OLYMPUS EM5 III - Casual Video VS Sony A7III and iPhone 11 Pro Max!

  • Published on Oct 26, 2019
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    TODAY I talk about using the Olympus EM5 III for casual video. Not pro work, not for making films but for casual use. Say you are looking for a solid camera that takes beautiful photos, but also want nice smooth video rolled in as well?
    With the EM5 III the video for the casual user is fantastic due to the enhanced new 5 Axis IS system inside as well as the natural color.
    See here as I do quick comparisons for 5 Axis, Color and DOF using the new EM5 III with 12mm f/2 lens and the Sony A7III with 28 f/2 lens. I also throw in the iPhone 11 Pro max which is also pretty darn good.
    Again, this is for fun. Not a scientific test. It is done for the amateur, those new to video, the casual user who will not have a bag full of ND filters, and who wants easy video that looks great out of the camera.
    After these quick comparisons, I would choose the EM5III if I shot casual photos for trips, vacations, family, everyday life, street and also needed video where I didn't have to shoot LOG and just wanted EASY.
    Enjoy, and that you for watching.
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Comments • 76

  • Bert Hubbard
    Bert Hubbard 23 days ago

    Do you think Olympus is going to shutdown their operations in 8 months ?

    • George Hogarth
      George Hogarth 5 days ago +1

      Bert Hubbard no, heck why release a new model and a road map for new lenses?

  • Packing Less
    Packing Less 28 days ago

    Did you shoot in 4k or HD?

  • Marc.G.Lau
    Marc.G.Lau 29 days ago

    nice ,thank you

  • Kent Ekasak
    Kent Ekasak Month ago +2

    IBIS : EM53 > i11 > A73
    Color : EM53 > i11 > A73
    Skin tone : EM53 > A73 > i11
    Focus : all about the same..
    The winner : EM53

    • The North
      The North 12 days ago +1

      t Lim fanboys are always biased and don’t care about facts.

    • t Lim
      t Lim 12 days ago

      @The North Excuses, excuses and more excuses. The Sony is over rated.

    • The North
      The North 22 days ago +2

      Kent Ekasak A73 color is for editor, not for people who want to use the footages right out of the camera.

  • Tomek
    Tomek Month ago +5

    When i look at Olympus bokeh and then at A7 III - maybe that`s only me, but Sony looks unrealistic, just you can`t see that kind of bokeh in real life if you focus on something.

    • t Lim
      t Lim 12 days ago

      @Tomasz Kucza So that it is equal to the Olympus? If that is desirable then we should be using the Oly as it provides a better compromise between light and bokeh. 😂😂😂

    • Tomasz Kucza
      Tomasz Kucza Month ago

      He should have closed the lens on A7 a bit to make the DoF a bit more reasonable.

    AVICIIZ Month ago +2

    6:10 the highlight rollof is very very nice on this camera. 6:57 much better than the sony

    LUKA XIII Month ago

    iphone топчик

  • Linkไปเรื่อย Channel

    Omd em5 iii How long can the battery shoot videos?

  • Robertina Salomé
    Robertina Salomé Month ago +1

    Nice to see reviews targeted for the casual enthusiast.

  • kenmagg
    kenmagg Month ago +2

    IPhone looked jerky going sideways...have same issue with Galaxy Note
    Sony IBIS is terrible even compared to a 5yr old Pentax 😕

  • ammadoux
    ammadoux Month ago +1

    yes olympus om 5 mark ii was superb for videos of birds i think this one will be as good if not much better

  • Tomek
    Tomek Month ago +2

    Colours on Olympus natural profile are outstanding!

  • PiDsMedia
    PiDsMedia Month ago +4

    EM5-3 is clearly ahead of both of those two, but how does it compare to a GH5 or G9 ?

  • The PNW Rider
    The PNW Rider Month ago +3

    The one that impressed me the most was the iPhone. It held its own very well with a tiny sensor and mobile camera lens.

  • Summer2015
    Summer2015 Month ago +1

    Color-wise, I didn't like iphone, but I was OK with Sony; though, Olympus was a safe bet. Then, E-M5 III is light, weather sealed. I just wish (lower priced) Sigma and Tamron lenses were available in Micro 4/3 system.

    • Alin Stancu
      Alin Stancu Month ago

      @LexTNeville I know, it's a zoom lens, but 16 1.4 and 30 1.4 from Sigma are way better....

    • LexTNeville
      LexTNeville Month ago

      @Alin Stancu Tamron do an m43 lens too, but I don't think it was very good. Can't remember.

    • Alin Stancu
      Alin Stancu Month ago +2

      The Sigma lenses are available in m43 format...

  • Bildflieger
    Bildflieger Month ago +1

    Camera enthusiast + great hifi gear! You know how to enjoy your stuff, man! Like it a lot.

  • Makta972
    Makta972 Month ago +1

    Olympus all day everyday.

  • Eric Z
    Eric Z Month ago +1

    The blown highlights on the A7 mk3 are killing me...

  • subliminallyinc
    subliminallyinc Month ago +1

    0:33 what a beautiful combo

  • Dmytro D
    Dmytro D Month ago +4

    really IS stabilization in new RF lenses from Canon looks much better the Sony matrix stabilization... olympus is a great camera, really, best all rounder.

  • Top 10 best Top 10 lists

    What is up with the compression on your outdoors footage? It looks awful.

  • Dave King
    Dave King Month ago

    How about the em5 III vs a LUMIX G95? Which would you prefer?

    • KomandaGleby GB
      KomandaGleby GB Month ago +5

      you know that G95 has a bigger crop in 4K than G85, while EM5 iii does not seem to have any crop. You know that Pana uses DfD AF, and while it is quite good for stills, the out-of-focus area demonstrates quite a noticeable pulsation even with recent G95.

  • Huw Williams
    Huw Williams Month ago +7

    The Olympus is the only one with a fully articulating screen that allows the photographer to see oneself in real time as the selphy scene is shot.

  • Mike Fugoso
    Mike Fugoso Month ago +4

    E-M5 iii with the pana-Leica 12mm 1.4 = 👌

  • log0log
    log0log Month ago +2

    So, what stops you from closing aperture down on Sony if you prefer more DOF?
    iphone wins again for casual shooters

    • LexTNeville
      LexTNeville Month ago

      I'd say iPhone wins for complacent shooters!

    • log0log
      log0log Month ago +1

      @Snowwalker aeroplane mode - on :)

    • Snowwalker
      Snowwalker Month ago +1

      yes until you receive a call in the middle of your casual shoot.

  • ViridianG
    ViridianG Month ago +7

    Olympus seem to have best color. iPhone is too sharp...and Sony color has some gray in it....making it muddy.

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy Month ago


  • Andres Ruiz
    Andres Ruiz Month ago +3

    The more pronounced camera shake on the Sony vs the Olympus is due to the sonys larger sensor.

    • t Lim
      t Lim 12 days ago

      Olympus invented IBIS, that's why the beat the pants off Sony.

    • James Peirce
      James Peirce Month ago

      LexTNeville I’d believe that. That it was part of the original design intention. IBIS is a damned gem on the M43 camera mount.

    • LexTNeville
      LexTNeville Month ago

      @James Peirce according to Robin Wong, the whole m43 mount was designed with IBIS in mind. Larger image circle than the sensor to allow for better sensor movement.

    • James Peirce
      James Peirce Month ago +1

      Panasonic gets pretty good stabilization on their S1 series full frame cameras. Sony’s mount is pretty shitty for stabilization. Olympus just also has damn good technology for image stabilization anyhow.

    • Eric the Watcher
      Eric the Watcher Month ago

      That is not an intrinsic limitation. Learn before you speak

  • Karim Ghantous
    Karim Ghantous Month ago +6

    I think I'm going to agree with you, based on what you've shown us here, and based on what else I know about these three devices. Looks like you had a nice day at the fair, too.
    BTW I am slightly perplexed at how people in recent years have associated very shallow DOF with 'cinematic' imagery. This has never been the case, ever. Perhaps the novelty of large sensors and wide apertures gets people a little too excited. ;-)

    • Zvonimir Tosic
      Zvonimir Tosic Month ago +3

      You guys are correct. Shallow DoF was NEVER in the definition of cinematic! Whoever claims that, is fabricating the history of cinematography! The definition of "cinematic" was always (1) how the ACTION was captured (e.g. see films by Kurosawa), (2) framing (see films by David Lean), (3) pace (see films by A. Hitchcock) (4) coming into the frame and out of the frame (see Charlie Chaplin's films), (6) the cuts between frames (any of these above), (7) the light, the composition (film noir,e tc.), etc. But DoF? DoF?! For heaven's sake, NEVER! The first rule of cinematography is that your set is so well prepared, the lights etc. so that all things are filmed in focus; otherwise, they do not belong in the set!

    • Noot
      Noot Month ago +1

      In the same boat as you... Constantly confused why people are associating shallow DoF with "cinematic". Having good control of DoF will allow a cinematographer to control where they want the viewers eyes to focus, but you will rarely see overly shallow DoF that can't be achieved in smaller sensors like the 4/3 sensor except for very niche purposes.

  • monstercameron
    monstercameron Month ago +5

    are you gonna try the sigma fp?

  • David Aelbrecht
    David Aelbrecht Month ago +6

    I like the Tube Amplifier in the back! :-) good taste!

  • Ava Vikman
    Ava Vikman Month ago +1

    10:00 Sony can have just as good color out of the camera but you have to change the color profile. Such vibrant colors are great for casual users, pretty bad for anyone looking to grade. The Olympus has similar color options as well- each company just has different defaults.
    Still, I'd probably recommend M43 to any parent who isn't the most passionate about the art but wants good quality. Olympus has better IBIS by far, Sony has more options by far.
    For me personally, I have Sony FF because I need that shallow depth of field as a working photographer and as a vintage lens enthusiast, all of the interesting lens character is in the corners which m43 just doesn't show.

    • James Peirce
      James Peirce Month ago

      Ava Vikman Olympus has pretty amazing colors out of camera (something they’ve long been quite good at). Sony has improved quite a bit, but I don’t think they’re there quite yet (in my opinion).

    • Ava Vikman
      Ava Vikman Month ago

      @Tomek do I shoot my lenses wide open all the time? Nope. But it's good to have the option. And frankly, a lot of my private clients seem to like the look of say a 135mm f2 @f2. As for Cinema use, infrequently will a production use shallow DoF all the time but at times they will- look at "Equals", off the top of my head.
      It's also very important that I clarify, I am 95% a still photographer so the IBIS superiority of M43 isn't that big of a disadvantage for me.

    • Tomek
      Tomek Month ago

      Ava Vikman it’s yours choice. You want shallow depth of field? Try Voigtlander 0.95 and you got it. Still not shallow enough? Watch on cinema productions - they haven’t that much shallow DOF. Why? Ask professionals (spoiler: because too shallow look really unrealistic and just bad). So you have some shallow dof with 0.95 plus stabilization witch Sony can dream about. So you need gimbal every time (really? Gimbal everywhere?) Long story short: A7iii is not good not universal enough for casual vlogger/videographer and not good enough for serious movie production.

  • GrumpyWiseGuy
    GrumpyWiseGuy Month ago

    Yes, from these choices. However, for me, carrying a camera around all day shooting stills, I prefer the flip screen of the Sony, or in my personal case, the Olympus EM10 mk3. Which I believe is the only Olympus camera with a flip down screen only. The ergonomics on the Olympus EM5 mk3 are almost identical to my EM10 except for the rear screen, which are better for me than the Sony A73. The phone is of course always with me and quite frankly, my Note 9 is by FAR easiest to use and has the best exposure control over any other camera I have ever used day to day usage. So, long telephoto or most specialized professional use, a dedicated ILC camera works best for me. Everything else, a good smartphone is hands down the best choice for me.

  • Eric Jennings
    Eric Jennings Month ago +12

    Olympus looks best honestly

  • Robert Adams
    Robert Adams Month ago

    Shoot the A7III at 1080p? or 4k?

  • DriveLongRoad
    DriveLongRoad Month ago +1

    Good review. Have christmas time??? 😆

  • 1957PLATO
    1957PLATO Month ago +21

    Olympus is so underrated because it is M4/3 and their marketing division is a disaster. They are an innovative company with fantastic lenses.. Their sooc colours are as good as Canon or Fuji or Nikon. Their menu’s are horrible. The upside is you can customize a lot of buttons which avoids the need to dive into those menu’s.
    I recently bought a hardly used Em 1 mark II and I swear it’s the best camera I have ever used and made me leave my Canon 5d III on the shelf. God knows how I love my 5d, but I cannot be bothered to lug that heavy weight anymore.

    • LexTNeville
      LexTNeville Month ago

      @Ava Vikman interesting. Thanks for coming back to say so. Will make sure to keep the software correction on on my 12-35 f2.8 :)

    • Ava Vikman
      Ava Vikman Month ago

      @LexTNeville btw--- those massively distorting lenses that she has:
      Panasonic 12-35mm 2.8
      Olympus 17mm 1.2
      Olympus 14-42mm ez kit lens

    • Landscope 360
      Landscope 360 Month ago

      If anything, MFT manufacturers' marketing is consistently overstating the capabilities of their system. That's why MFT gear is so massively overpriced - people believe the marketing hype and don't understand that they're buying into a dying system with massive limitations.

    • Ava Vikman
      Ava Vikman Month ago

      @LexTNeville I'm not at my computer right now to really check but in equivalent focal lengths, she has a 35, a standard Zoom, a telephoto Zoom, and a portrait Prime.
      The portrait lens and telephoto are both decent at distortion though still not perfect.

    • LexTNeville
      LexTNeville Month ago

      ​@Ava Vikman which lenses does your periodic assistant use on her m43 camera?