District 9 Short Film - Dissolution

  • Published on Dec 2, 2009
  • A short film that Brett Driver and I came up with. Inspired by District 9. We thought that Brett's awesome camera work and my special effects experience would go very well together. I would like to think they do =] So enjoy!
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  • Zulhelmy Joe
    Zulhelmy Joe 4 years ago

    why cigarette ? 1:38 and 1:51..

  • Desmond Marx
    Desmond Marx 4 years ago

    What was the prize? A new camera?

  • GIFan 2608
    GIFan 2608 4 years ago

    Its a nerf gun

  • Anthony Wright
    Anthony Wright 5 years ago

    whats the song?

  • Kevin Deegan
    Kevin Deegan 5 years ago +1

    Bad. Cliché, cliché, cliché. Unexplained storyline and bad actor for the main guy (Not the one with the Alien Gun). 3 random guys lookin for another guy, the the other guy kills them and runs off. Really? I am very

    • JJoe
      JJoe 7 months ago

      Kevin Deegan You’re disappointed in a free 3 minute film made by a twenty year old?
      You have issues dude. Your parents didn’t raise you right at all.

    • Kevin Deegan
      Kevin Deegan 4 years ago

      It;s all a mater of opinion, bub.

    • SpaceJam Dreazi
      SpaceJam Dreazi 5 years ago +1

      No that's what I say to people who haven't given any form of good criticism. Think about what I just said.

    • Kevin Deegan
      Kevin Deegan 5 years ago

      @CURTIS CONYER Oh, is that what you say to every critic how ever critized any movie that you ever watched?

    • SpaceJam Dreazi
      SpaceJam Dreazi 5 years ago

      Well make something better. Then will see how great your work is

  • Dean Fitzsimmons
    Dean Fitzsimmons 6 years ago +1

    1:20 oh my god he has a nerf gun! Do you see it

  • Mickey25430
    Mickey25430 6 years ago

    Not a very convincing smoker=bad acting. Sometimes less is more.

  • reaper1o144
    reaper1o144 6 years ago

    Good editing work. The weapon was an inspiration from the movie district 9. As was the 'human' using it. But you should have put some make up on the main protagonist and maybe put an alien hand glove over the actors hand to make it look like he was 'changing' other than that good work. Hope to see more soon.

  • Lucif
    Lucif 6 years ago

    Maybe he can't afford a lot of air soft guns duh..

  • Ensign Maiorano
    Ensign Maiorano 6 years ago

    Lightning shooting nerf gun... I want one

  • Aaron the Humanist
    Aaron the Humanist 6 years ago

    Superb work. Would love to see some 'Aliens' action.

  • srzh22
    srzh22 6 years ago

    yo DAT gun is OP

  • Tristan Lamb
    Tristan Lamb 6 years ago

    Trolled kids with a nerf gun. Lol

  • Freevede
    Freevede 6 years ago

    Nerf gun XD

  • RedCell96
    RedCell96 6 years ago

    haha nerf blaster

  • EchoSends
    EchoSends 6 years ago

    Parker add... why can't I skip you?

  • Owen Regan
    Owen Regan 6 years ago

    Actually liked it

  • Owen Regan
    Owen Regan 6 years ago

    70th dislike

  • Gideon Malherbe
    Gideon Malherbe 6 years ago

    im from south africa its actuly called distrc 6 in real life

  • xxx_1907AK
    xxx_1907AK 6 years ago

    Thats what u get for smokin

  • TheFunEmbargo
    TheFunEmbargo 6 years ago

    i got the 1000 like

  • gloiven andersson
    gloiven andersson 7 years ago

    good one - shaky gunz & all.

  • JacketFoster
    JacketFoster 7 years ago

    Yay, annoying ads for Prometheus! When will that movie finally just get sold out already so I don't have to deal with those FREAKING ADS!!!

  • JuklikGamer
    JuklikGamer 7 years ago

    01:19 Look. It's sprayed NERF gun :D

  • ShipMaster239
    ShipMaster239 7 years ago

    the song in this sounds epic, whats it called? id love to listen to it :)

  • Piddestrian
    Piddestrian 7 years ago

    cigarette continuity not great... ha but otherwise awesome as always

  • kuhrtoe
    kuhrtoe 7 years ago

    see kids? smoking will get you killed

  • Tori Downing
    Tori Downing 7 years ago

    I likey. Lol

  • 4xdblack
    4xdblack 7 years ago

    As a nerfer.
    I knew there was something suspicious about that gun he was using >:)

  • Hector Parkin
    Hector Parkin 7 years ago

    sprayed recon?!

  • Cody Langille
    Cody Langille 7 years ago

    Good job, inspiring =)

  • kuwah htoohtoo
    kuwah htoohtoo 7 years ago

    You guys are morethen awesome. I want to take you guys to Burma to make a movie just like Rambo.sorry my english not good

  • Cenje
    Cenje 7 years ago

    You guys are AWESOME

  • 5 F
    5 F 7 years ago

    I loved when it got serious and it was like "NERF"...

  • DaCrazyDingo
    DaCrazyDingo 7 years ago

    They like to make movies. Plain and simple.

  • sademon
    sademon 7 years ago

    At 1:39 his cigarette is almost out and at 1:51 it's not. :D

  • usonutube2011
    usonutube2011 7 years ago

    "Like to be soldiers"? They are just being actors bro.

  • SkiddyDoughnut
    SkiddyDoughnut 7 years ago

    NerfGun that shoots lightning?
    Dreams have come true.

  • drv001
    drv001 7 years ago

    If u people like to play as the soldiers , y dont you just join the military's forces??

  • Finnz0r
    Finnz0r 7 years ago

    Jeez guys, yes it's a nerf gun! Only because it needs to look like some sort of alien weapon that causes people to explode

  • Chiefarbiter101
    Chiefarbiter101 7 years ago

    Nerf gun vs real guns, Nerf gun wins

  • Louis Poulain
    Louis Poulain 7 years ago

    you left your jacket mate ;)

  • rax123
    rax123 7 years ago

    I don't think he gets it. unless I don't...

  • AA
    AA 7 years ago

    why do so many people have camo?

  • kristoffer bro-jørgensen

    1:40 yiiak he's smoking the filter !!!!!!!!!!

  • halonate99
    halonate99 7 years ago

    read the description

  • noname
    noname 7 years ago

    to all the people pointing out nerf gun:
    he used it because it is an alien gun and didnt want the gun to look like a 'real' gun

  • jasttim
    jasttim 7 years ago

    its not district 9 ... he said 'INSPIRED' by district 9 ... READ THE DESCRIPTION ... duh ?

  • NouveauPulp
    NouveauPulp 7 years ago

    The gun that blows people up in this movie is inspired from the 'lightning gun' in District 9.

  • Justin Jorgensen
    Justin Jorgensen 7 years ago

    He was using a Nerf gun haha

  • Daniel Garcia
    Daniel Garcia 7 years ago

    @TheVeinProject There is a difference between being inspired by something, and being BASED on something.

  • Gabe Swanson
    Gabe Swanson 7 years ago

    Become a director

  • SeVonn
    SeVonn 7 years ago

    Did any1 else notice that the guy is using a nerf recon

  • alexis sinta
    alexis sinta 7 years ago

    mm why a car appers in 2:18? error of camera

  • Ezo12
    Ezo12 7 years ago

    Thumbs up if u saw the car at 2:18.

  • tutoriaisbrisa
    tutoriaisbrisa 7 years ago

    what the camera???

  • Daftology
    Daftology 7 years ago

    If u guys can spend 2,000something on s kill zone movie I'm sure you can afford some realistic millitary suits like digital camo

  • Mianya Winchester
    Mianya Winchester 7 years ago

    Aww Man Why Do The Sexy Ones Always Die First? Btw Nice Nerf Gun.

  • InsaneRocker1023
    InsaneRocker1023 7 years ago

    @EdcoStudios im simply stating facts

  • EdcoStudios
    EdcoStudios 7 years ago

    @InsaneRocker1023 SO WHAT.