PEOPLE ARE INSANE 2016 ✿ Scared Enough To Pee Your Pants ✿ Heights Edition


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PEOPLE ARE AWESOME 2016 Height Edition is video was created to bring viewers much mixed feelings: the astonishing, the suspense, trembling and excitement.
We wait for your answer: People Are Awesome or Insane ???
Enjoy by viewing fullscreen and resolution FULL HD.
Scared of heights? Do not watch this!

➽ FULL VIDEO People Are Insane 2016: https://youtu.be/XKoga3XUSXk?list=PLDj0b7PxY4uBb6iuMWg6jfw_GYfOXjEXv

➽ PEOPLE ARE INSANE 2016 and PEOPLE ARE AWESOME 2016: https://youtu.be/C31KchXnivo?list=PLDj0b7PxY4uBb6iuMWg6jfw_GYfOXjEXv


1. Tobu - Infectious [NCS Release]: https://youtu.be/ux8-EbW6DUI
2. TheFatRat - Monody (feat. Laura Brehm) : https://youtu.be/B7xai5u_tnk

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Автор Rebecca Hunt ( назад)
i don't know why they do this

Автор BLUEWOLF PLAYZ ( назад)
That guys acts likes it's summer when it's snowing

Автор Professor cool nee ( назад)
dies is Danger

Автор Nohelani and Kam ( назад)

Автор Kaziak Ch ( назад)
hey guys stop complaining them they are professoinal not a noob ok if you cant do that y do you need to complain at them it not your business and im fresh so im just change my name and picture ok

Автор Victor Gazda ( назад)
nerve...are you watcher or player....

Автор Janka Oláh ( назад)
Ezeket az embereket én akkor se bátorítanám, ha fegyvert fognának a fejemhez!!!

Автор viji vj ( назад)
wow beautiful

Автор MARAQLI KANAL ( назад)
hello. I am from Azebaijan

Автор tromix ( назад)

Автор IlluminatiConfirmedNot ( назад)
Me: Imma do something stupid *jumps off something 1m high*
People in vid: Imma do something small *hangs off building*

Автор Hari Haran ( назад)
Awesome and collapsing

Автор E.C. ( назад)
Are these all greenscreen?

Автор Bloom Frost ( назад)
This gave me sheer anxiety for the whole time

Автор eğlence adası ( назад)
a roblox music

Автор eğlence adası ( назад)
a roblox music

Автор Doge 120 Yt ( назад)
that guys are not normal

Автор x9WolfZN z ( назад)

Автор Sanja Vaskovic ( назад)

Автор Christopher Dodds ( назад)
As hard as it is to believe (or comprehend), these people do not want to die, they want to LIVE! Do you get it? It's the same for the Extreme Sports souls, free climbing mountaineers, stunt wo/men, people who pit themselves against the odds by choice to experience the feeling of being alive, because whether you understand it or not "You will never feel more alive then when you are in the face of death' You'll hear or read that sentiment in countless places throughout the story of human experience, because to do what they do, you have to be completely existing in that moment...and how many of us will spend the majority of our lives never immersing ourselves in the moment, as free climbing mountain climbers put it 'becoming one with the mountain and your senses"...Work sleep work sleep then die, how many will give you a pat on the back for living like that? A lot!

Автор gemstarstation ( назад)
Well that cured my anxiety

Автор Macy Byrne ( назад)
Me: *gets stuck on top of the kitchen counter* AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор xlunax._ x ( назад)

Автор pankaj rajbanshi ( назад)
go to the hell bitchs

Автор Tony Halkida ( назад)
Incrledible. I clicked "dislike" because I don' t want anyone being killed chasing "likes"

Автор Sabibaituislam Islam ( назад)
wow guys u r so cool and amazing

Автор coco codii ( назад)
You can do it, Natural Selection. Go get them all! Team up with Gravity, and go get 'em

Автор Jess Smith ( назад)
well this just helped find out that I am scared for hights

Автор hei chu ( назад)
all music is what

Автор Jess Smith ( назад)
I'm more scared then they are

Автор Emilio Echeverria ( назад)
Not surprised only whit people du stupid shit lik this

Автор Cương Dao Manh Cương ( назад)
oh good very good

Автор Vinay M.S ( назад)
my arms were shaking and my palms were sweaty after watching this.

Автор italiansRstupid idiots ( назад)
I'm getting depression/anxiety watching this psychotic video this is worse than beheading videos.

Автор nicolee c ( назад)
probably made a deal.. if you know what I mean

Автор Pickles And bitches ( назад)
They make it look so fun and easy.. but there are tons of little kids watching this.. and the little kids will try this then die

Автор West Rogers ( назад)

Автор Niki's Vlogs ( назад)
All of these people are Spider-Man's

Автор MinecraftLegend366 [TNTPro099] ( назад)
U guys are lucky 🍀 that you did not die you are very very very dumb to do those fudging things

Автор Maria Iracema de Souza da Conceição ( назад)
nao fode voces vao morre em cara merda nao gostei

Автор Alyssa Waltz ( назад)
I got in trouble my my mom cause I peed myself

Автор Scar Gaming ( назад)
1:14 so made me pee myself

Автор Ethan Crazy ( назад)
This made me so much sweaty

Автор rbmaster56 ROBLOX videos ( назад)
I'm on the toilet... does that count me as cheating?

Автор john mike ( назад)
They are crazy

Автор Krissi thomas ( назад)
My husband cheats and proves to be very smart, so I informed a colleague who then referred me to a Chinese hacker who goes by the name ana. I hired ana expertise to spy on his cell phone and social media account and I was able to read all whatsapp chats.. Contact him: anaworldwidecracker@gmail.com

Автор Adriana Morera Ulate ( назад)



Автор Love Country!!! ( назад)
Do not try this if your a professional!!!

Автор najlepszy krab ( назад)
now imagine if they fell on the recording. fuuuuck

Автор mojowizzy ( назад)
subscribed 4/22... hit me back bro! ;-))

Автор Furkan Nemo ( назад)
he is so brave or stupid

Автор arslan ali ( назад)

Автор Steve's Bathroom Remodeling and Repair ( назад)
Awesome stuff, they have Balls the size of church bells.

Автор Emm Guill ( назад)
ka bolangan yan :')

Автор Arely Llisel ( назад)
You guy are really insane but cool hights.

Автор Yatendra Sharma ( назад)
you think you are so brave then go die . this is called stupidity dumbchick

Автор Kentucky Chicken ( назад)
thank u for putting ur life on the line for us to watch...if any of u fall,none of us here really care..we just gonna watch the next stunt...

Автор mr. Pink ( назад)
People are stupid doing this 😭😡

Автор janeth lee ( назад)
Hoomans are really awsome

Автор barkbork ( назад)
I wish people would shut up about how dumb the shown men and women in the video are. Nobody tells you to do the same thing, but they enjoy it and are very well aware of the risk that comes with it. Many of them are also well trained, and experienced in climbing, but even if they had an accident and died, why do you make a fuzz about it? Their life, their decision. Stop being such a cockhead and trying to tell people what to do, I personally pay these people a lot of respect and think it's amazing.

Автор Crazy Mad people ( назад)
i love you guys

Автор Crazy Mad people ( назад)
you guys are so awesome

Автор Hamza Mujezin ( назад)
I bet you people like this have had like special training and practice before doing it

Автор daniel santos ( назад)
adorei mas como seiem

Автор Anderson Sou eu ( назад)

Автор Rohit Payan ( назад)
what thi 7:00min music. name. osm song

Автор Syed Mannan ( назад)
I didn't pee my pants🌚🌚

Автор Alikha Zalfa Mazazi ( назад)

Автор Olivia Falconer ( назад)
Just... no... why? 😨😱

Автор Likith liki ( назад)
these people are really crazy

Автор lazaros apostolidis ( назад)
my foots feel weird for some reason while watching this

Автор malwina szkudlarek ( назад)

Автор malwina szkudlarek ( назад)

Автор Musical Rice ( назад)
I get anxiety when I'm working Drive-Thru and the wind blows the money just a tad bit.

Автор realisrealizerealies ( назад)
some one has to change the light bulbs...

Автор Friedrich Boeser ( назад)
this video gave me a heart attack it was so scary

Автор Bappaditya Sarkar ( назад)

Автор vikash mishra ( назад)

Автор tnkspecjvive ( назад)
During whole vid just thought in so many things that can happens and fail to death...

Автор kamron bey ( назад)
roses are red violets are blue, i got clickbaited, so did you

Автор Luke Schueller ( назад)
If I were one of these people I would write a book. A book titled "the stupidest thing I have ever done in my life".

Автор Scythe ( назад)
These guys are pussies, real men would jump.

Автор charly evans ( назад)
I think the kid in 2:40 dangling on the side of the building actually died. There's video's of his death from News. Vid at 6:45 the guy dangling over bridge full of cars Not only is he putting his own life at danger but if he falls he could cause a deadly car accident.Why should innocent people die because of a stupid kids stunt.

Автор charly evans ( назад)
Are there any videos of any of these Idiots falling? I'd very much like to watch them

Автор charly evans ( назад)
Sorry but if these guys die they deserve it. Absolutely no respect for human life.

Автор Legends Of God ( назад)
On 3:01, God Damnit, I Couldn't Watch It no More...

Автор Katrina Lay ( назад)
y'all people are stupid

Автор FC B ( назад)
does anyone notice how all these are pulled off by Ukrainians and Russians

Автор Pepe is your friend ( назад)
My feet are tingling.

Автор DANIEL GOMEZ ( назад)

Автор Lauryn Campbell ( назад)
this is awsome wow

Автор Miez LP ( назад)

Автор Gavin Plays ( назад)
the title is incorrect it should be People are absolute retards mad enough to make you throw your computer or phone out the window there you go buddy

Автор Andrew Aitken ( назад)
What song is at 7:00

Автор Mmm Ooo ( назад)
عزب عين كم وين ألله والحسين توقعون ن فوك بجاه ألله ولو انتو وينتعرفون آلله

Автор life rocksTM ( назад)
do they get paid by doing these?

Автор GamerGirlMya ( назад)
*No racial* Not really any black people be doing this crazy stuff.

Автор GamerGirlMya ( назад)
Its cool and all.. but something could go wrong very quickly... its basically risking your life...

Автор SugarRushTwins ( назад)
this video should be called "people are idiots"

Автор Nikola Mala ( назад)
You do a mistaken you dead ahhhhh😑😑😑

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