Betsy DeVos SXSWedu

  • Published on Mar 13, 2015
  • Betsy DeVos, chairman of the American Federation for Children speaks at SXSWeud conference.

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  • trinity797
    trinity797 8 months ago

    Ironic news today Aug. 2018; Charter School Closing and filing bankruptcy.

  • trinity797
    trinity797 8 months ago

    At the end she looks up and says, maybe we should end this, people are leaving in a mass exodus.
    Mrs. Devos gave 200 million to the Trump Campaign then is appointed the overseer of her national student loan company.

  • trinity797
    trinity797 8 months ago

    She is clueless about the questions. The Dallas Magnet School at 34 min. instructor pretty much called check-mate. as did the Swedish visitor before him. Another inconvenient truth is this woman is the Govt. enforcing expensive charter schooling while saying the Govt. has always been the problem. She is pathetic! Just adjust or go away is her answer. Holy shitsz. She only has one answer that she has been getting paid from for the last 25 years. School loans/ Charter Schools. This is the U.S. Education Secretary folks. Good questions, again at 48mins.

  • trinity797
    trinity797 8 months ago

    I had my son in private elementary school at a cost of $5,200 a year (9 mths.) in Kansas City from 1999 - 2002. That's not cheap. In the middle of the year, the school went Charter. ALL instructors with Ph.D.'s were removed with the Principal who had a Doctorate Degree. This was privately owned. Do you think the owners did this to make LESS MONEY???
    Thought about all caps. But that would come across too Presidential. Just saying.
    This Secretary of Education refuses to roll back her extensive financial ties to the student loan industry proposed rolling back Obama era loan forgiveness for DEFRAUDED students. (You'll recall last week when in Ohio one of the billionaire heiresses 40 Billion Dollar yachts came unmoored. She owns 12 such yachts.)
    Trump's school settled a lawsuit for $25 Million after scamming students out of money and providing nothing in return. Meanwhile Betsy Devos makes it easier for scammers to scam. Ohio made news also when the nations largest Online Learning Company which collected 1 Billion Dollars from the state before declaring bankruptcy because thats what businesses do they're about profit margins NOT about learning. Education is about getting kids resources they need to overcome the obstacles they encounter. Betsy Devos a trust fund baby will never understand this. Charter Schools are for-profit and Devos owns one of the largest student loan companies in the country.

  • mk toohtwo
    mk toohtwo Year ago

    ‘Peripherally aware of what’s going on in Sweden...’ Ok. So maybe she’s good for a laugh.

  • Rick Kepple
    Rick Kepple Year ago +1

    I went to a small school with just 28 kids. We were lucky to get through half the text book by the end of the year. Kids were expected to grow up to take over the jobs that their parents did in that farming community. I dropped out in my senior year and found that no jobs were available until I turned 18, so either way it was a waste of time. It was actually a rock star who told me to get an education, which was counter to what I believed was Rock n' Roll - down with the Man and all that - but no. Smarten up kid, she said. I studied at the public library, joined the Army, went to college and carried a high GPA, because of a higher quality of school and better teachers. If I had grown up with DeVos' advantages, I'd be a billionaire by now too.

  • blobby nobby
    blobby nobby Year ago

    lads i am from the uk and im telling you this women is snot a good idea

  • blobby nobby
    blobby nobby Year ago

    she would look good in a skin flick

  • mark richardson
    mark richardson Year ago

    She is a con man

  • alicia bryant
    alicia bryant Year ago

    A comment I just read here @ BDV. You Have got to be kidding!!

  • eightball8008
    eightball8008 2 years ago

    she looks kinda hot for like 70 or whatever

  • wjatevrr
    wjatevrr 2 years ago +1

    I really like her. She seems like a pretty phenomenal person. Not sure if she's exactly qualified to run the public school system since she essentially doesn't even believe in it, but I'm curious to see what kind of changes and improvements she could bring.

  • american serb
    american serb 2 years ago +1

    She's a MILF!

    • jack lowder
      jack lowder Month ago

      This women believes in school choice . Our educational system is throttled by corrupt government politicians and the unions.

  • 08bourquem
    08bourquem 2 years ago +1

    wow full house...

  • Jonathan L
    Jonathan L 2 years ago

    Schools, be best in your area or die

  • M V-H
    M V-H 2 years ago

    Her confirmation hearing revealed she is not competent to run the Department of Education. This is a prepared speech. You need knowledge and experience to do any job well. You need to have strong background knowledge and respect for the program you will run. I am not sure of her intentions, but I can hear her stances and actions. It bothers me that she has no clear concrete plan to hold private charter schools accountable; hold states accountable for upholding laws protecting students with disabilities; or even holding fraudulent Universities accountable and predatory lending companies. Coupled with the fact that she is not willing to be transparent her financial holdings. There is a reason why these laws are put in place, to prevent public servants from placing financial interest before the public interest.

  • Emily Bromund
    Emily Bromund 2 years ago +1

    She sounds well put together and she has great ideas. I hope she can implement them.

  • Bruce Mitchell
    Bruce Mitchell 2 years ago +3

    never went to public school. never went to a public college. inherited big time money, married into money. doesn't have a teacher ingredients degree, donated a shit load of money behind trump. your a bag of shit lady. get the funk outta here

  • Holidayy mann
    Holidayy mann 2 years ago

    lies, lies, lies, sweet precious lies!!!! what in the hell Betsy?!! u KNOW u wrong!! wtfffffffffffffffffffff not u too Betsy!! No u Too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Holidayy mann
      Holidayy mann 2 years ago

      +The Launching Pad lol, ok sure thing dad!

    • Dave Morrison
      Dave Morrison 2 years ago

      And there we have a demonstration of a public school education.

  • Himanshu Gupta
    Himanshu Gupta 2 years ago +2

    I have never seen such a strong courageous lady in politics to speak so much truth for the people (not Politically correct but truth). I'm so proud to be American today to be led by such visionary and strong leader!!!
    God bless America and such brave people who speak their mind and truth.

  • Himanshu Gupta
    Himanshu Gupta 2 years ago +5

    Amazing iron lady telling the truth. I support her!!

  • Kevin Forester
    Kevin Forester 2 years ago +5

    What part of saying "I'm a republican even worse, I'm a wealthy republican..." is inviting or informative. There's arrogance in her speech. How can anyone trust some one who speaks this way. She later claims pure education is not only does she show arrogance, but ,i feel, like she's shameful of our education. You're in Texas...Show some pride in what you believe and less in how you can say that our education system is "falling behind".

    • Jay Dee
      Jay Dee 2 years ago

      She's addressing some of the noise in the air.

    • Alayna Hatfield
      Alayna Hatfield 2 years ago +3

      Kevin Forester She is not being arrogant she is stating the facts that people already know and are already holding against her. She is asking that we listen to her despite those facts, not because of them. She is disarming them of their excuse to not listen to her.
      Honestly, our education system is embarrassing. We used to be the best, but then we got complacent. Then the rest of the world started passing us.
      I picture it like each country is in a race, let's say the olympics, the U.S was first by a long shot for a long time, but then we started cheering for ourselves. While we were too busy cheering, other countries ran past us, and we just said "eh, no use in trying to win, I'll just be happy with a participation medal." When you think of it like that, wouldn't you feel embarrassed to still be sitting there watching it saying "we are the best!"

    BO JANGLES 2 years ago +6

    SHAME ON YOU!!!!

  • Adah Simon Peter
    Adah Simon Peter 2 years ago +3

    i think the us is on her way to recovery. i wondered why a country that was doing well years ago all of sudden begin to plunge head down. those immigrants who are clamouring for non a free america where God is a non issue should take dat concept back to thier home country from where they flee from and leave america to thier rich religiour inheritance. they should go to afghanistan, iran,saudi arabia where more work is needed on freedom. If america has a plan to raise future generation of human being God must be brought bäck to her school or she sink down in the of liberalism. There is nothing bad if allowance is made for those who want to stay away from prayer.

  • manthasagittarius1
    manthasagittarius1 2 years ago

    Trump has showed repeatedly that he does not understand, or is willing to completely disregard, the concept of crony conflict of interest on the governmental level. These cabinet picks have to be contested one by one. Let not one day of this cheating, lying bastard's administration -- or if he had his way, his regime -- go without a fight against his entitlement and his ignorance.
    Bad education at this juncture is suicidal for this country. I speak as an educator in the sciences. The damage to our technological competitive edge these faith-based education proponents would do if they had their way is incalculable. Fight for the minds of your children!!

    • Donna
      Donna 2 years ago

      manthasagittarius1 like obola?

    • Donna
      Donna 2 years ago

      manthasagittarius1 you idiotic #Libtard You and your party cannot accept any view that doesn't coincide with your own. Why our colleges are filled with SJW who cannot handle any speech that doesn't match their own. and require freaking safe spots

  • michi k
    michi k 2 years ago +1

    sounds like socialism to me

    • mohitoness
      mohitoness 2 years ago

      'education is obsolete' 'growth is necessary' 'progress for innovation' these could not be more capitalist, and industrialist too, and also with the thinking that everything new must invariably replace the old and that is inherently a good thing (obs bullshit)

    • joepike1972
      joepike1972 2 years ago +1

      No, the left doesn't want anything except their "progressive" establishment. There is good soaking of communist ideas already in that.
      Keep up your self education and independent thought. People like you are important in an open and free society.

    • michi k
      michi k 2 years ago

      i think i will check it out. list of books i wanna read is growing larger.
      currently reading road to serfdom. great great read so far.
      sooo you think the left is pushing for full on communism?

    • joepike1972
      joepike1972 2 years ago

      Mandatory Education is a cornerstone of the Communist Manifesto
      Plank 10
      The effects of which can already be seen with modern protests of the results of a democratic election. The left wing and cultural Marxism has successful infiltrated the minds of the American politics, no small part to tenured University professors of humanities classes.
      America has never not been socialist; all businesses are extensions of the state and the state itself is a corporation.
      Might I recommend reading
      Debt: The First 5000 Years
      Book by David Graeber
      to fully understand the link between markets and the state.
      Betsy's plan offers more choice to individuals and would throw a monkey wrench in the present stability of public education. For that reason I consider it better than status quo. Sure if I am a purist I would want open boarders and full respect for common law rights for each person regardless of alleged jurisdiction of the various groups claiming statehood. Purists rarely get anything accomplished except infighting and hurt egos though.
      I do consider your response more worthy of a reply then someone who picks up the admission that she is part of the 1% and using that as a categorical means to dismiss any information she may have to offer.

  • Billy Boy
    Billy Boy 2 years ago +7

    Part of the 1% huh. Get lost Betsy!

    • engproud93
      engproud93 2 years ago +3

      She didn't earn shit, she inherited everything she has. She is hilariously unqualified for this position, made obvious when she didn't realize the difference between growth- and proficiency-based results. That's like an NFL head coach not knowing the difference between the pass and the run game.
      She doesn't have a clue and should stick to handing out her inheritance money, not trying to lead anything.

    • ZyxthePest
      ZyxthePest 2 years ago

      Earned? She was born into it.

    • Alayna Hatfield
      Alayna Hatfield 2 years ago +3

      Billy Boy Why would you dismiss someone just because they have earned a lot of wealth? That is the truest sense of being ignorant.

  • Daniel Conklin
    Daniel Conklin 2 years ago +7

    I like her also. She is going to change the game in education.

  • Craft1man
    Craft1man 2 years ago +12

    I like her, I think she'll do great as secretary of education. Keep up the good work, Betsy!

    • Ian Muir
      Ian Muir Year ago

      How many of you believe I am no in it for the money

    • Dee Smith
      Dee Smith 2 years ago

      +engproud93 Oh, like the Obama daughters, you mean? Or Chelsea Clinton? Or the Soros sons? Or Bernie Sanders? You'd be surprised how many wealthy people there are in our nation, some who earned it themselves through their own innovations and entrepreneurialism and some through inheritance (which is uniquely legal in this nation, btw). And you'd be even more surprised at how many people have inherited fortunes... and then LOST them because of their own actions, because they didn't CONTINUE to create and earn wealth. It's so funny how socialists and communists resent the wealth of others, as if you stupidly think wealth is a static supply as opposed to understanding that people CREATE wealth. Kind of like Castro, who set a $25 per month government "salary" for his people, meanwhile somehow managed to die with over $900,000,000 (that's $900 *million*) in his various off-shore accounts. It's a shame that so many so-called "liberals" and "progressives" are so opposed to education.

    • Rob Silver
      Rob Silver 2 years ago

      I think her status and even how she got the job is not as important as it is that she be able to do the job well. To do that she must put in place proper Chamber school vetting. Here is a suggestion :
      Make sure every charter school that rents puts the whole year of rent or property taxes and teacher salaries in escrow to Guarantee its paid
      Make sure all teachers have all the right credentials and verify student attendance at chamber schools daily. In the case of on-line schools monitor web logs, server logs of authenticated students and match up proper attendance with results and progress.
      Again if no choice is made by the parents allow the students to find an adult advisor or surrogate parent
      to help them make a choice.

    • engproud93
      engproud93 2 years ago

      She became one by inheriting it. She didn't earn anything.

    • Kevin Forester
      Kevin Forester 2 years ago +3

      Craft1man she's a billionaire she didnt become one by handing money out...