Sean Spicer Press Conference Cold Open - SNL

Sean Spicer (Melissa McCarthy) and Jeff Sessions (Kate McKinnon) take questions from the press (Bobby Moynihan, Mikey Day, Vanessa Bayer, Sasheer Zamata, Cecily Strong, Kyle Mooney).

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Автор GTA5Player1 ( назад)
I want a podium like that...

Автор SpartanJaxx ( назад)
Ok look, I'm looking at the real numbers, and 'WHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWW' you see what I did there? I was blowing away her dishonesty... 😂😅🤣omg this kills my whole family every time 😂😂😂 can't wait to see more

Автор Sandra Truster ( назад)
You know, even though these skits really leave me breathless from laughing, I really think that they need to do some funny stuff about Mr. Obama now that he's retired, or funny stuff about Hilary!
Trump skits are truly hilarious, but I think that SNL should include Obama and Clinton "retirement" skits!
Please think about it, SNL!!!

Автор Mike Speed ( назад)
A lot of us were in Germany in the 70's in the military, therefore we didn't know what SNL was since we never saw USA TV. I came home in 1977. I was laying in bed with my girl friend late one Saturday nite watching this show I had never seen. Chevy Chase was a news reporter on the scene describing that giant crustaceans were invading Philadelphia. Holy Shit! I woke her up and said, "Look at this!" Oh, it's Saturday Night Live. This skit reminds me of the earlier era of SNL. Mike Speed

Автор tommyt1971 ( назад)
If I'd been one of the extras when that podium started rolling, I'd have fallen over laughing.

Автор tommyt1971 ( назад)
Who's the actress she hit with the leaf blower?

Автор tommyt1971 ( назад)
"President... (oh boy)..."

Автор Fista Mamanbush ( назад)
It don't which is lazier the writing or the "acting" either way, painfullynot funny but totes cringe.

Автор TONY TONE ( назад)
the slaughter at fraggle rock! that shit floored me

Автор Jess King ( назад)
Love Mellisa McCarty lol did suck a great job. This skit alone the whole show would make snl so fuckin funny and Steven Baldwin. The rest of snl !?? Wtf no one cares and it's corny and shitty acting ..

Автор Birdman ( назад)
Oh my GOD!!! lol

Автор smiledammit24 ( назад)
I seriously wish Spicer would actually do half of this stuff to the people in that room.

Автор jayman6677 ( назад)
This is definitely in the top 5 of cold openers

Автор Clyde Fradette ( назад)
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Автор Bob Wheeler ( назад)
Am I the only one around here who thinks the name Sean Spicer actually belongs to an 80's porn star?

Автор Jamie Nicole ( назад)
waiting for another one!!!!

Автор Gregory Smith ( назад)
Does it ever end ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Leo King ( назад)
Until i see a new one which i know is coming..I keep coming back to this one..lmao..Fkn beyond funny..
I'm calm now..Lol..This turkey 😆

Автор Hao Liu ( назад)
Mel's performance dwarfs everybody else in SNL history

Автор Dana Richardson ( назад)
Please Do More of these sketches SNL!

Автор Huntersmoonx Grim ( назад)
Wow SNL..selling viagra and then showing that fat butter hog on the show. What happend to you guys? Can't wait for the russian troops to roll in and opress you libtards.

Автор Dogen70 ( назад)
This is just genius!! I can watch this everyday!!

Автор Hope Floyd ( назад)
She just keeps nailing it..... 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

Автор Yolo Wizard ( назад)
Omg Moana part killed me.

Автор Carrie Van Halen ( назад)
WHO ELSE IS LOOKING FORWARD TO THE REENACTMENT FROM TODAY, MARCH 20TH???!!???!?!?!! That press briefing was beyond pathetic.

Автор Ryan Hampe ( назад)
Mona sounds like a drug

Автор Michael Mullin ( назад)
The resemblance is uncanny! LOL

Автор XAVIERCUERVO ( назад)
i want some gum now !!! damn it !!!!

Автор eracer1111 ( назад)
I'd heard this was funny. Really?

Автор lifeinpictures ( назад)
Ha Ha Ha... We're doomed.....

Автор Bev Kreps ( назад)
Melissa McCarthy has a definite knack for creating a funny version of Spicer...definitely has the anger down.

Автор Brian C ( назад)
when she does the regard voice..lost it hahahaga..but sort of double standard because trump got bashed for similar lol

lol! Jeff Sessions.  "We all know that there are two types of crime, regular and black" lmao!

Автор Michael Snyder ( назад)
We so need a new one, especially after this week

Автор Jeffery Smith ( назад)
Over 14 million views. This is "HILARIOUS!" The people recognize good humor when they see it. SNL is on a roll.

Автор Skankhunt42 ( назад)
We need more of these xD It's at least as funny as Baldwin-Trump

Автор Awesome Sunhatted Seal Productions ( назад)
I see Spicer looking at this, then saying: "Now it's perfect"

Автор Trakouri Jackson ( назад)
7:24 Was by far the greatest moment that I been waiting to see from Cecily Strong

Автор Jen Warshawsky ( назад)
For some reason when she took out the leaf blower on Cecily Strong, I found that hilarious.

Автор sha11235 ( назад)
How did they make that gum?

Автор Christian Simon ( назад)
Why do all those terrorist attacks sound like Scooby doo episodes

Автор Mahfuz Alam Nabil ( назад)
the girl in snl isn't blond aswell

Автор Smedleywallacekennedy ( назад)
The more Sean Spicer fucks up, the funnier this gets!

Автор Bobbie Cadiz ( назад)
"The slaughter at Fraggle Rock" 🤣😂🤣

Автор Jonathan D. Augustine SSG. RET. ( назад)
Not impressed. I remember back when SNL used to actually be funny. Now it's all politics. Lame.

Автор David Caballero ( назад)
Melissa McCarthy deserves the Emmy for this. Absolute gold

Автор Adam Grossman ( назад)
i lost it with the shoes! hahaha

Автор Muhammed Asghar ( назад)
Does this make Melissa a 'Spice Girl'?

Автор Justin Sigler ( назад)
Hello Barbie and Moana! XD

I love this skit so much! It's so funny XD

Автор Bud Simpson ( назад)
That would be a good bit for SNL, have Trump take issues to the People's Court.

Автор Debby Johnson Beckner ( назад)
Hahahahaha!!!!!!   So out of control

Автор Young Scee ( назад)
That rolling podium is gonna be on SNL 100. Epic moment.

Автор Devin Harper ( назад)
The mobile podium and the leaf blower up the dress get me every time. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор embe1 ( назад)
Been avoiding politics of late but this is pretty damn hilarious.

Автор No Surrender ( назад)
Spicer is such a dumb fucking slizz...

Автор Ohio R ( назад)
I love it SNL...😂 keep up the great job.

Автор m718o ( назад)
She is pretty good but a bit exaggerates..

Автор Yaseen Ali ( назад)
i thought it wasn't a ban

Автор Yorlanda Golden ( назад)
I would love to see how they handle the "wiretapping" headlines LMAO!!

Автор Mr. Lance-a-lot ( назад)
listening to comedians, laughing at politicians

Автор Johnny CincoCero ( назад)
Jeff Sessions looks like an 80 year old Justin Bieber

Автор Masmosaic1 ( назад)
The FUNNIEST WOMAN alive! Melissa McCarthy!

Автор Michael Connell ( назад)
this is the fucking best one they've done. They played out Trump and Kelly-Anne ... this can only get better.

Автор n v ( назад)
Melissa McCarthy always gets me in a good mood. love her!

Автор Greg Dahlen ( назад)
it's fun to pronounce those foreign words

Автор Mabelcorn N. ( назад)
This is the American government in a nutshell.

Автор Kenneth Anderson ( назад)
President Almasbeckatshebebe.

Автор new york city tonight ( назад)

Автор Nancy O'Neill ( назад)
I don't watch SNL anymore (boycott) but I heard this skit with (fav) Mellissa McCarthy was good.

Автор Mageid Yagoub ( назад)
I can't stop laughing

Автор Emmanuel Jones ( назад)
Tell me I'm not the only one hoping and praying Melissa will play Spicer this coming Saturday!? Please SNL make this happen!!

Автор Infidel Americanus ( назад)
I like Sean Spicer. But you have to admit this is some funny shit, I don't care who you are. LMAO

Автор createdeemcee ( назад)
lol fuck liberals but this shits funny...

Автор Madame Tia ( назад)
Haaaaaaaa! Coming to get my daily Spicey!

Автор Jason Graham ( назад)
We need to see another one from Melissa McCarthy. Love ❤️ it!

Автор 1 Bad Jesus ( назад)
PRE ORDER: Sean 'Spicey' Spicer's TELL ALL Book: "...just the Messenger!" NOW and receive: "1,460 Cold Sweat Sleepless Nights" the companion piece. Release Date 11/04/20

Автор Tsotsi Burundi ( назад)
Snl new episode..." when the president said 'wiretap' he wasn't referring to a wiretap.... those were your words ...you said wiretap... and then y'all wrote about it which makes you wrong! "

Автор Preston Chandler ( назад)
please do more jeff sessions

Автор frankie xrcist ( назад)
LMFAO when he took off w the podium

Автор Blonde Dancer NYC ( назад)
Every time I see Sean Spicer now I'm disappointed this isn't him.

Автор ashley edwards ( назад)
I love this..to funny! !

Автор Mc Daniels ( назад)
approximately 13:1 ratio of likes to unlikes. What's that tell you?

Автор H Xen ( назад)
Oh, not since George Bush has SnL had more material to last them... Well, I was going to say at least four years, but honestly not sure of that...

Автор AirsoftTanker ( назад)
Trump will see them In court spasificly THE PEOPLES' COURT

Автор Etoac ( назад)
Masterpiece !!! I've laughed so much and so many times !

Автор Stak Xar ( назад)

Автор Brooks Carlson ( назад)
This is the funniest SNL has been in decades. Absolute fantastic!!

Автор Iron Tulix ( назад)
We need another Spicy McCarthy sketch, urgently! I can't wait, I need another one. There's been some funny stuff going at these press conferences recently, it's like the actual Sean Spicer is giving the SNL writers the ideas.

Автор javier Gonzales ( назад)
Just genius.

Автор BroadwayLover ( назад)
"YEAH! Jeff Sessions!" XD

Автор septemberthe1loner ( назад)
is Kate McKinnon the entire cabinet?

Автор Brian C ( назад)
I can't stop watching this and I love sean spicer but this is just awesome comedy

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