The Fake Review Scam

  • Published on Sep 20, 2019
  • How to spot fake Amazon reviews! They're everywhere! :O
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Comments • 323

  • Mason Taylor
    Mason Taylor Month ago

    Guys don’t work with this broker, they entice me to advisors who don’t know how to trade, give terrible signals. For the sake of interest I tried to trade with the help of their advisers all the advice was in the red ... I lost 400 bucks for me it isn’t a lot of money, but they assure that they need the client for a long time. My impression of this broker is disgusting people. Luckily, I was able to recover my money when I got in contact with fundssrecovery01@ gmail. com

  • Ilyas Abdille
    Ilyas Abdille 2 months ago


  • Donovan Archuleta
    Donovan Archuleta 2 months ago

    Hey @Greg Salazar want to see another somthing like this ? Head over to they have a ps4 pro, xbox one x, xbox one s, xbox one ,ps4 slim, ps4 and a ps vista each for around $85 wow such a scam

  • Richard Clarke
    Richard Clarke 3 months ago

    Have a question. If these fake websites scheming people out of their money. Who do we contact to warn people about this fake website

  • anndeefam
    anndeefam 4 months ago

    i use a dipstick to check the oil level in my car, i never thought of using it to think with, thanks for the suggestion, I'll consider that.

  • jodysin7
    jodysin7 4 months ago

    I bought a pair of these from for my dad. They were 33 dollars. They look just like apple earpods. They actually work great and he loves them. They may not really have noise cancelling or anything fancy besides the bluetooth but they work great and last over 12 hour per charge and the case itself recharges the buds. Just an fyi, these dont suck as much as this video would make you think they do. Not like the other stuff you will find for dirt cheap and doesn't function.

  • Skip ad
    Skip ad 4 months ago

    bought 100 5* . i mean 100ppl gave 5* and 0(zero) less then 5. and i dont like it.

  • Braheem Hazeem
    Braheem Hazeem 5 months ago

    Lots of assumptions there.

  • Gameslord
    Gameslord 5 months ago

    Something to think about,to consider,but hardly damning.
    I tend to ignore user reviews.
    ...actually I ALWAYS or nearly always ignore them.😁

  • John Henry
    John Henry 5 months ago

    For me, the dead giveaway is simply the grammer. It is obvious that whoever wrote this "review" is not a native English speaker. Anything like this is an obvious fake.

  • Hansy
    Hansy 6 months ago

    I hate that people in general will blindly leave 5 stars or full rating for a product they bought or an app on their phone that they use.
    Like an example; A user giving some HyperX headset 5 stars "the best headset that I've had", forgetting how absolute 7trash the microphone is and the sound is just ok, nothing special.
    They also help making user reviews with rating absolutely pointless.

  • Robert Brown
    Robert Brown 6 months ago

    One good way to tell a fake 5-star review. If it is short and can be applied to almost any item. "The product arrived on time and was good quality". Am I referring to earbuds? Welding mask? A hammer?

  • Brad Harris
    Brad Harris 6 months ago

    I have been approached a few times after buying something to leave a review & get a gift. Fortunately, they were nice products so I can honestly leave positive feedback but it still feels less than above board. Anymore, my general rule is not to buy anything that isn't coming directly from Amazon.

  • godsstep son
    godsstep son 6 months ago

    We sell these at my job for 20$ they have a bad life span and battery life is extremely low maby 2 hrs at the most. Many headphones for same price that can do the job better .. would not recommend.

  • sk8rgu1
    sk8rgu1 6 months ago

    I have a friend who gets free stuff from amazon in exchange for 5 star detailed reviews (even if they are bad products). Basically there are instagram group messages with reviewers and sellers, they will want like 25 good 5 star reviews and ask in the chat if anyone wants these products. People then purchase them, screen shot their review and get their money back and keep what they got. For the most part, they aren't half bad, a lot of these buyers are just trying to get their product on the first page of amazon however, you get what you pay for.

  • Mal S
    Mal S 6 months ago

    The fake reviews are still pretty easy to spot (for now), but they're getting better, they used to be very generic but now at least include some specifics

  • Michael Frei
    Michael Frei 6 months ago

    "dip stick" used as a euphemism means "penis" colloquially as it has many fitting analogies.

  • Swift's Tech Talks
    Swift's Tech Talks 6 months ago +1

    Always check bad reviews
    And If 25% of reviews are super bad then dont buy the item

  • mkbmainpc
    mkbmainpc 6 months ago

    1:30 i get gum tree this stuff but amazon? my ethos on amazon is if it looks to good try it as if its not great you will get a refund any way. you know if you have a problem 1 phone call you get a refund in 30 secs on anything. before i go any further would like to highlight i live in the uk and everything i buy on amazon is via prime not sure if thats related but ...
    there is a head line every month in the paper to the effect of "person scams amazon out of xxx hundred of thousands via refunds" there is a reason for that there staff do just refund everything.
    honestly i have complained about a item being late and got a refund before the item has even arrived and been told to just keep the item. amazon refunds everything instantly if you have a issue. i have also refunded headphone spliter £2 (about $2-3) that broke 4 months later (sorry a £2 item breaks 4 months after purchase and they still refunded it) there staff do just refund everything.

  • Jesus Nunez
    Jesus Nunez 6 months ago

    C'mon dude are you trying to get into another court case

  • Viper20184
    Viper20184 6 months ago

    What some companies are doing.. they have facebook group (and other methods) where they will tell someone to buy x item.. give it good review and we will paypal you refund. I personally have nt done this but I know someone who did it once to see if they were legit.. and they truly did give a refund for a 5 star review..

  • George Billiris
    George Billiris 6 months ago

    Lol I always just head straight to the 1 star reviews and if something I’m looking at only has positive reviews then it’s off to find something else that I can actually trust. Nothing comes without flaws!

  • DancingTakosMonkey
    DancingTakosMonkey 6 months ago

    that's what the Chinese do

  • EternalRhythm
    EternalRhythm 6 months ago

    Found out the airpods I bought 3 weeks ago were fake. They were $200 version but got it second hand for $150. And I looked up videos and articles how to look for in fakes and how to tell. I literally compared it to a friends who went to an apple store and go them, after I got mine. I thought I had 100% real airpods until the led light on the front started to dim. I called apple support and turns out the serial ID on the box said the product had been replaced 5 times. And the ID in the case was a fake. That was the only difference I could tell between real and fake airpods. I was so pissed. And the guy I got them from is saying he didn't know and got a few in bulk from a woman. So.. Yeah really pissed and hope I can get my money back from the dude.

    • EternalRhythm
      EternalRhythm 6 months ago

      Sorry for the long writing. Just found out yesterday so still a little emotional

  • GPUabuse
    GPUabuse 6 months ago

    Pretty much what companies are doing now is giving you the money to purchase the product via Amazon and leave verified reviews.

  • My World 101
    My World 101 6 months ago

    Always look for verified purchase it means they actually bought the product.

  • Christopher Coonan
    Christopher Coonan 6 months ago

    Can we say "Sock Puppets" ?
    And to think, right now this very channel has a few users with a few thousand sock puppets a piece and they spend their time thumbs upping and thumbs downing content from this and many other channels. Such is the world today. But like you said, do your due diligence. Find out for yourself.

  • nosmas_r
    nosmas_r 6 months ago

    Also finding a lot of time with amazon that a review on a keyboard for instance, the actual model although is the same brand turns out to be a different model.

  • Low-Tech Mods
    Low-Tech Mods 6 months ago

    My review of this channel:

    'It fits good with my need. I like the way it is. You get good product with this buy. Go with it!'

  • Masterfeed back
    Masterfeed back 6 months ago

    I had my Amazon acount hacked the hackers used my account to buy 10 items at £1 each they then left top review for each item that was now alot more than £1 each Amazon is full of fake sellers and products and they don't care

  • Darknessblade
    Darknessblade 6 months ago

    those are not even 25$ 10$ max on aliexpress

  • SaHaRaSquad
    SaHaRaSquad 6 months ago

    What you showed in the video is the previous-generation scam ;)
    The newest trick seems to be:
    - sell an actually good product until it has a large number of very positive reviews
    - completely replace the product name, description, pictures and price with that of a crappy product
    - congrats, everyone who mainly looks at the star rating and doesn't read many reviews now sees great reviews for utter garbage
    The best way to fight this shitty practice is to include product photos with reviews; Amazon shows a gallery of these photos before any review, and if the photos show something completely different than the current product entry suggests, you know to not touch anything from this seller.
    (To be honest I'm shocked that Amazon even allows sellers to pull this shit; imho they should automatically reset all reviews if the product name is changed)

  • PooPipeBoy
    PooPipeBoy 6 months ago

    People still fall for the fake GTX 960 scams. If that's not sad then I don't know what is.

  • Danny
    Danny 6 months ago

    Amazon, like Apple does with App Store, should hide reviews until certain number of reviews have been met.
    Otherwise, its really easy to create a few fake accounts and spoof people into thinking that its a great product.
    Not saying Apple has solved the fake review game, but I think it will discourage scammers from trying to write a bunch of fake reviews.

  • SnowDrifter
    SnowDrifter 6 months ago

    I've noticed a trend when I shop, were after the purchase, the seller starts asking for 5 star reviews and will go so far as offering to refund / replace / etc just so I say 5 stars

  • Baltimore Shipspotting
    Baltimore Shipspotting 6 months ago

    I also find Amazon pushing "promoted" products to the top of the list being a problem.

  • T Rama Narayana Rao
    T Rama Narayana Rao 6 months ago

    1.I check if the Reviews are from a Verified Purchase.
    2.I check if the person who posted the review, posted any past reviews on other products in the past (Verified Reviews Only).
    3.Dates of Previous Reviews. The fake ones post similar reviews on the same date on similar products (Probably paid by a person selling the similar basket of goods).

    SQUEEZED JUCHE 6 months ago

    A bigger issue is that companies can delete bad reviews for no reason, and amazon is totally fine with it

  • spiritcore1
    spiritcore1 6 months ago

    Check out as well.

  • Arky
    Arky 6 months ago

    Can you check those Oneodio/Oneaudio headsets? Heard they are actually good and very reasonably priced

  • Reggie Beats
    Reggie Beats 6 months ago

    whole lotta ryzen goin on there

  • no no
    no no 6 months ago

    I appreciate the warning you're giving out here for these questionable reviews but the selling of these cheap headphones shouldn't be discouraged, they have a place in the market and I like being able to order a $20 pair of wireless headphones that I know are going to be mediocre instead of investing $100+ into a pair which I might not like for whatever reason.

  • Dtr146
    Dtr146 6 months ago

    oh it's worse than what you say if you leave a one-star review or anyting worse than five stars people can have the reviews removed or they just flushing out with more fake reviews to get their rating back up

  • Jort
    Jort 6 months ago

    probably people who are drop shipping i wouldnt doubt it

  • Murali Dharan
    Murali Dharan 6 months ago

    Even products with thousands of 5* reviews have a lot (in hundreds) of fake reviews.

  • InterstateLoveSong
    InterstateLoveSong 6 months ago

    Another one to look out for is where they take an existing item and change the information. All the reviews stay the same but the product is different. I've seen this on many screen protectors. For instance before the Note 10 came out there were tons of screen protectors listed on Amazon for it, all with tons of reviews. Reviews dating back years.

  • Isaac
    Isaac 6 months ago

    In addition to what you highlighted in your video, companies will also reach out to people who have left reviews and offer to pay them (usually in gift cards) to alter their review to a 5 star review if it isn't one already. How do I know this? I've been propositioned by them myself. I don't trust Amazon reviews much after having that happen to me since any of them could be bought and paid for.

  • Joshua G
    Joshua G 6 months ago

    I bought these , At the time they were 5-star ear buds with plenty of reviews but now they're 1 and a 1/2 stars with only two reviews which means Amazon did some cleaning. Most disappointing $25 purchase ever, They were so damn awful!

    Also, I remember my mom buying these cheap knock off blue tooth buds they sucked.

  • JayRue
    JayRue 6 months ago

    Thanks for the great video. You should investigate the whole Black Pods 2 scam

  • Thomas5020
    Thomas5020 6 months ago

    Titles like that should be a red flag for anyone
    When the title is based on keyword cramming it already tells you enough about the seller to walk away.

  • Alfredo J. Caraballo
    Alfredo J. Caraballo 6 months ago

    Same goes when they reuse old listings with 5-star reviews. Scroll to see pictures, some of those scam listings have pictures of a lot other products not even related to the item.

  • Zzzzzz...
    Zzzzzz... 6 months ago +1

    Also noticed that not one of those reviews had the 'verified' next to the review. That is also a big red flag or at least a red flag for me anyways.

  • Mark Jacobs
    Mark Jacobs 6 months ago

    Nah, D.Dean just opened a gold mine and found all the great $25 ear buds with excellent sound quality, though I don't like "added bass", sounds iffy 🤔

  • Solo Consciousness
    Solo Consciousness 6 months ago +2

    I used to do these reviews on amazon. I would get free products and review them. Amazon then changed how they do things (at least I thought they did) and made my account unable to leave reviews.

  • Nivar
    Nivar 6 months ago

    A lot of these sellers will contact people through places like Facebook and pay people for 5 star reviews, whether that be to get the product for free or money on top. There are even huge Facebook groups around this Amazon review scamming, so if a product has very unbiased reviews make sure you're keeping your wits about you and better yet report the product as it is very much against Amazon's ToS. I have done this once before for a seller called like Hbuds or something, that showed me a world I didn't know of lol. I was dumb and intrigued by a free product, wouldn't do it again and I'd like everyone to be wary! These products are almost always impressively mediocre or bottom of the line cheap to produce electronics

  • Greg Dorfman
    Greg Dorfman 6 months ago

    Also, ALL of the 6 reviews on the original product he ahowed were left on the same day. Giant red flag!

  • ian ARBERY
    ian ARBERY 6 months ago

    i would say that amazon has a lot of fake reviews so if you tell them about these fake sellers on amazon. Amazon uk is very helpful when you email them about fake sellers as it is given amazon a bad name about these fakes and they take them down asap about 2 days it can take as the sellers have different names but the same address. all the best science studio lets hope you don't get sued by this fake seller this time :-)

  • WelshTony1's Unboxing, Reviews and Guides

    I get emails almost daily from so called Amazon Sellers offering me free products in the form of payment refunded by paypal. I wouldn't be surprised if you don't get them to with the size of your channel since my channel is alot smaller than yours.
    Anyway I personally don't do them as its against Amazon's ToS and they find you out quite easily, I mean just look at the profile you pointed out, Obviously fake and Amazon will eventually delete that profile and all its reviews but in the meantime the damage will have been done. Some people will unfortunately get caught out.

  • Inferno Bandit
    Inferno Bandit 6 months ago

    The title of the earbuds is something that belongs on aliexpress/wish. Not on Amazon

  • Cutz McVascular
    Cutz McVascular 6 months ago

    its really hit and miss. the bluetooth earbuds i use the most are $20 off brand Ebay specials... Sound great, battery lasts all day. Sometimes you can find some good shit for cheap, if you willing to roll the dice.

  • Paul Anderson
    Paul Anderson 6 months ago

    5 star video. This is a real person saying this. Trust me...

  • John Cathcart
    John Cathcart 6 months ago

    I have a hunch that the same thing is happening on facebook and other social media on political pages. Fake hate, fake support, fake profiles etc

  • Justin Saephan
    Justin Saephan 6 months ago

    Maybe D. Dean just really loves that kind of earbuds.

  • Valfaun
    Valfaun 6 months ago

    listings like that are why i don't usually buy from Amazon. they sell virtually everything that can be packed into a box so it can be difficult to find what you want. and there are so many listings that i just can't trust even if they're legit and all. then there's the review amalgamation where you have a parent listing with various children for product variants that are sometimes notably different or don't even belong to the same product range, yet all ratings are consolidated. e.g., our local Amazon has the Deepcool Captain 240 Pro, Castle 240 V2 and Castle 360 V2 under the same listing. it's just not a very good storefront

  • Aranak Asulis
    Aranak Asulis 6 months ago

    I like your branding for your channel, the double "S". It's actually pretty elegant: reminds me of Sennheiser.

  • MikeWithaBike
    MikeWithaBike 6 months ago

    northerm michigander giving us a bad name...

  • David Li
    David Li 6 months ago

    3:10 hold on is that a chinese period?。。。

  • BearsXshow
    BearsXshow 6 months ago

    This is pro to con of Amazon vs Ebay. EBay it's cleaer to see the seller rating system and you are SUPPOSED to get what's in the picture and describe per item.
    Opposed to Amazon you can buy something that looks great in picture and be complete garbage or be garbage in person. And like new, used, bad isn't clear on the product quality.
    Some things are better to get on Amazon vs Ebay and the the other way around because of how the review system is built. But one must pay attention to the reviews as you explained.

  • Anibal Perez
    Anibal Perez 6 months ago

    No item with real reviews will ever have 5 stars, there's no perfect product, so beware
    Also another good gauge is to see how many reviews an item has, the more the better, generally good items with real reviews have 4 to 4.5 ratings

  • Chris Doherty
    Chris Doherty 6 months ago

    theres so many fake reviews on amazon and wish. its barley worth reading.

  • John Stehlik
    John Stehlik 6 months ago

    I trolled an ad on facebook, before. Supposedly it was a collapsible baton, that could be used for self defense, and it could fit in your pants pocket. Within its video, you could see a guy using it like a baton in martial arts, and another you could see someone deploy it side to side, in mid air. The price was 25 dollars, dropped from 50. So I did a little looking around, all the video footage they were using to sell the self defense baton, was taken from other people's youtube videos. One was a guy that was reviewing the baton, and concluded that it was no good for self defense of any kind, and it was just a toy. The other person was a magician, reviewing the baton, for use in his job as a magician, and he even mentioned that they go for about 8 dollars on Amazon, and that he likes them for his job/hobby as a magician. In any case, in the comments of this add, I posted links for both the videos, and links to where they were cheaper on Amazon. These kinds of things bother me.

  • 2rawww
    2rawww 6 months ago +1

    Several mules... yes yes

  • Bob dabiuld
    Bob dabiuld 6 months ago

    It’s the ancient AliExpress trick: long titles

  • Dave's Unbranded
    Dave's Unbranded 6 months ago

    @sciencestudio I was contacted by a company named gamemax who is giving away power supplies and CPU fans for free if you leave them a positive review. Fortunately, I have integrity and I reviewed it for reals. I left a video review as well because they are the most looked at. If you would like to see my review it was for the gamemax 600 watt RGB PSU.

  • Gaz Yates
    Gaz Yates 6 months ago

    great vid , amazons review system is getting properly abused , even on half decent products company's are just creating their own reviews , as you said you just godda read them to root them out 👍👍👍👍

  • Mirza Kulenovic
    Mirza Kulenovic 6 months ago

    Those look like Cheeto puffs

  • Manuel G
    Manuel G 6 months ago

    same thing in europe...
    EVERYTHING in every category which is not a well known brand is exactly like this here in the video.

  • SOU6900
    SOU6900 6 months ago

    My dad buys stuff like this on eBay because of the price. Then he gets it and I'm the one trying to make sense of the sorry English instructions that they come with.

  • Robert Olesnevich
    Robert Olesnevich 6 months ago

    No negative reviews is big red flag by it self. I always look at the negative reviews as well as the positives. Many times the negative reviews tell you more about the product then the positive. To many negative is a red flag but little or none is also a big red flag. You can not please 100% of the people 100% of the time.

  • gary slatter
    gary slatter 6 months ago

    #FakeReviews are a modern pox...