Kitchen Nightmares - Season 2 Episode 9 - Full Episode

  • Chef Ramsay drops by Le Bistro, a French eatery in South Florida, and discovers that he and the head chef have similar culinary training backgrounds. However, the chef is in complete denial about the poor quality of his restaurant's food and service.

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  • Chelsea Henry
    Chelsea Henry 32 seconds ago +1

    Absolutely appalling chef

  • Wicked Superstar
    Wicked Superstar 2 hours ago

    Sometimes the assisting chefs are more talented than the main chefs

  • Xattius
    Xattius 4 hours ago

    "I care about my customers" - Gordon
    Also Gordon - "Don't fuc*ing whistle at me, yeah, you look more like a dog than I do"

  • Xattius
    Xattius 4 hours ago

    Oh no. "I hate idiots" - Big Idiot

  • Bich Dao Le
    Bich Dao Le 10 hours ago

    Bruh Gordon Ramsay would steal Nino’s kitchen lmao

  • Nick Lee
    Nick Lee 17 hours ago

    I do not want to go and work for an idiot I hate idiots wow bit of an understatement

  • cat not a fox
    cat not a fox 18 hours ago +1

    Andy's wife is so gorgeous

  • F40R Anti NadeYT
    F40R Anti NadeYT 19 hours ago +1

    he looks like an old fat Simon Cowell

  • Nia Brown
    Nia Brown 22 hours ago

    Did all the episodes get deleted on this channel or something

  • Hyper Man
    Hyper Man 23 hours ago

    Alex is propa cool

  • Federico Castaño

    I suppose that gordon is acting or at least exaggerating and that's not his real personality

  • GrabYoPopcorn
    GrabYoPopcorn Day ago

    I wish I had his job.
    Not for the food, to have a reason to hate humanity.

  • Music Lyrics
    Music Lyrics Day ago

    It’s so bòrríñg

  • MusicalElitist1
    MusicalElitist1 Day ago

    It's one of the few that are still open.

  • YTwalker781
    YTwalker781 Day ago

    So this guy hates him self

  • S. J. N.
    S. J. N. Day ago

    I'll be honest. Probably my least favorite make-over by far.

  • trisha 123
    trisha 123 Day ago +1


  • Ibtihaj Tahboub
    Ibtihaj Tahboub Day ago

    I'm sad that Gordon helped such an arrogant man like Andy! I hated him yuuk

  • Yen Xiang Goh
    Yen Xiang Goh 2 days ago

    No matter how much Andy has it’s nothing compared to Gordon Ramsey’s

  • Ola Coca Cola
    Ola Coca Cola 2 days ago

    Am i the only one who want to punch Andy's face like thousand times just to make him give up on his ego

  • Sarah Andrews
    Sarah Andrews 2 days ago

    What a vile, hideous, rude man. Wife deserves so much better, hope she left him. All the employees should leave, find better jobs and leave him on his own - that's the least he deserves. He does not deserve any business.

  • Tee Riff
    Tee Riff 2 days ago

    Does the wife have black eyes?

  • Samantha Golding
    Samantha Golding 2 days ago +1

    "I'm going to surprise visit him"
    "I was so shocked that he was here"
    *Camera Crew:* Am I a joke to you?

  • Samantha Golding
    Samantha Golding 2 days ago

    What a dickhead

  • d p
    d p 3 days ago

    Me thinks Andy’s a drunk!... 😵

  • The Maio Turbo
    The Maio Turbo 3 days ago +1

    i thought that was saimon

  • Tippierpluto311 Tippierpluto311

    43:38 drake and josh the father??? 🧐

  • Ibrahim MOHAMED
    Ibrahim MOHAMED 3 days ago

    4:41 you must hate yourself

  • Cherry Army
    Cherry Army 3 days ago

    4:42 I’m dead😂

  • subject 89
    subject 89 3 days ago

    *me eating two-minute noodles* You get them, Gorden!

  • DIY's with me
    DIY's with me 3 days ago +1


    Me: 28:34 you're just gonna leave the food there?

  • Ryan Kustard
    Ryan Kustard 3 days ago

    4:36 Paten up bruv. Ur a fucking idiot.
    Treat your staff and wife better.

  • N8WOLF
    N8WOLF 4 days ago

    "i hate idiots" ....says the first class idiot :D but to be fair. noone of knows what he has been through. sometimes shit just flips and you are constantly mad.

  • .•*Hala Taibi*•.
    .•*Hala Taibi*•. 4 days ago +1

    He is the modern version of Sami and Amy

  • Benjamin X
    Benjamin X 4 days ago +1

    Finally Simon Cowell vs Gordon Ramsay

  • Perfectdark
    Perfectdark 4 days ago

    How could that restaurant survive nine years with that food ?

  • PaulL Perez
    PaulL Perez 5 days ago

    Wow this chef is mad as fuck.!!!😱

  • ElPándalo TV
    ElPándalo TV 5 days ago

    Say what you Say about Andy, and yes he was stubborn, but he got the message at the end and I'm happy for him and his very supporting wife

  • Lawrence
    Lawrence 5 days ago

    Walter Mitty got shown for what he was.
    Goes to show- cooking is all about honesty, quality and time.

  • Jovannie Ebanks
    Jovannie Ebanks 5 days ago

    Ramsay a bad boy enuh

  • meet therandom
    meet therandom 5 days ago

    The lady was so sweet and beautiful! What a pure soul. The dude on the other hand jeesh.

  • Llkkmn
    Llkkmn 6 days ago +2

    Yo this hit hard during quarantine, I’m 4 hours in

  • Klea Dragjoshi
    Klea Dragjoshi 6 days ago +2

    Andy: l don't want to work with some idiot. I hate idiot's.
    Me: At least he knows how his workers feel.

  • Aiden Brewster
    Aiden Brewster 6 days ago +1

    I went there in the grand reopening great dishes but slow to come out it was good tho

  • Lila Black
    Lila Black 6 days ago +1

    I swear... Gordan Ramsay shouldn't have even had to go there.
    You could practically hear his dispair* at the owners actions and dictatorship.
    And the owner didn't really change though, he only 'changed' because if he didn't, it would be bad for him. He couldn't give a shit less about the restaurant, the costumers*, or his wife really. I don't think he changed.
    * I can't spell

  • Psychotic. Emo
    Psychotic. Emo 6 days ago +3

    “It was love at first bite”
    Said every vampire ever.

  • Yeow Yap
    Yeow Yap 6 days ago +1


  • matej Is the best
    matej Is the best 7 days ago +1

    Bro it was like a swear of I wonder who won

  • KieranGunnOfficial
    KieranGunnOfficial 7 days ago

    Matthew Perry continuing his fall from grace.

  • what
    what 7 days ago

    gordon wearing crocs on a yacht is a choice i can get behind

  • Cha Cha
    Cha Cha 8 days ago

    the intro is so damn good i never knew gordon know ninja knife throwing

  • hey mate
    hey mate 8 days ago

    Just call him a poopy brain

  • Holland Salomon
    Holland Salomon 8 days ago +5

    "It was love at first bite."
    Dads everywhere:
    She's a keeper.

  • Fairly Vague
    Fairly Vague 8 days ago +1

    I’ve been in relationships with men like Andy. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if he was giving his wife a smack across the head when things aren’t going his way and there’s no other male presence around. I hope Andy’s wife kicked him to the kerb.

  • WolfieGaming
    WolfieGaming 8 days ago

    Wannabe Gordon Ramsey gets skeeted on by the OG Lamb Sauce Finder himself

  • soul_brother
    soul_brother 9 days ago

    He a wife beater for sure. Wife looks defeated.

  • Your average Retarded 9 year old

    Near the end i kinda liked the happy Andy

  • Nick Wilson
    Nick Wilson 10 days ago

    Why should a guy like that get help.

  • Nigel Thompson
    Nigel Thompson 10 days ago

    Me: Tasty
    Ramsey: Wtf is that
    Me: like I’m visiting that restaurant

  • Jaimie Self
    Jaimie Self 10 days ago

    Why do we need to have constant dramatic music playing in the american version?
    31:49 and the acting continues.

  • itay samina
    itay samina 11 days ago

    20:35 gordon with crocs like a gangsta

  • Madelon Van Twillert
    Madelon Van Twillert 11 days ago +1

    With the beep there is not mutch conversation left at some points

  • Fahad2005
    Fahad2005 12 days ago

    I want a wife just like that

  • goodguy good
    goodguy good 12 days ago

    Andy is reder than the walls

  • Sebastian Iancu
    Sebastian Iancu 12 days ago +1

    I suck ass, who wants my private snap

  • Ilerioluwa Shitta-Bey
    Ilerioluwa Shitta-Bey 12 days ago

    His wife deserves better, so sad

  • Lily Williams
    Lily Williams 12 days ago +1


  • Toast
    Toast 12 days ago

    Wow chef Gordon's cooking was really good, gonna dump my husband for Gordon's superior cooking

  • Crayator 01
    Crayator 01 12 days ago

    “It was love at first bite” how long did that one take to come up with

  • Jacob Bahr
    Jacob Bahr 12 days ago

    14:13 - Andy, you are one to talk...

  • Tessa Robins
    Tessa Robins 13 days ago

    Honestly, quite apart from the fact that his behaviour towards his staff and, especially, his wife is abhorrent, Andy's voice is nails on a chalkboard! It's just so...drawling! I like Northern English accents, I like American accents but the combination is not a good one if he's anything to go by.

  • Jadon Visagie
    Jadon Visagie 13 days ago +1

    I feel like Gucci mane in 2000 and 6

  • Clement Meylan
    Clement Meylan 13 days ago


  • Madeleine Xx
    Madeleine Xx 13 days ago

    Do this program make to get more costumers or what

  • Shohanur Islam Shohan
    Shohanur Islam Shohan 13 days ago

    I don't think he knows that he is an idiot.

  • Joseph James Danielle Matanguihan

    well that chef is well trained but with an old fashioned menu and recipe. ramsay wakes him up from the reality and its a happy ending. one of the best episode of KN

  • jejunum
    jejunum 14 days ago

    I’ve never seen Gordon so patient

  • Margarida Pais
    Margarida Pais 14 days ago

    Andy: I don't like idiots
    Me: Well, I got some news for ya mate...

  • Badluck Brian
    Badluck Brian 14 days ago +2

    "The steak is grizzlyyyy!" She has such a whiny voice

  • XxdogsyxX YT
    XxdogsyxX YT 15 days ago +1

    Uh oh big boomers