Madonna - Don't Tell Me (Official Music Video)

  • You're watching the official music video for "Don't Tell Me" from Madonna's album 'Music' released on Warner Bros. in 2000. Buy/Stream the 'Music' album here:
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Comments • 80

  • Jack Lara
    Jack Lara 3 hours ago

    Que ricos vaqueritos!

  • silviatennismusic
    silviatennismusic 10 hours ago

    Me encantas Madonna 🤸🍀🥰🥰⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • hefzyva
    hefzyva 13 hours ago

    I lovvvvve the Madonna's boots ¡

  • Sam Iam
    Sam Iam 14 hours ago

    She's going to jail or worse soon. Children are not for sale. Q

  • maxime baudry
    maxime baudry 23 hours ago

    What happened to Mirwais? he was at the top at the time

  • Gabriel Ordaz
    Gabriel Ordaz Day ago


  • Brian Earner
    Brian Earner Day ago

    Right and wrong

  • Timi Haciyev
    Timi Haciyev Day ago

    Something is going to be related with sun??

  • landry spektor
    landry spektor Day ago

    She has 22 or 23 International number 1 hits!!!!!!!

  • Show Box
    Show Box Day ago

    i would deffinitly have sex with maddona...

  • Ralph K.
    Ralph K. 2 days ago

    Who else thought the vídeo crashed at beginning?

  • Arebelli Goudrege
    Arebelli Goudrege 2 days ago

    Billboard 200 #1 album!!!!!!!!

  • TheAnnerrk2
    TheAnnerrk2 2 days ago

    OMG Madonna is the best

  • glen benton
    glen benton 2 days ago +2

    Nostalgia is the best and worst feeling

  • Sammi Jo
    Sammi Jo 2 days ago +1

    Those cowboys make me wish I owned a ranch. 😋

  • Jeti Rawa
    Jeti Rawa 2 days ago

    I love this song a lot

  • digital sprite
    digital sprite 2 days ago +2

    when rave was a thing she incorporated ravy sounds into her music,when house was at is peak she did housy stuff,same with techno,dance,break...
    she did a pop thing of the music genre that was dominating at that time

    • Mike O'Keeffe
      Mike O'Keeffe 10 hours ago

      Actually she came out with 'western' country & chill rnb mix hybrid sound complete with look... right out of left field... at the time it was so not this sound in the charts... at least not mainstream or nichè underground... like the other eras you mentioned quite rightly - because she did generally do that... good comment sorry Im really not trying to be contradictory.
      I could be wrong but as memory serves... she was pretty original in this era because I was kind of obsessed with a couple of her tracks at this time.

  • Sana Rizvi
    Sana Rizvi 2 days ago

    What a smart lady❤️

  • Doing it Hard
    Doing it Hard 2 days ago

    So iconic and forward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lillina Blue
    Lillina Blue 3 days ago

    Glamorous 🤠

  • JohnBonnie
    JohnBonnie 3 days ago +1

    back to singers wearing pants in their videos :D :D I mean real pants. And still looked amazing!

  • sime scape
    sime scape 3 days ago

    Amazing Queen Madonna

  • Joe Pittet
    Joe Pittet 3 days ago

    20 ans ! Mirwais et son electro pop un petit bijou « Music » un ’album qui restera au top !

  • Daniel Herrerra
    Daniel Herrerra 3 days ago

    I remember listening to this record for the first time, and I tought there was something wrong with the CD ... but it wasn't. Nobody had made this type of rythim before back in year 2000.

  • Megan Smith
    Megan Smith 3 days ago +1

    The one and only the Queen of pop and Country music Madonna ♥

  • gemini rose
    gemini rose 3 days ago

    all are so damn good looking wow

  • Renan Severo
    Renan Severo 3 days ago

    Lil apoo

  • Marc Tremaine
    Marc Tremaine 3 days ago

    James Lawner wrote: Now this is my kind of Country Music!!!!!!! 🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠
    She was 41 yrs old when she made this vid.
    Vinicius Erk wrote: I also wish the idiot Mariah Carey die, she can't sing live!!!!!!!

  • Cornelius Cornelius
    Cornelius Cornelius 3 days ago +11

    The dancers, dancing & choreography is everything & so soooooo yummy
    She straight up killed it in this. Looking damn sexy
    This song makes me want to get a cowboy hat and boots.

    • Joe Tof
      Joe Tof 8 hours ago

      and the dancers...…..

  • Arun Yogakumaran
    Arun Yogakumaran 4 days ago +5

    Paula Cole " where have all the cowboys gone"
    Madonna " they all came to me"

  • EKSOT123
    EKSOT123 4 days ago

    Here she looks nice
    . - Which is not always

  • 555Disneylover
    555Disneylover 4 days ago +1

    Billboard 200 #1 album!!!!!!

  • Chrisanthe Kalcanides

    I would stop at the bus stop to dot some kicks of my own the heat right on my pass.🚰🚰🚰🚰🚰

  • Boy X
    Boy X 4 days ago +2

    Love love love her Madame X Tour 💜🎶 Thank you thank you thank you Queen Madonna

  • Lloyd Munhanga
    Lloyd Munhanga 4 days ago

    I was a student in Cape Town in 2013.. So there was this guy who used to jog with headphones and a mic that wasn't connected to anything and he would do the choreography to whatever he was listening (so I found out later). People generally thought he was mentally ill, and I guess I joined the band wagon and sort of wrote him off. So one day I was standing in the Obz Square res and I saw him doing his thing. Just a back story, I listened to, and had seen the video for "Don't Tell Me" in the early 00's as a pre-teen and then never again, but I guess it stuck cuz it's such a great song; and then I see this guy doing the choreography without missing a step, and it evoked such a powerful emotion in me that, even to this day I can't put it in words. So I ran outside and went to him, seeing him in a new light, and all I could say was, "That's Madonna right?!! I get it..." Artistic expression is powerful and very valid in our existence as human beings. That day opened a well in me, and challenged me to be my authentic self.

  • Romukim Sawa
    Romukim Sawa 4 days ago +2

    Still an amazing album

  • Manolo Ro
    Manolo Ro 4 days ago +1


  • Nina Deniz Dz
    Nina Deniz Dz 4 days ago +14

    Sorry Madonna when I was younger ( i'm 42 years now) . I hated you I thought you sing only about sex since I live in a Muslim fact I grow up and sepecially this year I've listened to all your songs on youtube, they are so romantic and full of tenderness... even the erotic songs are not so bad as I THOUGHT... SORRY AGAIN MADONNA IF YOU READ MY MESSAGE PUT ME A LIKE OR A SMALL SALUTATION. GOD BLESS YOU!

    • Albino Natividad
      Albino Natividad 2 hours ago

      Nina Deniz Dz she is not singing about sex she is singing about all of us about life about love the universal feelings we all feel and relate. Thank u for liking her this time. Check out turn up the radio it is the most beautiful song of all

    • Doing it Hard
      Doing it Hard 2 days ago +2

      love this comment!!!!!!!!

  • Trolltastically
    Trolltastically 4 days ago +1

    I sincerely regret not appreciating this phase of Madonna's career until now

  • Roxette Me
    Roxette Me 4 days ago


  • Dartelive dyna
    Dartelive dyna 5 days ago +7

    Billboard 200 #1 album!!!!!!

  • m. mache
    m. mache 5 days ago

    A QUEENS Madonna you beautiful baby thank you for being with us on Google youtube International? Mo?

  • Bollox Off
    Bollox Off 5 days ago

    I just want to go back. Not because of Coronavirus because everything seemed normal back then. Now millennials and the far left are sucking the joy out of everything.

  • M_ T_
    M_ T_ 5 days ago +14

    I feel that this was Madonna at her most unmasked and real and people didn’t give it enough. Definitely underrated

  • Andrew Enriquez
    Andrew Enriquez 6 days ago


  • h111ful
    h111ful 7 days ago +3

    Damn Madonna's music still slaps in 2020. Makes me want to be a cowboy.

  • Dindos P
    Dindos P 7 days ago

    I Love Madonna!!!

  • waleed kop
    waleed kop 7 days ago +2

    I LOVE Madonna!!!!!

  • ahoolachan
    ahoolachan 7 days ago +1

    Bet they all voted for Trump.

  • Melania MoneyPenny
    Melania MoneyPenny 7 days ago

    I love the cow boy hat. :)

  • kruztev clint
    kruztev clint 7 days ago +5

    James Lawner wrote: Now this is my kind of Country Music!!!!!! 🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠

  • kruztev clint
    kruztev clint 7 days ago

    Amazing Queen, legend, great woman!!!!!

  • Kyle Mylo
    Kyle Mylo 7 days ago

    This song is nothing without 3:22-4:38

    • camille
      camille 5 days ago

      Agreed! The whole song is awesome. But that part is woaaah!

  • Arnel Garcia
    Arnel Garcia 7 days ago +9

    This women is immortal..every generation she comes in..!!nothing to loose every song she had..

  • César Eduardo Céspedes Bazán

    Very very nice

  • César Eduardo Céspedes Bazán

    Queen del Pop

  • Auxiliar Reservas
    Auxiliar Reservas 7 days ago

    La reina del pop excelente cantante y muy buena bailarina y sus bailarines me encanta su viseo muy lindo

  • arun tayyil
    arun tayyil 7 days ago +1

    yay this song will never die , one of the songs to try all the cowboy dance!!

  • Junior Phillip
    Junior Phillip 7 days ago +1

    Love song !!! ❤️

  • Lou Kinistino
    Lou Kinistino 7 days ago +2

    You always moved me, even back when like a virgin!

  • michelle m
    michelle m 8 days ago


  • Helio Monteiro
    Helio Monteiro 8 days ago +1

    The coreography and the figurine made the country universe something beautiful like a poetry. Good job! 🍁

    • Helio Monteiro
      Helio Monteiro 8 days ago

      The dancers moved like if they had horse legs!

  • Radical Durrite
    Radical Durrite 8 days ago +2

    This song is one of my many guilty pleasures. The material girl still rules

  • Baby Blue
    Baby Blue 8 days ago


  • Baby Blue
    Baby Blue 8 days ago


  • Jeff Allred
    Jeff Allred 8 days ago

    Wow 2001 that's why she so 🔥 first time i watched this video i could not look away. Eyes on Madonna you KNOW

  • Jessica Dawson
    Jessica Dawson 8 days ago +1

    Love this song to 😍

  • xxdevopo xxpa
    xxdevopo xxpa 9 days ago +1

    2020 and still my song to this day

  • Fede Berger
    Fede Berger 9 days ago

    Best dancer ever!

    • c d
      c d 5 days ago

      Lol No. She is good though.

  • Jeanette Samuel
    Jeanette Samuel 9 days ago

    Love this song and love the cowboys xx

  • miriam fernanda corral bravo


  • Colleen Spuzzillo
    Colleen Spuzzillo 10 days ago +1

    Why is Madonna the greatest?

  • C A T E L I N E N G L E R T

    5 year old me is literally screaming this and I’m 25 now and I want to jump up and down on my couch screaming TEEELLLL MEEEEEEE LOOVE ISNT TRUUUUUEEEEEEEEEEE

    • Tim Allan
      Tim Allan 6 days ago +1

      We are the same person ❤️ #95

    • Dindos P
      Dindos P 7 days ago +1

      Well, you know it by now...😩

  • dawlsid raehol
    dawlsid raehol 12 days ago +4

    Madonna Has Sold More than 600 Million Albums!!!!! 👑 Queen

    • c d
      c d 5 days ago

      No she hasn't. No artist has sold as many as we're told. The figures are always inflated. She has sold a lot though.

  • dawlsid raehol
    dawlsid raehol 12 days ago

    I Love You Madonna

  • JudgementRavi JudgementRavi

    Story dialogue music n all by her so master 👌👍🏿👈👉 whom to 😄😃😀😍

  • raider red
    raider red 12 days ago +2

    Luv u Madonna

  • David da silva ferreira
    David da silva ferreira 12 days ago +1

    Whew the choreo 👌🏼

  • YouAreGreat
    YouAreGreat 12 days ago

    just perfect in every way....!!!