How Difficult is Travelling Japan without Japanese? | Travel Tips

  • Published on Mar 27, 2018
  • Travelling Japan without Japanese might not be as tough as you think.
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Comments • 4 721

  • GoldDropper
    GoldDropper 7 hours ago +1

    Everything I know in Japanese:
    Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru

    SCHRODINGER’S CAT 7 hours ago


  • MS Productions
    MS Productions 19 hours ago

    If you watch anime then you probably know some Japanese words

  • Maureen-Celeste
    Maureen-Celeste 2 days ago

    great video, thanks

  • yu hu
    yu hu 2 days ago

    is that Parco and Loft in Sendai ?...i miss food stores in Sendai Station including cow tongues volcano box. ^^

  • jannick799
    jannick799 6 days ago

    French isn't to difficult to understand if you start talking German to them. that's friendly advice from a Flamish guy who celebrate the battle for the gulden spurs every year ( gulden spurs 11th Juli 1302)

  • JJ Mello
    JJ Mello 9 days ago

    is itadakimasu not important to know/say for a foreigner?

  • AM Productions
    AM Productions 9 days ago

    I mean Mexicans and other Spanish speakers come to America and never learn English for decades , soooo...
    Ik English isn’t the official language, but it is the most prevalent

    CHOUSASUKE 10 days ago


  • Robert Scerni
    Robert Scerni 10 days ago


  • Uisce Preston
    Uisce Preston 11 days ago +1

    What? No advice about random kaiju attacks?!

  • ぶーちゃん
    ぶーちゃん 13 days ago +1

    Most of the Japanese people are happy when talked to by foreigners.
    So, when you were in trouble , please listen to us!
    I'm sorry that my English is strange.

    • Phub Pem
      Phub Pem 12 days ago

      ぶーちゃん haha dude I’d be happy if a Japanese person spoke to me

  • Megadriver
    Megadriver 13 days ago

    Excuse me, where is X and Y?
    EU: Sorry, I can't help you/ It's down the road, then right/ IDK, use google maps
    Japan: someone takes their time to escort you to your destination, without wanting anything in return.

  • John
    John 13 days ago

    I hope what you said is true, m8

  • No Escape
    No Escape 14 days ago

    Jesus that horse bit scared me

  • Spunkiee Show
    Spunkiee Show 15 days ago +1

    died laughing and subscribed right after "BASASHI" good content mate

  • Zuzaylı Panda
    Zuzaylı Panda 15 days ago

    1:57 :D

  • rsjshshsj addd
    rsjshshsj addd 15 days ago

    If you want difficult go to mainland China, unless your in Shen Jen you will be lost

  • Zebulin Shelton
    Zebulin Shelton 15 days ago

    I wasn't looking for videos about visiting Japan, and I don't think I'll ever need to because I am going to die from your basashi! and sakuranbo! It was equal parts startling and hilarious, and I'm still laughing about it ten minutes after the fact. Thank you for this funny and informative video.

  • Ebin Delgado
    Ebin Delgado 16 days ago

    If I ever go I’ll just use google translate

  • James Alexander
    James Alexander 16 days ago

    having a 11 hour layover stay in Tokyo at HND in about a week on my way back to south east asia and i want to do as much as i can instead of hanging in the airport all that time. this was super informative especially about the public transportation. landing 3pm planning on jumping off the plane having a 7 hour night in Tokyo then jumping back on the plane :) great vid very helpful

  • Lydia Hale
    Lydia Hale 18 days ago

    I'm French and kind, I swear😂

  • LegoWormNoah101
    LegoWormNoah101 18 days ago

    Good thing I have a translator.

  • troll face
    troll face 19 days ago

    Why am i learning this? Im not even gonna go to japan.

  • alex carter
    alex carter 19 days ago

    I've been around a few countries and always, the locals love it if you've at least made some effort to learn a few words of the language. You don't have to be a walking Berlitz, just make a bit of a damned effort.

    As a kid growing up in Hawaii (heavily Japanese population and culture) I used to have this sort of thing I'd imagine, like I'd wake up one day .... in Japan. I'd have been traded somehow, and have to be a kid in a Japanese family, with Japanese parents, their kid having been traded to my family I guess, and I'd not know a word of Japanese .... I used to scare myself thinking of this.

  • Jiaqi Wang
    Jiaqi Wang 19 days ago +2

    isn;t apple ringo?

  • leon
    leon 20 days ago

    Dribble coffee, nice! Lmao!

  • Pots Malsi
    Pots Malsi 20 days ago

    1:58 I know right!!!!! Why is it that French people are such bastards when it comes to communicating with their tourist.. Legit hate France because of that

  • Thomas Aherne
    Thomas Aherne 21 day ago +1

    Oh look, Stewart Lee's let himself go

  • Alpha Mike
    Alpha Mike 21 day ago

    Dribble drivel lol

  • Da_Evil_Chicken
    Da_Evil_Chicken 24 days ago

    5:50 A good way to distinguish those male and female kanji signs is to look at them a little closer. The male sign looks like it has (almost) a sixpack, the female sign has spreaded legs.

  • Theea M
    Theea M 24 days ago

    However, I never understood why Japanese people speak so little (if any) English. Young ones included.

  • Rosie Nicolson
    Rosie Nicolson 26 days ago

    I know it's not the same but my brother has lived in Hong Kong for the past 8 years and only knows like 2 words in Cantonese

  • Axel Leon
    Axel Leon 26 days ago

    I fully gagged when he said french people werent really nice with him for not being able to speak french, i have been living here for over a year an thats basically my daily life, even now that i can communicate they still slightly pissed because its not perfect.

  • DRTY D
    DRTY D 26 days ago

    another great video, very helpful. :-)

  • Eric Kelley
    Eric Kelley 27 days ago

    I was in hiroshima and had to use the restroom really badly... the staff at the cafe we were at realized what was happening as i went to the restroom and the mens room was being deep cleaned.... they ushered me into the womens restroom.... completely embarrassed when i came back out and there were 2 women waiting and the staff worker keeping watch. I bought a really good meal after that and thanked them profusely.

  • Kenneth Wong
    Kenneth Wong 28 days ago

    Dribble dribble?

  • Ivan FS
    Ivan FS 28 days ago

    Man, I live in Portugal and even here the french tourists find it unthinkable that I don't speak french. For fuck sake...

  • Andrew Irvine
    Andrew Irvine 28 days ago


    CALIBERBEATS 29 days ago

    yes i are enjoy spring

  • Jabi Gaming
    Jabi Gaming 29 days ago


  • KingSlimjeezy
    KingSlimjeezy 29 days ago +1

    "without google maps Id probably be in a forest... scrounging.. for berries"
    I did not expect for my lifestyle to be insulted when i decided to watch this

  • Exiled Candy
    Exiled Candy Month ago


  • Pi
    Pi Month ago +1

    That’s rubbish, I’d never be lost in a forest eating berries. They’re hard to find, I expect I’d be eating daffodils 🌼.

  • oauseer
    oauseer Month ago

    Hi, you mention expats at 1:20. What is the difference between them and immigrants?

  • Sofia B
    Sofia B Month ago

    Omg it’s so true about France!

    • grégoire Fevre
      grégoire Fevre 26 days ago

      c'mon you can't resume a whole country about an experience you had 1 time... I mean it's rude to all the french who are good ppl :/

  • maricideva mega
    maricideva mega Month ago

    2:26 Frankly, on the road sign it's only words like "Shrine" and "Power Plant" are English words, others are Romanized Japanese and I think it is just like Japanese that most of the westerner cannot understand. You may find the same situation in China, it looks like there are English words on the road sign, but in fact that's Pinyin.

  • 現実逃避3丁目

    I'll help you all guys welcome to japan

  • Kool- Aid
    Kool- Aid Month ago

    Out of all the videos i have seen that you have done, i have come away with the understanding that...
    1. I Need to visit Japan
    2. Japanese people and their culture are superior to the rest of the world
    3. Japanese women are hot!
    Thank you !

  • Cardinal Kyle
    Cardinal Kyle Month ago +45

    Joke's on you I can't even socialise in English let alone in a foreign language

  • Phantom T-rex
    Phantom T-rex Month ago

    It is somewhat difficult to travel to Japan without japanese but you can use body language

  • Not Easyy
    Not Easyy Month ago

    i want a notebook that just says "DRIBBLE"

  • ShiFyy
    ShiFyy Month ago +2

    I'm attending a Tokyo Highschool in April 2021, as an exchange student, so I'm glad I've discovered your channel in time to learn more about Japan.

  • 糸川ぼん
    糸川ぼん Month ago

    Let me add one useful phrase, 'DO-MO DO-MO', meaning thank you, sorry, goodbye, good morning, that's bad etc.. Original definition of DO-MO is 'somehow' but it can discribe everything you feel, i don't know why though.

  • PenginGamer
    PenginGamer Month ago

    not difficult at all, question solved wthout even watching the video. You have to visit japan once to expereince it. Random japanese people started talking to me asking where im from or sth else. they tried to help only because i just looked for a second where te next train stops. Even theycant speak english they try to and they are happy if you try to speak their language even you make many mistakes as they know how hard it is to speak another language. its an experience i never made anywhere else.

  • rob b
    rob b Month ago

    goodbye is Sayōnara

  • rob b
    rob b Month ago

    500 yen is £3.44

  • Anym
    Anym Month ago

    tbh, if you say "I don't understand" in Japanese.... they might explain what it means you don't understand in Japanese

  • Marcus Correa
    Marcus Correa Month ago


  • Don’t mention it 。

    SAKURANBO!! Lmao
    Well we also use cherii チェリー tho

  • Daeva
    Daeva Month ago

    There were 2 local old men who spent an hour going with us and discussing the map to get us exactly where we needed to be. Extremely lovely people and very helpful

  • Sachi Hosokawa
    Sachi Hosokawa Month ago

    ahh the wonderful Suica card! Reminds me when I was little and I got my first card. It has been so long since I traveled there-from さち

  • 138boris
    138boris Month ago

    Dribble. 🙂

  • Eduard Metzler
    Eduard Metzler Month ago


  • jorge Gonzalez
    jorge Gonzalez Month ago


  • Ani Vai
    Ani Vai Month ago +2

    I was looking for different kinds of Kit Kats in Tokyo and our Hotel manager literally took us to the city and walked us into the shop and told us which ones are popular. So kind.

  • Dragmire800
    Dragmire800 Month ago +2

    Whiskey comes from the Irish word for water, which is Uisce (Iss-ka)
    It’s funny that the Japanese borrowed version of whiskey returns to the “Uis” followed by a k phonetic

  • Shogun S
    Shogun S Month ago

    I’m so lucky that kanji is basically Chinese characters, no problemo for me

  • Laura Kalife
    Laura Kalife Month ago

    1:57 lmao obviously no one knows proper English there. The usual French make a percentage of 0.08% effort when it comes to English 😂

  • Paul Gee
    Paul Gee Month ago

    Spot on. Just returned from Japan. Very funny dry British humor.

  • Semmelein
    Semmelein Month ago

    BASASHI! 😁

  • Jumpy Wizard
    Jumpy Wizard Month ago

    Lol I speak Chinese so I recognize the characters nu and nan

  • Mag Yuen
    Mag Yuen Month ago

    You are a lucky bloke to get help from the convenience store staff. I had a different experience Japan.

  • Joshua Xiong
    Joshua Xiong Month ago

    Difficult but manageable.

  • FranziFlorida
    FranziFlorida Month ago

    1:57 ...that face is so funny xD

    KID CLOUT Month ago

    Dawg I’m really finna dribble out here in Japan

  • The Idiosyncratic Vlogger


  • theroguegene
    theroguegene Month ago

    I lived in Japan for two years and did not learn a word. It was great. I hate talking to people. Seriously I had the best time there. Japanese people like to practice English so whenever I tried to speak Japanese they knew English better than my Japanese.

  • Kaido Love Boat
    Kaido Love Boat Month ago

    British people are no good.

  • rachel
    rachel Month ago

    My kinda people

  • musus
    musus Month ago

    It's English... just not as we know it! 🤣🤣

  • Mozarel
    Mozarel Month ago +1



  • Necruo
    Necruo Month ago

    the english-japaneese words are like czech and slovakian, for example jídlo-jedlo, třešeň-čerešeň and also some weird ones like borůvka-čučorietka (its rly the same only with weird characters)

  • Chester Green
    Chester Green Month ago

    Isnt apple Ringo?..

  • iamfuturetrunks
    iamfuturetrunks Month ago +1

    What they don't say is that Arigatou (Mr. Roboto) must always be followed by Mr. Roboto. :P lol j/k

  • Christine Lee
    Christine Lee Month ago

    If you lived in Japan, you should know going shopping and eating at restaurants should be no problem without any Japanese.
    However, it’s clearly difficult if you don’t know Japanese and have to go to the koban, ward office, tax office etc. so yeah it is impossible without Japanese. I don’t know how I would survive if it wasn’t for my ex lol. All the letters they send you is in Japanese.

  • G. Rogowski
    G. Rogowski Month ago

    It's easy.

  • TMac53
    TMac53 Month ago

    I spent two weeks in Japan a few years ago and knew pretty much no Japanese. We traveled to many major cities while staying and had very little difficulty with our time there. At all the train stations, there was signage in English in addition to Japanese, and I don't know if its a requirement, but all the staff at the train stations seemed to know fluent English. Also, many other signage outside of train stations are in English and use the Arabic numeral system when listing things such as prices. At restaurants, there are many pictures for dishes as well as fake model food displays to show you what the dish looks like. Most of the locals we interacted with knew at least some English, and those that didn't were always very helpful in as much of a capacity as they could be.

    So while it would be ideal to know Japanese, it definitely is not necessary to travel there, especially if you're going to major tourist spots like Tokyo or Kyoto.

  • Redlink01
    Redlink01 Month ago

    Uhh apple is RINGO...

  • bubblegum
    bubblegum Month ago

    what?? i thought cherries are, "rero rero rero rero rero rero"??

  • Boudidou Boudi
    Boudidou Boudi Month ago

    How come every comment is not from the bagel community. Rally people. Defend your empty core. We're animist.

  • Yuujou
    Yuujou Month ago

    Thank you, this was super helpful! :)

  • jake estheim
    jake estheim Month ago

    Basashi killed me lmao

    YICHAO SU Month ago

    My first thought was: Wait Japan without Japanese people, kinda nice idea tho

  • Sam
    Sam Month ago

    *B A S A S H I*

  • Alfred Medina
    Alfred Medina Month ago

    Dam after studying the language for quite a while, I still felt like I had a long way to go, but just listening to the bare minimum basic Japanese taught in this video I might have lost most if not all of my brain cells. I honestly felt retarded.

  • songfreakish
    songfreakish Month ago

    Use Google translate

  • Lilly Majors
    Lilly Majors Month ago +38

    When I went to Japan, I got a bad sunburn and needed aloe vera. My japanese at the time was not good and I could only make simple, short sentences. I tried asking the clerk for aloe vera アロエベラー, but felt helpless when he couldn't understand. A nice woman came up to me and said that she would take me there. She took me to a medicine shop which was out of her way and even stayed to help me find it. Things like that are so uncommon in America, because people are busy and don't have time. I was very happy that day.

    • Mark Elkhatib
      Mark Elkhatib 14 days ago

      Don't have time? More like they probably don't want to or even have that idea to be that helpful

  • PastelZomby
    PastelZomby Month ago +1

    For traveling on the trains, I find that google maps is actually very helpful. When you type where you want to go in google maps it will tell you how much it will cost in yen to get there. I have also found it to be very accurate, it's been a life saver for me. Getting a Suica or Pasmo card is definitely a must though! (ALSO I love your videos, they have helped me a lot in my recent move to Japan

  • AJ D
    AJ D Month ago +10

    Remember also if you're having trouble reading our Kanji you can use Google translate app, it has real time translation camera. 😊
    Edit: Also app CityMapper will help travel much nicer than Google.
    Please just ask us! :)