    Nisu valjda

  • Tigerlilly artist4
    Tigerlilly artist4 22 days ago

    3:37 Sebastian bails is a chicken

  • Taehyung
    Taehyung 22 days ago +10

    They just changed the topic-

  • Bose Reynolds
    Bose Reynolds 22 days ago +1

    oh wow you mean they don't have charcoal grills, ovens, and a deep fryer in the film studio??? my life is a lie

  • DeltaPJ
    DeltaPJ 23 days ago +2

    Uh... Pretty sure people buy candy for the sugar...

  • Alysha C.L Newson
    Alysha C.L Newson 23 days ago

    love how 5 minute crafts is using bright side

  • Sebastian Carstairs
    Sebastian Carstairs 23 days ago

    Got more than I bargained for when I watch this video

  • Anna Kakorin
    Anna Kakorin 24 days ago

    3:02 really threw me off

  • Ca'Rera Gordon
    Ca'Rera Gordon 24 days ago

    You really want to drink pop: YES!!!!

  • Sophie-Rachel Tatem
    Sophie-Rachel Tatem 24 days ago +1

    I was convinced something else on the burger

  • Ruby Alice
    Ruby Alice 24 days ago

    2:31 That would be an evil prank

  • Phanmyharuki /
    Phanmyharuki / 24 days ago

    The Aqua Minerale triggered my Italian soul😰

  • Sydney Martinez
    Sydney Martinez 25 days ago

    All the food commercials have been exposed.

    Imagine if they were to watch this
    “Delete this you little bitch”

  • Zitronia
    Zitronia 25 days ago

    the honeycomb pattern thing is pseudoscience 🤣 pls dont spread that nonsense
    honey is a non-newtonian fluid and the thing that happens in water is simple fluid mechanics. honey does not have a 'memory'. i cant even

  • iznogoudatall
    iznogoudatall 25 days ago +1

    5"35 : "What is this ?" That's the gluten.

  • Chelsee Tolar
    Chelsee Tolar 26 days ago +1

    absolutely nobody-
    me watching this at 4am hungry asf*

  • piccolo917
    piccolo917 26 days ago

    Why do you have both cases of starch in foods labelled as harmful? It's a food thickener and adds volume, so what? It's on the label and reduces the price. So yea, your cheaper product is of inferior quality, any more genius observations Einsteins?

  • piccolo917
    piccolo917 26 days ago

    6:43 WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU ON ABOUT??? genetic memory in a sugar solution? It has no genes so no genetic memory and how it interacts with water is based on chemistry and physics and not fucking memory.

  • xy navy
    xy navy 26 days ago

    all of this is utter bullshit lmao.

  • David Sebuyira
    David Sebuyira 26 days ago

    Damn, apparently they sell a lot of fake food in America. I didn't know.😐

  • asholeii
    asholeii 27 days ago +1


  • Flawlessxmya
    Flawlessxmya 27 days ago

    And how do you know this?

  • ᴅᴇsʜɴᴀ•ᴠɪɪ

    I felt angry when I saw the chicken. I'm serious, they wasted the delicious chicken that you could've happily eaten

    GODDESS OF WOLVES 28 days ago +8

    Imagine biting into a cheeseburger full of toothpicks XD

  • DatMeme Kid
    DatMeme Kid 28 days ago

    Hamburger meat: 50% water
    Me: how do they cook it without evaporating water???

    • DatMeme Kid
      DatMeme Kid 27 days ago

      nisa rojas explain it to me then. You watch this clickbait shit???

    • nisa rojas
      nisa rojas 27 days ago

      Nostalgic Fuel omg leave

  • Potato Kream
    Potato Kream 28 days ago

    These commercials are the same thing as troomtrooms thumbnails

  • ew
    ew 29 days ago

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  • Rainbow Clouds in the sky

    Why I eat Costco muffins instead of that gross food

  • Livi Luv
    Livi Luv 29 days ago

    Now.. I wonder where I saw these before. Hmmm...

  • Vikkitee
    Vikkitee Month ago

    It started off as commercial tricks then changed halfway through to how much sugar is in your food etc.

  • Charly B
    Charly B Month ago

    Writes "instant mashed potatoes," shows us a picture of ice-cream.

  • Mattie Squire
    Mattie Squire Month ago +1

    y’all make videos like i write essays, the end doesn’t match the topic but it’s good to know i guess

  • Challenge Central
    Challenge Central Month ago

    9:20 I didn’t care about the sugar, all I wanted to look at was the donut

  • Alyssa PC
    Alyssa PC Month ago

    Apples have a natural layer of wax, nobody put the wax onto the apple. That’s not a hack, the wax is just there naturally, it’s not going to kill you

  • leana censana
    leana censana Month ago

    3:16 Sebastian bails has entered the chat

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  • Kpop Dude
    Kpop Dude Month ago

    Do I really want to drink soda? Why yes! Yes I do!! In fact I'm drinking one now and loving it!

  • Sabine Misa
    Sabine Misa Month ago

    New video of Crystal Healing and Cleansing . Please check it out and subscribe 💕💕💕

  • ProductofChina
    ProductofChina Month ago

    Do yourself a favor and stop watching at 4:40. Goes from interesting to fear mongering garbage.

  • Emma Burg
    Emma Burg Month ago +1

    Ummmm ok....
    it’s not like you don’t photoshop ur thumbnails and plus you just ruined my first love FOOD😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Wonder Land
    Wonder Land Month ago

    Ok but like we all know that Mountain Dew is unhealthy anyway

  • There is a hair On your screen


    Chicken nuggets aren’t even that bad tbh

  • Amelia Hitchcock
    Amelia Hitchcock Month ago

    3:08 when does ice cream get that melted?

  • Crossfurr Darius Coatl

    My older brother is an actor who has done commercials for fast food and even he never told me this. But hold on. Im not saying he lied to me. The foods used in commercials are unreal, but in that they taste bad, not that they use foam, toothpicks, or cardboard and the like.

  • triggered krab
    triggered krab Month ago

    It all makes sense

  • Lieebliee
    Lieebliee Month ago

    that apple wax is scary. doesn't feel healthy to eat apples anymore. And I don't eat animals. WTF CAN I EAT

  • Fhuura Liulfr
    Fhuura Liulfr Month ago

    I didn't understand the paper towel in the water with dye in it part.

  • p l u r a l o f j a m e


  • Marcus Massey
    Marcus Massey Month ago

    Title is so edited

  • Goomba Pizza
    Goomba Pizza Month ago

    FOR THE LAST TIME, STARCH IS NOT HARMFUL. This idiotic channel keeps labeling starch "harmful" (iodine turns black/purple when it comes in contact with starch, so the purple iodine shows that starch has been added into a food, usually as a thickener). While starch may be considered a cheap additive, it does not HARM you in any way!

  • Your name
    Your name Month ago

    Btw the title “commercial tricks we believed” basically means we knew it already

  • Leslie Ekstrom
    Leslie Ekstrom Month ago +1

    McDonalds doesn’t want you showing their secrets, so stop it!!!!,

  • MotherOf Cats
    MotherOf Cats Month ago

    Since when we put sugar in burgers?

  • W ø nder
    W ø nder Month ago

    I feel bad for the commercial people who eat it...

  • W ø nder
    W ø nder Month ago +2

    Five minute magic: I DINT CAR EVEN THO WE DO THE SAME THING!!!

  • Sam & Colby
    Sam & Colby Month ago

    Do you even now why commercial is made for.
    MC is using commercial to show what’s inside the food 🥘 .
    And other do it for people is gonna se that the their food is good or taste better then other brands and many more things i don’t want write more🤬😱
    Plus why did i write this.🤔

  • SkyCSGO
    SkyCSGO Month ago

    It’s almost as if

    *water is the main ingredient in soda*

  • Rainbow Swril
    Rainbow Swril Month ago

    That's toxic :(

  • Bella Skeeter
    Bella Skeeter Month ago

    Anyone else feeling extremely lied to?

  • Briella Taylor
    Briella Taylor Month ago

    The reason there is so little noodles is so it can expand

  • Sophie Henderson
    Sophie Henderson Month ago

    this is the exact same video as another they posted

  • Hana Soliman
    Hana Soliman Month ago

    Now I know why my food looks catfish

  • MamaJin's SoN
    MamaJin's SoN Month ago

    Guys/Girls Let's just appreciate that we have our food perfect just they way they are.

  • allexus del rey
    allexus del rey Month ago

    the real ones are so dramatic lmao, got the fries all shoved in and the ice cream melting like crazy

  • floral ghost
    floral ghost Month ago

    honey has a genetic memory?

  • Travis Saner
    Travis Saner Month ago

    I hate how manipulative the food advertisement industry it. Its false advertising. The finished product looks nothing like the ones advertised in this video

  • Marlyta Panday
    Marlyta Panday Month ago +1

    Can u make a galexy video