Sean Spicer Press Conference Cold Open (Melissa McCarthy) - SNL

Sean Spicer (Melissa McCarthy) and Jeff Sessions (Kate McKinnon) take questions from the press (Bobby Moynihan, Mikey Day, Vanessa Bayer, Sasheer Zamata, Cecily Strong, Kyle Mooney).

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Автор Bebe Enderson ( назад)
i absolutely DIED when she pulled up her leg to show the heel😂

Автор waldo waldo ( назад)
it's true i hadn't watched snl in year's,now with the trump and spicey sketches,I'm tuned in at 11:35 just 2 c what's the next trump sketch!,and 2 think we got a whole 4 year's of this and maybe more

Автор Atika Hassan ( назад)
"Orlanta" "I think it's orlando" Throws gum

Автор Mista Minon ( назад)
So... write that!!!!!

Автор MK WALDRON ( назад)
I love this skit

Автор SassyCupCake Girl ( назад)
cant use my big words so i have to use my dollies....lmbo!!!!

Автор Kenneth Mao ( назад)
Ya is she OK.

Автор Julian Bransky ( назад)
OMG, that woman is on fire :)

Автор shydreamguy wantsaboyfriend ( назад)
To the New York Times , My sincere thanks for exposing Bill O'Reilly  which led to getting him off the air permanently I have no doubt he will end up on that Evil "Christian " Radio Show  run by those  "Focus o the Family " nut-balls along with the other psychos like Franklin Graham . It was fun to watch their Radio Host John Balyo go down , just sad they didn't use what they found on him to solve some of those missing children cases we all know he is responsible for too .I guess they think 40 years is enough .

Автор The Big Bad Network ( назад)
this made me cry real tears laughing

Автор Ava Guidette ( назад)
Melissa McCarthy is amazing

Автор Lanny Schellhorn ( назад)
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Автор Fettman07 ( назад)
I fuckin lost it when she took off on that podium haha, funny shit. #1

Автор Alec the ONE 27 27 ( назад)
I had one of those giant pieces of gum and almost chocked to 💀

Автор zabwino Hosting ( назад)
this skit never gets old................!

Автор Colleen W-Marotta ( назад)
she's definitely the main queen of comedy ON SNL now more ppl watch it because of her she's hilarious & I love her bat shit crazy attitude! an Emmy for sure!

Автор sha11235 ( назад)
What do you think would happen if Spicy became our President someday?

Автор shy walker ( назад)
I love these videos😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️

Автор Scott Wylle ( назад)
Hollywood got the axe for making a mockery of North Korea with the movie "The Interview" but SNL can mock America all damn night long. Maybe somebody should parody what a bunch of Cocaine fueled over sexed liberal pigs these dipshits are. Are Americans forgetting how much verbal and physical abuse to women SNL "Trump" has under his coked fat belt?

Автор Scott Wylle ( назад)
Hollywood got the axe for making a mockery of North Korea with the movie "The Interview" but SNL can mock America all damn night long. Maybe somebody should parody what a bunch of Cocaine fueled over sexed liberal pigs these dipshits are. Are Americans forgetting how much verbal and physical abuse to women SNL "Trump" has under his coked fat belt?

Автор sha11235 ( назад)
God, if this is how Spicy is in real life........

Автор sha11235 ( назад)
I think Cecily is wearing stockings too.

Автор John Brocado ( назад)
Just so brilliant!

Автор Shaun Timm ( назад)
When the podium started to move I died

Автор All Knowing ( назад)
CNN is way more funny.

Автор Authentic ( назад)

we gotta start calling him spicy sean

Автор fossilsol69 ( назад)
Trump and his stooges show the sad shape of affairs of our country, used to be this kind of stupidity was reserved for cartoons.

Автор TheOnenessFactor1111 ( назад)
At least baldwin looks sort of like trump. I see no resemblance to sean on any level here. Whats funny is what passes for comedy. I realize its been a long time, but SNL used to be funny.

Автор Rene Mendoza ( назад)
The chewing gum 😂😂😂😂

Автор mark butschke ( назад)
This is classic.  I haven't seen anything this funny in years.   I approve this message   Mark Butschke

Автор Dawn Maclear ( назад)
"We have a brand new turdy general."

Автор Ana Curtis ( назад)
2 types of crime 😂😂😂😂

Автор Rob Morgan ( назад)
Hate SNL, Love Melissa McCarthy!

Автор Eduardo Lara ( назад)
omg the last part was so freaking hilarious hahahha melissa is a awesome comedian

Автор steve sims ( назад)
HaHa :D

Автор sha11235 ( назад)
The last line where they announce the show never seems to really work well. They should try to fit it into the sketch in some way, not just say "And....".

Автор Jeffrey Bull ( назад)
15,583,885 views! Democracy at work! The people are speaking!

Автор Onyx Freeman ( назад)
Sessions. Now I have to see video of the real him. Yes, I am a millennial.

Автор Modus Pwnens ( назад)
sean spicer works for snl bcs they tend to be non-sequitur and it usually doesnt work, but adding melissa to it puts it in a completely different league where only the creme de la creme exist. i need more of her lol

Автор brionbact ( назад)
Sessions committed perjury during his confirmation hearings on live TV! So Republicants don't care about the truth, the law or perjury any more?? He needs to be forced to resign and then charged with perjury and prosecuted. But that means the real party of Law & Order needs to win in 2018 to hold the corrupt and criminal Republicants accountable.

Автор brionbact ( назад)
Trump is a whackadoodle, but he is a Republicant. His corrupt administration is entirely Republicant. His policies are entirely Republicant and are being pushed by a government controlled by Republicants in the House, the Senate and now the SCOTUS. SO.... Democrats, we need to normalize Trump as a typical Republicant! When that turd drops, we need to flush the entire Republicant Party of corrupt, heartless, bigoted, corporatist, neo-con, criminals with him.

Автор Jesus Alfaro-Garcia ( назад)
this shit fucking sucks

Автор livefire666 ( назад)
Shawn Spicer is awesome and she does him great LOL!

Автор Raff Zh. ( назад)
5:36 When the gold bangle shimmers....LMFAO

Автор Yaritza Arias ( назад)
The chick at 7:12 always reminds me of Mellie Grant.

Автор TheThedot ( назад)

Автор JETWTF ( назад)
This would be so much better to watch without the laugh tracks.

Автор Hibari Kyoya ( назад)
I couldn't stop laughing 😂

Автор Harichan Persaud ( назад)
love this

Автор Anthony Geinopolos ( назад)
gets funnier eatch time i see it

Автор noti awo ( назад)
omg to funny keep it up

Автор sing sing ( назад)
what a waste of gum

Автор Gannon Beverly ( назад)
6:56 lol

Автор Mara Vazquez ( назад)
she is fantastic laughed so hard

Автор SuperPhrophet ( назад)
How is Cecily's hair nit messed up?

Автор kimberly s ( назад)
America has to laugh otherwise we'll cry. thanks snl

Автор Elijah the polack ( назад)
Wow the potential was there

Автор Donald Pezoa ( назад)
Who's up for Spicy #3?

Автор Scribejay ( назад)
I really hope they sell the mobile podium instead of just leaving it in the prop room. I want that thing.

Автор BXVixen7 ( назад)

Автор BXVixen7 ( назад)
The bangle and shoes tho!!! I'M CHOKIN' 💀💀💀💀😂😂😂

Автор BXVixen7 ( назад)

Автор Max Brandt ( назад)
A very accurate portrayal of the Spicy One!

Автор Kristin Driscoll ( назад)
Melissa McCarthy deserve the Mark Twain award for this alone (although she was genius in Gilmore Girls).

Автор Teri Henri ( назад)
After the Horrendous week Sean Spicer has had, I would not be surprised to see Melissa McCarthy back on SNL this w/end.

Автор Patricia Ibanez ( назад)
Fuck..that sessions is soo funny lmao

Автор Mary Roache ( назад)
Let's hope Spicy can keep his job till May 13th when Melissa returns. She is great!!!!

Автор aftakiduk ( назад)
I miss Spicey

Автор Dylan ( назад)
This one video has more likes then Trumps approval rating in day one lol

Автор sha11235 ( назад)
One of the reporters should've gotten up after Spicy said "The night they drove old Dixie Down and go, "Yeah, and all the people were singing, they went....."

Автор T Manners ( назад)
I didn't know a leaf blower could do that!

Автор Solomon Japan ( назад)

Автор Danielle Kombo ( назад)
Nooooooo not an infomercial!!! 😂

Автор Ou8y2k2 ( назад)
Where does Spicy get that gum? Looks delicious.

Автор sabres929 ( назад)
how do these people keep so serious i be pissing my pants love it melissa keep it up haha

Автор Jared Franceus ( назад)
Shit impression

Автор Christian Gabrielsson ( назад)
comic gold

Автор Erica The Empress ( назад)
I was done when she started chasing that guy with stand

Автор Jamaican Atheist ( назад)
the lady who played spicer is so funny lol

Автор Kate Winterspring ( назад)
I lost it when she showed Ivanka Trumps clothing and accessory line.

Автор M Ro ( назад)
OMFG I cannot laugh any harder. When that podium took off I was done.

Автор Adelaide Beeman-White ( назад)
We need more of these!!!

Автор Ben Hunter ( назад)
Oh there's no real major crime that takes place in Chicago. There you crazy right wingers go again with your conspiracies.

Автор Captain Gay ( назад)
I'm waiting for part three

Автор Teuta Hadzovic ( назад)
trump supporters that get mad over this are dumbass snowflakes lmao. even spicer himself finds these skits funny

Автор subbu4111 ( назад)
How many people paused the video and watched Cecily in underwear😱

Автор Alexandros Antetokounmpo ( назад)

Автор DONNA HENDRIX ( назад)
Whо is watching in aрril 2017 this videо ?:o сlick "likе";)

Автор Confesor Valentin ( назад)
That was fucking INSANE! Amazing performance!!

Автор Big De ( назад)
Ever watch SNL many years ago? Not even the same any more. Not as funny.

Автор Jay Amagato ( назад)
I voted for Trump exactly for this kind of comedy! COMEDY GOLD, JERRY!!!

Автор Michelle Rico ( назад)
Bring Melissa Back!!!

Sean Spicer is a Rockstar! Melissa Mcarthy did this same angry character EVERYTIME she was on SNL. Spicer just gave her a famous person to attach it too. And now it works.

Автор Fabian Forero ( назад)
Excellent Melissa the best

Автор rockribbed rushy ( назад)
Remember when SNL was actually funny? Most of todays viewers were not even alive to see them then.

Автор rockribbed rushy ( назад)
Not only were they on crack when they wrote this and acted this, but it would help if you're on crack as well while you are watching this crock.  .

Автор Rainbow Writer ( назад)
Melissa McCarthy is a genius!

Автор TheBlackqueen3 ( назад)
I never get tired of this vid.

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