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Cook and Talk with Taeyeon [Entertainment Weekly / 2017.03.13]

  • Опубликовано: 13 мар 2017
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Комментарии • 374

  • Naila Kamana
    Naila Kamana День назад

    Ahh the Japanese sandwiches 😍

  • Maria Zenaida Cinco
    Maria Zenaida Cinco 12 дней назад +1

    Reading some 'hate' comments... control's temper... keep controling it... lost temper because of one comment that makes me angry. "Taeyeon the plastic queen" What the? Its called PUBERTY beshie! Haters so immature. Hoping that the day come all of you grow up, will that day come? Puberty hits her so hard bruh. Dont call her names bes/bro.
    You can skip this.

  • ifona jacobus
    ifona jacobus Месяц назад

    i love you kim teyeon

  • Anh Nguyen
    Anh Nguyen 2 месяца назад

    Omg her last sentence melts my heart 😭😭😭😭💖💖💖

  • Music World
    Music World 2 месяца назад

    TY : fine thank you and you ?
    sub : This is fine sandwich . what do you think ?

  • ArTifarrr
    ArTifarrr 2 месяца назад +2

    You can see she is true to her music career and she has that realness but her that I really like

  • Saging Imnida
    Saging Imnida 3 месяца назад

    Taeyeon just turned 30 and wow she still look young and pretty~~~ She's really pretty in person, hope to see you again. Come back here in the Philippines ^^

  • Nicey Bajade
    Nicey Bajade 4 месяца назад

    What is in pre-album?

  • ahakeem 99
    ahakeem 99 6 месяцев назад +2

    taeyeon laugh is the BEST LAUGH IN THE WORLD , how the hell u look so fcking pretty but hv an ahjumma laugh ?! U SO FCKING SPECIAL I LOVE U KIM TAEYEON ♡

  • Nobin punyo
    Nobin punyo 6 месяцев назад +1

    Desperately waiting for her New Album

  • Nurin Nasihah Zulkarnain
    Nurin Nasihah Zulkarnain 9 месяцев назад

    i am jealous towards korean fan..how i wish i can meet my idol personally..how i wish i can watch their concert..how i wish to get their sign...how i wish i can give something to my fav idol...😢😢😧😧

  • MrLastermers
    MrLastermers 9 месяцев назад +3

    I love her for her voice but more so for her beautiful personality

  • bulan ayu
    bulan ayu 9 месяцев назад

    Btw baekhyun would LOVE that strawberry sandwich meal lmao

  • Grace Wang
    Grace Wang 10 месяцев назад

    fine sand and you omoooo!
    she doesnt looklike 28yo at all, she even look younger than me!

  • うえのまみあり
    うえのまみあり 10 месяцев назад


  • Wing Ching Natalie Cheung
    Wing Ching Natalie Cheung 11 месяцев назад

    They don't even show the third nickname 😂

  • Gersom M
    Gersom M Год назад

    Taeyeon cooked Indonesian food???!!! my day made.

  • horny puppy
    horny puppy Год назад

    4:52 "UMMM EHEAAH" XDD

  • TaeNy2YeonJeongMiMoonSun 21BJ
    TaeNy2YeonJeongMiMoonSun 21BJ Год назад

    my caring girl😚

  • Reynaldo Girsang
    Reynaldo Girsang Год назад

    2:42 , goblin soundtrack. lol, out of topic

  • Solskynn
    Solskynn Год назад

    press 6:13 for ahjumma laugh

  • MGZ13 XD
    MGZ13 XD Год назад +2

    I still listen to her album almost everyday but just listening her speak here almost made me crazy... 😣😆😍
    Also I want to grow older like her but I mean I'm like a decade younger yet I already look more mature and older than her so... 😆😐

  • KennethSNSDSone SMTOWN
    KennethSNSDSone SMTOWN Год назад +1

    What's song in 3:27? I'm a sone since 2010 but I think I didn't hear that songs to her before?

    • Tae Tae
      Tae Tae Год назад

      KennethSNSDSone SMTOWN yes it's only available in album.

    • KennethSNSDSone SMTOWN
      KennethSNSDSone SMTOWN Год назад

      Oh ok thanks. I listened her album on Spotify and I heard that song was only available on offline (album). :(

    • Tae Tae
      Tae Tae Год назад

      KennethSNSDSone SMTOWN that's cover song by tae of nell song "time walking through memories " . she covered it in her concert and because fans like it so much so she put that song in my voice album.

  • Wiren Lie
    Wiren Lie Год назад +2

    Even her finger is pretty tho

  • Laloq Faith
    Laloq Faith Год назад +2

    such a legend

  • OncεYoυJιmιnYoυCαn'tJιmoυt

    She has a small fish tattoo on her finger! 2:47 So cute! \(>o

  • - Jai
    - Jai Год назад

    Taeyeon turning 30?!?! WHAT A MILF!!!!

  • Catherine Keller
    Catherine Keller Год назад +2

    gosh I love you so much Kim Taeyeon 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Queenzy 11
    Queenzy 11 Год назад +2

    I can't beleive ...she is 28 years old.? She looks so young

  • genial light
    genial light Год назад

    I thought that's yujin from clc in the thumbnail

  • You Know Who
    You Know Who Год назад

    the sandwich looks delicious . idk why 😂 maybe i'm just hungry af

  • justinsem
    justinsem Год назад +2

    LOL at the people who hate her and clicked this video and leave rude comments. you watched the video she's in but yet you dislike her? explains a lot about your character :))))

    • justinsem
      justinsem Год назад +1

      while shes unbothered releasing albums and charting super well... you're home behind a screen talking shit about someone who will never acknowledge you lmao

  • Joann Tan
    Joann Tan Год назад +8


  • June Harada
    June Harada Год назад +4

    HOW ON EARTH PEOPLE HATE THIS PERSON? I still don't get it

  • Cullys Charle
    Cullys Charle Год назад +1

    "International age". That's a shitty term. Why not use human age or earth age. So her human age is 28 while her Korean age is 29.

  • ms riiko
    ms riiko Год назад +2

    I love how she is with her fans

  • Phúc Nguyễn
    Phúc Nguyễn Год назад

    2:40 give me the name of this song plz. many thanks

    • Phúc Nguyễn
      Phúc Nguyễn Год назад

      cee kim many thankss 💚❤

    • cee kim
      cee kim Год назад +1

      Phúc Nguyễn its goblin ost

  • Ic Nk
    Ic Nk Год назад

    Tae is jjang

  • Ic Nk
    Ic Nk Год назад


  • Ic Nk
    Ic Nk Год назад +2

    So cute Taetae

  • Ic Nk
    Ic Nk Год назад +1


  • Shiu Leung Chung
    Shiu Leung Chung Год назад +26

    When MC said you so pretty when baby
    Taeyeon: No it‘s handsome 😂😂😂

  • MIRACLE 123
    MIRACLE 123 Год назад +11


  • talline canete
    talline canete Год назад

    queen taeyeon chose the sandwich so itll be easy. cuz we all know that shes busy promoting

    VIP_SONE_IKON_RM Год назад +22

    I just wanna say that Girls Generation and BIGBANG, though may not be in trend as other new groups, they are truly legends for a reason. And they are the foundations of KPOP. They never fail to inspire everyone and they wow every single person whenever they perform 😍 Their presence is already a wall that other groups, no matter how trending, cannot surpass because these groups (GG & BB) are perfect 💗 That being said, I can't wait for GG's 10th anniversary this year!!! 💕💖

  • mark lee is my spirit animal
    mark lee is my spirit animal Год назад +7

    That's it. I love her even more now. Not that I've never love her. HOW CAN YOU FUCKING NOT?

  • Jannina_N
    Jannina_N Год назад +4

    Omo omo omo Taeyeon ah!! You're the best ❤❤❤❤!!!

  • PHIEXO nicky
    PHIEXO nicky Год назад

    now I know why she has a many suitors back then

  • Rinaldy 94
    Rinaldy 94 Год назад +44

    I love her personality like this.. please stay like this noona, we dont like you always sad :( hoe you can always be happy and enjoy your life

  • ahbaekhyun
    ahbaekhyun Год назад +3

    shes so smol and so adorable 💕💖💗💘💟

  • Icey Zaza
    Icey Zaza Год назад +36

    She's my ultimate girl crush , like how can you not like her. She's so adorable and so talented 🙈🙊☺️
    Taeyeon eonnie Hwaiting ✌🏼💕

  • Jey Peggy
    Jey Peggy Год назад +20

    Shes getting younger every year, while I'm getting older every second 😢
    She's a goddess~

  • Minh Hằng Đỗ
    Minh Hằng Đỗ Год назад

    Em yêu chỵ ạ!!!!

  • MeU KLAV
    MeU KLAV Год назад +37

    there's really no other female singer/idol that has a character and personality like her. she's very easygoing and simple. anyone who reach a peak career like her would have been a diva but taengo is just taengo. she's still the same girl who love to stay at home and bring coloring book wherever she goes lol

    • dlh123
      dlh123 11 месяцев назад

      MeU KLAV yeah, i really like her humble personality. She is still such a kid at heart. Esp. with her coloring book and everything, it's so cute

  • shakira smith
    shakira smith Год назад +3

    she's the best

  • antonio djunaidi
    antonio djunaidi Год назад +20

    What a lovely leader..
    I dont believe that she is the oldest in Girls Generation hhahaha

  • Aqilah Qila
    Aqilah Qila Год назад +4

    I can hear Sharapova voice here

  • Night Owl
    Night Owl Год назад +2

    Is she a vampire cause she doesn't age or a zombie cause she bakes and eats human brains Hahhahha :D

  • Sehun's Wifeu
    Sehun's Wifeu Год назад +1

    I think her voice got bigger. Taengooo is so pretty tho

  • Vanessa A
    Vanessa A Год назад +4

    im so happy the dorkyy taeng iz backk

  • amy min
    amy min Год назад +2

    so cute

  • Utami Yuliani
    Utami Yuliani Год назад

    she's do something with her lips.. I'm sure.. but, she's still always gorgeous >.

    • adityawa1129
      adityawa1129 Год назад +6

      Take a look at her baby picture, her lips were always like that. She only did surgery before debut, and I'm sure of that. I've been a fan since 10 years ago when she debuted, she looks the same. She just applies more makeup now.

  • Angela Nobleza
    Angela Nobleza Год назад

    you're turning 30 next year. go and get married. 😂😘😘😘

  • Kristine Enriquez
    Kristine Enriquez Год назад +3

    She looks so happy. I'm contented to see that 😊

  • ChocolateObsessed
    ChocolateObsessed Год назад

    Does anyone know if that is just normal toast or is toast sweeter in Korea?? I kind of want to try that now XD

  • Annisa Rahma
    Annisa Rahma Год назад

    im fine thankyou n you?

  • pepsiandsnapple
    pepsiandsnapple Год назад +1

    the way he held up the whisk and said "uhh I cant cook lmao"

  • xotaelovestephi _
    xotaelovestephi _ Год назад

    I thought Taeyeon just turned 28 so why 29 please help mee~

    • Sakura Tran
      Sakura Tran Год назад

      xotaelovestephi _ no no no, Google was correct. Internationally, she is 28. In Korean age, you're 1 year old when you're born, so in Korea she is 29.

    • xotaelovestephi _
      xotaelovestephi _ Год назад

      so google lied about her being 27 all this time and when her birthday came I thought she was 28! but nevermind though
      *She still looks like 12 years old or 20 years old below*

    • Henning Gu
      Henning Gu Год назад

      xotaelovestephi _ Korean age.

    • fanisa tria
      fanisa tria Год назад

      in korea, when ure born ure already 1 year old.


    Kim taeyeon is the cutest person alive. Plus she's funny make me love her more ! XD

  • beruklucu
    beruklucu Год назад +4

    woooow so cute..

  • Song Ah Rang
    Song Ah Rang Год назад +15

    Damn, the future husband of her is the luckiest guy ever. I mean to see that charm and smile every day and waking up to her voice. I could only imagine. *silently praying that it would be me*

  • Nine Nur Muharamah
    Nine Nur Muharamah Год назад

    i see wendy in thumbnail

  • Dory Bedia
    Dory Bedia Год назад +5

    Aaaahh this dork how can you not love her 😍

  • SONE E.L.F
    SONE E.L.F Год назад

    What is the song name for 3:28?

    • Jian Feng
      Jian Feng Год назад +1

      the 13th song on her "my voice" album, Time Walking On Memory

  • Amirah Aziz
    Amirah Aziz Год назад +4

    Kim Taeyeon unnie neomu neomu saranghaeyo!!!

  • Park Denhyun
    Park Denhyun Год назад +7

    i will meet taeyeon one day and take a selfie with her. Queen Taeyeon :')

    SONE X ARMY X CARAT Год назад +11

    "TAEYEON, The queen of songs" I know right... Around of applause to the script writer (if there was)


    I love her 💕💕💕😭

  • rassel jayne
    rassel jayne Год назад +140

    She's turning 30 next year but damn she just look like a 18 years old. ❤

    • Byuntae 101
      Byuntae 101 5 месяцев назад

      and when snsd gather together taeyeon looks like the maknae and sooyoung looks like the oldest

    • Nineteen-Eighty SLAAAYYY
      Nineteen-Eighty SLAAAYYY Год назад

      Catherine Keller I think so. I'm not really sure.

    • Catherine Keller
      Catherine Keller Год назад

      Nineteen-Eighty SLAAAYYY in their birth certificates then they use Korean age?

    • rassel jayne
      rassel jayne Год назад +3

      I know. Even she's 29 or 30 next year she still gorgeous af!

    • Nineteen-Eighty SLAAAYYY
      Nineteen-Eighty SLAAAYYY Год назад +11

      Rassel Kim She's turning 30 in korean age but she's just 28 in international age though

  • michelle luulam
    michelle luulam Год назад +1

    hey, does anyone know the song at 3:31?

    • S AR
      S AR Год назад +2

      it's called 'time walking on memories' original singer is nell but this is taeyeon's cover of the song

  • Erick reyes
    Erick reyes Год назад +53

    shes 29?.. she looks like 20-25 to me...

    • Kpop Slays
      Kpop Slays Год назад +3

      She's 28 this year. But yeah, she looks so much younger.

    • Hatice Topal
      Hatice Topal Год назад

      Erick reyes korean age

  • number one churros in the world
    number one churros in the world Год назад +9

    taeyeon is so lovely 💞

  • Minh Vuong Pham
    Minh Vuong Pham Год назад +11

    she was born in 89. But she still looks so young

  • Xenia Christoforidou
    Xenia Christoforidou Год назад +13

    i mean how can people hate her when she's such a sensible and sensitive person? ❤

  • BrntVanilla 永遠SoneOnceTWICE
    BrntVanilla 永遠SoneOnceTWICE Год назад +3

    Does anyone know if the rumor that Taeyeon is gonna have a repackaged album in a couple of weeks true or not?!
    I heard about this yesterday and I'm freaking out!!!
    *SM get ready to catch my wallet and I'm suing for you guys letting Taeyeon kill me with her voice lmao*

  • livinlife 01
    livinlife 01 Год назад +11

    Her personality is so cool

    NOJAMZ Год назад +1


  • Nurul Syazwani
    Nurul Syazwani Год назад +2

    feellike want to try do the sandwich 🤔

  • kaobin xx
    kaobin xx Год назад +10

    admire her even more❤

  • Trustin Koh
    Trustin Koh Год назад +17


  • krln Ds
    krln Ds Год назад +6


  • Aruma
    Aruma Год назад +9

    she has another new nickname recently. it's called Kim Tae Hyuk😂

  • Maxie Braxton
    Maxie Braxton Год назад +51

    Seeing her face alone just relieves my stress. I like her humor too. I may not be able to meet her but when she was saying she was thankful for the fans, atleast, I'm part of it. ♥ Infinitely, saranghae, Taeyeon! ♥♥♥

  • taeyeonxtiffany
    taeyeonxtiffany Год назад +12

    Taeyeon can turn 100 tomorrow and I'll still think she's the cutest person alive.

  • taeyeonxtiffany
    taeyeonxtiffany Год назад +31

    "Taeyeon, the queen of songs"
    You got that right.

  • Ces Ferr
    Ces Ferr Год назад +11

    I love that she's being thoughtful to her fans. 💝💕💕

  • 현박
    현박 Год назад +11

    does she even age 😩 she's so pretty ❤

  • Princess Dubu
    Princess Dubu Год назад +46

    I really like her behavior these days, its very uplifting and warm :)

  • aegyooue
    aegyooue Год назад +10

    She's the cutest thing ever

  • Anthea Koh
    Anthea Koh Год назад +8

    its official its not a waste of time to use SNS. Approved by Tae 😂😂😂😂