The best animal || The king of the ocean || 2 600 000 with the last animal

  • Опубликовано: 12 апр 2017
  • is a game like,,, ... .
    In a aquatic world, you must feed you fish to become a shark.
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  • bocian andrzej
    bocian andrzej Месяц назад

    you facking pro

  • Thiriet Noemie
    Thiriet Noemie 2 месяца назад

    Set quoi la musique ?

  • bboystylekill
    bboystylekill 11 месяцев назад

    You are french like me lol

  • Monika Strug
    Monika Strug Год назад

    Wow ! Thanks

  • Ian Arlei
    Ian Arlei Год назад


  • Noyan Oyunda
    Noyan Oyunda Год назад

    abi bırabab olan şsrkıyn adı ne

  • How to be weird
    How to be weird Год назад

    Le jeu est français ou c toi qui l'a mit comme ça ?

  • yueyi hu
    yueyi hu Год назад +2

    lol its french

  • - enjoy this picture of a sexy squidward

    this is not very impressive I have to say, he isnt a pro if people ask, he doesnt kill final animals, he takes a lot of time to get to final animal by doing the wrong ways to get exp like by peng, u should eat flappy birds, he is waiting till the release of the animals from orca's grab, drowning seagulls insted of releasing them before he goes down to the ground so they get an unexpected treatment and die, he cant kill rays, Ididnt rly see him fight final animals, and 2 600 000 score isnt too impressive tbh
    this guy isnt a pro player, not even close he got the 2 600 000 of killing small animals as orca, the usual

    • King Koala
      King Koala Месяц назад

      Ikr ims original beta player i finish my people offf i keep going till their dead or till i get 2v1

    • BlueIntegrity [BI]
      BlueIntegrity [BI] 4 месяца назад


  • Basile Ceschia
    Basile Ceschia Год назад

    Enfin un bon ytb français c'est cool je suis abonné depuis longtemps je t'adore continue comme ca

  • Seani tiff
    Seani tiff Год назад


  • aui to
    aui to Год назад

    me no u fan

  • aui to
    aui to Год назад


  • Chara TheDoofus
    Chara TheDoofus Год назад +2

    What's the last music called

  • tome sharlamanov
    tome sharlamanov Год назад

    next time play as kraken

  • CrisGamesShark
    CrisGamesShark Год назад

    better octopus cool no cool and you

  • CrisGamesShark
    CrisGamesShark Год назад


  • CrisGamesShark
    CrisGamesShark Год назад

    not manchot

  • fuck
    fuck Год назад

    this is cringe

  • Chris
    Chris Год назад

    my record is 1 300 000

    • —S73ll4—
      —S73ll4— Год назад

      5 m orca
      1m stonefish
      1m shark

    • Jyden Schmid
      Jyden Schmid Год назад

      Mine is 11.2 million, but I only get 2 hours each day. I'm Crossbones

  • KinakuSensei
    KinakuSensei Год назад

    tu es français ?

    • Thiriet Noemie
      Thiriet Noemie 2 месяца назад

      Ba oui il mais des titres français set pour toi mec


    This is why I hate orcas. They just pick on the lower tier ones and can only beat shark in combat.

    • - enjoy this picture of a sexy squidward
      - enjoy this picture of a sexy squidward Год назад

      hehe, I beat as orca a tons os ocras ( of course), dozens of whals, dozens of chaclots, tons of sharks, doznes of polar bears, tons of marlins, tons of bald eagles, dozens of krakens, dozens of spear whales (idk how they r called), and doznes of mantrays, a ton of stone fishes and a small portion of sunfishes, only the crocs and hippoes who are nearly impossible to beat as orca and sunfishes are hard AF too, but the rest is ez pz word scramble

    • Terence
      Terence Год назад

      they can beat giant squid,polar bear,and probably the new bald eagle too.

  • Kicked in the nuts
    Kicked in the nuts Год назад

    this is excactly why i hate orcas there bullies

    • PapitoMow
      PapitoMow Год назад

      Sharp Tutorials They're*

    WKS NDK Год назад

    orca and whale are the best 💪

    • Terence
      Terence Год назад

      And Polar Bear.

  • EnDiamondPlayz
    EnDiamondPlayz Год назад

    what program u use to record

  • Fermented duck egg
    Fermented duck egg Год назад

    I had no clue that sea gulls and pelicans where such a huge delicacy for orcas

  • GamingWithDahStars
    GamingWithDahStars Год назад

    I like the intro music but the intro is horrible

  • Tina Hilliard
    Tina Hilliard Год назад


  • erengety eren
    erengety eren Год назад

    hey me erengety

  • erengety eren
    erengety eren Год назад

    hey me türkish


    TROLLED by a squid weak

  • Games Aranha
    Games Aranha Год назад

    10m xp

  • Games Aranha
    Games Aranha Год назад +2

    desafio 10.000.000

  • Games Aranha
    Games Aranha Год назад

    eu era tri noob mas vi teus video e viquei pro obg

  • vicki mcquarrie
    vicki mcquarrie Год назад

    once you get grabbed by a giant squid twice theres a 80% chance of death lol.

  • Data Productions
    Data Productions Год назад

    I hate this stuipid song that people play on it

  • JKZ Channel
    JKZ Channel Год назад

    no kill me

  • sandisz
    sandisz Год назад +1

    Intro song?

  • András Annus
    András Annus Год назад

    you just got rekt by me the king of the deep at the end haha!

    • Brandon Leishman
      Brandon Leishman Год назад

      András Annus ive killed like 60 giany squids as orca. its not hard

    • John Vo
      John Vo Год назад

      András Annus one time i was an orca with one teammate and we wrecked a giant squid(he/she died from pressure bc we kept grabbing em)

    • András Annus
      András Annus Год назад

      no orca is mach against the giant squid>:)

    • András Annus
      András Annus Год назад

      no orca is mach againts the giant squid >:)

  • Kojou Akatsuki
    Kojou Akatsuki Год назад

    *11:38** Kto z Polski? :D*

  • a canister of flex tape
    a canister of flex tape Год назад

    1 once went on a 12 kill streak as a giant squid and got my face ripped off by a orca,he dragged me to the shallows,the really shallow part and his shark friends blocked me do rip me

  • Thunfischヅ
    Thunfischヅ Год назад

    What for are Server?

  • Łukasz Perdek
    Łukasz Perdek Год назад +1

    im in this video dsaw7 ☺

  • ed Straker
    ed Straker Год назад +2

    guys song is:Goblins from Mars-Genie


    I bet your belly have a kot of *feather*

  • Tixusgaming
    Tixusgaming Год назад +5


    • Aland Gafor
      Aland Gafor Год назад

      Calix Lor Its his opinion

    • Calix Lor
      Calix Lor Год назад

      Tixusgaming He dosent

  • Dylan
    Dylan Год назад +4

    the first time I saw a lamprey I thought it was a pesticide

  • ziel gaming
    ziel gaming Год назад

    if u want try the server from amsterdam in am always 1st on that server

    • Tixusgaming
      Tixusgaming Год назад

      ziel gaming c u at 4:00 pm April today

  • DaYtz
    DaYtz Год назад +2

    Comment on à la baleine ?

    • Fais Tes devoirs
      Fais Tes devoirs Год назад

      A wall je croi

      UNCHATON Год назад

      DaYtz tu passe par le penguin puis le narwhal

  • Greg XD
    Greg XD Год назад

    Mate try playing on Sydney Server. There are teasers for DAAAAAAAYS!

  • Love-io-Games
    Love-io-Games Год назад

    Play this brand new IO game: It's really great!

  • NooblyGamer
    NooblyGamer Год назад

    where u from bro?

  • Copo
    Copo Год назад

    Papepapaperepapa haahahah the song

  • Mr. Elias
    Mr. Elias Год назад +22

    its so calming when you watch chinard grab seagulls as an orca, but gets me pissed when i see flying orca and then... well you know

    • yueyi hu
      yueyi hu Год назад +1

      omg you killed 100 seagull in the

    • yueyi hu
      yueyi hu Год назад +1

      ok you good for games?

    • yueyi hu
      yueyi hu Год назад +1

      ok its good calming?

    • —S73ll4—
      —S73ll4— Год назад

      I have killed 100+ seagulls so..

    • Gustas Kavaliauskas
      Gustas Kavaliauskas Год назад


  • Mr. Elias
    Mr. Elias Год назад +1

    wut server is this??

  • Romaric Joly
    Romaric Joly Год назад


  • Albane d'MSP
    Albane d'MSP Год назад

    Super vidéo ;)

  • Rindert De Jong
    Rindert De Jong Год назад

    Thanks for putting me in your video! Still love them! ps. Can you make one with the sperm whale? Would realy like to see that. Looking forward to new videos!

    • Qusay Yassin
      Qusay Yassin Год назад +2

      Rindert De Jong sperm whale XD

  • Luc Legrand
    Luc Legrand Год назад

    Et la baleine ? Et l'ours polaire ? cette miniature est incomplète rendez l'argents aux abonnés !

    • Luc Legrand
      Luc Legrand Год назад +1

      Oui mais il est plus facile d'échapper à un cachalot qu'aux autres

      UNCHATON Год назад +1

      Luc Legrand cachalot se joue mais les autres sont juste trop faibles

    • Luc Legrand
      Luc Legrand Год назад

      Le requin baleine est fort uniquement avec ses boosts et le cachalot, baleine, ours polaire sont faibles surtout à cause de leur aptitudes ( cri du cachalot, boule de neige...) qui les handicapent niveau vitesse. Et le marlin n'a aucun pv.

    • Luc Legrand
      Luc Legrand Год назад

      C'était plus de l'humour qu'un reproche... Mais oui l'ours polaire est faible et la baleine se meurt.

      UNCHATON Год назад

      Luc Legrand la baleine est actuellement incroyablement faible et l'ours polaire peut pas faire beaucoup d'actions autre que détruire les formes de vie dans l'océan glacial (ces boules de neige sont meme plutot faible) le vrai autre aurait dû être le cachalot qui a du potentiel mais la sainte trinité des enculeurs repose sur sa : orque,requin et calamar géant bien que presque tout les autres si bien jouer (exception pour la baleine) peuvent 1V1 les autres

  • Avery Breuninger
    Avery Breuninger Год назад +1

    I claim comment 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30+. This means no other numbers can be claimed :) I ALSO CLAIM INFINITY AND UNLIMITED!

  • sandisz
    sandisz Год назад +3


    • Captain Blackthorne
      Captain Blackthorne Год назад

      NecroGaming320 i use whale and orca im pro whale and pro orca i grab in orca Krakens to air and kill this and i kill whale Shark easily . In whale i kill easily everone and got 2 M.

    • NecroGaming320
      NecroGaming320 Год назад

      the whale is op if i use it lol everyone ran away from me even kraken etc...

  • Kamilson Ziom
    Kamilson Ziom Год назад +3


  • Jola Sokolowska
    Jola Sokolowska Год назад +1