Trump Budget Hurting Most Vulnerable? | The View

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Автор Dallas Bridge ( назад)
We're in debt but were increasing military funds by billions? lol. Screw the poor im buying nukes 😂😂😂 America your so Smart 😉

Автор MrNaf ( назад)
Why is Sarah Haines still on the View?

Автор Sandra Jacobson ( назад)
get rid of tax havens and make these assholes pay or were coming for them

Автор flora quint ( назад)
The Republican Party is a JOKE! Nothing they stand for is helping anyone besides rich corporations and rich people. Jed makes no sense, TAX THE EXTREMELY RICH PEOPLE HIGHER. We've seen this before you keep cutting taxes for the rich and it gets shifted to other people, the middle class and poor people. He's already stated by increasing taxes on first time home buyers. You don't have to cut these programs if you tax richer people. A lot of them aren't paying their fair share, they never have. They evade their taxes, they go through loop holes and everyone knows it. You aren't going to reduce the debt by cutting programs that help people to increase the military budget and pay for ridiculous things like a wall.

Автор Johnathan Johnson ( назад)
The people who go out & fight for our lives everyday should have an increase in thier budget.

Автор Aaron Bradley ( назад)
"Many trump supporters need to read the New York Times" these people are 100% delusional, they live in a bubble that is not based in reality.

Автор Bruce Washington ( назад)
Just Because you have a male body and a duck doesn't mean your a man and by the way Thnxs but the chick us defiantly Retarded

Автор softminimal1 ( назад)
Lets all be more compassionate to the millionaires out there that are doing it tough.

Автор desertlizard36 ( назад)
Cut programs to help ppl US CITIZENS but yet spend money on F35 jets that were supposed to be intergrated into the military over 5 years ago but they are to expensive to maintain so we use 1970 fighter jets that are cheap to build and maintain and have been more useful and in service longer then any other jet but we cant just spend the money we have on those we HAVE TO GET THE LATEST AND GREATEST JETS that give use no advantage to 1970s technology >.> but sure lets not put the ppl of america first just the ppl who evade taxes and have finacial lawyers to help lower the amount they have to pay to the government I mean cant the coal miner just hire and wall street lawyer to evade taxes oh thats right they cant

Автор m brights ( назад)

Автор Jasmine Rochester ( назад)
Wanna save money? Stop bombing Afghanistan and Yemen, stop supporting Israel and stop with the drones in Pakistan.

Автор bball ( назад)
No, billionaires are not paying 50%, they are paying around 20%. A lot of them say they would be comfortable paying around 40%.

Автор Bethany Oliver ( назад)
Donald Trump decided not to take a salary so I think that saves a lot of money.

Автор Jacqui Greaves ( назад)
cut military?

Автор AnnaBelle ( назад)
I'm pretty positive he doesn't need your money for a personal trip. These aren't issues you need to think about... people seem to forget that he was rich two months ago.

Автор Nathanial Frank ( назад)
America is not broke I am tired of republican saying this this is nothing more then A method for corporations to ask government to lower the corporate taxes repatriation is a lie today corporations pay 0% tax operating out of Bermuda the Cayman Islands in multiple tax havens America is not broke

Автор Barbara Wasilak ( назад)
who still listens to those idiotic morons????!!!!!! ... how have I ended up here?????????? ... I remember, TOMI ...

Автор Ebony Grace ( назад)
Those agencies that he cut make up the smallest amount of the regular budget. So really he is not gaining much by cutting them.

Автор yaska50 ( назад)
The way I see it is when democratizes are in the white house (president wise) they build the country and when the Republicans are in the white house they destroy the country.

Автор Olivia P ( назад)
We will know when the government becomes serious about paying off the national debt as our bills will have red seals on them instead of green. If you don't know the difference between the two, the meaning of the red stamped bills is where you should start your research.

Автор G. L. ( назад)
The cost for 6,000 elderly American citizens to receive Meals on Wheels, FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR, has ALREADY been spent (with the hard earned dollars of We The Taxpayers)...on Trump's Mar A Lago trips as of YESTERDAY! That doesn't include the costs for Melania and Baron remaining in their NYC Penthouse, or the security team covering ALL OF Trump Tower, OR the BUSINESS trips that his kids are taking...ON HIS BEHALF!
This isn't unusual...but that doesn't excuse it. This wasn't acceptable BEFORE there was a candidate who was OBVIOUSLY SCAMMING the taxpayers IN EVERY POSSIBLE WAY...and it's NOT ACCEPTABLE now!

Автор MAMADUCK ( назад)
Quoting Thatcher as an economic rationale is nonsense, Jedediah. Thatcher's neoliberalism ruined the UK economy and society. Economically Thatcher's regime broke unions, punished the middle class & began the two tier economy that has resulted in the mess they're in today. Thatcher rejected refugees, supported Pinochet's regime, supported South African apartheid, imprisoned Irish citizens under draconian terrorism laws that did not affect actual terrorists. To say nothing of the fact she enabled & covered up for paedophiles in her own Cabinet, even hosting Jimmy Savile at Checkers 11 times. Ask the people of the Falklands and Argentina what a hero and economist Thatcher is. To add insult for injury, Thatcher and her children have tax dodges in the Cayman Islands but the impoverished taxpayers of the UK were forced to pay for a State Funeral for someone who did nothing but damage to the entire fabric of UK society. To quote Thatcher on Paddy's Day in any context other than a deluded traitor to her class, gender & nation is especially offensive.

Автор jazzyfaye0602 ( назад)
Sunny and Jed crack me up...I don't believe AT ALL that rich people pay 50% of their income in taxes. Donald Trump went on national tv and said he didn't pay taxes, I seriously doubt he's the only one

Автор Sam P ( назад)
I love this show for their openness and having their own opinions. It is refreshing to see outlets like this talk about important topics but are still able to give their two cents in. I find myself constantly disagreeing with Jed, unfortunately, and agreeing with Whoopi, Sunny, Joy and Sara..... but man, Jed really sometimes gets under my skin.

Автор Mario Pitalua ( назад)
Why everyone needs to eat at school? Adjust the program to just to provide those who are in real need. Michelle/Michael Obama program was proof to be a disaster and money is not well spent.

Автор 4mudski ( назад)
lol, suck it up, you have to be the dumbest group of women in history!!! #Draintheswamp!!

Автор Lisa Edwards ( назад)
why talk about fake news and incorrect facts.....

Автор Alex Zander ( назад)
Dumb cow

Автор Jasmine Gutierrez ( назад)
I love Sunny BUT she hates anecdotal evidence when it comes to the Affordable Care Act yet uses it here for Meals on Wheels... I find it ludicrous.

Автор Shepard Bros Films ( назад)
they already take half of the billionaires income you idiots! Theft!

Автор Shepard Bros Films ( назад)
no respect from you people, ya'll need to look at action/response

Автор Ryan Pigg ( назад)
35% comes from government, not 3.3%. Not sure where she got that percentage.

Автор Pamela Boss ( назад)
hmm, jedidiah, we don't have enough money to help pay for food for the poor kids and the elderly, but we have the money to fund for more weapons and government contractors. (and Trump's trips to his "winter Whitehouse " where he can dine on lobster and caviar) um, ok. You're a special kind of stupid.

Автор nunya business ( назад)
Since when do y'all start caring about the budget?

Автор Michaelene N ( назад)
Jed your clueless in you're privilege. It's all good when your love ones aren't affected.

Автор Shelia Young ( назад)
We can't be that broke with all the golf trips he's taking. .

Автор R. Esco ( назад)
Never heard anyone complain about their taxes going to meals on wheels or after school programs! Real Americans have no problem helping those in need. Trump doesn't care about the American people.

Автор Kilian Colin ( назад)
Someone should shut up this conservatives! They really have nerve to talk!

Автор Tina Beanz ( назад)
The country is broke?? THE COUNTRY IS BROKE??? Is that Republicans' excuse??? Tell me how consistent tax cuts to billionaires or billionaires hiding their money in tax havens, HELPING THE MATTER??? It seems like that would make the problem bigger right? I pay more taxes than billionaires, that's insane!!!

Автор Tina Beanz ( назад)
I am a single mother in Florida... and YES, YES I AM HAPPY TO USE MY TAX DOLLARS for an elderly person in another state to have a meal. Yes! But I say NO to my tax dollars being used for Trumps weekend trips! This jerk has the audacity to say that I will have choices now. What choice are you giving us????

Автор dhannah15 ( назад)
Cut the defense budget!!! That would plug the hole....

Автор strgazr04 ( назад)
I don't know why I watch these clips anymore. They get me aggravated every time. Episodes after episode, no matter the topic, the majority of the ladies don't listen to reason. In this clip you see Jed and Sarah try to discuss hard facts and statistics yet no one wants to listen. They keep pressing the emotional talking points behind the issues instead of the reality. Is Meals on Wheels important? Yes, no one was arguing that. But the spending that is being cut only makes up 3% of their funding. Trump isn't demolishing the program when 97% of it isn't being touched. Why is 3% a bigger deal than 90 trillion dollars? It's like talking to a brick wall.

Автор Tt Fff ( назад)
The lady complaining that billionaires have to pay nearly half of their earning to taxes. That's so sad, now they be able to buy as much private islands anymore. Meanwhile, a few thousand poor and elderly people may not eat for a week.

That's the world we live in. A shame that most of the those old folks voted for Trump

Автор Tina Brown ( назад)
Jed needs to go. Zero compassion for people who truly need help. She only speaks on behalf of the rich and corporations who continue to get the most help on the backs of the middle class and the poor.

Автор kittykatBflat ( назад)
Look at the debt, ok again Trumps weekends playing golf and Melania in New York. There is a lot of money there.

Автор Kelly Jo ( назад)
Jed sucks.

Автор Maboitedemusique ( назад)
America is broke? I find bs in her argument. Yes, we're in a national debt, but this cut comes with a major increase in defence spending. That doesn't save anything. It just moves money around. Want to talk about cutting debt? Why not cut just 10 to 20% from defense. There's our solution, and still gives us PLENTY of resources for defense. We spend nearly 85% of the national budget on that. Insane!

Автор GmoneyStylez ( назад)
That lady on the far right though with her green buddy.

Автор Kayla White ( назад)
So if the country is broke...where is he gonna get the billions of dollars for that wall...

Автор Deep Space ( назад)
Joy Behar is the biggest stain on women since God invented the menstrual cycle.

Автор Raja1938 ( назад)
Yeah, Jed. Every president has the perk of maintaining their first lady in manhattan penthouses at taxpayer expense and profiting from it to boot (because secret service pays rent to Trump Tower). Cuts to MOW and education are fine, but god forbid precious Barron suffer the trauma of finishing the school year in DC.

Автор Maurice Jones ( назад)
And then they are the ones who will talk about being Christians?......Jedediah and the other person in green?  Last I remember the directive, (not suggestion), from Jesus was in his Final Judgment comments.  He said he would bring the nations, (all the people of the world), together and place some on his right and some on his left and make the following 6 edicts......... "For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you took care of me, I was in prison and you came to me."  Those who did not do these things he said............................. “Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels.  For I was hungry and you gave me no food, I was thirsty and you gave me no drink, I was a stranger and you did not welcome me, naked and you did not clothe me, sick and you did not take care of me and in prison and you did not visit me".Sounds clear to me where their will be with their attitudes.   I know what the next comment will be from them.........."it is not the government's job to take care of people, private companies and individuals will step in".......the same companies which had record profits and hid them in overseas accounts, "building up treasures on earth" as Jesus would call it.  Ananias and Sapphira were an husband and wife who during the time directly after Jesus' death had some wealth.  Per Jesus' suggestion to the rich man on how to be a better person in the world,  "sell all you have and give to the poor then follow me"....the believers did just that. They gave the money to the Apostles to distribute.  It was said that poverty ceased t exist because of this.   This could tried to keep some of the money after selling their things and lied about it.  God struck them both down dead.  Sounds like he choose the type of society, government, community he preferred.  He did not say that was their money to ignore those less fortunate and it is not the government's role.

Автор rosalia8871 ( назад)
I work with Meals on wheels. I guess I would be unemployed soon smh

Автор stephanie buettner ( назад)
What about his increase in the defense budget and his WALL?! (that wall is going to add a lot to the debt too and it's pretty much useless, the border patrol has said it's better when they can see THRU so they could see people coming and not just when they get over, what we have now is really really tall, also not to mention I thought Mexico was going to pay, nope, our tax dollars are.)These programs he's cutting are important!! He's using the power of the presidency to fight his racist war and not thinking of the lower class..

Автор Steven Turner ( назад)
I am a liberal but sunny needed to listen to Jeds point about meals on wheels mostly being privately funded so it will be fine being cut from the government spending

Автор bluenite5 ( назад)
Joy Beyer is an IDIOT and an old hag Idiot at that. She is nothing but an EVIL mouth piece. Trump IS OUR PRESIDENT, get over it Loser and stop WHINING.

Автор Paulina Malek ( назад)
I hate Jed. She is such a stupid, stupid, vicious, heartless person.

Автор CJ Hobbes ( назад)
You can't justify these cuts while Congress and the President dismantle America?

Автор Anthony Jones ( назад)
Way to use the race card "Single mother in Detroiit " and the GOP mantra "reduce the debt" bith untrue, unless that single mother is making 125-200K she's not paying taxes Fed or state and those tax cuts are going to ballon the debt.

Автор montrealfilmguy ( назад)
Jed is the Jeffrey Lord of The view.

Автор David Hanania ( назад)
Why do people watch this show if they are going to call Jed and Paula idiots? The show is called the view and them sharing their opinions is part of the show! Both sides have good points

Автор IAmBetterThan YourDumbAss ( назад)
You won't hear about this on The View.

Headline: Meet the Terrorist Behind the next Women's Rights March

Click link:

Автор Terry Edwards ( назад)
They are asking for our hard earned money but not to help the "single mom" but to help the war machines, the rich and the big corporations.

Автор macvinn0098 ( назад)
Why does a rich TV lawyer's grandmother need Meals On Wheels? Really Sunny?

Автор add jo ( назад)
the lady in the middle whom suppourts trump, is the only one with sense

Автор Nick Knight ( назад)
Jed, the 2005 Trump tax return revealed a 25% tax payment. Where are you getting a 50% tax burden for millionaires & billionaires? Their federal tax rate is low combined with numerous deductions and business losses to lower it even further. The top dividend tax & the capital gains tax are a joke. Both should be 40% as well as the income tax! State, local, property taxes are separate. Texas billionaires=NO state income tax.

Автор Yuen Tsang ( назад)
Not enough cuts. Government need to cut more. Not enough millionaires and billionaires to tax to pay all of this stuff.

Автор Loyalty IsLife ( назад)
Jed is such a liar and it's getting annoying!!!

Автор Sara Simone ( назад)
Rich people hurting poor people, great :(

Автор Artur Gois ( назад)
jed looks beautiful. That hair though 😍😍

Автор kim thomas ( назад)
I love the view!!! Its the best group of ladys! Even though I cant stand jed and that paula nut!!!

Автор Little Dragon ( назад)
Ya let's all read the fake news New York Times lol. That's it.

Автор kuma daichi ( назад)
why have they not mention the fact that they are increasing the FUCKING military by 50 billion dollars!!! that's where all the fucking money is going!!

Автор Samantha Nickson ( назад)
the debt, the debt, we're broke... yet the military can be increased astronomically, and the offset made on the backs and stomachs of the poor and the elderly

Автор Raphaela Botticelli ( назад)
This is abominable and people like that narcissist Tomi Lahren spew their craziness! https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/3118428/donald-trump-ignores-handshake-request-from-angela-merkel-in-front-of-cameras-at-white-house-meeting/

Автор Nicholas A. ( назад)
we have a 20T debt.
well you have to deal with the deficit first.

Автор Cold Duck ( назад)
Trump does not pay taxes, Trumps friends do not pay taxes, Trumps relatives do not pay taxes, Trumps employees pay taxes, Trumps competitors pay taxes.

Автор Nova Lena ( назад)
If you want to raise revenue for the country, get rid of tax exemptions for religious institutions. Make the churches, and the temples and the mosques pay their fair share too. Let's see how truly charitable they are.

Автор jameslandlord ( назад)
The nyt is fake news. No wonder she is clueless.
She is also completely out of touch with what the general public want.

Автор tikab ( назад)
tRump is an embarrassment to this country.

Автор Steve Winter ( назад)
Alot of yelling here always, lost as always.

Автор L Li ( назад)
They totally missed it. This is a REALLOCATION budget. Which means they are shifting the money to law enforcement. The budget does not try to balance the budget.

Автор Pedro Portalatin ( назад)
I apologize to trump supporters please be careful don't let these republicans and democrats use you.we need to stick together as Americans.

Автор Markstubation01 ( назад)
Why raise the military budget when the military made the country broke?

Автор Robert Koscinski ( назад)
Republicans don't care about the vulnerable and poor. They only care about the rich and powerful. It makes me sick!

Автор Rickey Williams ( назад)
Fools...........Sit and talk about feminism? Where is Cher, Madonna, Ashley Judd, and Hollywood when the First Lady of the United States of America is verbally assaulted daily by low life losers like Bow Wow and Snoop. Really. Is she not a woman? You pick and choose who gets in the club? Whoopi gets in be; yet Melania Trump doesn't. Wow. Trump 2020,

Автор AliceinWonderland ( назад)
Why are people surprised at this? Conservative governments all around the world always cut welfare and services to the needy and leave in place perks for the wealthy. This is not new people!

Автор kaisofine ( назад)
while we are cutting funding NYC needs to stop protecting Trump's family

Автор AFair ( назад)
I hope Jed never needs help from strangers.

Автор John Hoffman ( назад)
Joy is fear mongering

Автор Juwoki ( назад)
Here goes stupid Jedediah again, she is getting more and more ridiculous from episode to episode. Libertarianism for her is "Everybody for him/herself". This is NOT how a country works.

Автор Michele Miranda ( назад)
So Jed, we don't have money to feed the hungry,elderly or veterans but we have plenty of money to build a freakin wall in a land of Swiss cheese from the tunnels. Or extra security at three different homes. I'm not cool with my money going to his country club every weekend either. But let's cut the less fortunate help...they'll die off soon enough.

Автор IAmBetterThan YourDumbAss ( назад)
I cannot wait until these disgusting women are forced to live as dogs under the Sharia law that they march for.

Автор safa saleh ( назад)
Money does not run out because it always comes back , it's a cycle . I love Margaret thatcher but she was wrong. Taxing the rich DOES work because they get away with not paying it . And we have to stop spending money on our military for wars that could be avoided .

Автор Faysal N ( назад)
I just love how Jedidiyah is in the way of their propaganda and lies and they dont even have good arguments and all the comments are simply attacking her without argument! Cut funding on everything for one year (specially the military) and then pay peoples debt and stop restrictions on people to open their business allowing for the free market. Then America will be great again.

Автор Acacius Noir ( назад)
The country is broke. Let's bomb more countries and people. Hypocrites imbecils

Автор Crazy in Love ( назад)
This country could not be broke...Oh please ....these law makers are saving it for themselves!!!! GTFOH GIRL🙄

Автор Margarita Avalos ( назад)
why are you so worry about President Trump band , how about Obama did it to Cubans a week before he left shame Obama double moral!!!!

Автор Margarita Avalos ( назад)
No way I don't read that trash😂

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