This one was filmed slightly different but we go off of the vibe when there and this just felt right since we were there for such a short time. I hope you enjoyed :) Where should we travel next?!

Twitter- https://twitter.com/tesschristine
Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/pages/TessCh....
Shot by:
Watch more of our travel vlogs here:

- Take out as much cash you think you will need for the entire trip! On a higher end we would spend about 100 CUC per day on drinks, taxis, tours, food etc. It definitely adds up and goes quickly so be sure to budget!
- We filled out/purchased our Visas and certification at the airport. We flew with Delta so make sure you confirm that you can do that the day of with your airline.
- Download this app! Trust me it will save you in so many ways. The map on here is amazing and its all "offline" (Just type in "Cuba" in the app store on your phone and its the green one, looks like this) : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.triposo.droidguide.cuba

WHERE WE STAYED: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/15752806
*Amazing place. Super nice couple that rents it. They gave us a phone that works with their numbers in case and everything is super secure. Great location too!

Places we went to:
- Plaza De La Cathedral: This is perfect for a photo-op plus it has an inlet street with the Cafe I mentioned and a bunch of resturants
- Plaza Vieja: Super pretty, definitely go here for lunch. Great views and a ton of restaurant options with live music.
- Parque Central / Paseo Del Prado : This is definitely a must see! You will find the Capitol building, great hotels with rooftop views and a plethora of classic cars to look at or pick one to ride in.
- Museum of Revolution : This is a great way to cool off and kill some time. It was once home to Presidents and is beyond beautiful as it was designed by Tiffany & Co.
- Hotel National- This is a super fancy hotel with amazing views! We stopped to check it out as a lot of our famous favorites have stayed there. It's definitely a taxi distance away from Old Habana though.

Hotel Inglaterra- This is an amazing rooftop bar with an incredible view! I had my share of sangria's here :)
Floridita- One of Hemingway's must stop for a Daiquiri. I really loved these but keep in mind they are 6 CUC a piece compared to 3-4 CUC most other places.
La Bodeguita De Medio- Hemingway Bar #2. This was his go-to spot for Mojitos! Beware this is a tourist trap and you might be drinking your mojito on the street depending on the time of the day.

Cafe De O'Reilly- This was our go-to for breakfast and morning coffee. Try the Cafe Bombon, it was my favorite.

La Guarida- We found this to be our favorite spot. The restaurant requires reservations, but if you forget like us, you can go up to the roof for amazing sunset views and the best food we had the whole trip!

- The classic cars you see are Taxi's and cost more than the regular cars. You can however rent one for around 20 CUC for an hour city tour. Definitely worth it. Plus they make for great photos ;)
- If you are staying in Old Habana, the entire area of Habana Vieja and everything I mentioned is super walkable.

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And what you didn´t experience is traveling cuba alone as a woman. I couldn´t walk around without some cuban man catcalling me every 30-60 seconds. And no, I didn´t dress up sexy. Not even comparable to the way cuban woman dress up. In the end I really just wanted to leave Cuba because I was sick of being seen as a sex object and treated like one too.

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