Living On $172K A Year In NYC | Millennial Money

  • Published on Oct 3, 2019
  • Drake Pooley, 23, lives in New York, NY, and earns $172,000 a year as a consulting associate. He earns a base of $120,000 with an additional $47,250 in compensation from his bonus, profit share and extra 401(k) match.
    This is the latest installment of Millennial Money, which profiles people across the U.S. and details how they earn and spend their money.
    Read more about Drake's budget breakdown here:
    As an associate management consultant for a top New York City-based firm, the 23-year-old spends Monday through Thursday in a different U.S. city - Chicago, Cincinnati and Nashville are all recent destinations - helping organizations come up with solutions for the problems plaguing them.
    He frequently finds himself working out of hotel rooms at 11 p.m., but doesn't mind the long days. Working hard, Pooley says, is in his blood. His dad is an entrepreneur who is always coming up with a new business idea to test out. But it's his grandmother, a Lithuanian who came to the U.S. from Venezuela at 14, who Pooley most admires.
    "My grandmother was actually a refugee. She was the hardest working person I ever met," he says.
    On the side, he coaches Chinese college students on U.S. and Chinese employment processes, helping them navigate the beginnings of their careers in a foreign country. He charges $100 per hour and brings in around $400 per month.
    "I've lived in China twice, and I'm very familiar with how Chinese students think and also the cultural differences," he says.
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    Living On $172K A Year In NYC | Millennial Money

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  • CNBC Make It.
    CNBC Make It.  3 months ago +235

    What's your budget breakdown? Share your story with us at for a chance to be featured in a future episode. We're especially looking for folks in and around Philadelphia, Denver or Austin.

    • one boy
      one boy 2 hours ago

      Is there the miskate? Maybe 72k, not 172k, because his monthly budget is 6k, and had to be 14k (with 172k per year). It's changes all accent in this video

    • Rolman80 80
      Rolman80 80 2 days ago

      So other people specially older worker dont have to work as hard because they are cemented in the company typical entitled millenial looooooser it doesnt matter how much money he has or makes.

    • IAM 104
      IAM 104 17 days ago

      individual taxpayers who make $137,000 or more, or married couples filing jointly who make $203,000 or more, are not eligible to make Roth IRA contributions in 2019. How is Pooley contributing $500 each month to his account. Is there a loophole if so please tell us.

    • qwerty qwerty
      qwerty qwerty 20 days ago

      Shamemale what is this

  • Jhon Ed
    Jhon Ed Hour ago

    He works too much. He deserves to work less and get paid the same

  • one boy
    one boy 2 hours ago


  • Jdlc
    Jdlc 12 hours ago

    Wrf im 30 and only just out ilof minimum wage ,shows you a real the class system .he's in a different world to me.
    Everyone says he 'deserves it' fine,but how come these opportunities aren't known or available to ppl like me.
    I'd pay him to tell me about professional development /career paths-i still don't have a clue.

  • Shy
    Shy 17 hours ago

    All I hear and see is white privilege. That’s it. Nothing he says matters at all . I don’t get the point in this video at all

  • Daniel Percent
    Daniel Percent 18 hours ago

    Working 15 hours a day? No thanks. I love fulltime, but I will never cross over that 12 hour mark. Its just not in me, if you like those hours then sure- more power to ya.

  • Abitamim Bharmal
    Abitamim Bharmal 21 hour ago

    23 is pretty much gen z, not millennial

  • Ty Ty
    Ty Ty 22 hours ago +1

    Dam I’m 38 and making 12 bucks an hour and jerk odd to pornhub

  • Black Lyfe
    Black Lyfe Day ago

    Ima be rich one day why am I watching this?

  • Aman
    Aman Day ago +1

    Jesus 173k ay 23yrs old 🤨 Only in the USA

  • Hamza Turan Kubilay

    Get rid of of your arm hair.

  • Alex Murillo
    Alex Murillo Day ago

    Give back to kids that have no access to education. You could also help the homeless.

  • Felix Scholz
    Felix Scholz 2 days ago

    i couldnt live like that, so many things to do, your life just becomes a blur and a mess... i need peace and quiet time, not just work work work work...15 hours a day and all these side jobs, when does he just sit down, relax or do something not work related? i mean working hard and being ambitious is fine, but not devoting every minute of every day to work ... even if you like your job, wheres the enjoyment in that? 😝

  • finkomsky
    finkomsky 2 days ago

    Pure nonsense he is not on that money, glass door, indeed, LinkedIn all say avg salary 70k for associate positions in management consulting

  • GMJ
    GMJ 2 days ago

    Instead of hoarding his money and using it to wall himself off from the masses, this guy is investing not just in himself, but his neighbors, his family, and total strangers. The contrast between the younger generations and the "old money" couldn't be starker.

  • Rafael
    Rafael 2 days ago

    im 23 and in my 5th year of school 😂😭 rip in pieces

  • Colma B
    Colma B 2 days ago

    > In New York
    > 15 hour days
    Bro have fun with that, Would rather live in dirt_town and make half as much.

  • H Xen
    H Xen 2 days ago

    Smart young man with a good outlet and responsible, goal-oriented perspective. Nothing wrong making money the honest way: earning it! And he is.

  • Huzufu
    Huzufu 3 days ago

    He works 15 HOURSS A DAYY?!?!?!??!

  • alter3go
    alter3go 3 days ago

    I read the title and start watching this video thinking to myself "What am I doing wrong"
    See he works 15 hours a day
    I do the math.
    Now it makes sense.

  • Suhail Ahmed
    Suhail Ahmed 3 days ago +7

    At 23 I was figuring out life and

    now that I'm 27 I'm still figuring out life!

    • Straight Left
      Straight Left 5 hours ago

      Same here also 27 ,just remember as long as you don't have kids you will always have time to try something new and starting all over with less risks.

    • kazzilla99
      kazzilla99 20 hours ago +2

      Not alone

  • hxvideo
    hxvideo 3 days ago

    His female coworker is very hot

  • Phaseme0810
    Phaseme0810 3 days ago

    his roth ira alone will be almost a million dollars $

  • Esa Edvik
    Esa Edvik 3 days ago +6

    Working all the time isn't "work ethic". It's a slow suicide.

    • Esa Edvik
      Esa Edvik 2 days ago +1

      @F S My point exactly.

    • F S
      F S 2 days ago

      For some people working is like addiction

  • M W
    M W 4 days ago +18

    1:32 That's crazy, I make 50k EUR in France, and save almost the same amount per month, but working 35 hours per week, with free healthcare, rich unemployment benefits, and a decent retirement pension.

    • Jdlc
      Jdlc 12 hours ago +1

      Thats a a lot of money for Europe even

    • Shy
      Shy 17 hours ago

      M W okay?

    • M W
      M W 2 days ago +8

      @Andrew lol 1400 Euros a month covers all expenses of a regular person anywhere in France, except probably Paris.

    • Andrew
      Andrew 2 days ago

      lol with 1,400 euroes left a month i bet u cant afford crap

  • Varun G
    Varun G 4 days ago

    SeeIndia @2:59😍

  • Cui Ning
    Cui Ning 4 days ago

    This guy is really cool

  • Wy123
    Wy123 4 days ago

    Are you a bottom?

  • Not That Person
    Not That Person 4 days ago

    Typical Millennial making 172k as a management consultant, paid off his student loans in a couple of months, negotiated his medical expenses, looking at an MBA so he can make it big in VC, and probably will retire in 15 years. Why are Millennials complaining? I mean it's just so obvious that y'all should go into management consulting.

  • chinqalicious
    chinqalicious 4 days ago


  • Goat Man
    Goat Man 5 days ago

    its not how much money you make, its how much money you get to keep after taxes and expenses.

  • Aniruddha Kalanke
    Aniruddha Kalanke 5 days ago

    2:07 invites and no one comes 🤣😟 deep inside I know the feeling

  • whiteronaldj90
    whiteronaldj90 5 days ago

    I admire what this man does but I don’t think it’s for me. 15 hours a day isn’t worth it. Unless you really love the job you’re not actually living life. Id rather make the 75 k a year im making and continue my 40 hour weeks. That being said, this guy appears super passionate and it seems like he’s enjoying this lifestyle. Hope he continues to bigger things

  • Donta Jones
    Donta Jones 5 days ago

    I'm making 6 figures in KY with just a high school education. The best part I get to spend time with my family.

  • james Pitt
    james Pitt 6 days ago

    My grandma was also 100% Lithuanian and was very smart. I was in the John Hopkins advanced math and reading program when I was in school and it was 100% because of her. She passed when I was 12 and then I stopped trying. Now I'm a temp at a warehouse and I'm going to be 30. Long story short- being naturally smart is great, but applying yourself will get you much further.

  • Ian Hirsch
    Ian Hirsch 6 days ago

    It's important to remember that an $120k base salary in New York leads to the same cost of living in Houston (where he came from) at ~$45k.

  • Jose Vazquez
    Jose Vazquez 6 days ago +20

    Although admirable and inspirational, he looks like he’s 33. Slow down, sir.

  • Oberoi2000
    Oberoi2000 7 days ago +1

    So basically, you earn more per hour tutoring Chinese students, than your actual day job?

  • April Katie
    April Katie 7 days ago +1

    and hes a WHITE MALE. duh of course.

  • Andrei Adam
    Andrei Adam 7 days ago

    Imagine making 175k a year and having to need roommates and split a 800 sq ft. Apt just to live in NYC.... that’s why I took my NYC money, moved to FL and built a house for half

    • Fahd Ahmed
      Fahd Ahmed 2 days ago

      yeah but now you live in FL

  • A_B ZAK
    A_B ZAK 7 days ago

    This dude is full of life and energy , while i am just here sitting in my dark room in this 3rd world country contemplating why my hardwork all those years didn't pay-off, sometimes you just have to accept it.

  • Murray Pendergrass
    Murray Pendergrass 7 days ago

    lol how much does his resume review website turn in ad profit?

  • Captive
    Captive 9 days ago

    Omfg an MBAer wanting to go into venture capital. Freaking useless mfer.

  • Captive
    Captive 9 days ago

    Cool you're obsessed with money. Congrats.

    • Captive
      Captive 6 days ago

      @J L Make significantly more than him. Money doesn't create happiness. It's just security.

    • J L
      J L 6 days ago

      Lol very jealous aren't you

  • Chris Edwards
    Chris Edwards 10 days ago

    Man this guy is hustles. Respect for that.

  • L. K.
    L. K. 10 days ago

    WTF IS CONSULTING?! I’m 33 years old and still have no idea what a consultant actually does.

  • Inquisitve m
    Inquisitve m 10 days ago

    He is fromHouston? Must have been a culture shock moving to NYC

  • Emmarellda1
    Emmarellda1 10 days ago

    hes so responsible (saving over 2.7k every month)??? and works so much?? no wonder why hes rich.

  • Martin Frison
    Martin Frison 10 days ago +1

    Chinesse paid 100$ hours wow

  • sofa king yoked brah
    sofa king yoked brah 10 days ago

    Kids earning every penny. He deserves it.

  • Jason.
    Jason. 11 days ago

    My brother lives in NY making 360,000 + a year at 27

  • AmbitiousLive
    AmbitiousLive 11 days ago

    At 23, he is barely making the cut for millennial.

  • Ed Ch
    Ed Ch 11 days ago

    Smart dude

  • SDiaspora
    SDiaspora 11 days ago

    How do you work for 15 hours a day AND still have side hustles??

  • poop bread
    poop bread 12 days ago

    anywhere else 172k is bank

  • Motivation Energy
    Motivation Energy 12 days ago +1

    The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand

  • Doors067
    Doors067 12 days ago

    15 hours a day? Lmao thats not living haha

  • Geras Geresnis
    Geras Geresnis 12 days ago


  • Loveduhmusic
    Loveduhmusic 13 days ago

    Good job Drake. Work hard to get ahead of others. You earned it👍

  • 96Natasja
    96Natasja 13 days ago

    There is no way he's single