The Subaru SVX Is the Weirdest Subaru Ever

  • Published on Feb 5, 2019
    The Subaru SVX is the weirdest Subaru ever. Today I'm reviewing the Subaru SVX to show you why it's so weird -- and I'm showing you all the ins and outs of the SVX.
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  • Seamus O'Carey
    Seamus O'Carey 13 hours ago

    Slow the playback speed to 0.5 and this is a review by Emo Philips! XD

  • Baphomet Azrael
    Baphomet Azrael Day ago

    The window idea was done in a few others cars and the idea which worked was so you could have the window down in the rain.
    The second gen first escorts (american version) had nothing sir bags and automatic seat belts. I think it was starting in 1994 the passenger side got airbags where prior years it was just the driver

  • Cosigner22
    Cosigner22 Day ago +1

    I owned a '92 SVX LS-L in silver and black, which really makes the car look so much better. I really regret selling it.
    It's nice to see that someone actually has the wheels facing the correct way, since they're directional on each side.
    Side note: the fog light position made everyone think you have your high beams on, which gets annoying, but it has exceptionally bright high beams to blast back!

  • Daniel
    Daniel Day ago

    Cool climate control feature but unfortunately cannot set the out temp. Dang it.

  • Vincent Martin
    Vincent Martin 2 days ago

    It's not weirder than my Xt6.

  • Stoyan Nikolov
    Stoyan Nikolov 3 days ago

    talking crap for the windows.

  • George Hankerson
    George Hankerson 3 days ago

    Had that same model and color never had any problems. Fun to see it again in your video

  • James Mancuso
    James Mancuso 3 days ago

    Cougar/thunderbird, escort/protege were two other cars with driver airbag and electric seat belts. I had a 88 subaru sedan with spare tire mounted on the transmission under the hood.

  • Mason Edwards
    Mason Edwards 4 days ago

    Doug took his Adderall the day he shot this video.

  • Miguel Espejel Mujica

    I´ve just got a 1995 Matchbox Subaru SVX Doug, and I love it!

  • Calvin Bradley
    Calvin Bradley 6 days ago

    The perfect 80 to 90's car to review is the Honda CRX!

  • Membrane556
    Membrane556 7 days ago

    It's predecessor the XT also was an unusual car.

  • Newblood
    Newblood 8 days ago +1

    Mid 200s hp/tq. They shoulda put turbo or two on them. But they didnt have good tranny to hold the power :/

  • ClayPF
    ClayPF 8 days ago

    In snowy conditions it wasn't uncommon for drivers to run their headlights during the day for visibility. When the dash lights dim during the day, they're hard to read. This is probably the reason the car has that dimmer bypass, since it's AWD and has all those other winter features.

  • Subi Lance
    Subi Lance 9 days ago

    It has the McLaren f1's window

  • ninjaturtle11754
    ninjaturtle11754 10 days ago

    Imma let you finish, but the b9 tribecca is the wierdest

  • MasterMacLeod
    MasterMacLeod 11 days ago

    Why are you dressed as a Starfleet science officer

  • Bret Self
    Bret Self 11 days ago

    The Subaru XT was definitely weirder, as far as Subaru goes. There was also the XT-6. The SVX was a grand tourer, that's why it didn't have that performance mystique.
    It was designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro (named 'Car Designer of the Century' in 1999) of ItalDesign, responsible for much weirder cars that the SVX (see the ItalDesign Wiki, where you also find the long list of his production designs, including the DeTomaso Mangusta, the Iso Grifo, Maserati Merak, Lotus Esprit, and the timeless VW Scirocco).
    I never, ever heard of it referred to as the 'Batmobile'. The window isn't that weird (see the comment below: high-speed, window down, no buffeting). Look at the Countach and the Delorean (also a Giugiaro design).
    The would-be-canopy was ex'ed out because of safety concerns of the American market (something domestic glass-tops always seemed to avoid) and cost of manufacture. Subaru "chose both" the airbag and automatic safety belt because it was sold in more than one market and it's cheaper to just make both (assembly line builds are faster without time consuming equipment changes). Yeah, they sold them in other countries. In 1992, airbags weren't mandated in the majority of other markets (Ferrari didn't even offer them in the F355 in Europe until 1995).
    The front is designed like an Italian car, not a French car (because it's Italian designed). Rear wipers were not exclusive to hatchbacks. The decision was due to the strake of the rear window. It has nothing to do with a hatch. Interesting that no comment was made about the sheer size of the car; it's long.
    It's an Italian designed Japanese AWD grand tourer. What's not to love?

  • Sebastien Gagnon
    Sebastien Gagnon 11 days ago

    The SVX is not the weirdest car Subaru ever made with crazy exterior styling that's so ugly it's almost cool to the absolutely absurd interior layout the subaru XT-GL10 is far weirder than the SVX

  • Gerry Ortiz
    Gerry Ortiz 13 days ago

    “Thhhhisss is a 2021 Tesla Cybertruck and it’s the weirdest Tesla ever made. Of course given my penchant for weird and bizarre cars that means I love it. And today I’m gonna take you on a tour of it.”

  • Bama Man
    Bama Man 14 days ago

    The windows are that way so you can roll it down in the rain and still get air without rain pouring in

  • Tyler Winningham
    Tyler Winningham 14 days ago

    Can you imagine how much those little windows cost... Omfg

  • boostedsil40
    boostedsil40 15 days ago

    I couldn't imagine the headache if someone broke out the windows,How much do you think those cost?

  • boostedsil40
    boostedsil40 15 days ago

    automatic only with N/A only is why this is not popular.Imagine if they turbocharged the straight 6 boer with manual trans,But thanks to gentlemens agreement it was another casualty for making power.

  • GuanZe Liew
    GuanZe Liew 16 days ago

    I thought Subaru's sports car is Impreza WRX STI...

  • pro68ht
    pro68ht 16 days ago

    Fully restored with wheel weights on the outside of the rim? Somebody sucks.

  • Tater Farmer
    Tater Farmer 17 days ago

    I always wanted one of these back in the day. Actually test drove one, probably would have bought it had the salesman not been such a a-hole.

  • ErikDJ123
    ErikDJ123 17 days ago

    The XT6 was a 6 cylinder Subaru before the SVX and it was quirkier.

  • ErikDJ123
    ErikDJ123 17 days ago

    Styled by the same Italian designer as the DeLorean.

  • Anne6621
    Anne6621 17 days ago

    the second that car came out i talked my dad into buying one , it was a great car

  • Anthony Strunk
    Anthony Strunk 17 days ago

    You should find a ‘97 or ‘98 Lincoln Mark 8 the one with the neon tail lamp

  • Tony Montana
    Tony Montana 19 days ago

    Thanks for doing the SVX.
    When I was a kid my dad had an SVX he kept it for years.
    The air ventilation is total garbage in those and she drives like a boat.
    These days you rarely see one and the ones you do see and collector’s items now, but they where rare to start with something like 11,000 into the US.

  • black butterfly
    black butterfly 21 day ago

    It always reminded me of a Ford Probe...

  • Tim R
    Tim R 22 days ago

    How many times does Doug say "another REALLY weird/rare feature" followed immediately by "however this was common on 90's Japanese cars." So, NOT weird or rare at all.

  • Canon Rummel
    Canon Rummel 23 days ago

    Sports S-cargo

  • S. Leo Chapman
    S. Leo Chapman 23 days ago

    The windows are like that on the Toyota Sera as well, no?

  • Kyle G.
    Kyle G. 24 days ago

    This car is better than my mom's car from 2006

  • antoine mortier
    antoine mortier 25 days ago

    And watching this video again, pure Doug awesomeness!! And this epic notebook...!

  • Paul Squires
    Paul Squires 25 days ago +1

    Drive one for a while and you will love it.

  • nathan deleeuw
    nathan deleeuw 26 days ago

    14:34 sorry Doug, its actually the blinker fluid

  • Daniel Erickson
    Daniel Erickson 26 days ago

    did you notice the car's mileage is almost at 69420? at 12:30

  • Kurt Foy
    Kurt Foy 26 days ago +1

    Every time I watch his channel I think it's Quentin Tarantino

  • Jonathan Bishop
    Jonathan Bishop 28 days ago

    "Practicality is good for a car like this and it gets a 4 out 10". What!!! Doug, how can the practicality be good, when you're only giving it a 4 out of 10! That doesn't make any sense, Bud!

  • Jon Hughes
    Jon Hughes 28 days ago

    Weirdest? Apparently you've forgotten about the Subaru XT.

  • Mark Lambert
    Mark Lambert 29 days ago

    This brought back some great memories! Nice choice for a niche pick!

  • sentient02970
    sentient02970 Month ago

    Kept that car in beautiful condition.

  • Jay Lee
    Jay Lee Month ago

    They didn't come with a manual option for the tranny because at the time of production Subaru didn't have a transmission that could handle the power of it. So I've heard

  • ryan dehamer
    ryan dehamer Month ago

    oh also if you bought this car, it's re sprayed if you cant tell from a mile away

  • ryan dehamer
    ryan dehamer Month ago

    you know how dumb a glass sunroof would be?

  • David Lannigan
    David Lannigan Month ago

    who rolls down windows anyway...

  • Ian Dunbar
    Ian Dunbar Month ago

    Saturn also did both airbags and automatic seat belts. My 1994 SL1 had both, IIRC.

  • Suhail Basil
    Suhail Basil Month ago

    How much it?

  • Ron Miata
    Ron Miata Month ago

    This Doug person is a doofus. Still driving my '92 @ 170K miles with no real problems. An external tranny cooler solves the failure issue. The car was designed to be a tourer, & not a dragster. But with AWD, it handles much better than DeMuro says it does. I think I'll keep it.

  • Zam1Fear
    Zam1Fear Month ago

    Funny that I think it's one of the coolest Subarus made, not that my opinion matters at all but I think most Subarus are pretty understated and boring.

  • Luuk Heerdink
    Luuk Heerdink Month ago

    Did he just forget the nissan gtr in the “japanese sportscar” list

  • A V
    A V Month ago

    Did the French cars in the 70s have yellow lights

  • Thomas Nast
    Thomas Nast Month ago

    My aunt had an SVX in the mid 90s that I got to drive a bit. It was a really fun car. Handling on mountain roads was awesome, kind of like a lower, lighter Audi. The funky windows allowed clean airflow at speed and the back seats weren't too bad for a 5'9" skinny kid. It even hauled bales of hay...and then the transmission failed.

  • Quantum Leap
    Quantum Leap Month ago +1

    I would totally own that car.
    edit: nevermind, no manual. 😢

  • Omar Rodstein
    Omar Rodstein Month ago +3

    One of my neighbors recently got one when i first saw it i was like is that a Honda nsx then i got closer and seen subaru svx cool looking car 👍

  • chuckschilling
    chuckschilling Month ago

    I wonder if Doug has ever given his mom and dad a Doug Score?