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  • Published on Jul 19, 2019
  • Steven comes back to earth hoping to pick back up his life with the Crystal Gems, but trouble looms suddenly from a mysterious figure. Steven Universe The Movie premieres on Cartoon Network on September 2!
    About Steven Universe:
    Introducing the Crystal Gems! Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl… and Steven. Steven might not know how to use the magical powers that come out of his bellybutton, but that doesn’t stop him from joining the Gems on their magical adventures!
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Comments • 30 332

  • Maestro Shifu
    Maestro Shifu 47 minutes ago

    This is going to pass on tv or cinema?

  • Golden Ox
    Golden Ox Hour ago

    Who else is mad excited to hear Garnet get on the mic and spit that real music? Its the truth is already stuck in my head.

  • Steven S
    Steven S Hour ago

    I got more excited about Connie kissing Steven than I did for the villain

  • Eric Liao
    Eric Liao Hour ago

    The stakes seem pretty high

  • Gacha Gamer101
    Gacha Gamer101 Hour ago

    My boi is all grown up now

  • Sam Lester
    Sam Lester 2 hours ago

    Honestly, after the last season and season finale, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep watching this show. A lot of things disappointed me; the animation styles changing, how easy it was for steven to befriend white, etc. But after seeing this trailer, I feel a lot better. The animation looks consistent and beautiful, and the story seems really interesting and cool. I’m really excited for the movie, nice save CN/Rebecca

  • The Ordinary
    The Ordinary 4 hours ago

    Go to 0:17 then 0:26

  • GachaPanda
    GachaPanda 6 hours ago

    stEvEn lOoks wEirD wItH a nEck

  • Liam Frankgar
    Liam Frankgar 6 hours ago

    My kindergarten teacher: im about to end this planets whole career

    Government: i dont give two shits

    *meteorite hits planet*


  • pikachuu O
    pikachuu O 6 hours ago +2

    Remember this show started when a boy thought his powers came from an ice cream sandwich

  • Steven Universe
    Steven Universe 10 hours ago

    Connie....kissed me😳

  • Hazael Menchaca
    Hazael Menchaca 10 hours ago

    I kind of came here to here Estelle sing.

  • Nathan Hurdle
    Nathan Hurdle 11 hours ago +1

    0:58 wow Steven you kinna scared me there

  • Coco Puffs
    Coco Puffs 11 hours ago +1

    Is he throw puberty ?

  • Kittensrme
    Kittensrme 12 hours ago

    Why does this gem lowkey remind me of jenny from my life as a teen age robot

  • Smackable 1
    Smackable 1 13 hours ago +2

    Omg I cant wait

  • Zach HD
    Zach HD 13 hours ago +1

    New villain: I’m like a cartoon character so I can define the laws of gravity
    Steven: just give me my happy ever after back
    New villain: never!
    Garnet: *it’s the truth!*

  • Jaazaniah Williams
    Jaazaniah Williams 14 hours ago


  • Maddie Brown
    Maddie Brown 14 hours ago +2

    Who ever disliked this video STEP ON A LEGO!

  • Soulless
    Soulless 14 hours ago

    Me: *keeps repeating true kinda love part*
    Steven: THATS ENOUGH!!!

  • Yogurtfrog 67 Trammell
    Yogurtfrog 67 Trammell 14 hours ago


  • 1000 Subs By Comments
    1000 Subs By Comments 14 hours ago

    the villain is so stupid. out of all places you could kill the planet you choose the place that has gems able to stop you smh

    • cody roy
      cody roy 7 hours ago

      1000 Subs By Comments does it look like they can stop her cause all I see is her whipping there butts

  • TOMATO KING Tomato King
    TOMATO KING Tomato King 15 hours ago +1

    Well Steven did say that he was returning home so you know that spinel is gonna come at that time.

  • AccurateMemin
    AccurateMemin 15 hours ago

    Im only watching it because I wanna see Connie kiss Steven.

  • Chikorita and Growlithe

    Garnet pearl amethyst Steven I think obsidian would have been more helpful than alexandrite!

  • Ø that is Węīrd.
    Ø that is Węīrd. 15 hours ago

    The only thing important to me is tHaT nEcK

  • Matcha da Føx øwø
    Matcha da Føx øwø 15 hours ago +1

    How am i suppose to see the movie when September 3rd I have school *reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*

  • Kai the Guy
    Kai the Guy 16 hours ago +1

    It’s the trueeee it’s the trueeeee it’s the trueeeeer kinda N E C K

  • Emilio Donevin
    Emilio Donevin 16 hours ago

    Wut if that's pink pearl because her or his gem shape is similar to pink diamond

  • Sarah the wolf
    Sarah the wolf 16 hours ago

    Evil Mickey moues?

  • G Chat
    G Chat 17 hours ago

    If u play Fortnite stay tuned on me channel I have a good idea with the trailer

  • Zavian Lucero
    Zavian Lucero 17 hours ago

    I was in two seconds in and I already love this movie so much 😁😆😁😄😁😄😄😁😄😁😄🙃🙂🤩🤩🤩🤩🤗🤗🤗🤗👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • SteveCrafts2k
    SteveCrafts2k 17 hours ago +1

    Rebecca, don't redeem the villain. We want a
    *S H A T T E R*

  • send sleep
    send sleep 17 hours ago

    AS SOON AS MY SUCKA SAYS, "i wish nothing will change yadda yadda yadda" IT STARTS RAINING??? STEVEN YOU JINXED IT

  • Ella Waters
    Ella Waters 18 hours ago +1


  • Awesome Pug
    Awesome Pug 18 hours ago

    When the movie is done are you going to make more Steven Universe cuz it's my favorite show even on the stronger than you song please just make more

  • кιωι вυη
    кιωι вυη 18 hours ago

    I CAN'T WAIT!!!

  • Angela Bautista
    Angela Bautista 19 hours ago

    Steven wants a normal life and also a pink Slinky comes along

  • Elmo Hi
    Elmo Hi 19 hours ago

    That is one big slinkie


    Wait ARE U SERIOUS can I be real for a second so youre telling me that jasper was bad the diamonds were awful but REALLY A CHARACTER THAT LOOKS LIKE SHES FROM A SHOW FOR LIKE 5 YEAR OLDS IS THERE WORST VILLIAN EVER!!!!!! 😒👧✋

  • mcnuggetboi likes memes

    pls if cartoon network or Rebecca sees this can you have peridot and lapis fuse

  • Yo'siah Carcamo-Williams

    steven universe just got better

  • SDGirl05
    SDGirl05 20 hours ago

    It's the trruuuuuueeee....kinda love. Oh garnet 😢😢😢

  • Darian Lorenzo Gomez
    Darian Lorenzo Gomez 22 hours ago

    Pls no.more movie teen titans was enough

  • Xbig Jakex
    Xbig Jakex 23 hours ago +1

    Steven:I’m done protecting earth. Random evil gem: nah nah nibba you ain’t gettin off that easily

  • Annie Combs
    Annie Combs 23 hours ago

    Steven:I want everything to stay like this and never change
    Spinel (I think): *Not if I have anything to say about it , and I do I'm gonna destroy that happy ending*

  • Elise Gutierrez
    Elise Gutierrez 23 hours ago +1

    So, will this new pink gem villain be reformed and redeemed like the others, or will Steven have to...shatter her?

  • emma hitchcock
    emma hitchcock Day ago +1

    is anyone else going to question that the villain looks strangely much like the life of a Teenage Robot Girl?

  • emma hitchcock
    emma hitchcock Day ago

  • RyanJ Rants
    RyanJ Rants Day ago

    Finally, a movie. The death knell of every CN show. Peace out SU.

  • TheOnlyOne Gaming

    Umm uhh guys i just realized BY BIRTHSTONE IS THE VILLIAN OF THIS MOVIE (My birthstone is spinel)

  • Defective
    Defective Day ago

    I'm 90% sure that this villain is gonna be "Plastic"

  • Ultra Instinct Pig

    It's the truuuth it's the truuuth it's the truuuuuth find the love

  • Imstuupeed 28
    Imstuupeed 28 Day ago +1

    Steven:I want everything to stay exactly like this

  • Dan Walsh
    Dan Walsh Day ago +2

    We know it's spinel stop lying to us

  • Autumn Bunny
    Autumn Bunny Day ago +1

    I love the music in here! Can’t wait for this movie!

    • Ella Marie
      Ella Marie Day ago +1

      Only ten days left till the movie hang in there bro 💪😤

  • Unicorn Kitty Dream

    This movie looking freaking LIT and is funny bc im watching steven universe right now lol and the movie looks so much more real im 100% gonna watch it a day before school lol

  • BlackWatch Squshyturtle 115

    Gonna be honest, if the Diamonds aren't in it, I'm gonna be mad.

  • ThatGingerKid
    ThatGingerKid Day ago +1

    I'm 23 years old. I shouldn't get hyped for this show.
    I am super hyped for this show.

    FUNKY LUIGI Day ago

    I feel like steven universe will be the new adventure time

  • PUBG Master
    PUBG Master Day ago +1

    I can not wait but school start for me on September 4

    • Ella Marie
      Ella Marie Day ago

      It starts for me September 4 too, but don't worry, the movie is September 2!

  • Aaliyah McIlroy
    Aaliyah McIlroy Day ago +1

    Top three things I wanna see in the movie
    1.I wanna see peridot amd lapis fuse and I wanna see opal again she is one of my favorite fusions
    2.I want to see steven finally free of his problems and some time for him to just chill

  • a blue guy
    a blue guy Day ago

    Hang on that looks a lot like jenny wakeman.

  • Stupid Joe
    Stupid Joe Day ago +1

    The scene when steven is pulling the drill out of the the hill is insane level good animation #hype

  • Gachatale Stories
    Gachatale Stories Day ago +1

    This comment might be immature but I see no one mention Connie kissing steven’s cheek

  • Blu Wolf
    Blu Wolf Day ago

    Is it me or does the villain look like the robot from “My Life as a Teenage Robot” :1

  • Knightmare
    Knightmare Day ago +1

    So I got a Steven universe movie ad on this Steven Universe movie video
    *big brain time*

  • Blue Dragon
    Blue Dragon Day ago

    I Really Really wanna watch this soooooo bad

  • Running thoughts
    Running thoughts Day ago +1

    The story seems weak

    • Ella Marie
      Ella Marie Day ago +1

      Hey, don't judge it until you've seen the whole movie!

  • Keeshee
    Keeshee Day ago

    Hopefully this is better than another Cartoon Network movie. We don't talk about.

  • Paul Xiong
    Paul Xiong Day ago +1

    I've been getting this as a commercial nonstop

  • Rusty Shackleford

    Might we see the actual return of Pink Diamond albeit a temporary return I'm thinking on Pink Diamond in physical form can give a direct command to cease the attack on Earth by this unknown gem. If this gem is formerly a member of Pink Diamonds court she would have to obey her Diamonds orders. We know now that Steven can be separated form Pink Diamond temporarily it may be the only way to save earth

  • Jeep Ford Guy
    Jeep Ford Guy Day ago

    Fooly Cooley vibe anyone

  • tsuyayaka1
    tsuyayaka1 Day ago

    Why does Steven look different now?

    • Oof Oof
      Oof Oof Day ago

      Two year time skip hes 16

  • XxAce_TheHoomanxX YT