How to Make Powerful Cannon from Coca Cola

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    this dude has to be sponsored by coca cola

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    thats cool !👍

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    Hey buddy! ! piece Does anyone understand larger than this tne ..3

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    don't try this at home

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    mega cool!!! 👍💪

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    This video is the best

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    bad music

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    how can you make the powder for the cannon?

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    I love your Creations

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    nice canon

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    Nooo the cannon I liked itttt, it was beautiful-ly destructive 😭😭😭😱😱😱

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    I wonder how long that person did the wood!!

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    explosive shot bullets!!!👍👍👏👏good work..

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    That's Gotta Hurt

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    I stood up but got stuck :)

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    4:25 - Cannon flies offscreen

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    0:01 Cannon Testfire

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    cool powerful cannon. I like it

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    Он из Украины на 1:38 на банке с кока колы написано "Зареєстровані торговельні марки"

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    4:33 awp song

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    Now do 6X the powder

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    wow! it's so 😎 cool

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    what was the powder

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    Cannon cart!

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    Awkward end indeed.

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    Anyone shit themselfs at 0:05

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    paramedic: What shot you?
    Me: A coca cola cannon....
    Paramedic: oh........

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    that cannon can kill someone

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    je suis le seul francais?

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    What is the fuse made of?

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    you can hide this little cannon to Canon lens and shoot some famous person during photographing. (for example D. Trump)

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    (For Clash Royale fans) SPARKYYYY

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    What is the background music 🎶 called

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    i make all types of cannon and mortar in clash of clans

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    Coca Cola Bottle->Empty Coca Cola Bottle+recycle_into=Coca Cola Cannon->Empty Coca Cola Cannon+Refill=New Coca Cola Cannon+Loop=Empty Coca Cola Cannon Forever+Recycle=What Do Think? Reply to Me!

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