Top 5 Worst Animal Designs

  • Published on Apr 30, 2019
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  • Mat
    Mat 3 months ago +2008

    EVERYONE IS COPYING YOUR CONTENT LOL. not just the premis but they are actually Straight up copying your idea. with the same coloring and how the list even looks. its like theyre not even trying to put their own spin on it just straight ripping you off, and i think that is bullshit. Idubzz for one and rhyker is another. people are straight jacking your idea bro. you should do something about it and claim all their revenue as yours. since it is your original concept. or you can let it go and be happy that they are doing it, i would atleast ask for some credit for the idea of the damn thing. either way thats my wall of text for you. have a nice day

    • Totally Not A Vietnamese
      Totally Not A Vietnamese Day ago

      I see the troll is getting fed

    • ㄒ 乇 尺 尺 丨 乃 ㄥ 乇
      ㄒ 乇 尺 尺 丨 乃 ㄥ 乇 2 days ago

      You do realize that idubbz uses the tier list which is a website many people use and isn’t limited to this channel

    • Meme Aficionado
      Meme Aficionado 2 days ago

      What you are saying is like if smosh got mad at all sketch comedians.

    • Lucas Franke
      Lucas Franke 4 days ago

      > Tier list videos were not invented by him
      > Asking for him to steal other people revenue is absurd. It's wrong in so many levels

    • MyTicketToHell 2215
      MyTicketToHell 2215 5 days ago

      @Mat it became popular among youtubers like five months ago, and tierzoo has been using it since his first videos.
      If what you were saying was true, the tierlist meme videos would've become popular several years ago.

  • Albtraum
    Albtraum Hour ago

    2:40 Is anyone gonna acknowledge that poor raccoon getting flung around like a dog toy?

  • Notlistening
    Notlistening 4 hours ago

    This guy obviously red the credits at the end of Minecraft lel

  • The Amazing Clone
    The Amazing Clone 6 hours ago

    If life is only like this

  • Das Blaue Obst
    Das Blaue Obst 10 hours ago +1

    Im a human main but they nerfed me by giving me depression

  • Jude Chauhan
    Jude Chauhan 15 hours ago +1

    Damn I spec'd into intelligence and not strength but I meant to pick the Bird class altogether and accidentally picked Human... Can I recpec or am I stuck like this now?

    • Churro
      Churro 7 hours ago

      Unfortunately you're stuck, you probably have to wait till u respawn again to choose another class

  • manoj j
    manoj j 20 hours ago

    First video , subscribed and liked. Very geeky +10 pleasure , + 5 knowledge. Thank you.

  • Willer heim
    Willer heim 22 hours ago

    I need help. Theres this bug that causes me not to see my stats

  • mister Arzun
    mister Arzun Day ago

    Real life the game

  • Bud Borne
    Bud Borne Day ago

    Someone should make a survival game from your criteria, the goal would be to make the most apex species or best symbiotic pair/ tribe. You could start as simian( humanoid), hoofed animal, cat, dog, bird, reptile or amphibian then through starter perks you could determine habitat, diet and defence/Weapon later adapting and evolving. Just think if anyones had the idea before your channel would be most of the idea process theyd just need to code it.

  • Piggyman 2105
    Piggyman 2105 Day ago

    Did anyone else laugh their ass off when the chimp threw the raccoon

  • LoganAnimation
    LoganAnimation Day ago

    I like the vid, but i love how you talk like existance is a game.......
    Oh wait
    Fudge, now im having and existential crisis

  • Mr. Cub Fan 415
    Mr. Cub Fan 415 Day ago

    outro song?

    DSFARGEG00 Day ago

    Where is that outro music from? I recognize it but can't place it.

  • Spicy Cakes
    Spicy Cakes Day ago

    Finally a DS refrence

  • AlexAnimation
    AlexAnimation 2 days ago

    I'm helping a player that chose the rodent tree(bunny). But she is so ungreatfull and doesn't respect my boundaries. Ie marking my bed as her territory what should i do

  • Silver1989
    Silver1989 2 days ago

    Wait did that scorpion just sting itself

  • Ali A.
    Ali A. 2 days ago

    Humans too op

  • PlinaZ
    PlinaZ 2 days ago

    Someone needs to make a game based on Tier Zoo

  • Xx$p!n@chL0rd75xX
    [email protected] 2 days ago +1

    The Antivax update really nerfed the human class, the Internet minigame has gotten so difficult, it's almost unplayable

  • Kasia Wesołek
    Kasia Wesołek 3 days ago +1

    I invested my skill points into digging skill, which resulted in:
    +20 digging
    -50 socials skills, because of people, that look at me when I begin to dig in a public space
    -10 problems with cops

  • Jedi Brooks
    Jedi Brooks 3 days ago

    2:40 i have never felt a damn thing for a raccoon in my life until now that suckkkkks

  • LetsBreakFate
    LetsBreakFate 3 days ago

    When you see your younger cousins rummaging in your room. 2:42

  • Lazenby
    Lazenby 3 days ago

    You taught me to evolve more wisely, you leveled up your sub count

  • oconnorskyler1
    oconnorskyler1 3 days ago

    What is the song at the very beginning of the video called??

  • Road Rage Carl
    Road Rage Carl 3 days ago

    what's the music from 0:15?

  • Bagbound Keno - official

    I invested my skill points into bulk style
    +40 strength
    -20 stamina
    +30 speed

  • ocean man
    ocean man 3 days ago

    Did you see that ape just fucking yeet a racoon?

  • ice bear
    ice bear 4 days ago

    Poor raccoon :

  • Gavin Forsyth
    Gavin Forsyth 4 days ago

    Carnivorous dinos had teeth regen

  • Jhon Candia
    Jhon Candia 4 days ago

    Everytime you put a dark souls animation you win a part of my heart. Insta like

  • M STAR Gamer
    M STAR Gamer 4 days ago

    Day last longer than night have you even played minecraft

  • Invictus Prima
    Invictus Prima 4 days ago

    Cheetahs are beautiful animals

  • Dhairya Khanna
    Dhairya Khanna 4 days ago +4

    Don’t you just hate it when your favorite animal gets nerfed

  • Keeran Sugunarajan
    Keeran Sugunarajan 4 days ago

    But why does wild kratts make everything look so cool

  • Jlinus
    Jlinus 4 days ago

    I felt so bad for that racoon :((((

  • the amazing skeptic
    the amazing skeptic 5 days ago

    Unintelligent design at its finest!!!

  • The GrandMaster 564
    The GrandMaster 564 5 days ago


  • Juan Marasigan
    Juan Marasigan 5 days ago

    Wait this is a game 😂

  • br33z13
    br33z13 5 days ago

    imagine if cheetas had double the lung capacity, two hearts, and sweat glands.

  • Stefan Leca
    Stefan Leca 5 days ago

    2:51 lmao

  • InsaneFire
    InsaneFire 5 days ago

    alpha human builds : helps his teammates by dieing while dealing extra damage to example mammoth
    these days humans : AH A WORM

  • InsaneFire
    InsaneFire 5 days ago


  • Fredrick Rourk
    Fredrick Rourk 5 days ago

    A important aspect of mobility you missed

  • Fredrick Rourk
    Fredrick Rourk 5 days ago

    Anyone else expecting a picture of themselves?

  • Matthew Glass
    Matthew Glass 5 days ago

    what is your favorite current build.

  • CommanderK22
    CommanderK22 5 days ago

    My favourite channel on this game is this one it’s good

  • Shaolin Schlag
    Shaolin Schlag 5 days ago

    Worst design: Chihuahua

  • sevenfourtyseven
    sevenfourtyseven 5 days ago +1

    Lol how can the lion played use xp points on the tooth regeneration perck😂😂😂☠️☠️

  • Captain Anopheles
    Captain Anopheles 5 days ago

    Seamless sponsorship is shit sneaky. Don't do it

  • Metalshyguy 117
    Metalshyguy 117 6 days ago +6

    I *really* wish this was an actual videogame, cuz this would be AWESOME.

  • Haris
    Haris 6 days ago

    *sticks are BIS*... dude this channel

  • Jonathan Petersson
    Jonathan Petersson 6 days ago

    Poor racoon

  • Shkooni
    Shkooni 6 days ago +5

    I’ve never seen a hummingbird fight a butterfly just for the nectar thing.

  • AngelBeats526762
    AngelBeats526762 6 days ago


  • Kapono Senshi
    Kapono Senshi 6 days ago

    Are you saying that being nocturnal is stupid in life?

  • Meundies
    Meundies 6 days ago

    the cheetah thing was debunked.

  • wut nut
    wut nut 6 days ago

    How did the octopus get 43 prayer

  • Fred Derf
    Fred Derf 6 days ago

    Just a small nit-pick, averaged over a year every spot on earth has (almost) equal periods of day and night (with a slight tilt to day because of when we say a day starts and ends and because of atmospheric refraction).

  • R Marsh
    R Marsh 6 days ago

    I'm fine with you putting Pokémon and breath of the wild in your video, But you cannot do that to don't starve.

  • Green Street Music
    Green Street Music 6 days ago

    wix dir einen

  • Valley529
    Valley529 6 days ago

    I loooooove the dont starve reference

  • Yed
    Yed 6 days ago

    I recommend teeth regeneration on HUMANS!!!

  • Real El Goblino monkaW
    Real El Goblino monkaW 6 days ago +5

    Mobility does not equal speed...

  • Shaun Jimbangan
    Shaun Jimbangan 7 days ago

    I get were your coming from with the whole nocturnel thing, but to be honest you kind of just missed the point as to why these animals are nocturnal.
    Being nocturnal can be extremelly usefull if you rely on hiding and stalking. Cougars are not nocturnal because there trying to avoid wolves and bears, its because there prey have a harder time seeing at night.
    In North America most most deer are durinal(Active during the day),but in Asia most deer are nocturnal.This is because in Asia they have to avoid animals like tigers and leopards(Which are nocturnal), while in North America they have to avoid wolves and bears(Which are durinal). Not being active while your predater is active means that they could just kill you in your sleep.

  • Insert good channel name Here

    Imagine a dolphin with arms
    Your welcome :)

  • squek seal
    squek seal 7 days ago

    "Bro why are you in our turf??"
    "I'm just trying to find some food and this is the only place that doesn't have predators."
    "Bro get out of here!"
    *Abilities: Grab-throw-scream.*
    *Using combo: Grab-throw on: Mr.Flop3r*

  • mini buds
    mini buds 7 days ago

    I know that don't starve one

  • DiedTo Cows
    DiedTo Cows 7 days ago

    Worst design by far is me irl:
    Short, ugly, skinny, not white. Literally unplayable.

  • Pitchoun
    Pitchoun 7 days ago +3

    watch 2:42 at 0.25 playback speed lol

  • Stormer
    Stormer 7 days ago +3

    Wait a this video is the reason of all those "tier lists"?

  • Blood FartMoon
    Blood FartMoon 7 days ago

    Your forgot that the octopus has the one of The highest intelgence scores they have 9 brains and Squids have more HP because they have 3 hearts

  • suoicilatsgnaG
    suoicilatsgnaG 7 days ago

    holy shit I lost it when that chimp tossed that raccoon lmfao did not expect that

  • Spooky Noodle
    Spooky Noodle 7 days ago

    Nice don’t starve reference bro

  • Bruh
    Bruh 7 days ago +6

    Just found this channel. Probably one of the best out there

    • Bruh
      Bruh 3 days ago

      setnos evertan I’m sorry for doubting

    • setnos evertan
      setnos evertan 3 days ago

      No doubt