The *0.001%* CHANCE Genji DEFLECT!! | Overwatch Daily Moments Ep.979 (Funny and Random Moments)

  • Published on Dec 9, 2019
  • The *0.001%* CHANCE Genji DEFLECT!! | Overwatch Daily Moments Ep.979 (Funny and Random Moments)

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    ES_A Cup of Sugar - The Best Ofs
    ES_A Curious Nature - Isobel O'Connor
    Tobu - Can't Wait
    ES_Cheeky Monkey - Gary Combs
    ES_That's Why I Gave You Up - Sugar Blizz
    ES_Sugar and Spice - Arthur Benson
    ES_Living Is Simple - Arthur Benson
    ES_Monkey Town - Dez Moran

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Comments • 349

  • Wyatt Adams
    Wyatt Adams Day ago

    Hand soaps hump dash thing

  • thefunvideos
    thefunvideos 4 days ago

    anyone know if the Hina person from 02:45 has a stream of some sorts?

    THE COLDFIRE 10 days ago

    Shadow step

  • shotgunjr3452
    shotgunjr3452 18 days ago

    I see alot of people saying soldier run and mcree roll but if they didnt have them they would die 10x faster and be a throw pick so thats why id say widows mine as its gives no real use

  • waup-q/ فهد
    waup-q/ فهد 21 day ago +2

    2:09 لاتحتك ف كسار 🗿

  • fortnite old
    fortnite old 22 days ago +2

    Weakest ability is widows grappling hook

    • shotgunjr3452
      shotgunjr3452 18 days ago

      Not true its her only mobility and if she didnt have it she would be a throw pick coz she couod get dived easier then baby dva

  • Abdullah Al Watban
    Abdullah Al Watban 22 days ago

    He did not predict that

  • PeppaPigSkilz
    PeppaPigSkilz 25 days ago +1

    "Okay bye" MonkaS

  • חוטינסקי אוראל ט1

    Of course i have the best day
    I just got 13 legendaries in 50 lootboxes

  • עידן - idan
    עידן - idan 26 days ago

    Widow spider

  • winter wolf
    winter wolf Month ago +1

    7:43 that cracked me up so bad 😂

  • Mi kichi
    Mi kichi Month ago +10

    Here’s what I don’t get genji can deflect a black hole that comes out of a cannon but can’t deflect a rock from sigma

  • Saleh
    Saleh Month ago

    ولدناا طلع 2:10

  • Apple boy The delicious destroyer

    Dvas rockets are terrible

  • Elizabeth Hurt
    Elizabeth Hurt Month ago

    weakest ability is soldiers run

  • donkeyhigh
    donkeyhigh Month ago

    Samito sounds and somehow looks like a angry lesbian. It's like looking at early years Justin Bieber. I love these clip videos, but they would honestly be better without the Samito bitching and whining every God damn day.

  • f.t.k. 1
    f.t.k. 1 Month ago

    كسار الوحش 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😂😂😂😂😂

  • Swiggy Swagg
    Swiggy Swagg Month ago

    @50 really good gaming chair

  • Swiggy Swagg
    Swiggy Swagg Month ago

    Time 50

  • Thomas almuna
    Thomas almuna Month ago

    zino: i predicted that!!!
    no u didnt u lucky bitch

  • whirl89
    whirl89 Month ago

    2:24 As a Hanzo player I hope he isn't complaining about corner bending shots because the arrows tend to to do that way more often.

    • ΔHMΔD Δ
      ΔHMΔD Δ 21 day ago

      whirl89 he basically said the arrow headshoted him but it didn’t register

  • stone fire
    stone fire Month ago

    Moxy lol

  • Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah

    Brigittes shield is weakest. If anyone spot her with shield on it instantly dies

  • PuuPete
    PuuPete Month ago

    What was.that genji skin? In 3.30

  • Puuumq
    Puuumq Month ago

    6:13 I predagded dat

  • Csolps
    Csolps Month ago

    Sombras cancellation for her trans

  • ProxUrAimz
    ProxUrAimz Month ago

    Someone buy that samito guy the right size panties...

  • ArskaHD
    ArskaHD Month ago

    torbjörns turret explosion thing, quite useless

    COLZA_REPLAYZ -yt Month ago

    Tensas mnk on Xbox lol pretty pathetic

  • Adrien C
    Adrien C Month ago

    Venom mine

  • Ethanol
    Ethanol Month ago

    Soldier's sprint. It doesn't do damage

  • Berlax 1302
    Berlax 1302 Month ago

    What is that genio skin at 3:30

    • Kiomio
      Kiomio 8 days ago

      Illidan skin from last blizzcon

  • Juan Miguel Moscatel Romero

    Widow's Mine for me

  • Micro
    Micro Month ago

    Where u get that thumbnail picture ?

  • Sami L
    Sami L Month ago

    Venom mine is weakest

    IMMORTALX46 i Month ago

    We want more kssar

  • Zach Noragon
    Zach Noragon Month ago

    Orisa shield

  • SombraGoesBoop
    SombraGoesBoop Month ago +4

    Weakest ability is reins charge.. because of those god damn bronze reins charging into the enemy team and blaming their team

  • Haley Smith
    Haley Smith Month ago

    9:30 remember the nice, good cultured Samito who used to be a team player and complimented his teammates? He used to be known as the #1 hanzo GLOBAL!! wtf happened? Just leave the damn mercy alone... WHO TF CARES IF THE DPS WAS A CHEATER!! I mean like who pocketed u in games and u thank them and say “mercy ur insane bro!” I don’t see u shit talking them. MY CONCLUSION! if they’re on the enemy team, they’re trash. if they’re allies, they’re rlly good. Get some logic dude and be nicer 😂 god damn ive never seen anyone so rude unless ur not ChipSa or xQc... 🤨 be like ML7... hes so nice and never shit talks ANYONE... ever wonder y he is always the streamer (other than Kabaji/Dafran) on the highest viewer streamer streaming Overwatch? It’s just sad u know?

    • Gabetron
      Gabetron Month ago

      Haley Smith if you like mercy so much you should just marry her!

  • Haley Smith
    Haley Smith Month ago

    me: bItCh WaT rAcE r U... aSiAn Or GeRmAn!?

  • qt. Sins
    qt. Sins Month ago

    Definitely torbs cancel ability

  • Bri V
    Bri V Month ago

    Venom mine

  • Dylan DeSimone
    Dylan DeSimone Month ago

    Weakest ability, DVA’s micro missiles, they attempt to tickle ppl and they still fail that half the time

  • كنت الحشيش الآن 2x_p0

    كسااار 2:20

  • Aidan Cahill
    Aidan Cahill Month ago +1

    5:15 man is 8-22 lmao that was his best play all day

    • Haley Smith
      Haley Smith Month ago

      Aidan Cahill this man has played 31 games all day... hes been playing for 2 days straight... *wtf* and another thing... hes lost over 80% of those matches and has dropped maybe almost 500 SR... *i wouldve quit the game at game 5*

  • XxIncarnatexX
    XxIncarnatexX Month ago

    The ability to switch weapons

  • Oumpaloumpas
    Oumpaloumpas Month ago

    Widow mine is just stupid Imao

  • Joner 123
    Joner 123 Month ago +2

    7:35 how is his Name? Stonetastic? i can't find him

    • Game bond
      Game bond Month ago

      Ex5tS du4Hi it's StooNTASTIC

  • Malik Thomas
    Malik Thomas Month ago

    Weakest ability. Widow poison trap or Zen Heal orb

  • Nick335 Online
    Nick335 Online Month ago +2

    2:40 watched that yesterday ago

  • reinar
    reinar Month ago

    bastions turret mode it must be buffed

  • Napper TV
    Napper TV Month ago +2

    7:30 its me, the Flying Hog :P

  • Santa's Brother
    Santa's Brother Month ago

    Probably Mccree's roll

  • Turtlelochy
    Turtlelochy Month ago

    Reapers teleport is useless. Doesnt go anywhere, takes ages and half the time you dont go where you want to.

  • Just
    Just Month ago


  • Wombat Nipnips
    Wombat Nipnips Month ago

    Deflect when its buggy

  • Chase Crissinger
    Chase Crissinger Month ago

    Out here disrespecting my guy tensa like that 😂😂 approved

  • Sequoia Crow
    Sequoia Crow Month ago

    Xqc doing the juice wrld

  • MeleeArcher
    MeleeArcher Month ago

    mcree roll you might be able to reload but you dont have much movement or get much space to move even with role compared to everyones other abilities

  • Silver Award2017
    Silver Award2017 Month ago

    Hamsters ball form because it changes you from a character that can shoot into one that cant