As Seen On TV Money-Saving Gadgets TESTED!

  • Published on Jan 20, 2019
  • We TESTED "AS SEEN ON TV" Money Saving Products but were they worth it?
    Cut your phone costs by more than half: | Thanks to Decluttr for sponsoring this video. Start selling and buying your phone the smart way!

    On this episode of As Seen On TV: TESTED! we take a look at the Handy Heater, ULTRAHD Clear Vision Antenna, The Hydra Light and the Always Fresh... a bunch of MONEY-SAVERS... but are they as good as they advertise?
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  • john somerandomnumber

    hydro light defeated by rechargeable battery?

  • Brian Duda
    Brian Duda Day ago +1

    9:01 I thought the heater detonated💥

  • Cain Abel
    Cain Abel 2 days ago +1

    Apropos Blankets v Throws!
    •Just keep 1 of the little cozy light fleece 1's they give you on airplanes. We've got about 8 and use them as Throws over the backs of sofas and chairs. Everyone in our house has fallen asleep on the sofa at some time with 1 of these over them ! And if you feel a bit cold, pull down another.
    If that's not a possibility, go to a Knitting class. Knitted blankets are super-warm if made with the right wool. But you shouldn't Need to make one yourself, as most Knitters are Craft people too, and nearly always has blankets, throws, shawls, huge cardigans/pull-overs that they'll happily sell for the Cost of the Wool and @ £10 / €12 /$10 - $20
    My BH knits teeny little hats for "dolls" people think, cos they're Soo Small - but they're all for "Premmie Babies" (Premature babies, like you see on TV News usually, and most are wearing these little donated hats ! She does "Premmie" cardigans, baby knits and beautiful baby blankets!
    Blankets are the cost of Wool +£10. Baby knits to a specific pattern: Wool + £5. Her own patterns: Wool +£3. Everything depends on Who - she works in a Tesco Supermarket - so "Mates Rates" apply. She's done them for customers. She knitted various bits and pieces for "(her) My Wee Ladies !" - about 10 wee older women who would Only shop when BH. was on. And would Only Trust her to, "...keep me right !" And the Only Till operator to be allowed to see "her wee hens !" across the Main Road and Home - as the "Pensioner homes" were across a busy road ! If and when some gave her money, she bought wool for the "Premmies" and took pics to show them what their money went to. Sadly most have passed on, or been moved to Nursing Homes, but it hasn't stopped her "compulsive knitting habit !"
    She has only charged Over £20 once, for a convoluted pattern that took 3 weeks, working a cpl of hrs at nights - when she was home !
    And another bone of contention is I'm physically disabled, which means I don't generate much heat, but she's sitting knitting in pyjamas, fleece robe thing And a half done Wooly blanket! I'm bloody freezing ! while She's bloody roasted ! So it's a constant battle over the Thermostat !
    The Real point being, she's occupied - therefore not eating sweets, crisps, cookies etc So she's never Overweight !
    It's Therapeutic - which she needs, living with me ! She can make Personal presents - especially good for people like my wee mother, who has Everything she'll ever need, so a Personal Gift, Is A Gift - not a platitude to custom !

  • John Coffelt
    John Coffelt 2 days ago

    There are other companies that offer unlimited calls and text for 19.99/month data plans are available at an additional charge

  • Diamond Death
    Diamond Death 2 days ago +4

    8:55 JEEZ your family

  • superpilotdude
    superpilotdude 3 days ago +1

    My parents made a tv antenna with a aluminum pie pan.

  • John Ashmore
    John Ashmore 3 days ago

    I’m pleased it was a Sony tv

  • Reddestroyer Gaming
    Reddestroyer Gaming 5 days ago +5

    6:35 I’m not buying that because this is what he said

  • Jakethebassplayer
    Jakethebassplayer 5 days ago

    Put the tv antennas on the room ceiling or in room window,gets better results

  • anthony black
    anthony black 5 days ago +1

    you do know most blankets cost like 60 bucks right if you wanna get one that keeps you warm

    • Ishigaki san
      Ishigaki san 5 days ago

      but it doesn't cost you electricity, beside you probably already have one.

  • Caiden Urban
    Caiden Urban 6 days ago +3

    Anyone else going to talk about the fact he had a wolf in his yard

    ALEKSANDAR KING 6 days ago

    My handy heater stops automaticly when it makes the set temperature

  • A Navarrette
    A Navarrette 8 days ago +2

    I can't sell because your god damn code has expired

  • Joe
    Joe 8 days ago +5

    I bought the heater and It works great in the bathroom during the winter. No more frozen ass cheeks here.

  • Fringeless
    Fringeless 9 days ago

    i got a dikc like a pikcel and ma knose is large.

  • Noah Engle
    Noah Engle 9 days ago +2

    Is it hot in here or is it just my Handy Heater?

  • Andrew Sigurdson
    Andrew Sigurdson 9 days ago +1

    “No big deal as long as you like jet engines”

  • Oz bubbleGaming
    Oz bubbleGaming 9 days ago +1

    Was he unironically using DuckDuck go as a web browser?

  • anthony b
    anthony b 14 days ago +9

    Hey stoopid the maglights light adjusts

  • Cartoons In the hood
    Cartoons In the hood 14 days ago +9

    4:08 ?? Don’t get it ?

    • Melissa Gin
      Melissa Gin 10 days ago

      He could have literally ment a hair roller

    • Mtn Dew
      Mtn Dew 14 days ago

      you cant really prove it he could have meant literally anything else than that

    • Cartoons In the hood
      Cartoons In the hood 14 days ago

      Just a Boy ohhhhh that’s nasty 🤢

    • Just a Boy
      Just a Boy 14 days ago +2

      He means pee

  • Tom H
    Tom H 15 days ago +6

    2:34 Damn, haven't seen or heard from AOL messenger in a hot minute lol

  • Ree named
    Ree named 15 days ago +6

    The water on the thumbnail is weirdly blue

  • Cesar Estrada
    Cesar Estrada 16 days ago +6


    • A B
      A B 15 days ago

      The 300 hour lifespan on the flashlight equals 12 1/2 days if you call it good it's good I Collett bad as bad that don't sound like much the way I run flashlights pretty good I've always work it in the house at all in the car and in a weeks time I probably got 24 hours or a flashlight because like I said I'm going outside I carry one all the time if a flashlight only had a 12 1/2 day lifespan it would probably only take me 30 days maybe 60 but no longer did that before I would be chalking it out because it wouldn't work

    • Use code WILDCAT
      Use code WILDCAT 15 days ago +3


  • Petriccione's Channel
    Petriccione's Channel 16 days ago +3

    Announcer sounds like John Hein

  • Pit Friend
    Pit Friend 16 days ago

    I have a large space heater that has a thermostat that seems to work the same way. If you just turn it on the unit will keep running even after the room is past the set temperature. If you move the setting and then put it back to where you want it actually works. No idea why.

  • Alan B
    Alan B 16 days ago +2

    That hydrocell battery 😲

  • Mason Williams
    Mason Williams 16 days ago +3

    The hydro light. Waste your water.

  • Slim Sqde
    Slim Sqde 18 days ago +6

    this dood cant even learn how to focus a mag light rip
    ps u twist the end he had it set so it made a 'donut'

  • Freestila F.
    Freestila F. 18 days ago +1

    What the hell, 900 bucks for a phone, 100 dollar per month???? Are you crazy???
    Get a middle class phone for 150-200, and cheaper service. Do you need unlimited data on mobile? I never use my 1 gig up...

    • Bethan Bos
      Bethan Bos 10 days ago

      ehh I think he’s catering to an audience that wants unlimited data and an iPhone.
      I have unlimited data and I love it. I can stream video and face time people wherever I want.

    • Left Right
      Left Right 15 days ago

      shan shanu once Jio kills the competition, they will increase the price.

    • shan shanu
      shan shanu 18 days ago

      @Freestila F. India, we used have expensive data plans before 2 years and a new carrier (jio) came crushing the market basically giving free internet for like 6 months, after that till this day internet and calls at lower rate and others also followed. We only have Unlocked phones in here . And for my home wifi we pay around $6/pm(₹400) unlimited data (24 mbps just checked in Not the fastest but best value I think.

    • Freestila F.
      Freestila F. 18 days ago

      @shan shanu Wow, in which country? In Germany, the cheapest i get is around 7$ for one month unlimited calls and 1Gig per month. Although lots of people here pay around 20$ or more if they want a mobile phone included.

    • shan shanu
      shan shanu 18 days ago +1

      Do u want to know what we get for $2, unlimited calls and 1.5Gb/per day for 28 days.

  • Michelle Giles
    Michelle Giles 18 days ago

    I used to have a handy heater it works really well

  • DiamondsOnDemand
    DiamondsOnDemand 19 days ago +4

    Handy heater is shit

  • MicMaine
    MicMaine 19 days ago +5

    Heaters gonna heat....unsubscribed.

  • Austin Holbrook
    Austin Holbrook 19 days ago +2

    “EH, no big deal. AS LONG AS YOU LIKE JET ENGINES.”

  • aakla
    aakla 19 days ago

    regular baggies don't stay air sealed though for long :(

  • daniel yeroshalmi
    daniel yeroshalmi 20 days ago

    they have to make a vacuum packer that works with regular ziplock bags lol im editing this comment cause i saw the rest of this vid

  • daniel yeroshalmi
    daniel yeroshalmi 20 days ago +1

    wasnt there something else that charged with water
    and he was talking about pee when he said yeh i know ur wondering yes it does

  • daniel yeroshalmi
    daniel yeroshalmi 20 days ago

    they sell that antenna for 1 dollar near me

  • ichiban2point0
    ichiban2point0 20 days ago +4

    Try using distilled water for the hydralight.

  • Cute Doggos
    Cute Doggos 20 days ago +3

    Heater is basically a hairdryer.

  • wildcardNS
    wildcardNS 20 days ago +3

    Honestly that hydrolight looks dope as fuck

  • owo pls adopt me
    owo pls adopt me 21 day ago +6

    Can you give me a dislike?

    Edit:sees that I have likes (sad weeb nosies)

  • Bud Gates
    Bud Gates 21 day ago +9

    The TV antennas only work if you live like thirty miles from a TV station. Small towns out of luck

  • Huayi Wang
    Huayi Wang 21 day ago

    Heaters gonna Heat

  • pfoley103
    pfoley103 21 day ago

    the handy heater sucks ass 😂😂😂

  • Ghost Face Killah
    Ghost Face Killah 21 day ago +2

    Instructioning on suctioning!😂

  • Von Gabriel Galicha
    Von Gabriel Galicha 21 day ago +2

    Bruce banner is a bit tanner😂😂

  • YungReg88
    YungReg88 21 day ago +3

    $300 is entirely too much for a phone. I wouldn't even pay $100 for one. All I do is talk and text so I don't need a smart phone. I have a computer for internet purposes Lol.

    • SkanMLL
      SkanMLL 20 days ago

      @YungReg88 some companies will contribute to your phone bill, like $50 a month, but you won't find many companies these days that will provide you with a phone.

    • YungReg88
      YungReg88 20 days ago

      @SkanMLLSorry about that, man. I thought certain companies were supposed to provide things like that. Hopefully your company will reimburse you for it.

    • SkanMLL
      SkanMLL 21 day ago

      Not an option for some of us.. I have to be available by email 24/7 .. and dont even think the company will buy the phone LOL

    • ctoczynski88
      ctoczynski88 21 day ago +2

      Good for you

  • Jennie Wright
    Jennie Wright 21 day ago +2

    I never knew you didn't have to pay for a TV licence in America

    • Earl Spencer
      Earl Spencer 20 days ago

      You pay for it via incessant commercials and absolutely no international coverage of any kind.

  • PhazonBlaxor
    PhazonBlaxor 22 days ago +10

    40 bucks a month for unlimited, up to 5Mbps data plan? Lol, that's just terrible. :'D Mine is 1/4 of the price for 30 times faster connection. You American people have totally overpriced LTE plans, no offence.

    • PhazonBlaxor
      PhazonBlaxor 21 day ago

      @ce neblock I live in Finnish Lapland and the population densitiy here is very low, so I don't think that's the case (North America as a whole has 13 times higher population density).

    • ce neblock
      ce neblock 22 days ago +1

      It's a problem with how big our country is.
      In places like Europe where the population is way more dense, one tower can easily service many more people.

  • Trex thepony
    Trex thepony 25 days ago +5

    They are very inefficient, but. That small plug in one would be perfect. The bigger ones have the same heat output. So. Buy a small electric heater and let it pumo

  • Trex thepony
    Trex thepony 25 days ago +4

    Little funny thing about electric heaters

  • Zafryl Aiman
    Zafryl Aiman 25 days ago +3

    Published on Jan 2019?
    The code doesn't even work anymore

    • Zafryl Aiman
      Zafryl Aiman 22 days ago +1

      @Me'em just thought this vid was published this week cause the comments are sorted by new

    • Me'em
      Me'em 22 days ago +1

      It has been four months though. I'm not surprised they're not running the code all year.

  • Calvin
    Calvin 26 days ago +3

    Let's fire it up and see if this thing sucks. lol

  • Pepe Greenfrog
    Pepe Greenfrog 26 days ago

    Cool video! Are you on Bitchute?

  • Jamie Meyer
    Jamie Meyer 26 days ago +2

    @ 5:07, girl speaking.., voice Doesn't Know the MAG LITE HAS an ADJUSTABLE BEAM pattern ....

    • Scotty Hov
      Scotty Hov 21 day ago +1

      @alan miller ohhhh gotcha, thank you for the clarification makes sense now

    • alan miller
      alan miller 21 day ago

      @Scotty Hov You can adjust the beam on the mag lites buy twisting the head of the light.I dont think the reviewer knew this.

    • Scotty Hov
      Scotty Hov 23 days ago

      Uh wat?

  • christian goff
    christian goff 27 days ago +1

    I have a handy heater and its fuckin rad i am a person who holds blankets over heater vents and this lil guy is all i need get a book extention cord u could be in a car or garage shit is dope

  • rachelle mengwasser
    rachelle mengwasser 27 days ago +2

    His comments kill me

  • Noah Echols
    Noah Echols 27 days ago +1

    I have the handy heater. And it’s actually good

  • Pat mahomes Goat
    Pat mahomes Goat 27 days ago

    Is the hydro cell reuseable or 1 time use?

  • TITAN Roo
    TITAN Roo 28 days ago +2

    9:53 so just your typical Thermi based Graphics card?

  • NotIllegal
    NotIllegal Month ago +10

    My Xbox puts out more heat than that heater after a couple of hours of playing

  • Tiger_Bite_ Jay's_Eye
    Tiger_Bite_ Jay's_Eye Month ago +5

    I love this guy's

    • Miller Golovko
      Miller Golovko Month ago +2

      I’ve fallen so far through the pun hole I’m punder ground...

  • Jr McDonald
    Jr McDonald Month ago +5

    "heaters gonna heat". I lol'd.

  • Dylan Jacobs
    Dylan Jacobs Month ago +5

    Oh I’ve gotten to this part of RUclip 😂

  • German Aguilar
    German Aguilar Month ago +6

    “No big deal as long as u like jet engines”😂😭

  • Sir Richel
    Sir Richel Month ago +5

    I am new to this channel. What is with the dislike ratio being this high? Is it because subs expect different content?

  • justin dawson
    justin dawson Month ago

    I have 2 as seen on TV products and wounder if you have any ideas to make it better the artic air ultra rather then lugging a big ol air conditioner and a electric tennis racket to help with bees

  • Andrew van Leeuwen
    Andrew van Leeuwen Month ago +1

    Mag lites are s*it 🙄 try thrunite or nitecore for cheap and powerful lights

  • Thechristopherryan
    Thechristopherryan Month ago +2

    Hey, you signed a contract from arm & leg too? Thought I was the only one getting raped by AT&T

  • Mr. Panda
    Mr. Panda Month ago +3

    Should I buy from decluttr? I need a phone

  • pinballman1
    pinballman1 Month ago +10

    Mag lights have an adjustable head to focus the light. Not a good comparison if you aren't going to focus the Mag lights.

    • Jake Garrett
      Jake Garrett 14 days ago

      Do they all? Because my Grandpa had a bunch (probably 20 years old), and they all had this beam issue (it’s the design flaw in the traditional pinched glass housing of the bulb, LED bulbs are done for raven spread not a sharp pench which directs light everywhere except the middle). I mean, surely there is some optical trickery that would work, but his didn’t have anything to fix that. They could zoom on some of them sure, but they all had the dead zone (which is down to the bulb manufacturing process on at least the one I looked at).

  • Jason Abbott
    Jason Abbott Month ago +4

    What is a Sim only data plan?

    • Joshua Sturt
      Joshua Sturt Month ago +1

      instead of paying a monthly bill for your handset along with data msg and minutes. You are just paying for data msg and minutes because you would already own a phone or you would have brought a pre owned phone

  • Master Wade
    Master Wade Month ago +4

    I know he did not just say kindle the flame and praise the sun

  • Malte Hjälmdahl
    Malte Hjälmdahl Month ago +8

    9:36 get schwifty

    • GaMmAaO
      GaMmAaO Month ago

      Oh yeahhhh its time to get schwifty

    • ragadaDeath
      ragadaDeath Month ago


  • Xarzith
    Xarzith Month ago +8

    If only had you focused the Maglite instead of just turning it on...

  • Todd Doll
    Todd Doll Month ago +4

    I’ve watched several of your videos and they do not suck. Lol bonus!

  • 1Orderchaos
    1Orderchaos Month ago +6

    Hmmm it seems someone deleted all the popular comments I wonder why...

  • Damian Butler
    Damian Butler Month ago +3

    Danklage splanklage

  • Lenonn Bizz
    Lenonn Bizz Month ago +5

    Steven Hyde: So, I've heard about this flashlight THAT RUNS ON WATER!!!

  • korky7775
    korky7775 Month ago +5

    Take note: If the selling price is soooo low imagine if you will what these people give you for your old phone ( in a word "Fuck all " )

  • SK live
    SK live Month ago +2

    those are cool gajics

  • Lemar Griffiths Garcia

    1:14 or even better get a roku

  • Joseph Smith
    Joseph Smith Month ago +6

    You know you are supposed to focus the lense of a mag light right...? So that it lights up everything at any distance

  • Houdini
    Houdini Month ago +3

    put that thermometer across the room and watch how it doesnt work. lol straight garbage.

    • Jake Garrett
      Jake Garrett 14 days ago

      Muhammad Afrizan I’ve got a similar heater, it works nice (LCD digital thermostat), and it looks more like Eva from WallE movie. It was $10 at Walmart, works pretty good, got 2 of them and they shut off almost the same time, so within 1/3 degree variance (which is astounding, I mean, I doubt they use NTC thermocouple but it seems they might since most cheap thermocouples are +-5% which is a massive amount!).
      No it doesn’t heat up my room as fast as my 1700w computer can, but it did keep me from freezing too bad when my computer was broken (it’s coolant system leaked and soaked my carpet, my house was so cold milk for my cereal was frozen....). Obviously you want a phase refrigeration cycle for probably 6 to 8x higher heating efficiency, but I didn’t have one so mini space heater it was!

    • Muhammad Afrizan
      Muhammad Afrizan Month ago

      Ofc doest work, who stupid enough to buy that thing lol

  • MindMod
    MindMod Month ago

    WTH is that chanel !

  • a
    a Month ago +2

    an escanor fan?

  • soggymoustache
    soggymoustache Month ago +1

    I love this channel and i wanna know in the water flashlight what is the thing you say will work but not tell i think it is peeing on it but thats gross and i wanna know what other people thought it was

  • Mike Nor
    Mike Nor Month ago +4

    Hmm, put the digital thermometer right above the heater isn't how to take an accurate reading.

  • uday singh
    uday singh Month ago +2

    Bro sense of humour is lit....😂😂😂

  • r1ck_ 5anch3s_c137
    r1ck_ 5anch3s_c137 Month ago +1


  • andrew walker
    andrew walker Month ago +5

    I'm glad you know good culture.
    Praise the sun good sir

  • Jason Miller
    Jason Miller Month ago +2

    Most heaters are scams, the big oil ones work but again I only suggest them if you don't have air conditioning

    • Jake Garrett
      Jake Garrett 14 days ago

      It’s literally the same, the efficiency is 1:1. If it’s not, arrest that heater because it’s breaking the laws of thermodynamics!
      Or use a refrigeration system, you’ll get about 4:1 COP (meaning it dumps 3 units of cold out, burns 1 unit of energy, so the hot side is 4 units hot. So like 250w electricity is 1000w heating your house).
      The oil heater does not have a special refrigeration system, and it doesn’t have a radiator sitting outside your house, so it’s the same as electric or ceramic (or even that ac unit I mentioned if you put it in the middle of your living room in a box since it now doesn’t move that energy from one environment to the next and will only do 250w of heating).

  • Derek Ferraro
    Derek Ferraro Month ago +5

    Lmao! I love the commentary

  • Elise McCurdy
    Elise McCurdy Month ago +1

    I have old slide up and flip you think they would give me something for that. Never had an IPhone.

  • HH33LL0 YT
    HH33LL0 YT Month ago +1

    HH? thats me

  • Rison Lu
    Rison Lu Month ago +3

    he said *to save some dough*

  • ViktorKN02
    ViktorKN02 Month ago +2

    Flashlights have a reason for the dim middlepart

    • NPC #18650
      NPC #18650 29 days ago +1

      @Jason Abbott it's just the lack of focus. Any good flashlight let's you adjust the beam. Either flood or spot lighting. It's not really a purpose, just a choice.

    • The purdy channel
      The purdy channel Month ago


    • Jason Abbott
      Jason Abbott Month ago

      What's the reason?

  • Short Clip Memes
    Short Clip Memes Month ago +6

    Just a friendly reminder you might be using your *mobile data*
    But besides that have a *good day or night*

    • PhazonBlaxor
      PhazonBlaxor 22 days ago

      I'm always using mobile data. I'm writing this on windows desktop PC and it uses mobile data too, I don't even have any other connections. So...?

    • Vita Mulhern
      Vita Mulhern Month ago


    • kofeeprince
      kofeeprince Month ago

      I don't have a choice :'D

    • Simply
      Simply Month ago

      lmao you made me check, was using WiFi but thanks for the reminder 😅

    • Nemo_is_a_weeb
      Nemo_is_a_weeb Month ago

      Short Clip Memes ur to late

  • Sherloid Bai
    Sherloid Bai Month ago +5

    HEY, you use DuckDuckGo too, because f%^*k google. :)

    • racingstripes103
      racingstripes103 Month ago

      @Suzyo Pumio hold up

    • Suzyo Pumio
      Suzyo Pumio Month ago +1

      I farted and a big chunk of lobster meat flew out my b hole and stuck to the wall.

  • Praise The Sun
    Praise The Sun Month ago +9