For Parkland seniors, families, graduation marks the start of a new path: Part 1

  • Published on Jun 6, 2018
  • The events of Feb. 14, 2018, forever changed the lives of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students and the families who lost loved ones in the shooting.

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  • Lauren
    Lauren 22 days ago

    i get it when people dislike because this HAS to stop the people who dislike hate this they hate what happened. who can blame them?

  • yee boi
    yee boi 28 days ago

    Fly high guac 1 of 17

  • Electro Cat
    Electro Cat Month ago

    I'm afraid to go to school now because of the bomb threats, shooting threats etc. I'm sick and tired of having mass panic attacks because of getting a bomb threat at my own school, where I think I SHOULD BE safe.......
    *I demand a change*

  • Trinity Livingston
    Trinity Livingston Month ago

    So very sad, sorry for everyone's losses! May the victims rest in peace!😗😗

  • ChrisTheFlake
    ChrisTheFlake Month ago

    If you can't control drugs, you can't control guns. Kids can get drugs and kids will be able to get guns. You need to reform cultures mentality and heart, Hollywood movies promote violence, media glorifies the shooter with attention, video games, comic books it all celebrates wrath and anger batman, wolverine hulk, punisher, dead pool, matrix grand theft auto. normal people handle this but nuts don't. 300 million people in the usa there is bound to be 1000 nuts wanting to kill everyone once they snap but even then it only takes 1 motivated loser to harm many people. Guns, home made bombs, gasoline, truck running over people when they get out of school but I guess people need to feel like they are making progress by mopping dirt floors.

  • MsJinkerson
    MsJinkerson Month ago

    when is going to stop when the N.R.A. is disbanded

  • Yvonne ozoilo Adedeji
    Yvonne ozoilo Adedeji 2 months ago

    This is 😢 nobody deserve to die that way

  • copperstargirl
    copperstargirl 2 months ago

    I'm with meadows dad. Sir when you get to NC I'll gladly stand with you. Prayers to all affected

  • queen bee
    queen bee 2 months ago


  • A C
    A C 2 months ago

    Thsi was extremely heartbreaking to watch 😭

  • Im that one emo kid
    Im that one emo kid 2 months ago +1

    It pissed me off that when meadows dad was speaking to trump he (trump) looked like he didn’t care at all

  • Panda 108
    Panda 108 2 months ago

    I'm so sorry for all that has happened I'm just glad that all the family's are staying strong

  • Sofia Ibarra
    Sofia Ibarra 2 months ago +2

    The dad at 4:08 has me crying so bad. Trump with his indifference face on while this man is trying to holding it together it just makes me so mad!

    • Yung Mutt
      Yung Mutt 2 months ago

      Sofia Ibarra I was thinking the same thing

  • KMCL
    KMCL 2 months ago

    I had the same dress that Joaquin’s girlfriend had for prom :’)

  • Vermont Vampyre
    Vermont Vampyre 2 months ago

    Reading the comments on here by the gun nuts is sickening. Check the countries who have more stringent gun laws! They have LESS GUN RELATED INCIDENCES!!!! If guns are harder to obtain only the REAL FUCKED UP people will be willing to try to get them and guess what? The chances of you ever meeting one of these truly fucked up people who have managed to obtain a black market weapon will be literally minuscule. Unlike today where you can legit see random fat guys on walmart electric scooters with a damn gun strapped to their fat thigh. Or chicks with guns on hip clinging to their beau...again in WALMART. (Yes I have seen BOTH just over the border in New Hampshire.) I'd rather have such stringent gun laws that I have a .01% chance of running across some fucked up evil guy with a gun who decides to take a shot at me rather than the nearly 50% chance I have of one of these weirdos at walmart suddenly getting pissed because walmart is out of something they need or someone glances at them the wrong way so they pull their gun and start blasting.

    Also the whole "good guy with gun versus bad guy with gun" scenario everyone is so into? Doesn't work. Why? Because cops and soldiers are TRAINED to run TOWARDS bullets. Even then sometimes their self preservation wins out and they hide. Some fat pasty white dude with a gun is going to probably FORGET he has the mother fucking gun and run the same way that everyone else is fleeing.

  • Ryan Lee
    Ryan Lee 2 months ago

    Why do ppl kill kids and teachers...

  • Kurt Vonfricken
    Kurt Vonfricken 2 months ago +4

    Think about all the inner city poor minority kids killed every day. They don't get rallies and tv interviews and marches.

    • queen bee
      queen bee 2 months ago

      Because they are black

  • Alexa Groth
    Alexa Groth 2 months ago


  • Catie Junkins
    Catie Junkins 2 months ago +1

    Swear to god, if any of these shootings personally effected members of Congress, if they lost someone in their family, they would work double time to stop this from being so normal. It’s been 20 years since this became huge in the media, and it’s been over fifty since the Texas tower shooting. This should make anybody that is a parent enraged.

    • Trinity Livingston
      Trinity Livingston Month ago

      The solution is very hard because there's truly no way to prevent the wrong person from getting a hold of a gun. People can say that we should ban guns from the mentally ill, but first you have to clarify what you mean by the mentally ill. You also have to factor in that many people will hide the fact that they have a mental illness and will lie about having thoughts of hurting themselves and others just to protect their gun rights. They'd rather leave their mental health untreated and let it fester in order to not risk losing their guns. That's how badly certain people value their guns.

    • Kurt Vonfricken
      Kurt Vonfricken 2 months ago

      Everyone should be enraged. But no one knows the solution. Everyone is against violence. Everyone is against shootings. The solution is not as simple as many of the talking heads and the high school children that became famous think it is.

  • Caitlin
    Caitlin 2 months ago

    R.i.p to all the beautiful angels that lost their lives that day

  • D Valentine Bernabé
    D Valentine Bernabé 2 months ago

    Wow i honestly wouldn't know how to deal with the lost of a child (if i had one) idk how these patents can move on.

  • Koral Burney
    Koral Burney 2 months ago


  • Panda 108
    Panda 108 3 months ago

    We're all here for you ❤️

  • bye
    bye 3 months ago +1


  • Zesc is here !
    Zesc is here ! 3 months ago

    This is depressing..... RIP

  • Ellie Lynn
    Ellie Lynn 3 months ago

    This is crazy this world has become so toxic and terrible and it’s like the government doesn’t even care

  • Jackie Chan
    Jackie Chan 3 months ago

    This made me cry

  • Chris Wowk
    Chris Wowk 3 months ago

    So sad

  • Green Eyez
    Green Eyez 3 months ago +2

    No shootings in 2019-2020 please let this be the last massacre

    • Trinity Livingston
      Trinity Livingston Month ago

      I think there have already been about 15 school shootings, just school shootings, so far this year in the USA.

    • Trinity Livingston
      Trinity Livingston Month ago

      Unlikely that that'll happen.

    • queen bee
      queen bee 2 months ago

      Yeah right

  • H Factor64
    H Factor64 4 months ago

    ALWAYS.......a Gun Grab Agenda

  • Vernon Jacobs
    Vernon Jacobs 4 months ago

    So fake, this bunch of Liars! Davey Hogg blew it for everyone.

  • TYler_ SChecter
    TYler_ SChecter 4 months ago

    We always say “this will never happen here,” or “it could never happen here,” but when it happens so close to your home, the reality hits you that it could become a reality for anyone, at any school. It fucking sucks!

  • Hello People
    Hello People 4 months ago +2

    My heat goes out to the families of the lost❤️

  • Hello People
    Hello People 4 months ago +1

    This is so sad they were all so young they had a lot to experience and learn
    My heart goes out to the families ❤️

  • Maze of Insanity
    Maze of Insanity 4 months ago

    I feel for this family but they are blaming the NRA and we the NRA had nothing to do with it. They never blamed the lack of respinse from police, the coward officer hiding outside, the sheriffs ordered by the liberal Scott Israel not to enter. The NRA are the only ones advocating to defend schools not democrats. The NRA simply defends our constitutional rights. The shooter had multiple complaints and no one did anything but now its the NRAs fault that is bullshit. All we have to do is protect schools like we do celebrities but democrats do not want that because they only care about antiamerican agendas not actually protecting kids. We the NRA have put fourth plans and had people ready to help but democrats said no. All they want is control.

  • Kyle Choy
    Kyle Choy 4 months ago

    Spoiler Alert:

    Jimmy Fallon swings by

  • La Reyna Garza
    La Reyna Garza 5 months ago


  • lovingolatunji
    lovingolatunji 5 months ago +8

    so many tears were going down my face as i watched this. also, 9 times ?? omg, that must of been so painful if she wasn't already dead yet :,(

  • braceface 1514
    braceface 1514 5 months ago

    it’s sooo sad that stuff like this has to happen for officials to do something

  • braceface 1514
    braceface 1514 5 months ago

    rest in peace to the beautiful babies🙏🏽my prayers and condolences to each and every family and friend affected by this❤️

  • •Cloud• •Cookie•
    •Cloud• •Cookie• 6 months ago +1

    Joaquin had a dream. Nicholas Cruz ruined it. He should have been the one who help the diploma, lived his life, and enjoy it. Nicholas should have thought about what he had done, parents cried.

  • J R
    J R 6 months ago +1

    Live on Medow#NeverAgain

  • Rachi Jackson
    Rachi Jackson 7 months ago

    He was so handsome it’s so sad that a lot of families lost their beloved children .... I know his girlfriend was very heartbroken too lose her boyfriend I want her too stay strong .

  • Zee Saleh
    Zee Saleh 9 months ago +1

    I just bought the Parkland book Never Again...I recommend it to all! It’s so chilling and eye opening. I always will support these kids, their families, and the Parkland community. Along with the Columbine community, Newtown (which happened in my home state and I remember the vigil for the 26 like it was yesterday) and everyone else ever affected by gun violence. 💚✌️🙏

  • Life With Meg
    Life With Meg 9 months ago

    Hi Mr.Pollack you should come to Mississippi

  • Bama Made
    Bama Made 9 months ago

    So sorry what happened to the kids at all the schools but they trying to band guns that will never happen I own serveral guns I have 2 Ar-15 but I have this to say Do you think if I walked in a school with my Ar-15 and say Hey Ar-15 kill these students what y'all think my Ar-15 would do not a damn thing what I'm trying get y'all to see people Guns don't kill people, stupid motherfuckers with guns kill people#nowthatsthetruth

  • Jazmine Martinez
    Jazmine Martinez 9 months ago +16

    This makes me afraid to send my children to school every. Hoping to come home from work and seeing them when I get back from work. 😭😭😭😭

  • Olga Wiyar Haksami
    Olga Wiyar Haksami 10 months ago +2

    it's. just. ONIONS!

  • June Steenbrugh
    June Steenbrugh 10 months ago

    Yes dear muslim people God did have a son and his name is Jesus Christ and he loves you he is over the moon for you.

  • La Reyna Garza
    La Reyna Garza 10 months ago


  • Lenny Lynch
    Lenny Lynch 10 months ago

    Trumps face says it all. He doesn’t give a shit.

  • Jade Plaza
    Jade Plaza 11 months ago

    He was such a handsome young man. My goes out to his loved ones🙏🏼💙

  • Kayla Meisner
    Kayla Meisner 11 months ago

    That art installation... damn

  • the disabled mermaid
    the disabled mermaid 11 months ago

    That girl's an idiot. Neuroleptic drugs don't impaired judgement 🤦. Does she think we can't drive? 🤣

  • mitch ervin
    mitch ervin 11 months ago

    Fighting to have rights took away fuckin idiots..if you don't want a gun don't buy one I can make my on decisions..

  • amxnda
    amxnda 11 months ago

    that must be so hard

  • Crazy Nation
    Crazy Nation 11 months ago +4

    Jouquin kinda looks like Zayn am I the only one who sees it

    • Yung Mutt
      Yung Mutt 2 months ago

      Crazy Nation I know this is late but ikr the first time I saw him in school I was like “is that zayn??”

    • Megan King
      Megan King 11 months ago

      Crazy Nation Omg I do too! I thought I was the only one!

  • Marcia Ham
    Marcia Ham Year ago +1

    We should have fixed it!

  • Paul Rubolotta
    Paul Rubolotta Year ago

    Who’s cutting onions

  • jason walters
    jason walters Year ago


  • La Reyna Garza
    La Reyna Garza Year ago


  • Joshua Calosso
    Joshua Calosso Year ago

    Unfortunately, Joaquins death is known for as a casualty as a part of a tragedy

  • Sydney Weinberger
    Sydney Weinberger Year ago +1

    my heart goes out for this family. msd.strong❤️

  • Sydney Weinberger
    Sydney Weinberger Year ago +9

    we will fight for a change

  • Angelica Armendaris
    Angelica Armendaris Year ago +75

    Meadow was shot 9 times ? So sad also in columbine lauren townsend senior was shot 9 times and eric shot her one more time but she was already dead 😥

  • meelad samadi
    meelad samadi Year ago +2

    Such a funny kid he looked like :( poor kiddo lost his life to a disgusting monster!

  • Cassandra Villa
    Cassandra Villa Year ago +1

    He looks so much like Zayn Malik... R.I.P angle 🙇🏾‍♀️✝️❤️

  • Beanies channel
    Beanies channel Year ago +12

    as a 16 year old high school student my heart goes out to them.

  • Eric Wicker
    Eric Wicker Year ago +1


  • darkangels
    darkangels Year ago +1

    This made me cry 😢 I’m so sorry

  • Nadine L
    Nadine L Year ago +2

    joaquin looks just like zayn malik in 2:20 (in my opinion)

  • gabbysediting
    gabbysediting Year ago +3

    1 block away from my school, this tragic event happened.. I cant believe someone would do this to a freaking high school, I wouldn’t even imagine people doing it to a Elementary School.. this is actually extremely hard for me to get out of my mind.. I am a dancer and I knew Jaime.. my sister was her friend while in dance. It’s hard to fight.. People that are saying this is fake or not real, this was real, it happened the day after my birthday.. 1 block away and this happened.. I just am shocked.. Every time I want to think about Jaime, I look up, to heaven.. I know she is up there.. Bless all the 17 victims who passed away from this tragic event..

  • Brianna Silviera
    Brianna Silviera Year ago +51

    He was smiling down from Heaven

  • twerk@work
    [email protected] Year ago +15

    The dads art is awesome

  • C J
    C J Year ago +33

    When he put those shoes up next to his son's photo, my heart broke to pieces.

  • Debra Villalobos
    Debra Villalobos Year ago +13

    How can this have 17 thumb down! This is so sad! #RIP2ALL who's life was cut so soon:(

    • unknown xoxoo
      unknown xoxoo Month ago

      @Mowac Suck your mom 🤮🤮 these people are acc dead you are the kind of people who do things like this atleast don't comment

    • TiDe Pods
      TiDe Pods 10 months ago

      Why asshole

  • Abby B
    Abby B Year ago +11

    I'm so freaking tired of everyone who is saying this is fake or saying it didint happen or saying they dont care bc they don't know the people I really hope this never happens to you or your family bc you won't be able to handle the hurt buy since this isint you, who is suffering you think you have the right to say something like this imagine you loosing someone like that and people saying it never happened you would loose your mind so stop saying stuff like that bc all you're showing is that you're a heartless person who will soon break when karma hits them and you know it so I would suggest to stop

    • Trinity Livingston
      Trinity Livingston Month ago

      Exactly, what baffles me even more is people saying that this didn't happen. Just angers me what people will do to protect their gun rights and to live in denial like this.

    • David Rauschenbach
      David Rauschenbach 7 months ago

      @Mowac NO.........IT..........WAS.........NOT

    • Life With Meg
      Life With Meg 9 months ago

      Mowac you’re fake this horrible school shooting which took 17 lives in not

    • Skelotor Two
      Skelotor Two Year ago +2

      Use a period, Jesus.

  • Gracefully Gabby
    Gracefully Gabby Year ago +19

    Always Loved...♥️
    Never Forgotten...👣🌍
    Forever Missed...😢
    Rest In Peace to those who died.😌Prayers for families deeply impacted.🤲🏽🙏🏾

  • Itzmayadavis
    Itzmayadavis Year ago +215

    He looks like Zayn Malik.

  • K Raven
    K Raven Year ago +1

    This really touched me and my heart breaks for all the people that lost someone. I can’t imagine what they are going through but it is a true inspiration.

  • doot doot
    doot doot Year ago

    Lmao lies from the wolforange t shirts for freemasonary

  • mike bennyo
    mike bennyo Year ago

    the lie continues

  • Mr. Papageorgio
    Mr. Papageorgio Year ago +2

    no one died

  • alejandra barraza

    This so sad and heartbreaking sometimes we take things and life for grant and don't appreciate things we have and when we do we realize it to late at times ☹️ prayers to all those families who lost someone special

  • Eric Edwards
    Eric Edwards Year ago +1


  • Lailah Haider
    Lailah Haider Year ago +5

    Breaks my heart 💔

  • Harper Grace
    Harper Grace Year ago +65

    Mass murder has to stop period

    • Trinity Livingston
      Trinity Livingston Month ago +1

      @DJ Money D it doesn't matter if you bully people or not, it can happen no matter what. Did the kids at Sandy Hook bully the school shooter? No they didn't so that's not always the case. Many other incidents where the shooter wasn't bullied by the victims. Even if they did bully him, doesn't give him the right to shoot up a school. The boys at Columbine weren't bullied actually...

    • Joshua Calosso
      Joshua Calosso 2 months ago

      It never will

    • DJ Money D
      DJ Money D 10 months ago +1

      Harper Grace bullshit that has everything to do with it. Why the fuck do you think parkland happened and Santa Fe and Columbine. Keep denying the problem and it will keep happening

    • Harper Grace
      Harper Grace 10 months ago

      DJ Money D that has nothing to do with it

    • DJ Money D
      DJ Money D 10 months ago

      Harper Grace stop bullying people and it will but you all keep bullying people so it probably will never stop

  • Kellisha Stewart
    Kellisha Stewart Year ago +54

    I wish people would stop victimizing these school shooters, it's sickening. I've also seen people laughing and being grateful the victims got killed, saying got what they deserved.
    If you think bullying causes mass shootings, say that to all the kids you watched get bullied at school. The gay kids, trans kids, alternative/goth kids, nerdy kids, dark skinned kids, anime obsessed kids, quiet kids etc...
    If bullying was the case, there would hundreds of school shootings across the country every day.
    Nicolaz cruz was just pure evil, sadistic, sick minded, and deranged as every other mass murderer was. So stop victimizing these school shooters and justifying their actions with bullying.

    • Trinity Livingston
      Trinity Livingston Month ago +1

      @DJ Money D can you just shutup already?? Jesus Christ man! I was bullied alot throughout school in many different forms but I couldn't even fathom the thought of punching any of my bullies in the face! I was everyones little punching bag literally, but do you see me going around killing everyone?? No and the bullying did lead to me having mental health issues, but still!

    • Vermont Vampyre
      Vermont Vampyre 2 months ago +1

      Preach it sista! I am a bullying survivor and I ain't ever even said a negative word BACK to my bullies. So yeah it is NOT to be blamed on bullying. There may have been a switch or two triggered BY the bullying...but those sick murdering BASTARDS already had the fucking switches and the capacity for their heinous acts. It was ONLY a matter of time!

    • Christabelle Glasgow
      Christabelle Glasgow 5 months ago

      @braceface 1514 thank u so much, that means a lot

    • braceface 1514
      braceface 1514 5 months ago

      Kellisha Stewart bullying can be a factor but 💯💯💯

    • braceface 1514
      braceface 1514 5 months ago

      Christabelle Glasgow i’m sorry you get bullied but it gets better!!! i’m here for you ❤️❤️❤️

  • bill teix
    bill teix Year ago

    I am so sorry, this is a tear jerker. This should never happen in the USA or any country.

  • Emma Morales
    Emma Morales Year ago

    I found part 2!!
    here's the link

  • bla bla
    bla bla Year ago +2

    all u more more guns...its not the guns fault yer classmates are dead its yours....apparently when homie was ready to snap a whole bunch of u knew about it and dint do a fuckin the fuck do u think taking guns from law abiding citizens is the answer? o n mr hogg shut the fuck up....

  • Andrew Murphy
    Andrew Murphy Year ago +7

    i joined the NRA :)

  • Alea Pinai
    Alea Pinai Year ago +23

    Andrew pollack who lost his younger son? Andrew lost his daughter

    • Megan King
      Megan King 11 months ago

      Alea Pinai He said “who lost his youngest child.”

  • HeyThere
    HeyThere Year ago

    Surprised California hasn't done much about guns yet. They restrict a lot.

    • Trinity Livingston
      Trinity Livingston Month ago

      I thought they've ban guns already, interesting!

    • H Factor64
      H Factor64 4 months ago

      These "events" are ALWAYS about Gun Grab Agendas......... interesting!!

  • Goddess Free Spirit
    Goddess Free Spirit Year ago +130

    I would have lost it 😭😢 I could barely watch the walk on stage before the tears came.. just senseless crime that could of been avoided by the fbi..

    • Trinity Livingston
      Trinity Livingston Month ago

      Same with Columbine, they knew that the boys were troubled. They knew that they had all kinds of issues and they didn't do shit and looked at what happened. So many kids died.

    • Ryan Lee
      Ryan Lee 2 months ago

      So I'm not only crying at this video

    • Kurt Vonfricken
      Kurt Vonfricken 2 months ago +1

      FBI dropped the ball big time. David Hogg thinks its all the NRA's fault.

    • Caherdyne Charles
      Caherdyne Charles 10 months ago


  • filmsbynix
    filmsbynix Year ago +3

    I teared up within the first minute RIP 💖

    • doot doot
      doot doot Year ago

      filmsbynix you are crying the parents are not. That's weird

  • Kaye Brown
    Kaye Brown Year ago +56

    Wth meadow was shot 9 times I thought they all got shot once or twice .
    Now I'm in tears for quac oliver, Carmen and nick and the 13 others omg ...that must be painful

    • NK Allday
      NK Allday 16 days ago

      Doesn’t this make you think that Meadow had to something with Cruz snapping. Think about it you only shot someone multiple times or kill them more viciously when they did something to you. I don’t feel sorry for them this is High School. High school kids are cruel and evil. Don’t believe you hear or see.

    • David Rauschenbach
      David Rauschenbach 7 months ago +2

      @Mowac NOT FAKE

    • Angelica Armendaris
      Angelica Armendaris Year ago +2

      Kaye Brown in columbine lauren townsend was shot also 9 times

    • Kristin Gallo
      Kristin Gallo Year ago

      The stories change every 5 minutes. Catch on yet?

    • angel s
      angel s Year ago

      Kaye Brown his coach said he was hiding behind a wall in front of a door when Joaquin was walking down and saw Cruz and yelled and then was gunned down. That must be so sad.

  • Hello People
    Hello People Year ago

    I'm crying this is so Sad 😥

  • Aek Sinsang
    Aek Sinsang Year ago +1

    The crisis actor cast however move on to film at the next location. 💰 rolling in with gofundme ch ching donations bling bling, just like sandy hoax- families move into half million dollar homes after the staged event- what a fucking charade

    • Aek Sinsang
      Aek Sinsang Year ago

      Banana give up our rights, give up freedom based on fake stories the media spins- pussy ass limp wristed sheep to the slaughter

    • Banana
      Banana Year ago +1

      Another: "Don't take my gun away from me! I'm not man enough without it!" *Pussies.*

    • Aek Sinsang
      Aek Sinsang Year ago

      Paul Andrews these events are staged, not all of life you silly exaggerator 😆

    • Paul Andrews
      Paul Andrews Year ago

      Aek Sinsang Must be a sad life living in a world of thinking life is one big conspiracy theory.

    • Aek Sinsang
      Aek Sinsang Year ago

      Paul Andrews a well researched fuck who spent hours observing these legalized psyops; legalized by the NDAA Eric Holder in 2012

  • jul
    jul Year ago +259

    You can tell how kind hearted and sweet Joaquin was just by looking at his picture.