Reasons To Ban More Countries In The Travel Ban

Here's one person who thinks we could ban a few more countries.

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Автор Anna Chau ( назад)
rip to everyone who thinks they are being serious

Автор Jupiter ( назад)
Wow is this Amy shumer comedy

Автор Sumayyah Ross ( назад)
This is super funny

Автор it's gracie ( назад)
I hope this turns into a series bc I s2g this is hilarious 😂

Автор Crowwix ( назад)
(I know he's joking but I inwardly cringed when he said "craps" instead of "crapes" )

Автор Crowwix ( назад)
our leader is too sexy.
also, he goes to comicon.

Автор Aids of Spades ( назад)
ok buzzfeed? we all know that the travel ban isn't unreasonable. stop trying to act like it is.

Автор *EXT* Snowgolem797 ( назад)
i laughed so hard!

Автор Susan Zurita ( назад)
"I can't support a society that supports animals with pockets"
...you won't even support pants with real pockets😒😂

Автор Manoharan Krishman Kutty ( назад)
wow no india....impressive

Автор Cady Wang ( назад)
redneck keith is back

Автор RandomGuy59 ( назад)
lol, he didn't say India

Автор irina civess ( назад)

Автор Em Idc ( назад)
I love these series

Автор Emma Hughes ( назад)
we need more of these😂

Автор Remy Scherbatsky ( назад)
but I don't understand are all those countries banned for real?

Автор TwistedBarbie ( назад)
London is NOT a country!! And we DO know about cookies and biscuits. It's not our fault if you think biscuits are scones and then pour lumpy white crap all over them!

Автор Iman ABADER ( назад)
Come on, I was waiting for him to talk about my country or continent and then it ended. TOO BAD.

Автор clíodhna Mcglinchey ( назад)
dudes I think that is Keith!😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Kayla Barker ( назад)
Weird that most of the the people upset at this video voted for trump, yet they don't support jokes. It's comedy, you'll get over it. 😂

Автор kookida ! ( назад)
the best video from buzzfeed so far 😂👏🏼

Автор Travis Mason ( назад)
Hold the phone London is a city actually buuutt................

Автор Hershey Ford ( назад)
I like this Keith, they should make more

Автор BaconGodOfSteak ( назад)
we should ban america because if you cant tell the difference from a country to a capital you shouldnt travel

Автор Belfry Bat ( назад)
I'm happy my country wasn't mentioned. But who would mention little New Zealand anyway.

Автор irina civess ( назад)
Transilvania is not a country man... its a region from Romania. * Crying in silence that no one cares about us *

Автор Alison Na ( назад)
Why the hell did they do only south korea. What about north.

Автор A - ( назад)
The Comment War has begun

Автор a reckless_angel ( назад)
hawaii isnt a country

Автор MusicMaster_ ( назад)
I know this videos is a joke and all but if there was a vote for what countries will be banned, Scotland would not be banned. That's because of Trump Turnberry. Just thought I put this out there

Автор Silverpeace ( назад)
Am I the only one who cares that he said London as a country?

Автор Evelyn Saunders ( назад)
its called england btw...

Автор Agnes 1511 ( назад)
How come this ain't more popular? That's the best video Buzzfeed made in a long time! Congrats, u finally created sth for people with brains.

Автор KyeTheVegan !! ( назад)
"That many people standing on one turkey" 😂😂😂😂

Автор Akane kang ( назад)
BAHAHAHAAHA keith can't resist kpop hotties

Автор Akane kang ( назад)
those dislikes...somebody can't take a joke

Автор Innocent Ferret ( назад)
We should have a Buzzfeed ban.

Автор Yuni Vang ( назад)
Ha ha I love what he says about South Korea

Автор Niamh Gunn ( назад)
PAHAHAH the china one

Автор Maddison Earle-Sadler ( назад)
This is hilarious!!
I love Keith's character in this. 🤣

Автор Elen Prosser-Floe ( назад)
London isn't a country

Автор Manvi Bhat ( назад)
they didn't say anything about India. they probably know they shouldn't speak against Indians cause we usually get outraged too much.😂😂😂

Автор Arttu Meriläinen ( назад)
fku Finland is paras

Автор bhavleen sagar ( назад)

Автор Handy Randy ( назад)
More redneck keith videos please!

Автор Emily Verstraelen ( назад)
well i can still go to amerca ... i live in belgium ehe

Автор MadMonkey king ( назад)
Umm not tryna be that guy even though I am right now the Americans forcefully annexed Hawaii by taking over our kingdom

Автор amal zuhair ( назад)
Hey Keith's southern cousin Okeith. Aww when's the whole family reunion boy.

Автор Roland Curran ( назад)
Greece is a nasty name

Автор Rye Bug ( назад)
Wait aren't all pancakes flat?

Автор Aidan Heim ( назад)
London is a country now?

Автор iiKendallii l ( назад)

Автор Ashley ASHLEYM ( назад)
I mean it's satire, but you've revealed no truth so it's terrible satire. You're strawmanning the arguments and making fun of the straw man.

Автор ItsUnicornAni ( назад)
the fortune cookie was invented in the U.S though..

Автор Victor Tizon ( назад)
for London he should said
there's flying poilce box and salt shakers with plungers and whisks

Автор Alex Foster ( назад)
my aesthetic is butthurt Trumpers

Автор HexaRex ( назад)
finally a buzzfeed video with *good* points

Автор Olivia Barnaby ( назад)

Автор Nizar Bouzidi ( назад)
Then the us will be worse than North Korea all thanks to this weird character Keith is doing (PS: I'm not American)

Автор Derp UmWell ( назад)
Keith you're awesome XD

Автор Brandon arioso ( назад)

Автор Aijou ( назад)
I need this character forever 😂

Автор Flawless Beauty ( назад)
I'm deaddd😂💀

Автор Reece Searle ( назад)
London's a city 😂😂

Автор Sk8ter Gr8ce1031 ( назад)
Fortune cookies were made in the USA... BANNED

Автор Steffistew • ( назад)
guys this is just a joke. hes just making fun of southern men

Автор Ashley ( назад)
China didn't create fortune cookies. USA did and thinks Chinese writes these. Lamo🙄

Автор Niboyo ( назад)
London is not a country

Автор Tamia Clinkett ( назад)
Happy 12 million

Автор Corrina James ( назад)
lol no new Zealand is that good or bad

Автор Some Guy ( назад)
I love it how he thinks America is better than everybody else

Автор Review Guru ( назад)
Keith looks great with facial hair.

Автор Princess Rainbows ( назад)
Oh British people your accents are sexy 😍😘but seriously you don't know the difference between a cookie and a biscuit 😋😉

Автор Katrina S ( назад)
this is actually goddamn funny

Автор I Am Briyonce ( назад)
i hope this becomes a series called like "Banner Ben" or something 😂

Автор I Am Briyonce ( назад)
that's animal cruelty if that many people are standing on one turkey 😂😂😂

Автор nabila n ( назад)

Автор Alec Finch ( назад)
Hey it's Trump

Автор Josh Hansen ( назад)
Why didn't you make this video when Obama made a travel ban on the same exact countries. (The countries in the travel ban were the same countries the Obama administration picked.) So it isn't about the ban or who they're banning, it's about the president. The people are so ignorant they can't understand that it isn't racism it's the safety of our country. Just look at the countries that have let immigrants in, my friends girlfriend got raped by immigrants in Sweden last week, there was a bombing in the U.K. Yesterday, how is making our country safer a bad thing.

Автор Wendy Yue ( назад)
fortune cookie are from America not China

Автор Kevin Zhang ( назад)

Автор beifuaize ( назад)

Автор Lisa Carpenter ( назад)
I heard the accent and stopped the video. It was too painful. Love the fellow, hate the accent.

Автор Infires Man! ( назад)
when he mentioned K-pop I laughed so loud😂

Автор Jotaro Kujo ( назад)
the fjord one killed me

Автор Advait Singh ( назад)
This is a bad video

Автор SaulesVlogai ( назад)
Literally every country ecept Lithuania and baltic states

Автор Random girl 1707 ( назад)
MORE PLEASE!!! 😂You guys are awesome!! Love ya!

Автор Keeley Rice ( назад)
I can't support a country that supports animals with pockets!!!! 😂😂😂😂 I'm dying 😂👌

Автор L 013 ( назад)
wait London is a country now.

Автор Samuel Santorski ( назад)
No Germany? Would it really have been that hard to think about something there?

Автор FeebFilms ( назад)
Poland omg

Автор Danielle Martinez ( назад)
My favorite buzzfeed video ever

Автор victoria LT ( назад)
yay no india thx keith

Автор Kim Robertson ( назад)
but why did he have to act southern?

Автор ma heeney ( назад)
not only do boys run around in skirts in Scotland, the don't have anything underneaith.

Автор Sydney Nyack ( назад)

Автор Rose Rodriguez ( назад)
No not South Korea I need my kpop 😩😩😩

Автор James McGurk ( назад)
Horrifying because I have met people like that. #SAD

Автор DeathCherudim ( назад)
keith is a classic cuck.

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