Excavator Lessons | Gold Rush

  • Published on Mar 29, 2016
  • Learn how to run an excavator with Rick Ness.
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Comments • 65

  • Vitatta
    Vitatta 2 months ago


  • Elvis Mark
    Elvis Mark 3 months ago

    Parker Schnabel Mr Gold has earned that name because of the cleanup said he does

  • John
    John 3 months ago

    Cat Controls are for scrubs

  • Nassri Suleiman
    Nassri Suleiman 4 months ago

    I like that Mr opp

  • doves1 Pellegrino
    doves1 Pellegrino 8 months ago

    What a sweet grandpa,
    I loved when he was on
    the show... He was sharp
    as a pin..Parker you were so lucky to have
    him. I wish he was my
    grandpa...RIP xxxooo

    • Colton Rushton
      Colton Rushton 4 months ago

      John's not the focus of this video. Rick is.

  • taz89ful
    taz89ful 9 months ago

    yea that's how you a run a volvo but what about cat deer etc lol

    • Yang Family
      Yang Family 3 months ago +1

      There are 2 universal patterns on all excavators, one is just an opposite version of the other

  • Behind The Lense
    Behind The Lense 10 months ago

    That cab is filthy 😒

  • Max Scott
    Max Scott 11 months ago

    First step is don't buy a fucking volvo

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  • ShredForth
    ShredForth Year ago

    Hi I’m Rick Ness.... I’m gonna show you how to get half buckets all day, throw tracks once a week, dig over the side and generally just how to run a 70 ton hoe like a fuckin jerkoff.

  • Abdo Sik
    Abdo Sik Year ago

    Welcome do yuo need the driver ofthe véhicfes for example Bucklan

  • Bravedigger Joseph Pepel 4880

    Hitachi left control are totally different from other models..You push in then your stick will be in and if you push it out your stick will be out..if you pull back it rotates to the left, but if you push to the front it will rotate to the right.. differs from other excavators..

    • Daniel Schutze
      Daniel Schutze 10 months ago

      There's many different control patterns
      He was showing the current most common pattern

  • straightt12312
    straightt12312 Year ago +2

    I hate that setup. It’s easier for me with boom up on left joystick

  • Ricky Dolejs
    Ricky Dolejs Year ago

    Cute half buckets.

  • Trucks Amuck
    Trucks Amuck Year ago

    Oh so it's just that easy :)

  • 모탈
    모탈 Year ago


  • Zac Blonien
    Zac Blonien Year ago +2

    I like how everybody on here is a pro lol. 5 simple steps not 105 simple steps

    TOP VIDEOS Year ago


  • Matt The Builder.

    Are there secondary controls like on a Backhoe where the right stick controls the bucket and the second boom. Which the left sick controls the up and down boom as well as the swing of the cab?.

  • Gary Dennison
    Gary Dennison Year ago

    ive been in excavtor for 46 years he is not a operator look at his cab dirty and no respect for machine what a blow hard

    • Behind The Lense
      Behind The Lense 10 months ago

      Copy copy mate 👍🏽

    • BMW Dude
      BMW Dude Year ago +1

      Gary Dennison they work on a fucking gold mine and he isn’t the only one who operates that exact excavator

  • Caleb -BL4ZER
    Caleb -BL4ZER 2 years ago

    I want to work for him and im 14- i have driven a 25t excavator and i want to learn to drive a dozer and wheel loader for him- my family has a tractor with a front loader mounted on and i drive that all the time

  • Stuff’s gonna Break
    Stuff’s gonna Break 2 years ago

    That’s how I was thought my uncle put me in one and said what does what and that’s how I learned

  • Bilah Mughal
    Bilah Mughal 2 years ago


  • T R
    T R 2 years ago +11

    Yeah fully rev up the engine right after you start it lol.

    • John
      John 3 months ago

      You’re not a real operator

    • James Earl
      James Earl 2 years ago +1

      Tys De R maybe it was started previously?

  • Excavator Operator
    Excavator Operator 3 years ago +12

    Any moron can drive and dig a hole. learning what the controls do is easy. It is when you start to work with the machine in a fast but smooth way. Everything should go hand in hand. Beginning to see different heights in material and different falls when it not more than 1 cm/ meter sometimes down to 3 mm. To be able to keep a high that you have been given and organizing the job around you with the machine and see further ahead. Not anyone can see this and some people drive their entire life not being able to see. they are not bad operators just because they can't see, They are god at other things. Some have it and some don't!

    • Elliott Fontaine
      Elliott Fontaine Year ago +1

      zzirSnipzz1 where do you see him clenching the controls?

    • zzirSnipzz1
      zzirSnipzz1 2 years ago +3

      Most great operators dont clench the controls or grasp them hard like this guy though

  • Jami Laari
    Jami Laari 3 years ago +7

    kinda like I've been taught to drive :D This does this and that does that, do that and then we'll see what you'll do next :D

  • Granlund350
    Granlund350 3 years ago +9

    This just shows you the controls of the hoe, actually building something to be exactly perfect is harder then it looks

  • Sarah Rayl
    Sarah Rayl 3 years ago +2

    Rick ness is one sexy man!!

  • David Smyth
    David Smyth 3 years ago +2

    My dad has three diggers and I'm 14 and can drive them all its easy

    • James Earl
      James Earl 2 years ago +2

      David Smyth don't let these guys convince you it's that hard. operators get grumpy when new guys are around because they think they have clout. I've seen guys with experience be put to shame when some young guys came in.

    • craydul
      craydul 2 years ago

      Andy Hass REKT

    • Andy Hass
      Andy Hass 2 years ago +4

      David Smyth my grandma can use a smart phone... can u operate a machine well and more efficiently than a guy with 10yrs experience? No so settle down, grow up and then try and be a man.

  • Farmmeneer Farmmeneer
    Farmmeneer Farmmeneer 3 years ago +1

    mooie info leuk!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Carlos Eduardo
    Carlos Eduardo 3 years ago +1

    Que top

  • Tim Brennan
    Tim Brennan 3 years ago +1

    scab operator look how much his tracks are sagging. id fire him

    • Ferguson 20 diesel
      Ferguson 20 diesel Year ago

      jdig1984 obviously doesn’t watch the show. Checking oil everyday is over the top. I never check it every morning on my hitachi

    • Ean Line
      Ean Line Year ago +1

      Guaranteed you don’t have authority to fire anyone

    • jdig1984
      jdig1984 Year ago +2

      Chad Szott yes it is if your tracks are not the right tension you get your grease gun and pump the idler to tension your tracks one of your daily checks other wise your gonna have a track off do the "maintainence guys" dip the engine for oil in the morning before the work starts a good operator looks after his/her machine Rick Ness is not a good operator

    • James Earl
      James Earl 2 years ago

      Tim Brennan They have maintenance guys, it's not his responsibility.

    • Tim Brennan
      Tim Brennan 3 years ago +1

      too lazy to clean tracks also id fire him

  • OVZ34
    OVZ34 3 years ago

    pretty cool

  • Pizza Mista
    Pizza Mista 3 years ago


  • Michael Winter
    Michael Winter 3 years ago

    You've got to be very good to make something sound so easy to do.

    • Snorklaren0
      Snorklaren0 3 years ago +2

      +Michael Winter Its eazy, add a Steelwrist and its much harder

  • Federico  Ruggiero
    Federico Ruggiero 3 years ago

    _ _

  • ChromeStriker
    ChromeStriker 3 years ago

    \o/ i am now an expert

  • Alle Leiva
    Alle Leiva 3 years ago

    Hehe first