Overwatch Moments #201

  • Published on Jan 18, 2019
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    0:06 - 0:12 Johannes Bornlöf - End Of Days 3
    0:13 - 0:22 Magnus Ringblom - Corny Farmers 3
    0:23 - 0:31 Niclas Gustavsson - Protocol 2
    0:36 - 0:44 Håkan Eriksson - Freaky Bats 01
    0:45 - 1:00 Johnny Berglund - No Doubt
    1:01 - 1:11 Anders Ekengren - Scratchy Movie
    1:12 - 1:26 Jon Björk - Comedy Trailer 8
    1:27 - 2:01 Victor Olsson - Red Chili Jam 5
    2:02 - 2:08 Anders Ekengren - Waltz
    2:09 - 2:18 Johnny Berglund - It's A Beeper
    2:19 - 2:29 Magnus Ringblom - Step On It 3
    2:30 - 2:50 Stefan Netsman - My Wail
    2:51 - 2:54 Magnus Ringblom - Reach The Key
    2:55 - 3:24 Magnus Ringblom - Corny Farmers 14
    3:25 - 3:36 Magnus Ringblom - Nostalgic Whistling 7
    3:37 - 3:48 Magnus Ringblom - Ragtime Jam 1
    3:49 - 4:11 Håkan Eriksson - Go Go Boots 1
    4:12 - 4:34 Håkan Eriksson - The Rope Dancer
    4:35 - 4:45 Magnus Ringblom - Fashion District 3
    4:46 - 5:02 Jack Elphick - Dancefloor Mayhem Nr 16
    5:03 - 5:39 Niclas Gustavsson - Pumping Adrenaline 2
    5:40 - 5:48 Magnus Ringblom - Cruising To Cuba 5
    5:49 - 5:56 Martin Carlberg - Here Comes The King
    6:01 - 6:17 Magnus Ringblom - Italian Outdoor Cafes 3
    6:18 - 6:34 Victor Olsson - Let's Get Cozy In The Kitchen 5
    6:35 - 6:46 Joel Jungell - Simple As That
    6:47 - 7:03 Magnus Ringblom - Chefs From Europe 4
    7:04 - 7:15 Magnus Ringblom - Old Guy
    7:18 - 7:22 Victor Olsson - Heavy Industrial Anger 1
    7:23 - 7:30 Magnus Ringblom - Cinema Whistlers 20
    7:31 - 7:49 Andreas Ericson - Action Intro Scene 6
    7:50 - 8:00 Martin Gauffin - And Champagne For All 2
    8:01 - 10:11 Razihel - Skybreaker
    10:12 - 10:45 Johan Glössner - We Are Invincible (Instrumental Version)
    Sound Effects from RUclip Audio Library, www.freesound.org, www.freesfx.co.uk and Epidemic Sound
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  • Rapida
    Rapida  11 months ago +36

    Hey friends! New episode of OW Moments is ready for you! Hope you'll enjoy it^^
    Submit your plays at rapidatv@gmail.com
    You can support our work on Patreon: www.patreon.com/rapida Thank you very much for the help!

    • Crazy- Gal
      Crazy- Gal 10 months ago

      @Rapida oh wow, I got a reply. :D this made my day ^_^ most of the time i don't XD. Thanks.
      You make awesome montages, both funny and epic. Keep up the awesome job ^_^

    • Rapida
      Rapida  10 months ago

      I just use motion blur in the final montage.
      I try not to use same music tracks too often. Mb i will take it later.

    • Crazy- Gal
      Crazy- Gal 11 months ago

      I love the montages at the end :D what do you use to make them move and transition smoothly? Also, this may sound silly, but can you make one with the Drifters by Feint song again like you did a few episodes ago? Idk why, I just found that fitting and loved the character and scene change and I was so memorized by it (also how I found that song and it became my fave one XD) and want to see one more of that. Keep up the awesome work and thanks to those who send it in to Rapida.
      Fun fact: the montages at the end of every video is how I find songs to listen to, Drifters being the first time I watch Rapida's channel XD helps build up a playlist too XD

    • Ruru K
      Ruru K 11 months ago

      I sent E-mail, but you even read it. why.... I hope you read my e-mail soon.

  • phu nguyenminh
    phu nguyenminh 2 months ago

    you edit video so cool

  • Koff 4 ik
    Koff 4 ik 2 months ago

    Я знаю, ты русская!

  • SrFelps
    SrFelps 3 months ago +1

    Oh good!

  • Денис wetrowka
    Денис wetrowka 3 months ago

    BOB The Tracer! Fuk, i love it

  • El Michi Loco
    El Michi Loco 5 months ago

    0:48 Ándele, por mamones!

  • 귀여운파리하
    귀여운파리하 7 months ago

    8:37 중국 핵쟁이잖아 시발ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • thierry THomas
    thierry THomas 8 months ago

    A-MEI-zing 1:22

  • Abhinav Deep Singh
    Abhinav Deep Singh 8 months ago

    Love your editing :D

  • Bonnya The Slayer
    Bonnya The Slayer 8 months ago

    Музыка под ласт моменты, ужасна, не ставь подобное, дабстеп это чи шо, чи да ,чи нет, тип серьёзно, так хочется закрыть после второго момента.

    • Rapida
      Rapida  8 months ago

      Bonnya The Slayer ну в том и смысл, что в данном случае, речь лишь о вашем музыкальном вкусе. Если вам музыка не понравилась - это не значит, что она ужасна. Это значит только то, что она ужасна исключительно для вас, а многим такое нравится.

    • Bonnya The Slayer
      Bonnya The Slayer 8 months ago

      @Rapida , неееет не нужно язвить прошу, мне действительно очень нравятся твои видео , просто в этом эпизоде ласт моменты были уше-раздирающими как по мне, я ведь просто комментирую данный эпизод и не более :с

    • Rapida
      Rapida  8 months ago

      Хорошо, теперь буду подбирать музыку исключительно под ВАШ музыкальный вкус.

  • Ренат Хабибуллин

    привет !!! можно ли тебе прислать видео было пару моментов ?

    • Rapida
      Rapida  9 months ago

      Моменты можно присылать на почту rapidatv@gmail.com

  • Shadow
    Shadow 9 months ago

    How he have 10 lvl and have Gold weapon??

  • SkateJapo
    SkateJapo 10 months ago

    5:44 allahu akbar

  • Quentin Tarantino
    Quentin Tarantino 10 months ago

    Я первый

  • Pato Gordo
    Pato Gordo 10 months ago

    I love your videos, and your editions, 😍❤️.

  • Dr. Sniper
    Dr. Sniper 10 months ago

    7:24 lol, what?

  • JackDrags
    JackDrags 10 months ago

    OMG I'm in one of these clips! XD!!!!

  • Lucas Mendes
    Lucas Mendes 10 months ago

    I really like this edit

  • اوليفيا 77
    اوليفيا 77 10 months ago +3

    0:48 يلعن امك 😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂

    • Lexa RH
      Lexa RH 10 months ago

      Olivia 77 هههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه

  • Epic Victory Royale Thanos Is Gone

    У жнеца на 0:50 скин с overmatch league?

  • Ross Morrison
    Ross Morrison 10 months ago

    This channel reminds me of NISLT

  • Albhy
    Albhy 10 months ago

    0-20 seconds love how bob does parkour

  • Oski ;
    Oski ; 10 months ago


  • Player Seven
    Player Seven 10 months ago

    How can i get those pink skins?

  • Player Seven
    Player Seven 10 months ago


  • Enzo Zo
    Enzo Zo 10 months ago

    8.1 10.11 what is the vidéo’s effect ?

  • qMARsiK
    qMARsiK 10 months ago

    Хороший выпуск)

  • B3_ JAMMIN
    B3_ JAMMIN 10 months ago

    Pink reaper I NEED IT

  • XD XD levi
    XD XD levi 10 months ago

    lol u girl?

  • aposslex
    aposslex 10 months ago

    That symmetra clip where they needed to get to pint quick on hanumura, my mate is a symmetra main at low diamond and we literally do this on every map and it works every time even when only 2 or 3 of us go through due to bad comms. Ladder players just aren’t organised enough to deal with it

  • MrPoopy Butthole
    MrPoopy Butthole 10 months ago +1

    04:46 - ОР ВЫШЕ ГОР

  • Nick Zettas
    Nick Zettas 10 months ago

    10:00 that's top notch!

  • Fuad.T Sofizade
    Fuad.T Sofizade 10 months ago

    RAPIDA you are the best !

  • Juan
    Juan 10 months ago

    the first one gliding my way down town

  • Xana
    Xana 10 months ago +1

    Your editing ever since your first video has improved amazingly

  • ThotLauncher
    ThotLauncher 10 months ago

    I heard a biggie line

  • SpectacularNub
    SpectacularNub 10 months ago

    Why do these clips make overwatch look like it was made in unreal 4?

  • kubx :D
    kubx :D 10 months ago

    No gengo

  • Kartexx
    Kartexx 10 months ago

    can anybody summarize what happened during the time after season 5? im looking to get into this game again.

  • Kristel Lei Lomoljo
    Kristel Lei Lomoljo 10 months ago

    Wooowww pink reaper nice 😂😂😂😂 A mei zing hey look at me😂🥰🌈

  • georgelittle64
    georgelittle64 10 months ago

    Ayy my clip at 1:01

  • jojounin
    jojounin 10 months ago

    What editing touch did you do to make it look like the buildings are falling down at 10:00 ?

    • Rapida
      Rapida  10 months ago

      Masked several elements on different layers and animated them

  • Mamatestetik Haipbis
    Mamatestetik Haipbis 10 months ago

    can I submit my play?

  • Aram Zero
    Aram Zero 10 months ago

    The editing is becoming better and better just day by day, it's astonishing!

  • a paint brush.
    a paint brush. 11 months ago

    I came from Dabbacab.

    And I come in peace.

  • Svetlin Dimitrov
    Svetlin Dimitrov 11 months ago

    Great moments and amazing editing. Keep it up:)

  • Ougawama
    Ougawama 11 months ago

    Wtf is this animation dude ?! 10:00

  • CoolKidSeb
    CoolKidSeb 11 months ago

    9:00 that transition gave me an orgasm

    FROKAZ 11 months ago

    5:30 OMG what a game play 😎😎😎

    WAMPIR 11 months ago

    После этого видео понял, что обожаю овервотч. А ролик с успехом Ханзо вообще подтолкнул к какой-то внутренней гармонии. Круто быть частью чего-то такого

  • Tim Keene
    Tim Keene 11 months ago

    Dat's summa nice-a editing!!

  • Esteban Silva
    Esteban Silva 11 months ago

    First vid of yours ive seen,
    This is gud stuff

  • Galaxy Ru
    Galaxy Ru 11 months ago

    Гуд лак)

  • Wee Kiat Tan
    Wee Kiat Tan 11 months ago

    Rapida never disappoint me when it comes to good content.

  • 얼룩고양이
    얼룩고양이 11 months ago

    What kinda video edit program do you use? Your edits is AWESOME!

    • 얼룩고양이
      얼룩고양이 11 months ago

      @Rapida Thanks alot! I RESPECT ur great edit skill!

    • Rapida
      Rapida  11 months ago

      Adobe Premiere, After Effects and Mocha Pro for tracking

  • 張函
    張函 11 months ago

    What you use to edit the video? I want to edit my overwatch highlight but I don't know what I should use to do that. Hope you can answer me :)

    • Rapida
      Rapida  11 months ago

      Adobe Premiere, After Effects and Mocha Pro for tracking

  • サーレフ
    サーレフ 11 months ago

    Anyone please watch the video I uploaded and give me your thoughts please ;)

  • Xendor Dawnburst
    Xendor Dawnburst 11 months ago

    1:27 Those are the most incredible hamsters I've ever seen!

  • Einstein Tapia
    Einstein Tapia 11 months ago

    5:03 was amazing. Great job.

  • Roan van Merwijk
    Roan van Merwijk 11 months ago

    10:01, damn that edit