Cook and Talk with Taeyeon [Entertainment Weekly / 2017.03.13]

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Просмотров: 112417
Длительность: 7:23
Комментарии: 349

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Автор KennethSNSDSone SMTOWN ( назад)
What's song in 3:27? I'm a sone since 2010 but I think I didn't hear that songs to her before?

Автор Wiren Lie ( назад)
Even her finger is pretty tho

Автор Zarifah Kumi ( назад)
such a legend

Автор PinkPrincessWithJams ( назад)
She has a small fish tattoo on her finger! 2:47 So cute! \(>o<)/

Автор - Jai ( назад)
Taeyeon turning 30?!?! WHAT A MILF!!!!

Автор Catherine Keller ( назад)
gosh I love you so much Kim Taeyeon 😍😍😍😍😍😍

Автор Ziah 11 ( назад)
I can't beleive ...she is 28 years old.? She looks so young

Автор Catch_Me_If_You_Can ( назад)
Oh,she even can cook...i want her as my wife,im in love

Автор genial light ( назад)
I thought that's yujin from clc in the thumbnail

Автор Glass Sakura ( назад)
the sandwich looks delicious . idk why 😂 maybe i'm just hungry af

Автор j1msm ( назад)
LOL at the people who hate her and clicked this video and leave rude comments. you watched the video she's in but yet you dislike her? explains a lot about your character :))))

Автор Joann Tan ( назад)

Автор June Harada ( назад)

Автор Khalis Charle ( назад)
"International age". That's a shitty term. Why not use human age or earth age. So her human age is 28 while her Korean age is 29.

Автор Adalis Pabon ( назад)
I love how she is with her fans <3 haha he's like you're almost 30? But you're in snsd! XD like snsd means little girls xD

Автор Phúc Nguyễn ( назад)
2:40 give me the name of this song plz. many thanks

Автор lian hwang ( назад)

Автор Ic Nk ( назад)
Tae is jjang

Автор Ic Nk ( назад)

Автор Ic Nk ( назад)
So cute Taetae

Автор Ic Nk ( назад)

Автор Ava Willows ( назад)
I love her so much I'm crying :(

Автор Shiu Leung Chung ( назад)
When MC said you so pretty when baby
Taeyeon: No it‘s handsome 😂😂😂

Автор MIRACLE 123 ( назад)

Автор Naomi Neo ( назад)
People might get confused but in Korea you have to add like 2 more years from your actual age. For example, Taeyeon is actually 27 but in Korea she is 29. (sorry for my bad english anyway)

Автор 탈슬기 ( назад)
queen taeyeon chose the sandwich so itll be easy. cuz we all know that shes busy promoting

Автор VIP_SONE_IKON_RM ( назад)
I just wanna say that Girls Generation and BIGBANG, though may not be in trend as other new groups, they are truly legends for a reason. And they are the foundations of KPOP. They never fail to inspire everyone and they wow every single person whenever they perform 😍 Their presence is already a wall that other groups, no matter how trending, cannot surpass because these groups (GG & BB) are perfect 💗 That being said, I can't wait for GG's 10th anniversary this year!!! 💕💖

Автор mark lee is my spirit animal ( назад)
That's it. I love her even more now. Not that I've never love her. HOW CAN YOU FUCKING NOT?

Автор Annisa Nur Qamara ( назад)
she's so goddess😍😍😍

Автор Jannina_N ( назад)
Omo omo omo Taeyeon ah!! You're the best ❤❤❤❤!!!

Автор PHIEXO nicky ( назад)
now I know why she has a many suitors back then

Автор Rinaldy 94 ( назад)
I love her personality like this.. please stay like this noona, we dont like you always sad :( hoe you can always be happy and enjoy your life

Автор ahbaekhyun ( назад)
shes so smol and so adorable 💕💖💗💘💟

Автор Icey Zaza ( назад)
She's my ultimate girl crush , like how can you not like her. She's so adorable and so talented 🙈🙊☺️
Taeyeon eonnie Hwaiting ✌🏼💕

Автор Jey Peggy ( назад)
Shes getting younger every year, while I'm getting older every second 😢
She's a goddess~

Автор Minh Hằng Đỗ ( назад)
Em yêu chỵ ạ!!!!

Автор MeU KLAV ( назад)
there's really no other female singer/idol that has a character and personality like her. she's very easygoing and simple. anyone who reach a peak career like her would have been a diva but taengo is just taengo. she's still the same girl who love to stay at home and bring coloring book wherever she goes lol <3

Автор shakira smith ( назад)
she's the best

Автор antonio djunaidi ( назад)
What a lovely leader..

I dont believe that she is the oldest in Girls Generation hhahaha

Автор jung ae ( назад)
I can hear Sharapova voice here

Автор Night Owl ( назад)
Is she a vampire cause she doesn't age or a zombie cause she bakes and eats human brains Hahhahha :D

Автор Sehun's Wifeu ( назад)
I think her voice got bigger. Taengooo is so pretty tho <3

Автор Vanessa Adyansa ( назад)
im so happy the dorkyy taeng iz backk

Автор ami min ( назад)
so cute

Автор Utami Yuliani ( назад)
she's do something with her lips.. I'm sure.. but, she's still always gorgeous >.<

Автор def_seul jaebumseulgi ( назад)
you're turning 30 next year. go and get married. 😂😘😘😘

Автор Taeyeon is back ( назад)
She looks so happy. I'm contented to see that 😊

Автор ChocolateObsessed ( назад)
Does anyone know if that is just normal toast or is toast sweeter in Korea?? I kind of want to try that now XD

Автор Giant Srrmm ( назад)
im fine thankyou n you?

Автор pepsiandsnapple ( назад)
the way he held up the whisk and said "uhh I cant cook lmao"

Автор xotaelovestephi _ ( назад)
I thought Taeyeon just turned 28 so why 29 please help mee~

Kim taeyeon is the cutest person alive. Plus she's funny make me love her more ! XD

Автор beruklucu ( назад)
woooow so cute..

Автор Song Ah Rang ( назад)
Damn, the future husband of her is the luckiest guy ever. I mean to see that charm and smile every day and waking up to her voice. I could only imagine. *silently praying that it would be me*

Автор Nine Nur Muharamah ( назад)
i see wendy in thumbnail

Автор doRy bedia ( назад)
Aaaahh this dork how can you not love her 😍

Автор SONE E.L.F ( назад)
What is the song name for 3:28?

Автор Amirah Aziz ( назад)
Kim Taeyeon unnie neomu neomu saranghaeyo!!!

Автор Park Denhyun ( назад)
i will meet taeyeon one day and take a selfie with her. Queen Taeyeon :')

Автор SONE X ARMY X CARAT ( назад)
"TAEYEON, The queen of songs" I know right... Around of applause to the script writer (if there was)

I love her 💕💕💕😭

Автор Rassel Kim ( назад)
She's turning 30 next year but damn she just look like a 18 years old. ❤

Автор michelle luulam ( назад)
hey, does anyone know the song at 3:31?

Автор Erick reyes ( назад)
shes 29?.. she looks like 20-25 to me...

Автор Erica Forbes ( назад)
taeyeon is so lovely 💞

Автор Minh Vuong Pham ( назад)
she was born in 89. But she still looks so young <3

Автор Lady Vengeance ( назад)
i mean how can people hate her when she's such a sensible and sensitive person? ❤

Автор BrntVanilla ( назад)
Does anyone know if the rumor that Taeyeon is gonna have a repackaged album in a couple of weeks true or not?!
I heard about this yesterday and I'm freaking out!!!
*SM get ready to catch my wallet and I'm suing for you guys letting Taeyeon kill me with her voice lmao*

Автор livinlife 01 ( назад)
Her personality is so cool

Автор Peter Ngo ( назад)

Автор Nurul Syazwani ( назад)
feellike want to try do the sandwich 🤔

Автор kaobin xx ( назад)
admire her even more❤

Автор Trustin Koh ( назад)

Автор BLONES ( назад)

Автор Alma :v ( назад)
she has another new nickname recently. it's called Kim Tae Hyuk😂

Автор Claire Lagdamen ( назад)
Seeing her face alone just relieves my stress. I like her humor too. I may not be able to meet her but when she was saying she was thankful for the fans, atleast, I'm part of it. ♥ Infinitely, saranghae, Taeyeon! ♥♥♥

Автор taeyeonxtiffany ( назад)
Taeyeon can turn 100 tomorrow and I'll still think she's the cutest person alive.

Автор taeyeonxtiffany ( назад)
"Taeyeon, the queen of songs"
You got that right.

Автор Ses Ferre ( назад)
I love that she's being thoughtful to her fans. 💝💕💕

Автор 현박 ( назад)
does she even age 😩 she's so pretty ❤

Автор Alleriaaa Alleriaaa ( назад)
I really like her behavior these days, its very uplifting and warm :)

Автор Byun Baek ( назад)
She's the cutest thing ever

Автор Anthea Koh ( назад)
its official its not a waste of time to use SNS. Approved by Tae 😂😂😂😂

Автор Taeyeon oppa ( назад)
tae :-)tae :-) :-)

Автор Cutie Pie ( назад)
Im wayy younger than her and I look wayy older than her 😂😭😭

Автор SNSDAPINK Sone/Panda ( назад)
Masarap sana kaso di ako kumakain ng may cream 😭 Pero bakla ka pa rin. Mapagpanggap na naman to si ateng 😂 Love you Kim Taeyeon! Chu chu~ 😘❤❤❤

Автор Rhian dela Cruz ( назад)
Finally the Eng Sub!!! :D

Автор Yoh Ass ( назад)
still my faforit.....,

Автор Yoh Ass ( назад)
She really is.....,

Автор Reno ( назад)
She's the cutest. Fighting Taeyeon ❤❤

Автор DIC 777 ( назад)
I've waited for this for my entire life, I watched one which has no subtitle. :")
I can imagine how joyful it is becoming her interviewer, she's full of charms! :D

Автор MysticSone♡ ( назад)
She is such an awkward cutie lol

Автор Unknownsinger10 ( назад)
Taeyeon is so precious. I just want to give her a big hug.

Автор chaerin 21 ( назад)
Taengo fighting!
btw does taeyeon have a tatoo?

Автор Anthony R. ( назад)
I jusy wanna throw out that Taeyeon is really beautiful and uhm.. yeah, let haters hate all they want.

Автор Azri Ayie ( назад)
I miss bboong couple......

Автор chim chim army ( назад)
Sorry Baek ........nope

Автор Joanne Switzer ( назад)
love you taeyeon though

Автор Joanne Switzer ( назад)

Автор Joanne Switzer ( назад)
I bet the people that are gonna read my comment are gonna think "she's crazy" but please don't say that to my face

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