Hydroptères ( hydrofoil ) des îles éoliennes.Sicile.wmv

  • Published on Sep 25, 2011

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  • Georg Obergfell
    Georg Obergfell 11 months ago

    I really enjoyed the nice Turbo Diesel sound!

  • king of the matress zzz
    king of the matress zzz 11 months ago

    7:35 gas guzzler

  • Abdul Haris M Nasution

    Naturalmente Muito Rapidas 👍👍👍🙏
    abdul haris m nasution

  • Joan Sativo
    Joan Sativo Year ago

    I remember I took one of then in Italy, geat feeling!

  • Helvio Pacifico
    Helvio Pacifico Year ago +2

    Muito Rapidas..

  • Helvio Pacifico
    Helvio Pacifico Year ago +2

    Coisa Maravilhosa esta Barca ela se transforma em alta velocidade..

  • Omar Faruk
    Omar Faruk Year ago

    Love it

  • chi wu
    chi wu Year ago


  • Milano
    Milano Year ago

    Good for those who are on diet. Throw up all the things in stomach after each ride.

  • Ruben Kelevra
    Ruben Kelevra 2 years ago +1

    1:47 I love how clean the ferry is

  • Andy Preston
    Andy Preston 3 years ago +1

    Just watched this video again. Absolutely love it!
    Whoever gave this a thumbs down.........why......?

  • Andy Preston
    Andy Preston 3 years ago +1

    Nice! 7:25 onwards, great sound and clag!

  • Arthur JACOBS
    Arthur JACOBS 6 years ago +2