3 RIDDLES POPULAR on Murder & Escape | RIDDLES that will Blow Your Mind| Can you solve it? Epic

  • Published on Mar 17, 2017
  • 3 RIDDLES POPULAR on Murder | Ghost | Escape| RIDDLES will Blow Your Mind| Can you solve? Epic Mind Teasers
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  • Veronique Bronté
    Veronique Bronté Year ago +105

    its 2am and i was bored so i watched this for fun. it then came to the third riddle and when they showed the ghosts in the mirror i was immediately like "nope"

  • Fnaf_ Lover
    Fnaf_ Lover 8 months ago

    Dude on the first one it’s the wife and cook, why not the gardener?! He was outside wiping snow off flowers? I mean who does that?!

  • Lucky
    Lucky 10 months ago +1

    riddle 1: rlly a gardener brushing snow off FLOWERS?? in winter??
    riddle 3: each mirror display A gost, meaning ONE ghost, so the ghost is in mirrow B.

  • Yeetus Deletus
    Yeetus Deletus 10 months ago +1


    me. I cook breakfast in the afternoon.

  • XxHey_Its_ JuliaxX
    XxHey_Its_ JuliaxX 10 months ago

    I've solve 1 and 2 riddles hahaha😂😂

  • Not Neo
    Not Neo 10 months ago +1

    But I don't eat until the afternoon... I call it what I want. 😉

  • Aminah Hason
    Aminah Hason 11 months ago

    that zombie looks creppy

  • Juney blogs of everything

    I get only the first one.....
    And 2nd one was mindblowing

  • Skinny Legend
    Skinny Legend 11 months ago


  • Mukul Bhattacharyya
    Mukul Bhattacharyya 11 months ago

    WTH ! These riddles a 5 year old kid can also solve😐😑

  • music popx timepass
    music popx timepass 11 months ago

    Ya! I pass all the questions

  • music popx timepass
    music popx timepass 11 months ago


  • Juan Directioner
    Juan Directioner 11 months ago +1

    Amazing!! Keep it up👍👍

  • Levi Kun
    Levi Kun Year ago

    "Supposing" that ghosts were real, they wouldn't be able to reflect the light. Therefore, it's said that you can't see ghosts in mirrors. The last one was simply wrong. 221B Baker Street by the way.

  • Little Dragon
    Little Dragon Year ago

    Wow I got freaked out when it came to the ghost and I was like OMG!

  • cubbleshasreturned
    cubbleshasreturned Year ago +1


  • Anil Tiwari
    Anil Tiwari Year ago

    door no 2

  • Sanjib Basak
    Sanjib Basak Year ago +1

    Got all right except last

  • Tamasa Panda
    Tamasa Panda Year ago

    wife and cook

  • d.a.g dancer and gamer

    I got the past two correct!😄

  • valsala sreekumar

    it is the cook and the wife

  • Laila Arjuman
    Laila Arjuman Year ago

    I have solved three of this riddles the third one,the fourth one and the fifth one.

  • Anastasia B
    Anastasia B Year ago +1

    I got 2/3

  • xaesthetic x
    xaesthetic x Year ago

    Theres like 100 people named Mr. James on this channel lol
    Or I think its just from other channels :P

  • Sharique Ahmed
    Sharique Ahmed Year ago

    I got all correct

  • murali krishna
    murali krishna Year ago +1

    what was the background music name

  • Neharika Naik
    Neharika Naik Year ago

    I solved all the riddles correct

  • Mitali Hazarika
    Mitali Hazarika Year ago +2

    I have solved all Correctly

  • xXItz MinaXx
    xXItz MinaXx Year ago

    How would you know if it’s night time when in a room?

    • Cupid Dupid
      Cupid Dupid  Year ago

      Doors have inbuilt windows! Check it!

  • xXItz MinaXx
    xXItz MinaXx Year ago +2

    The first one is child’s play though I am a child :/

  • Yellow Yellow
    Yellow Yellow Year ago

    I solved the first one ☝️

  • Ktsnake360
    Ktsnake360 Year ago

    The first one didn't even say it was afternoon so why are we wasting are time on this vid

  • atanu biswas
    atanu biswas Year ago

    3 out of 3! Very simple questions! 😂😂

  • cookies wirl c yes
    cookies wirl c yes Year ago +1

    Yes I Win all yes I'm not lier

  • Rohit Binoy
    Rohit Binoy Year ago

    And 5 Door Zombie Can Eat You Door 6 And Locked Door Key In The Picture

  • Rohit Binoy
    Rohit Binoy Year ago

    Door 4 Sun Can Burn You

  • Rohit Binoy
    Rohit Binoy Year ago

    Door 2 aligator Door 3 lion

  • Emmette Buccat
    Emmette Buccat Year ago

    I saw the key in the second riddle and managed to figure out that the door that has a dessert and the lock door was the door that has to go in

  • Potato King
    Potato King Year ago

    I got all of them right!

  • Ruzelle June Sallong

    ghost picture scares me a lot i'd rather see a snake than a ghost!

  • Angel Lou Mijos
    Angel Lou Mijos Year ago +1

    Wife and cook

  • Gochi Kuku
    Gochi Kuku Year ago +1

    8:48 yes u should be sure since the ghosts were scary...

  • Dorky Carz
    Dorky Carz Year ago

    Wait a minute, how was there snow and the gardener was removing it from the flowers ? It should be during winter!

    • Dorky Carz
      Dorky Carz Year ago


    • Dorky Carz
      Dorky Carz Year ago

      Ok then

    • Cupid Dupid
      Cupid Dupid  Year ago

      I winter there is snow.. and there are snow bloomers in winter.. so flowers are covered by snow..he was just brushing them off

    • Dorky Carz
      Dorky Carz Year ago

      Yeah I know but how did he clean the snow off *flowers* when he’s in winter

    • Cupid Dupid
      Cupid Dupid  Year ago

      It was winter..

  • Sherleen T.S
    Sherleen T.S Year ago

    Your pretty rude tho on the solution part

  • LifeAs Talya
    LifeAs Talya Year ago

    For the first riddle I thought I would be correct I choose the sister because she was sitting by the fire and it’s snowing so how and I choose the brother bc he was taking a shower and usually the electricity goes off in snowy days 😂

  • Ambarish Popatwar
    Ambarish Popatwar Year ago +1

    very easy and great video

  • hannah lefebvre
    hannah lefebvre Year ago

    the first riddle never tells us that its afternoon, they just say its 'day'

  • LPSFuzzyPaws
    LPSFuzzyPaws Year ago

    The second one was hard
    Nobody just naturally knows that some animals can live without food or water for 2 years

  • Mumma scarlett
    Mumma scarlett Year ago +1


  • Mumma scarlett
    Mumma scarlett Year ago +1

    5:35 wow

  • Shadøw Moon
    Shadøw Moon Year ago

    all correct

  • Rakesh Tiwari
    Rakesh Tiwari Year ago

    The wife and cook

  • prasad telikepalli

    Last was tough but I could answer two of them

  • BornWolfgirl
    BornWolfgirl Year ago

    Okay i was triped up by the door one simply because i heard of the similar one but i still wouldn't go out the desert door. Even at night. Who knows how far away civilization is or what direction it is. You could end up walking all night and still burn to death the next day.

  • vincy mareeta
    vincy mareeta Year ago

    I solved the second one

  • Louis Urbancic
    Louis Urbancic Year ago

    There "was" a zombie, promptly shows a photo of a zombie in the door. If the zombie "was" in that door, but "is" not currently in the door, then why the blank was he in there? Just because you were in an area or were doing anything doesn't mean that you can't currently be doing it at some other time. I was watching youtube earlier, am I watching it now? Not creative whatsoever...

  • Hakuna Matata
    Hakuna Matata Year ago +1

    *Why hasn't the lion eaten in 2 weeks when the gator hasn't eaten in years, what a shitty house keeper, can't look after its pets. tsk tsk tsk. 😂😂*

  • Faith Shadow
    Faith Shadow Year ago

    Its easy to me

  • Yuqin Lin
    Yuqin Lin Year ago

    door 4 and 6

  • Sadness for Life
    Sadness for Life Year ago

    "Who cooks breakfast in the afternoon" Well I do. Breakfast is the best meal

  • Demon-Chan Studio

    Am i "Dumb" for this?

  • Joei Squad
    Joei Squad Year ago

    It was the cook and wife

  • Stefhany Luna
    Stefhany Luna Year ago

    2/3 not bad

  • Noor Jahan
    Noor Jahan Year ago

    I saw the keys

  • 6405090401 47
    6405090401 47 Year ago

    I see the keys, but aligators cant be without food for 2 years.

  • Bonifacelillianofficialdancer favour

    I got two questions am a genius

  • ReaperGod 2020
    ReaperGod 2020 Year ago

    You won’t know if it’s night or day and how long the desert is

  • Dwayne Mason
    Dwayne Mason Year ago

    There two liers the you do not make your bed in the afternoon and you do not cook breakfast in the afternoon

  • Manoj Kumarabiswal

    i have solved all of them

  • Ramakrushna Hotta

    yessss I find the answer

  • Bloomy Playz
    Bloomy Playz Year ago +1

    Hey cupid i am gonna use ur video for telling story's of murder my classmates love's horror stories

    • Cupid Dupid
      Cupid Dupid  Year ago

      +pinkie pie Elements of laughter Sure

  • just 44
    just 44 Year ago

    The second case was very good!I didnt know that aligators can live without food 2 years, I thought it was it and also I didnt know deserts are in night cold

  • Babar Khan
    Babar Khan Year ago

    All riddles

  • Babar Khan
    Babar Khan Year ago

    I solve very very easily

  • Viswa Nathan
    Viswa Nathan Year ago +3

    Cupid dupid pls..... Make more videos of ghost murder riddles I really love all ....... I've solved correctly .....cuz I have good mind wow interesting .. even I saw the channel funny test channel.. it was bored... Me too much but cupid dupid is awesome 😍..I really really love it😘😘😘😘

    • shin Chan loving
      shin Chan loving Year ago

      Viswa Nathan coooool

    • Viswa Nathan
      Viswa Nathan Year ago +1

      Cupid dupid

    • Cupid Dupid
      Cupid Dupid  Year ago +1

      Hey thanks Viswa..
      There are many more to come..
      Funny test Channel has actually copied some of my riddles...
      Hang on! More coming ina week!

  • Mansi Khatri
    Mansi Khatri Year ago

    I got q1 and q2 are write

  • Maysaa Aziz
    Maysaa Aziz Year ago

    Its too easy

  • Rishu Arya
    Rishu Arya Year ago


  • Sweetie 143
    Sweetie 143 Year ago

    All correct!!!😁😁😁

  • shalu bhadauriya
    shalu bhadauriya Year ago

    I have chosen the last 5th door because I have seen the on the ground

  • shalu bhadauriya
    shalu bhadauriya Year ago

    Yes actually you are right I was not able to solve last one

  • Y Vanita
    Y Vanita Year ago

    No I have seen that keys in the beginning of the riddle

  • rajkumar aryan
    rajkumar aryan Year ago +2

    I had solved all, know give me 1 crore

  • Son Ariq
    Son Ariq Year ago

    i see that key dude. give me a money 😂

  • jada morris
    jada morris Year ago

    I cook breakfast in the afternoon

  • All India Computer Technical Education

    Third answer is D

  • All India Computer Technical Education

    Second answer is dorr no 5

  • All India Computer Technical Education

    The first answer is cook

  • Suraiya Abdi
    Suraiya Abdi Year ago

    Got the last and I thought Lions & Alligators died if they dont eat 4 that long wow

  • Kara's Cool Kids Party

    I thought cook and sister because the fire 🔥 could kill him and the food could be poisoned.

  • Sxrently Plays
    Sxrently Plays Year ago

    The first one should be the sister because she cant sit near the fire camp because it was a "SNOWY" day! Stupid omg!

    • Cupid Dupid
      Cupid Dupid  Year ago

      +iiBela Vlogs It is not campfire or bonfire....
      It is a fireplace... the fire inside the house.

  • Jayne Dormido
    Jayne Dormido Year ago

    I got two right lel (The Doors and the Ghost) xD

  • bby kook
    bby kook Year ago

    I eat breakfast in afternoon.How can i be wrong?😜

  • simply.andreaaa !!

    1: Cook and Wife.
    2: Dessert, Zombie, and locked door.
    3: Mirror D

    Keys were at: 2:46 bottom right corner

  • bby kook
    bby kook Year ago

    4:08 door 5 is safe because its locked😜just kidding, i didnt answered that😝

  • Destiny and Amarah🥰

    I eat breakfast in the afternoon sometimes

  • Tripti Kothari
    Tripti Kothari Year ago

    I have solved all

  • the Milk우유
    the Milk우유 Year ago

    I solve no. 3 my answer is D cause D is the only one who look realistic

  • Shoran Tan
    Shoran Tan Year ago

    I saw the keys arealdy