Jason Chaffetz Digs in on Comey at Start of Capitol Hearing: ‘We Are Mystified and Confused’:

  • Опубликовано: 7 июл 2016
  • Jason Chaffetz opened up Thursday morning’s hearing with a scathing takedown of FBI Director James Comey‘s recent announcement that he would not be recommending charges to the Justice Department in the probe into Hillary Clinton‘s private server. “I’m here because we are mystified and confused,” opened Chaffetz, who is serving as the Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, “by the fact pattern that you laid out and the conclusions that you reached.” “It seems there are two standards,” he said, repeating the often-spoken line that the same charges against Clinton would result in punishment for other people. “This classified information is entrusted to a very few. But there is such a duty and an obligation to protect that - to fall on your sword to protect that.”
    Comey said this week that while the former Secretary of State and her staff were “extremely careless” the the handling of sensitive materials, it did not fit the bill for “gross negligence,” the legal standard meaning a person consciously and voluntarily disregarded the need to use reasonable care www.mediaite.com/online/we-are-mystified-and-confused-chaffetz-digs-in-on-comey-at-start-of-capitol-hearing/
    Watch the above opening address from Jason Chaffetz via MSNBC.Jason Chaffetz GRILLS James Comey On Why No Charges For Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton Email Investigation FBI Director James Comey testified at a hearing on the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of private email servers while serving as secretary of state, as well as the decision to not recommend criminal charges against her. When quizzed by Republican Congressman Jason Chaffetz during his Congressional testimony Thursday, FBI Director James Comey declined to answer whether or not he would grant Hillary Clinton a security clearance given what he now knows about how she handled classified information. “The FBI does background checks. If Hillary Clinton applied for the job at the FBI, would the FBI give Hillary Clinton a security clearance?” asked the Utah Republican.
    “I don’t want to answer a hypothetical,” Comey responded, “The FBI has a robust process in which we adjudicate the suitability of people for employment in the bureau.” Chaffetz tried rewording his question, asking instead about a generic person who did what Clinton did. “It would be a very important consideration in a suitability determination,” Comey admitted. “You’re kind of making my point, Director,” Chaffetz said to intermittent laughter in the gallery. “The point being, because I injected the word ‘Hillary Clinton,’ you gave me a different answer.” He then proceeded to list off Clinton’s security failings: “If I came up to you and said this person was extremely careless with classified information, the exposure to hostile actors, had used, despite warnings, created unnecessary burdens and exposure, if they said they had one device and you found out they had multiple devices, if there had been e-mail chains with somebody like Jake Sullivan asking for classification changes, you’re telling me the FBI would grant a security clearance to that person?” “I’m not answering - I hope I’m giving a consistent answer,” Comey responded. “I’m not saying what the answer would be, I’m saying that would be a important consideration in a suitability determination for anybody.”
    “Personally I just think that sounds a bit like a political answer because I can’t imagine that the FBI would grant security clearance to somebody with that fact pattern,” Chaffetz said to Comey. I say what I said before, it’s very hard to answer a hypothetical,” he replied.

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  • Lance Lee
    Lance Lee 3 месяца назад


  • sina mumuta
    sina mumuta 5 месяцев назад

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  • Simon Epshteyn
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  • Copainization
    Copainization Год назад

    Word for word stated and restated-lock her up!
    What country wouldn't want Wikileaks to go anywhere but full on disclosures?
    Until Comey's old clearance (highest among 17 agencies> plays to uncivilized conduct via The Constitution.
    You are sooo fired...

  • DAWN G
    DAWN G Год назад

    This is good!! Comey must be investigated he has been Claight in so many lies! The fact Clinton was not questioned under oath?! Sickening

    • DAWN G
      DAWN G Год назад

      Comey is corrupt as hell!

  • John Gilmour
    John Gilmour Год назад

    COMEY is being instructed by a member of your congressional group, to say nothing, using "secret Masonic order signals"

  • Bobbie Grigsby
    Bobbie Grigsby Год назад

    why do we spend so much money on investigation when Comey has an excuse for not to proscute.

  • m beginization
    m beginization Год назад

    So all these hearings over the last 8 yrs have not been finished because congress did not know it had to refer the FBI to look at the law being broken, what a bunch of time wasters this congress has been

  • RobPaul
    RobPaul Год назад +1


  • James Burns
    James Burns Год назад

    Why is Chaffetz more concerned about Hillay, then Trump and his administration's communication? What a partisan junk dog! Very telling, and disgusting!

    • golfito
      golfito Год назад

      James Burns
      Because he's corrupt.

  • Antiecm
    Antiecm Год назад

    Comey makes the FBI look stupid with his attempts to cover Hillary. I tell you what he has done, he has set a precedent that will bite them in the ass someday. Allowing one criminal to walk opens the door for the rest.

  • Brian Skinner
    Brian Skinner Год назад +1

    this curly headed asshole is a traitor--tell us what the repubs are doing now that trump has betrayed America. What !!! Speak up you teabaggers !!!

  • june bug
    june bug Год назад

    i love Jason..he's the man

    • golfito
      golfito Год назад

      june bug
      Chaffetz and Nunez and McConnell and Ryan and Gowdy are all hypocrites and corrupt and traitors.

  • Bike Life
    Bike Life Год назад

    James Comey should be fired. And prosecuted for obstructing justice and perjury Underoath

  • NeoTheOne
    NeoTheOne Год назад +1

    Everyone look up and help expose gang stalking!

    TWTR4EVER Год назад +1

    This "Jason Chaffetz" is a buffoon jackass Donald J Trump puppet!
    Obstructionist with the agenda of dismantling Government Social Security / medicare / post office / Veteran Health Care
    A repulsive talking head of bought and paid for SPECIAL interests!
    He favors corporate Republica privatization for PROFIT for his cronies & the destruction of the middle class!!!!!!!!!!

  • Super Dynamite
    Super Dynamite Год назад

    Comey is protecting Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch and Obama.

    HE NEEDS TO GO NOW! Год назад

    Chaffetz: 2 faced peice of shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ZephoN
    ZephoN Год назад

    lol You can tell Chaffetz is struggling not to scream at Comey.

  • Monty Burns
    Monty Burns Год назад +1

    Comey needs to resign or be impeached and removed from his post. It's clear that his actions in this investigation are politically motivated. There is a revolution happening within the FBI at this very moment against Comey and he won't be able to weather this storm. In order to save the integrity of the FBI as a legitimate institution, Comey must step-down or be impeached.

  • Kos Juludo
    Kos Juludo Год назад

    3:28 LOL even that dude laughing in the background knew Comey was bullshittin'!

  • Jack Herrer
    Jack Herrer Год назад

    FBI sucking Clinton dick confirmed.

  • Ben Albert
    Ben Albert Год назад +1

    Oh fuck off comey you piece of shit do your fucking job you fucking coward this makes me so angry and I don't even live in the US please god let trump win please and put these fuckers in prison and make them use on cell fucking bill and hilary

    • Janet Wachter
      Janet Wachter 7 месяцев назад

      Ben Albert thank you for that comment. .we in US with a brain can't believe they are not all in jail either

  • Bendin' on Buckin' Broncos
    Bendin' on Buckin' Broncos Год назад

    Get him Jason! haha

  • doug robinson
    doug robinson Год назад

    Comey IS A COMPLETE WASTE of taxpayers money! He Is an IDIOT! A total fraud!

  • TheWisendorf
    TheWisendorf Год назад

    Comey is just using lawyer speak to evade answers.Just like all the rest of the Clinton crowd does.He spent a year doing a half ass investigation .Broke all the protocal the FBI uses for investigating folks like you and me,,Covering for Hillory.question is why? Need to look back further into this to see if they got him by the short hairs for something in his past.

  • jsphotos
    jsphotos Год назад

    Chaffetz is deplorable. How does a smug, spiteful dunce like him make it to Congress?

  • maymaylingling
    maymaylingling Год назад

    incredible lack of shame
    Thank you to the congressman for telling it like it is.

  • Geoffrey Kelly
    Geoffrey Kelly Год назад

    Rather ironic that Jason Chaffetz should raise the issue of whether HRC would pass an FBI background test. He didn't.

  • Jose Valenezuela
    Jose Valenezuela Год назад

    Everyone needs to be prosecuted !!! Evidence is everywhere,that had been me ,I'd be in jail!! Just like he said!! So why isn't anyone in jail??????? They have responsibility to protect our country and they are not doing that!!!

  • Andrew York
    Andrew York Год назад

    I would hate to face this dude as a trial lawyer.

  • Swayed
    Swayed Год назад

    Why dont we just cut the shit and send these fags to jail

  • walter w white
    walter w white Год назад

    He is a bright gem in the morass of deception and lies...

  • Mitch S
    Mitch S Год назад +1

    this line of questioning pretty much opened the flood gates for trey gowdy

  • dogboy0912
    dogboy0912 Год назад

    Everybody can sound smart speaking in generalities. When he goes to ask about the specifics, you can feel the guy squirming in his seat.

  • Ryan
    Ryan Год назад

    Fuck Comey, she bribed him.

  • John Rogers
    John Rogers Год назад

    Jason Chaffetz for Attorney General under President Trump! Crooked Hillary for prison!

  • Vincent de Luna
    Vincent de Luna Год назад

    This is a witch hunt dating back to the inquisition. twist and twist until it fits there needs.

  • Nic Nak
    Nic Nak Год назад

    He so fine!♥️

  • crispybacon
    crispybacon Год назад

    oh comey how could you ruin your legacy for clinton crime family?? I feel for your family 😯

  • Martin N
    Martin N Год назад +1

    FBI Director James Comey knows that Hillary Is corrupt,but cannot say today.Let us hope he finds a criminal case before November.God Help us if Hillary was President.

  • Martin N
    Martin N Год назад

    In a nutshell Hillary Clinton is a criminal.Famous saying "The man who stole a duck from the park was jailed, The man that stole the park walks free."

  • Michael
    Michael Год назад +1

    "adjudicate the suitability and consideration in a suitability of determination,” My favorite answers from Comey.

  • Kent Greystoke
    Kent Greystoke Год назад

    Is that Payton Manning over Chaffetz's right shoulder?

  • Byzantios1
    Byzantios1 Год назад

    Yeah. Severe consequences. What a joke. She walks away Scot free, with her laundered money on her way to the White House.

  • Shannon Buell
    Shannon Buell Год назад

    Jason needs to think of running for President too he kicks butt like Gowdy

  • robert scherer
    robert scherer Год назад

    He's a fucking puppet for that Islamic terrorist in the white house. He's a piece of shit who needs to be prosecuted for covering for the whore running for president. If I handled classified information like that, I'd be in jail. She a liar, thief (Clinton criminal foundation) and a murderer ( Vincent Foster was going to be indicted in white water) .

  • Francine Pate
    Francine Pate Год назад

    comly is scared to death of killary ,, lol

  • DDDrew8
    DDDrew8 Год назад

    How could Comey not agree with Chaffetz about FBI would not hire a person with Hillary's conducts?

  • den-den smith
    den-den smith Год назад

    he said he was a lawyer.....then a prosecutor....mmm...he got that right.

  • bobbyrone1
    bobbyrone1 Год назад

    & Khan law ofc., holds patent for her email server(s) at home....he is also refugee examiner...??? and he is muslum...and has written extensively on sharia l;aw

  • Joseph Barbango
    Joseph Barbango Год назад

    He's a bad liar. Lmao I wouldn't be Surprised if he has an accident

  • Peter Ironrope
    Peter Ironrope Год назад

    FBI Director James Comey sure did disappoint and let down a lot of people who respected him in terms of the law.

  • Elonair Vitela
    Elonair Vitela Год назад

    Jason Chaffetz Digs

  • Scott Wood
    Scott Wood Год назад

    Did anyone hear that ???? Hear what ? The moment Hoover rolled over in his grave !!!

  • sailaway01
    sailaway01 Год назад

    United States is circling the drain and its easy to see why after watching people at the top like Comey. We are screwed I think the republic is lost

  • Jim Wilson
    Jim Wilson Год назад

    Who gives a fuck where Hilary's servers were, what a bunch of wasters. While the American Military put their lives in dangers these total wasters, who have never served, dodged and weaved to make sure they didn't like the Trump dodging the Vietnam War, spend their time asking asshole questions on computer systems.

  • Caitlyn Scott
    Caitlyn Scott Год назад

    Comey's voice, eyes, body movements - they all scream out that he is lying.

  • Cosmo V
    Cosmo V Год назад +1

    Comey you are a poor excuse for a man and a respectable human being! I hope when Trump is president he fires your low life piece of garbage ass. Hillary for prison 2016!!!!!

  • Geo Synchronous
    Geo Synchronous Год назад +1

    Jason : "Via Email?" Comey : "depending on the nature of the system" Me: "The nature of the system is whats in question Mr Comey. HELLO ??

  • hydrochuck
    hydrochuck Год назад +1

    In his opinion Hillary didn't break the Law, is the FBI head a complete idiot.

  • ★usseal★
    ★usseal★ Год назад

    No taxation without representation. Our country has been hijacked.

  • varigdc10
    varigdc10 Год назад

    This is just mind boggling, my god, this in itself proves her guilt, the problem is the Clintons are so powerful they have all of Washington in their pockets. Something like Al Capone and Sam Giancana had in the good old days of Chicago. The Clintons are nothing but legal gangsters, and supported by the biggest legal Mafia in the world, namely the DC elite, and Wall Street bankers.

  • Sven Danielsson
    Sven Danielsson Год назад

    It's only hard to answer and a very hard consideration when you don't want to tell the truth.

  • Norman Bates
    Norman Bates Год назад +1

    Comey was in full C Y A mode.

  • daummer
    daummer Год назад

    Comey should be charged with treason!

  • John Tatum
    John Tatum Год назад

    Hillary has a history of lying, but the FBI seems to be unaware of this...does anyone trust the FBI these days?

  • Stating The_Obvious
    Stating The_Obvious Год назад

    the two guys either side of the chairman are bent too... bought and paid for by the mob.

  • Stating The_Obvious
    Stating The_Obvious Год назад

    2:50 to 3:40 says it all... 2 different answers to one question... reference hillary and he couldn't answer a hypothetical, reference a "person" and oh he's have to take things into consideration. mother fucker be squirming now.

  • Angel Stanley
    Angel Stanley Год назад

    I love Jason Chaffetz! This guy knows his stuff and is for the people and the truth! And I absolutely adore Trey Gowdy! Love it when they dig in and try to get the truth out of Comey, Clinton and Lynch!

  • GraffitiPhysical
    GraffitiPhysical Год назад


  • art johnson
    art johnson Год назад

    She lied over and over again, and Comey knew she was quilty. And everyone insisted Comey was a straight arrow, bull. He's right in the club, and he can't be trusted. They don't hesitate to lock up some poor sailor who accidently took a photo with some equipment in the back ground. There's laws for us, and laws for them, period. Comey was a huge disappointment to everyone in the FBI, they all know he's bought and paid for.

  • Justin Stricklin
    Justin Stricklin Год назад

    you can't get a SC if you have bad credit so hell no they wouldnt

  • rebel oneal
    rebel oneal Год назад

    Just Listen to how this man justifies what he says and does and did about..
    1-Hilary’s Lying.
    2-Hilary’s Mishandling classified information.
    3-Hilary’s Lying to him, The Main Lead for the FBI Director Mr. James Comey, He IS The Investigator for The FBI..And Hilary’s is suppose to be under Oath!
    4-Hilary’s out of her very Own Lying Mouth, her admission of causing the deaths of our people in Bangui Libya!
    5-The Main Lead for the FBI Director Mr. James Comey, in front of a news camera, Comey said they did have evidence of Hilary Clinton’s did sent Classified Information and Knowingly to and received back from people working and ordered under and by Hilary Clinton! And here now he says “We did not nor have they found evidence Clinton knowingly sent classified information!” He is lying as Hilary Clinton is...
    But think about this..Comey is working for Obama,Clinton Kerry merry-go-round! Hilary Clinton is above the laws of this land and people who have did much much smaller offences have went to jail with just Circumstantial Evidence! Just watch this video you will see the liars and the lying and the Lies!!

  • noemi barrios
    noemi barrios Год назад


  • poor you
    poor you Год назад

    Comey is a disgrace and a traitor to the US. Disgraceful, lying clinton tool! I can't wait for President Trump to fire him and that other lying scumbag Lynch!

  • Irwin Wins
    Irwin Wins Год назад

    Comey is big of a liar as Hillary! I hope you don't live to spend the money you received for this sham!

  • bruce long
    bruce long Год назад

    Comey has been black mailed by Obama / Clinton regime! Are you Americans so stupid? Hillary Clinton is so guilty of everything ! She is a lying Bitch! She is being protected by an injust system! As an outsider looking in, how could any American vote for this Bitch?

  • Peter Davies
    Peter Davies Год назад

    i like Jason, cool dude. Clinton is a liar no question James Comeys has been got at.

  • Tess Eby
    Tess Eby Год назад

    and WHY is she still allowed to run for president of the United States?? Unbelievable.

  • Curious George
    Curious George Год назад +1

    1:19 Comey intentionally tries to mislead the American public when asked if Hillary lied to the public and he mentions he's not qualified to answer that? How can he not be qualified to answer that if he already knows she lied to the public. Furthermore, when asked if she lied under oath? He says "No, not to the FBI,...uhm not on the case we were working on." I thought you said she didn't have to swear an oath before being questioned by the FBI? What other case? Seems to stumble hardcore here because he mentioned earlier that people don't have to swear an oath before questioning to the FBI, because regardless it's illegal to lie to their questioning. Until I noticed this slip up, Ive come to realize that the honarable James Comey isn't as forthcoming as I originanally though. It would be nice to have a second round of questioning, especially with Lyin Lynch.

  • Roger Larson
    Roger Larson Год назад

    The reason he can say Hillary didn't lie under oath is because he admitted they didn't put her under oath. This is such an obvious disgrace on the FBI, Hillary, the system and Trump is right. Come is not supposed to be political he is supposed to do whats right. He is part of the coverup and that is criminal. He himself has put himself in the position of covering up a criminal offense.

  • Curtis  J
    Curtis J Год назад

    what do you mean by wrong.....thats the biggest problem with corruption.

    JOHNOBUB Год назад

    just accept your inability to live forever. prepare to meet your maker.

  • Diana M.
    Diana M. Год назад

    Jason Chaffetz - I Love this guy!

  • Karina` Smith
    Karina` Smith Год назад

    Take her out of the presidential race

  • Frank Day
    Frank Day Год назад

    Getting a straight answer from Mr. Comey is like catching eels in a vat of oil with a well greased pair of oven gloves on. Meanwhile he's dug another hole for Killery. So respect to Mr. Jason Chavez for keeping his cool.

  • Robert Zraick
    Robert Zraick Год назад

    James Comey is proof again that we have no government other than a completely corrupt group of lying criminals. Lynch and Comey are as bad can be. Can any of these people give a straight answer. He talks about consequences. The consequence of Comey's testimony must be that he is tried for treason.. But that can not happen because the Lynch lead justice system is completely corrupt as well.It is very hard for people to accept that thr Government of the U.S. is completely corrupt and perhaps the most corrupt and dangerous government in existence today.This government in its entirety must be remove and replaced. How to make that happen when the system is completely corrupt is a difficult question and the ansers are such that no one wants to face the truth.We now are so concerned with saving the planet. We must be just as concerned with saving our country, We are living in a nightmare. It is time to wake up and end it.

  • Terry Habzz
    Terry Habzz Год назад +1

    Can you tell how coached the answers have been. They spent hours going through hypotheticals and have canned responses

  • Von Cody
    Von Cody Год назад

    Comey should resign or be arrested. First Comey admits he was not even in the bull shit interrogation that took place on Saturday. So how did he have all these bullshit answers for Chaffetz? Before this hearing people were saying Comey was a straight shooter. What a freaking joke he turned out to be. In my eyes Snowden should be allowed to come home. I also hope wiki leaks publishes what they have. Stop promising Killary is going down and publish the emails already. Oh and nobody is even reporting the election fraud that is already taking place. Remember when the citizens of Egypt got pissed off and millions of them flooded the streets? That is what we are going to have to do to take our country back from these criminals.

  • TruthMaster2020
    TruthMaster2020 Год назад

    The fix is so obvious, you'd have to be a moron to dispute it

  • Lucia Delia
    Lucia Delia Год назад

    Why did the FBI not record their interview with Killary for 3 and 1/2 hours? Also, why was James Comey not part of the 3 and 1/2 interview with Killary?

  • Lucia Delia
    Lucia Delia Год назад

    Jason Chaffetz for President.

  • Marc Newman
    Marc Newman Год назад

    Cut to the Bottom line.They concluded Hillary was mentally incompetent to stand trial.

  • Carol Wilson
    Carol Wilson Год назад


  • Mr BreakRAK
    Mr BreakRAK Год назад

    Jason... you are doing a good job, but the other team isn't gonna tell the TRUTH & there is no law against lying. It's hard to prove that Comey Caved In, but the TRUTH will out.... If the public sees fit to condemn Hillary, then VOTE against here & that will be that.

  • Incessuserro
    Incessuserro Год назад

    If this was the game "Twister" Jimmy would have four arms, four legs, 40 fingers and toes, and the power to levitate to cover all the color bases.