No Trump-Russia collusion evidence - Head of US House Intelligence Committee

Accusations of the Trump administration having had contact with Russia have been dominating headlines recently. But the head of the U.S. House Intelligence Committee says he's found no evidence of collusion between President Trump's election campaign and the Kremlin. READ MORE: https://on.rt.com/8684

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Автор RKT ( назад)
All these lame-ass bitches posting nytimes links below as proof against Trump.. when will these mfs wake up and realize the deception?!

Автор Iron Horseman ( назад)
I see no hope for the US and it looks like they are going to Hell where their Satanist Leaders want them to go. :D :P

Автор Iron Horseman ( назад)
The Zionazis in Washington are getting desperate with their lies and US Citizens know it, but the working class are still not sure of Trump as most of his campaign talk and actual acts after election are lacking to achieve those stated goals, but his warmongering is no different from that of any US President since George W. Bush was in office.

Автор I am Wrath ( назад)
lmao papamagnum said it all .

Автор Jeffrey Backowski ( назад)
I'm going to send this message to the CIA, they probably know already by me typing it here but I'm going to make sure they get it :-P

Hi CIA :-)
I’ve found out that all the first ladies have been men and literally I think everyone in Hollywood is a tranny, I am so glad I don’t watch TV, new movies, read new books, look at magazines or listen to anything but classical music for decades now otherwise I might have been programed to see beautiful women instead of ladyboys and dudes in drag, this world is so far beyond absurd it is almost funny.
I don’t care that Trump is a biological woman but my feelings are hurt because I was lied too, I was deceived, used as a mindless little game piece for all the trannies to play with and laugh at, the they are lying about it, Trump is like every other politician, a lying tranny.
I have no problem with trannies, I don’t even care if they lie, what pisses me off is when I know and they think I’m stupid.
Well if trannies are the hot new thing now I can hop on board with that, I could pass for a woman even before a sex change! What would I do though…hmm…oh I could travel the country going to VFW’s telling other veterans that having a sex change turned my life around after leaving the Army, I could make up a real good sob story that my life was and how being a chick with a dick or man with tits, whatever it doesn’t really matter does it, has made everything better than it was even while I was still in the service.
I wouldn’t mind doing a job that doesn’t pay and is in such a remote location that I can never return with the understanding that if I do poorly I’ll be put down, I am cool with all of that I have nothing or no one, I’ve cut out everyone and everything that used to make me happy so I have nothing to miss when it is taken away. I feel like I’m waiting for my plane to take off to start me at a new duty station in a brand new exotic land
I do excellent clerical work, I can clean up shit, rake leaves I’ll do any task without complaint, turn me into like a Robo Cop, chop off my legs and toss me in front of a f*cking coal mine to guard for all eternity in agony. I would rather be able to run so I can chase whoever came near my coal mine down so I could slaughter them, then go through their wallet and get their driver's license, go to their home and burn it with all inside, it gets REALLY boring guarding a frinkin coal mine after a millennia look at the monster I’d become, that would be cool if I was even sentient.

Автор Mark Youbi ( назад)
America is loosing their powers

Автор chevon1920 ( назад)
Why is Russia defending trump. This is clearly true, trump is a traitorous evil little man.

Автор Conner Powell ( назад)
Wow what a surprise that Russia's state media outlet proclaims there's no evidence.
Not to mention they've somehow gotten all of the conservatards in the country to believe their lies too.

Автор celestialrailroad ( назад)
Another pack of lies from RT.

Автор Parker Pearson ( назад)

Автор Sparky Firefly ( назад)
i just saw Putin flying around the Statue Of Liberty. He was using a jet pack and not wearing a shirt.
What are those Russians up to? I know he was not doing maintenance.

Автор Paul Proulx ( назад)
Trump and his cronies are russian sycophants. Trump is Putin's little puppet. Hahahahahahahahahahaha

Автор AKM5.45 SHOOTER ( назад)
The MSM is saying Trump is being investigated still. They are desperate

Автор mama mia ( назад)
I want to know who in the US paid the Mr. Steeler in the UK to madeup this creepy false dossiers>

Автор mama mia ( назад)
Democrats will not stop blaming Russia because they're sore losers. they rather destroy the country to prove a point. Soon it will be a crime to say the word "Russia"

Автор ABDULLAH_FARD M. ( назад)
The 45th U.S. President scripted political drama.

Автор Jason Unwin ( назад)
It doesn't matter. The Democrat Party and the Main Stream Media need a "story" to explain Clinton's loss in the election. This will go on forever as long as he is in charge. He is a THREAT to the status quo and must be taken out.

Автор Victor S ( назад)
We need to criminalize stupidity, so we can put all these idiots where they belong, in a nut house, not running our government or MSM!

Автор Luda K ( назад)
This is the only headline claiming this "no evidence" crap, and who is this? ah, yes! RT! russia today. Why am I not surprised?

Автор Robbing Hook ( назад)
It seems everything in America is working as usual.

Автор chelihawk ( назад)
I think that Americans need to identify the true enemy from within. your fbi, Cia and nsa has been corrupted and compromised. they are working for the deep state that is trying to push the US into more war. isn't this why you hold on to your right to bear arms. where are your militias now.

Автор Chastity Sawyer ( назад)
We love Trump @ Putin great team of great leaders Kathleen Brooks 55. Years old agrees totally with them both. Great Leaders lol Kathleen Brooks

Автор Stephen Faust ( назад)
There is a difference between saying one has seen no evidence and there being no evidence. Simply shut your eyes and tell your office staff never to try showing you that sort of thing again et voila! One can say with all certainty and in all truth that one has 'seen no evidence'. But just look at the way the man leans forward and super-firmly claims not to have seen any such evidence: why, it's enough to make one want to recall Phillip Ruddock to Parliament to testify that 'there were no ch..." .

Автор Sérgio André ( назад)
Putin, is the boss!

Автор huss1205 ( назад)
who is that old ugly black congresswoman?

Автор Nigel Maund ( назад)
No one can believe the Democrats and their witch hunt to set up Trump. This is nothing other than a "Deep State" NWO plot to depose Trump before he unearths their dirty business and enormous mess they have conctructed to take us all down and create their Global Dictatorship and One World Currency as forecast 30 years ago on the New Year 1988 Economist cover as taking place in 2018 - the great currency reset date. The financial collapse will happen in October 2017.

Автор MiguelPmpM ( назад)
Can't be, many of Trump's government cabinet aren't having a good view with Russia, or against them.

Автор Samuel Fugatt ( назад)
hmm, time to bring back public hangings...js

Автор jamie4084 ( назад)
FAKE NEWS !!!!! "FBI CONFIRMS PROBE INTO RUSSIAN ELECTION MEDDLING, TRUMP CAMPAIGN COLLUSION"... THEY HAVE NOT CLOSED THE INVESTIGATION AND THEY CAN NOT SPEAK ON THE INVESTIGATION UNTIL IT'S CLOSED...THE FBI WILL OFFICIALLY CLOSE IT WHEN IT'S OVER, AND IT WILL BE INDICTMENT OR DISMISSAl ... make no mistakes... FBI did not confirm "no Trump collusion', but rather that there was a FISA investigation launched which led them to Trump, and that investigation has not been closed.... this is far from over

Автор Кристина Дождь ( назад)
He said one thing, *one. thing.* in his campaign - that he was open to working with , not against, russia as a matter of making friends with those who fight ISIS
suddenly they the left have fabricated what we see now

Автор seanlaca ( назад)
On one hand Trump rightly says CIA is disgraceful for falsely accusing him of having Russian ties, then on the other he gives CIA unlimited power over drone strikes. Wtf?

Автор jamie4084 ( назад)
FAKE NEWS... Spinning lies and bull shit again....They don't have the evidence that Russian interference altered votes or the electorates. But the investigation into Trumps ties or collusion with Russia are still under investigation... THEREFORE this is TRUMP FAKE NEWS. I've been watching since the beginning and this channel lied just like Trumps tweet just did... this ain't over

Автор Charles Eldredge ( назад)
We American citizens are sick of the globalist f-tards who have severely infiltrated out gov't. They are trying everything to get trump out. please help! any govt or private individual we need whatever help we can get! it's insane over here!

Автор Erwin Schmidt ( назад)
I have watched Comey testifying today, and he's just as useless and evasive as he was with Hillary's e-mail scandal w/intentionally dissemination of classified material on illegal server. He's Hillary/Clinton Foundation/DNC puppet & Congress needs to impeach him for obvious felonious reasons. Do it now...don't wait...do it now...don't wait...do it now!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор fau2an100 ( назад)
hey maxine, did putin invade korea yet?

Автор Jolly Stuxxy ( назад)
Que bono? Who benefits?

In terms of capability, who could have done it? The Chinese definitely could, but would they? Considering Trump's comments during the presidential run up, it wouldn't make sense for them to help him by hacking the DNC? The UK? They stated before that they need to step up their cyber warfare capabilities because we are all headng for a new digital cold war, so they couldn't have done it, and wouldn't have.

That narrows the suspects down to either the CIA, who have threatened Trump before because of his pro-Putin remarks. So that leaves Russia? Could the yhave done it? They've got the capability. Would they have done it? Considering Trump's continuous remarks regarding both Russia and Putin, the only possible answer is yes, of course they would assisted him.

For Russia not to come out and admit this is a sign of their weakness. This channel and the assholes who appear on it are laughable.

Автор EH CBunny ( назад)
This is FAKE NEWS. Multiple US intel stated Trump and Russia are under investigation for wiretapping and illegally influencing a US election. #treason

Автор nickglais ( назад)
I think your readers should listen to testimony of FBI Director Comey and the Counter Intelligence Investigation into the question of co-ordination of Trump with Russia the US in Presidential election.

Автор MadWillyLove ( назад)
The United States of America has a marxist parasite problem. We need bug spray.

Автор Chad Sweeney ( назад)
But.. but, Clinton lost, and it's all Russia's fault! Don't you believe me?

Автор LVPN 1 ( назад)
Russia has no interests in the US the US government has always been truculent towards Russia and Russia for not depend on anything from the US.

Автор blujay1524 ( назад)
Wait a minute, are you saying that Democratic politicians got up and grandstanded for months on end without any proof to back up any of their baseless assertions?

Don't believe it. Next I bet they're gonna tell us that Mitt Romney and Donald Trump DID pay their taxes.

Автор Xtremedia01 ( назад)
The fucking retarded mentality of what is supposed to be the media is astounding. "well guess what, he's soft on Putin so he gotta have some collusion". Are we serious now? Trump is absolutely right about VFN-CNN.

Автор B Murray ( назад)
What if all this 'Russian-Trump-collision-hype-nonsense' is all a ruse, an 'intentional deception' to insure that Russian US relations remain at heightened tension levels thus insuring the need for a NATO? Who gains with Russia remaining isolated? Or dig further…. Who and what else could gain with Russia and the US not working in harmony?
With Trump’s rise, a lot of speculation started with the total potential seizer of hostility, and chance for these 'two powers' to work as one to kick start global conformity to peace and stability, and prosperity for all.  Is there not some third force playing with all for personal gratification and self enrichment?

Автор Tommy Woodyard ( назад)
Hmmmm...not too surprised...

Автор James T. Kirk ( назад)
European countries should also start an investigation about the CIA and NSA meddling in their internal affairs, like the wiretappingg of merkel, hollande, Cameron, Le Pen, the list goes on, or there is also industrial espionage against VW, EADS, PSA, BAE Systems just to name a few, toppling govts like In Ukraine, but the U.S. can do it because USA USA USA, give me a break.

Автор FeO Mixto ( назад)
USA investigating USA
Conclusion? USA is not guilty of anything... so stop wasting your time.

Автор Gregor Samsa ( назад)
Wow.  A Russian-government media company, RT, is "reporting" that Russia is innocent.  Shocking.

Автор order9066 ( назад)
I don't understand Maxine Waters "klan" reference, what did Senator Byrd ever do to her?

Автор Alexander Canovas ( назад)
The bias in our "mainstream" media is appalling. It would have had much more credence to say that the Hillary camp had, FOR SOME REASON, taken a particularly adversarial position on Russia (rather than saying that the Trump camp had taken a particularly soft stance on Russia). It was clear that the Democrats had a vested interest in diverting attention from their corrupt and underhanded campaign tactics (all along from Bernie to the Project Veritas expose of widespread collusion to undermine the electoral process by the DNC - and not for the first time, by the way). Let us not forget the very real and PROVABLE collusion of Clinton with the Russians when she effectively gave away 20% of our uranium reserves in a shady deal. The media has been aching to find some thread linking Trump to Russia, all to no avail, while completely ignoring the glaring connections between Russia and the Democrats. It is really scary that the DNC is willing to drive us into an open conflict with a major nuclear power just to push their internal political agenda. But then we should not ignore the fact that the Democrats' internal agenda is to dismantle our system and fall in lock-step with the globalist leftist world agenda. It is really amazing that they do not have the foresight to understand that their world view would result in a country that will (and already has in many ways) severely worsen conditions for all its citizens, including the very idiots who are pushing for it. God help us!

Автор Ramped Upp ( назад)
#EndtheCIA and their media stooges

Автор gotip58 ( назад)
FBI Director Confirms Agency Is Investigating Ties Between Trump And Russia

It is the first official confirmation of the investigation.


Автор gotip58 ( назад)
So Far................. It is an ongoing investigation.... Come on RT, get the facts!!! LMAO

Автор True Blue ( назад)
The rothchilds are angry now tha t the usa is leaving there currency that they established without permission from 1913-1933 period.....

Автор True Blue ( назад)
The US gov involved with the rothchilds funded isis with american citizen taxes theres proof.....

Автор Valerie Annetta ( назад)

Автор Downfacingdog ( назад)
Soft Coup.

Автор Lyle Fox ( назад)
the news is full of over analytical asswipes trying to get a good story to make them the headline of the day. I swear to god it's bullshit.

Автор Brian L ( назад)
Obama said it's classified , but can't president trump see the evidence or the court?

Автор Guada Galindo ( назад)
Ha, ha the truth is coming out no matter how much RT denies it.

Автор Snore Lax ( назад)
Evidence? Whats that?

Автор Mijemu mijemu ( назад)
What about the multi-millions Trump has invested in Russian companies? no connection? You can not be serious.

Автор Bitcoin Video University ( назад)
I'm not used to getting this much intelligence from the Intelligence Committee

Автор viva padrepio ( назад)
Someone tell the cucks that it's better to do business with Russia than to do war with them.

Автор Fr Louie Goad ( назад)
Democrats just will not let go. We the people elected trump.

Автор Reinstate. the. draft. ( назад)
The U.S. & Russia SHOULD join forces. But the scum would like nothing more than to see White People Killing White People. You know, in order to advance the White Genocide Agenda.

Автор spyros ( назад)
False and fake? Come on Mr. Trump which one is it? The media have to continually fill in their ongoing narrative wth whatever information they can legitimately add. Enter Trump and suddenly they are endowed with a bonanza of BS that they can cut their teeth into without restraint.

Автор Rabi Ben Lavi ( назад)
That kind of propaganda is utterly stupid. The two side trick, should never include the other side. Like Israel and Palestine and both are nazi colluding fascists. US dems and reps and both are wahhabi, zionist, nazi whores. You've got no way to get Russia out of the picture to fool your idiots. The US vs USSR, communism was still a useful ideological tool.

Автор Groundskeeper Willie ( назад)
Putin hacked my Samsung refrigerator by installing a secret NSA chip on it at the factory of origin.

Автор Badass Mother ( назад)
Russia's press and journalist's are superior to America's. A free press is non existent in america.
RT thank you for exposing the fake American media again! America has nothing more than gossip TV and rags. They're a Joke!

Автор diggs ( назад)
And of course the Fake News outlets won't report any of this, instead they will twist it somehow

Автор Marcus T ( назад)
They are all nutbags lol Clinton foundation got big kickbacks for selling uranium to Russia and that's legal ? yeah right/ but Trump gets demonised for nothing ! What the hell is so bad about talking to Russia anyway ?? Fear mongering for the military complex rubbish that's all.

Автор Rick James ( назад)
0:51 FONE HOME lol holy fuck wtf is that...

Автор Sydney Smith ( назад)
Putin and Trump communicate telepathically so naturally you can't find evidence in traditional places.

Автор chakor viper ( назад)
I don't care!
Trump-Obama-Saudi-Muslim Brotherhood = all the same shit !

Автор dajk jk ( назад)
Of course, RT is Russian propaganda. With trump sucking putin's dick then Russia will no longer have sanctions

Автор Mike Oxlong ( назад)
CNN needs to be burned to the ground, along with the dementia ridden far left extremists in the Democratic party. Nothing else will suffice. These beyond deplorable retarded degenerates need to be held to task on their lies and bullshit. All of them should be in prison for the remainder of their years for being a danger to society.

Автор Jay Sagen ( назад)
:) Leaks, the sheep took there own masks off to show that they really are the wolves. they almost caused World War 3
Look what they did to there legitimately elected president.
it is now time to round them up and let justice take over from here.
Place all those who made these false accusations under house arrest and then put each one of them on trial individually.
These are the people who sold out your country and are now running for the hills.

Автор odi lincash ( назад)
Rt shut up

Автор odi lincash ( назад)
Rt is a fake news

Автор kadmonzohar2 ( назад)
If it is fake news it isn't a leak, it is just fake news...if it is true, then it is a leak. So why is Easy-D 45 so defensive about the FBI not finding the leaks...see Easy-D's Tweets this morning.

Автор Ross C ( назад)
PRAISE KEK. Shadilay

Автор Lemmy Mann ( назад)

Автор lonewolfnmoon ( назад)
Since when is getting along with our enemies and making them our friends bad or evil. Kids are told to do that all the time, MAKE PEACE NOT WAR!

Автор Thomas Delwood Videos and Commentary ( назад)
The Saul Alinsky playbook is to accuse others first of what you are guilt of. In this case, Hillary Clinton's making possible the selling of uranium to Russia in exchange for donations to the Clinton Foundation.

Автор PapaMagnum ( назад)
wait, are you saying that the Democrats and CNN are full of shit? well I for one am shocked! *SARCASM*

Автор English Patriot ( назад)
FAKE NEWS thats how this shit all started in the first place CNN B.B.C. MSNBC. ABC and all the rest can't report REAL news anymore LIE'S ,LIE'S and more LIE'S. RT KEEP IT REAL.

Автор Skyler Martin ( назад)
We all knew there was no Russian contact ,well except the left wing sheep.

Автор Stolz88x ( назад)
Why is the media ignoring Hillary's actions regarding the emails?

Автор Bear Ted E. ( назад)
Sate dept, hasbara and banderanazi trolls will cry and range :)

Автор marpsr ( назад)
Well duh. All bow before our God-Emperor.

Автор C Marino ( назад)
It just goes to show you that the US government is full of liars and cheats that want to take down our president. They should be convicted and jailed.

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