PC inside an XBOX 360

hi guys been meaning to do this video for a while now and finally got round to doing it and i hope you like it

any questions please ask i always try to reply to all the comments

main reason for the build is to stream moves online and use it as a home theatre pc hope you like it

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Автор Bong DeLonge ( назад)
Ive done a similar mod with the original Xbox and nes. A picopsu or micro/2u server PSU would give anyone trying this a lot more room. I'd bet you could even fit a full height GPU in there too. Nice mod, but I've found for htpc use, my android/Chromecast has pretty much made it redundant.

Автор Snoot Snoot ( назад)
Does it play games well?

Автор DerTim ( назад)
There are very small PSUs for projects like thos, so you could put a tiny 1050 in it :D

Автор DaltonLee23 ( назад)
Wow this is really cool I dare you to try to run GTA five on it

Автор PEP - Clan ( назад)
why didnt you just install windows on the xbox

Автор sniper2606 ( назад)
I'll be back

Автор Joe Holub ( назад)
you've said "umm..." like a million times.

Автор Tramo Games ( назад)
The Xbox 420

Автор dj ism is ( назад)
this dum fuck goes and send money on parts lol win u could had gotten a computer

Автор Tramo Games ( назад)
PC CSGO on Xbox

Автор Ugoee ( назад)
Lol this is so stupid it's basically still a pc just with an Xbox case

Автор Dave Duval ( назад)
290 people thought there was a hidden PC inside their Xbox.

Автор Wavy Vaporizers ( назад)
so does this run games better?

Автор TooRandomEnvi ( назад)
skylake would be little bit better for this since it kicks out less heat

Автор Thelaps4DanslaChatteAtaMere78 ( назад)
the processor suck

Автор Lightningcloud56 0 ( назад)
gaming consoles are basically gaming PC's but with tons more limitations

Автор DEaD[-_×]RiSE ( назад)
the only console that can run 60fps

Автор ismail haq ( назад)
your voice like arnold schwarzenegger...

Автор Malikt1231野蛮な馬鹿 ( назад)
im gonna do this with my xbox 360

Автор Revol ucion ( назад)
xbox is 2005

Автор Underdog College Kid ( назад)
i appreciate this

Автор Henry Mann ( назад)
its gtx 1050 in laptop i5. 8gb ram would that be as powerful as xbox 1?

Автор king ( назад)
Nice wallet

Автор Harry8642 Surname? ( назад)
what a disgrace!

Автор bgrm1029 ( назад)
would be awesome if you used at least a gtx 960 on it and play videogames on it

Автор SuperbLegend ( назад)
damn was kinda hoping it had a GPU I think a 1050 would fit.

Автор JJO117 ( назад)
What GPU does it have?

Автор Jack Kampf ( назад)

Автор LuxorVan ( назад)
I would suggest upgrading to the Thermaltake CLP0534 SlimX3 cpu cooler on my old core 2 duo it would run no higher than 36 c at full load and it is a heat pipe cooler, you can get them for as low as $20 USD shipped! I upgraded my Shuttle XPC SG41J4 to an ECS H110I-C4P socket 1151 with a Celeron G3920 and 8gb of Gskill Aegis DDR4 2133 and am going to stick with the Thermaltake CLP0534 SlimX3 since it is very efficient, the nicest part is they have heat pipes!

Which is a major change compared to an Intel factory cooler "Which I will never use", but the Skylake is a 51 watt cpu and has a decent PCMark Score of 3477! I have combined that with a GTX 650 TI OC 2gb by Asus and I am not planning on using it for major gaming but it still is a very decent system! Total I paid $47 for the Motherboard, $48 for the CPU and $51 for the Dual Channel Memory! There is a huge difference between using the 1151 compared to the socket 775's I originally ran with an X3350 and Q9400! Memory speed is 2128-2133 mhz compared to my old 8 gb 1600 mhz "OC" on the Xeon and 1066 mhz on the Core 2 Quad!

Still the only issue I would worry about is managing to maintain airflow to the psu, since that will affect it's lifespan! But you can find a Mini Blower for use in the case to provide fresh air!

Автор Level98 Magikarp ( назад)
How much was the build total

Автор Vepokk ( назад)
Those cables though

Автор Carl Harrelson ( назад)
How much can I pay you to make me one

Автор Triniborngamer ( назад)
you can cut unused cords from your psu if this is a permanent set up.

Автор Triniborngamer ( назад)
keep in mind, you do not have to put all the standoffs on.

Автор Antimatter -Kiwi ( назад)
i disliked this cos of that weak ass processor

Автор Retaliator DR.Z ( назад)
Could you please link me to some of the purtchaed items in this (motherboard,fan,processor

Автор CoverMC ( назад)
So, I never knew that there was a XBOX with a PC version with it...

Автор ItsNotTrue ( назад)
I bet you could get a PCI-E extension cable and fit a small GPU in there

Автор MemeBrick64 ( назад)
You should get one of those Xbox 360 HD DVD add-ons and convert it to a Blu Ray drive

Автор aaaaarrrrrggggghhhh ( назад)
this is the only way that console is good

Автор L L ( назад)
Xbox 1080

Автор nigger fag ( назад)
holy shit you could be a pc elitist in disguise :)

Автор Lofty Smalls ( назад)
Should've put a Cryorig C7 in there to cool the CPU.

Автор Diego Candia ( назад)
elitist going undercover I see

Автор Sudds1888 ( назад)
Great mod, shouldn't be too hard to get the light ring working via power led indicator from mobo front panel connectors, may have to add couple of resistors etc. I would have also got rid of any cables your not using from the psu.

Автор Mariogamer 22 Ate an apple ( назад)
i dont watch tech vids, yet this is in my recomended😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣

Автор JSIK ( назад)
could you possibly link me to where you found how to wire the button?

Автор have fun ( назад)
see you then I can get the same problem
Read More

Автор Cott14 ( назад)
Cool, but the air flow and cooling must be awful but still cool.

Автор Tech K&M ( назад)
Um um ummm ummmm ummmm ummmmm my ummm ummm yeah the umm umm and i put my ummm. TF

Автор Michael Davis ( назад)
Novel. It's a geek concealer. i.e. XBOX vs PC. At school and out and about people always called me geek. They were terrible at school, I was obsessed with computers and they used to say things like, do you put your d*** into the floppy drive slot?

Автор Adrian Bingham ( назад)
There was a PC inside it to begin with.

Автор TommyHockey ( назад)
apple has a tiny disk drive

Автор OPGuyK ( назад)
Last time I did that(ye I did) I blew a breaker, made a power supply smoke and got a few expensive parts fried. Just know what you are doing first, and yes I did use spacers and made sure all electrical components were isolated.

Автор TheLastWaffle ( назад)
Holy shit there's a LOT of talking

Автор Antonio Kozak ( назад)
We have the same TV I think. 55" 1080p 3D all that good stuff

Автор jacob Fitzgerald ( назад)
this is genius but if people decided to make these for windows it bloody hell expensive

Автор Fabian Taveras ( назад)
this seems kinda pointless isn't the 360 already just fine for media without the this diy project?

Автор Jakarian Studios ( назад)
are any Xbox 360 components reusable?

Автор Kakashi Eternal Rival ( назад)

Автор D4V3Z02 ( назад)
That's a better concept than the Scorpio. You did it!

Автор Bas Gieling ( назад)

Автор Tage Nasty ( назад)
Rather than using a typical PSU, you should look into utilizing a Pico PSU - they are tiny, and inexpensive. So long as you don't need more than 250w, you'll be fine.

Автор captainrobots ( назад)
make a PC in a tv

Автор Andrew Doge Senpai ( назад)
when ppl complain ur console peasant but you are secretly pc master race

Автор EDG ( назад)

Автор Official Pyroh ( назад)
real xbox 360 can run games this cant

Автор Ste Vanderpeer ( назад)
Well cool

Автор Eduardo Olivas ( назад)
very nice idea!

Автор Pokemon DoodleTwerp ( назад)
I don't understand. can't you stream everything on an Xbox 360 anyway? and isn't a 360 case really bad for over heating.

Автор KiMBo Scott ( назад)
this is awesome! now if only someone manage to cram a PC into the mini PS2. or gen 2 psone.

Автор SPAY crowd101 ( назад)
Are there graphics cards in the 360?

Автор Vince ( назад)
Uu uh um

Автор Kyle - ( назад)
Lol this thing is gonna burn your house down.

Автор Christopher Flanagan ( назад)
Use a pico external power supply to free up a lot of space inside.

Автор NORSHAR ( назад)
Butiful idea man

Автор KoSLoW27 ( назад)
Too bad you didnt use a standard hdd shell to put your ssd

Автор fraus .c ( назад)
the xbox is a pc.with a different OS

Автор scannaunderscore1 ( назад)
original xbox console case would be better

Автор Adam Carter ( назад)
I would of used an apu but hey good fucking job

Автор Jorge Gomez ( назад)
This is a crazy amount of work.. Why not just buy a mini ATX case..

Автор RandolTheFox ( назад)
The first design they mad for the Xbox, was a Windows machin, henc the name Xbox. Cause the x stands for the program that runs games on Windows.

Автор Kush Patel ( назад)
Can u do a PC inside PS4

Автор GodOfTheVoidMC ( назад)
you would of had a better time with the 360 slim

Автор Daniel Sturgill ( назад)
Not trying to be difficult but your whole builds junk now because you used a Celeron. I will use an old school Pentium 4 than a Celeron

Автор Zohonde Kids ( назад)
*Pc elitists comes over*
"HAH! Nice console, PEASANT!!"
*Turns on Xbox, to reveal an i7-6800k, 64 gigs of ram, and a gtx 1080 ti.*
*elitists leaves house, contemplates life, and is confused.*

This comment is a joke, Do not take seriously.

Автор Gamingbyte T.V ( назад)
you should have done a fully modular power supply so you didn't have to worry about extra wire

Автор kelvin watson ( назад)
hey, I'm following your video but I cant work out how to do the power switch... please help

Автор HawKnight Gaming ( назад)
This is an xbox one 2 ;)

Автор UNknown Gamer ( назад)
Can it play half life 3

Автор geta grab ( назад)
She's just the way I want her to be
A million times hotter than TNT

Автор harry holley ( назад)
I'm going to do this at one point. But I will get a skinny 400 watt PSU. For mounting the SSD I will get the 360 hard drive case and mod it. Then wire the LEDs as well as the power button. And connect USB ports to the front. Then I can have it stand up. And plug in a 360 controller and no one would know any different unless they looked at the back. Thanks for the idea.

Автор Ryleigh Bosworth ( назад)
We all know you want it for porn

Автор AaronExDee ( назад)
An Xbox 360*

Автор James Eddolls ( назад)
should of used the original power cut out for the psu cable apart from that pretty sweet build

Автор Joey Lawnther ( назад)

Автор Gerole Michael ( назад)
Just shut the hell up and put it together momas boy

Автор TM Hedgehog ( назад)
Micro PSUs would be perfect for this, plus a 750ti, possibly with a cooling mod

Автор TRINIOX _ ( назад)
u can passivly cool it with just the stock heatsink m8

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