7 Models Open Up About Discrimination and Tokenism | The Models | Vogue

  • Published on Apr 29, 2019
  • In the final episode of Vogue’s four-part docuseries, “The Models,” some of fashion’s most recognizable faces open up about their experiences with discrimination and tokenism.
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    7 Models Open Up About Discrimination and Tokenism | The Models | Vogue
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  • rjsmiley89
    rjsmiley89 Day ago


  • inigojuancarlos
    inigojuancarlos Day ago

    Alek Wek is legend

  • Ghostdinosawur
    Ghostdinosawur 21 day ago

    Get the fatties out of this, thanks

  • TheOtherSide
    TheOtherSide 23 days ago

    Alek Wek is a legend!

  • Whyamihere Mmsure
    Whyamihere Mmsure 27 days ago +1

    If teardrops could be bottled swimming pools would be filled by models........

  • The Bra Addict
    The Bra Addict Month ago

    This is why there was a "rivalry" between Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell.

  • kansasgoldilocks
    kansasgoldilocks Month ago

    In what world is a size 6 plus? The industry is obviously completely mad.

  • AM Girl
    AM Girl Month ago

    Question-why are parents letting these girls go anywhere underage? much less to another country...I dont care how much fame she might get--who does that?

  • Stephanie E
    Stephanie E Month ago

    This is so sad...wtf size 6 is considered plus size?!

  • H S
    H S Month ago +2

    Vogue acting they don’t contribute to this

  • Albert De Rohan
    Albert De Rohan Month ago

    she is as black as stove pipe

  • im baby
    im baby Month ago

    hear me out... 5'5-5'8 models being accepted into industry...

  • Mon Mon
    Mon Mon Month ago

    "I'm the Bjork of the curve industry. I'm a f**** freak." This makes me think, how to be someone like Bjork to be really a metaphor in pop culture. :>

  • From 2000
    From 2000 Month ago


  • From 2000
    From 2000 Month ago

    halima aden is somalian

  • Polly P
    Polly P Month ago

    Paloma Elsesser? You have such an amazing voice omg✨

  • r C
    r C Month ago

    Cry babies!... Hire me I won't complain....

  • gladonnet
    gladonnet Month ago

    The indian girl ....with the fakest accent ever

  • vanish power
    vanish power Month ago

    Can we just go back to those times where fashion show isn't about the model but it's about the clothes they are wearing. It's a show to show the desinger's creation and vision. I am sorry that the designers creative vision didn't see racial inclusion cuz they focus more on the piece they are making. And if you come to the show as a black girl and you think you'd look dang hot in the outfit, BUY IT! why do u need to see weather a black girl or white girl wearing it? These models are entitled af.

  • Sávio Faschet
    Sávio Faschet Month ago

    Theyr voices are SOOOOOO Deep... How is it even possible for some that skynny talk so low for a young gurl...

  • Tracy
    Tracy Month ago

    The Kenyan model is pretty and has the best accent❤️

  • R. Aralar
    R. Aralar Month ago

    I cancelled Vogue over the hijab model in it. We will never submit. These people want to kill us!

  • R. Aralar
    R. Aralar Month ago

    How is size 6 plus size

  • Homme cisgenre blanc privilégié et raciste

    Being fat is a deasese dumbass, being fat isn't cool.

  • Paola Rodriguez
    Paola Rodriguez 2 months ago

    Colored girls baddddd

  • michael shead
    michael shead 2 months ago

    We want more vogue

  • Natural Born Pusher
    Natural Born Pusher 2 months ago

    Rhadika Nair - an Indian, model version of Emilia Clarke.

  • Annemarie May
    Annemarie May 2 months ago

    Tokenism is great. Just one only of each kind, just as a lip service. Just make sure whoever you choose as the token female or exotic breed type is a perfect specimen of their breed. I wouldn't look at them, even if they were, but some might like to stare at them...

  • SASHA Savage
    SASHA Savage 2 months ago

    All the models, no matter their size, have symmetrical features, wide set eyes, prominent bone structure, etc... If you wanna be inclusive, you need some ugly bitches like Lena Dunham

  • Cacyademonenom
    Cacyademonenom 2 months ago

    This is rampant in the entertainment industry as well.

  • Nadia Safarah
    Nadia Safarah 2 months ago

    How tf are you gonna do my hair when you bald? Lol

  • Khyra A
    Khyra A 2 months ago +1

    Why is she cussing get some class

  • Brian Brown
    Brian Brown 2 months ago

    She better correct herself when she speakin on Bjork. Fix yourself before you speak on a queen, heffa.

  • Traci AM
    Traci AM 2 months ago

    I’ve seen Alex Wek she has perfect skin! She was playing basketball in a school yard in downtown Manhattan! I guess it was on her down time or break, she wasn’t working.She has dark blue and purple undertones absolutely beautiful lady.... sparkling eyes! A real doll!

  • aandgdesigngroup
    aandgdesigngroup 2 months ago

    I've seen first-hand unintelligent, angry, moody, and awful older men and women treat these young girls horribly. Not just girls of "color", or "plus-size" models. All the girls...They start too young. They are impressionable and insecure girls... it's Shameful!

  • Rebekah Bridges-Tervydis

    I’m surprised the plus size models didn’t go to the public for support.

  • Helena Parker
    Helena Parker 2 months ago +2

    I lower wanna make a model company for petite women. Still all kinds of color and shapes, but focusing on smaller women. We have come so far with Colorado and shapes, but they’re all still tall. Hell...a robot walked in a fashion show before a short person did.

    • r C
      r C Month ago

      Yes I'll join ya✌✌✌

  • Amir C.
    Amir C. 2 months ago

    So informative. One day we'll all sit and eat together. I support every race. I support everyone. Please do the same for me. ruclip.com/video/0K_J0bMXfWk/video.html

  • Tony Prendergast
    Tony Prendergast 2 months ago

    I love these videos. I want to model and this helps me out so much

  • Alex Divasi
    Alex Divasi 3 months ago

    All the girls are great with the exception of that hood rat Selena something...wtf does being bald have to do with doing hair? That’s like telling a designer they know nothing of women’s fashion because they’re men ....

  • Bri Williams
    Bri Williams 3 months ago

    Selena's fricken funny😂😂😂 I love the fact she speaks her mind!

  • anal blockage
    anal blockage 3 months ago

    plus sized models are overweight, being overweight should not be promoted.

  • Meo Erhum
    Meo Erhum 3 months ago

    If all women are educated & no woman want to be models then they will be begging women to come model for them.

  • bilqis naasrdeen
    bilqis naasrdeen 3 months ago

    being black in most parts of the world is so hard and wanting to be a model is much more pressure

  • Henry Richmond Young
    Henry Richmond Young 3 months ago

    Where is the East Asian voice for tokenism?

  • siennavine81
    siennavine81 3 months ago

    What pressure is there if you are a plus size model? Seriously. I want to know. 🙄

  • Ever After
    Ever After 3 months ago

    When I'm natrual people would tell I'm less attractive and I need a weave. If you look too black, people generally have a negative view of you.

    In short people would say
    My hair is too ugly, my butt is too big and my skin is too dark.
    Yup 😂😂😂😂

  • Rachel Sabourin
    Rachel Sabourin 3 months ago

    The first girl looks so much like Kendall Jenner like her mannerisms too also Vogue this is a great exposé but you should end it on how you’re ending these problems in your company

  • Blitznstitch2
    Blitznstitch2 3 months ago

    I’m annoyed when I see only skinny models representing clothes or brands, those brands lose me as a customer because I know the clothes was designed for a size I don’t represent

  • JanaHerde Live
    JanaHerde Live 3 months ago

    I'm sorry, but to call a model curvy just because she is overweight, is using the term wrong. Monica Bellucci or Sofia Vergara are curvy women, that model is gorgeous, but not curvy, just big. There is even models size 34, that are thin but curvy. I thing they use the term wrong.

  • Tholoana Mosia
    Tholoana Mosia 3 months ago

    So we’re not going to talk about ableism ?

  • さくらSakura Sea
    さくらSakura Sea 3 months ago

    "Fine, they don't treat me like a Zoo animal" Yes, the Zoo animals are treated very poorly and please do something about it.

  • Libertarian Izzy
    Libertarian Izzy 3 months ago

    First of all. Who is out here calling my mom Björk a freak. Because I'm about to throw up some hands

  • SweetPeach Bellini
    SweetPeach Bellini 3 months ago +3

    Nicely done Vogue. Now tackle ageism in the industry and let's see some diversity in that as well. I'd love to see wrinkles, crinkles, roundness, smile/laughter lines. In other words, no toothpicks with surgery/botox and fillers.

  • Her Right There
    Her Right There 3 months ago


  • Eva S
    Eva S 3 months ago

    3:33 I refuse to believe she is 41 WHAT

  • Sabel Tesfaye
    Sabel Tesfaye 3 months ago +1

    South Sudanese model is absolutely beautiful?

  • Hans Solo
    Hans Solo 3 months ago

    Vogue is bs!!! Anna Wintour is the chief of body shaming & racism. For decades she is the mastermind of racism in fashion industry.

  • jo ma
    jo ma 3 months ago

    Candice Huffine looks like kendall jenner

  • samantha71ify
    samantha71ify 3 months ago

    Surprised Duckie wasn’t interviewed.