Fortnite - World Cup Trailer

  • Published on Mar 25, 2019
  • Get all the details on the $40 million Fortnite World Cup. Your journey starts here.
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  • Fizz X drip
    Fizz X drip 20 days ago

    Little did I know I would qualify

  • Collin Nichols
    Collin Nichols 22 days ago

    **Insert comment about begging for likes here**

  • Outside Playstation
    Outside Playstation 25 days ago +1

    PS4 players that are qualified , need to get used to a Gaming PC which is its difficult for them

    • Outside Playstation
      Outside Playstation Day ago

      @PHX Proskilzz Ah alright.

    • PHX Proskilzz
      PHX Proskilzz Day ago +1

      Outside Playstation well players that play on controller have qualified (such as Ghost Aydan and KNG Unknown) but they play controller on PC. The thing is, a PS4 can’t handle intense endgames and the game will become laggy. It’s practically impossible to qualify without a PC

    • Outside Playstation
      Outside Playstation Day ago

      @PHX Proskilzz that's heartbreaking..

    • PHX Proskilzz
      PHX Proskilzz Day ago +1

      No ps4 player qualified....

  • Yeet Gernade
    Yeet Gernade 27 days ago

    0:47 they ruined brite Bomber lets just hope they don’t ruin beach bomber

  • Josh Playz
    Josh Playz 27 days ago

    I wish they could add 5 more weeks

  • Daniele Barbosa
    Daniele Barbosa Month ago

    Daniel Gonçalves Oficial embreve

  • Big Boi the llmama
    Big Boi the llmama Month ago

    What happens if you don't play on computer and get into the world cup.

  • POI_MasterKushi
    POI_MasterKushi Month ago

    Check out my u tube channel masterkushigaming

  • Mastik RA Bazooka
    Mastik RA Bazooka 2 months ago +1

    You can put Thanos in Creative plis plis

  • Keenlol
    Keenlol 2 months ago

    What Song in tailer ??

  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus 2 months ago

    but if nobody from the qaulafyrs can go to new york

  • Hendri Surya Widcaksana

    What song is it?

  • RMont
    RMont 2 months ago

    I’m a kid player, one like equals 1 percent of me going to new york

  • cool star 123
    cool star 123 2 months ago


  • cool star 123
    cool star 123 2 months ago

    is int this just gamebling

  • savage wolves
    savage wolves 2 months ago

    I won 6 games and on divison 5

  • thanasis Skotis
    thanasis Skotis 2 months ago

    Am sorry can i ask a something? the money you won from word cups ex. 550$ are you receing them cash or in vbucks?

  • Supermrk
    Supermrk 2 months ago +1


  • Deer Thing Thing
    Deer Thing Thing 2 months ago


  • Zymbolix Fortnite Mobile And More

    Tbh tho if theyre making it 13+ might as well let 10 yr olds to join
    10 yr olds are prob the only ones who won’t complain plus theyre insane

  • who fan pewds sub here
    who fan pewds sub here 3 months ago

    ninja would be there, too

  • Mir Q
    Mir Q 3 months ago +1

    🛇?Friends i have a question
    you have to double-check your Acc to be able to play in the semi-finals of the tournament?🛇

  • TurtwigLover4
    TurtwigLover4 3 months ago

    Could you imagine if a switch player made it to New York

  • Cuckoo the Taco
    Cuckoo the Taco 3 months ago

    Yahhhhh ........ It’s rewind time

  • Zxnby btw
    Zxnby btw 3 months ago


  • senad mustafi
    senad mustafi 3 months ago +1

    any1 champion league?
    need partner for cup :)

  • 11annguyen
    11annguyen 3 months ago

    I'm still trying to figure out how they got clips of the event, even though the finals but it hasn't started yet.

  • Bow
    Bow 3 months ago +1

    *Wow Boob physics do work!* 0:47

  • Edgar Terrazas
    Edgar Terrazas 3 months ago

    Why can’t they have tournaments for ok players

  • tittle here
    tittle here 3 months ago

    Фортнаит nav sence

  • KMS_ KAL00L
    KMS_ KAL00L 3 months ago

    The world cup will be a complete joke😄🤔😐

  • KMS_ KAL00L
    KMS_ KAL00L 3 months ago

    Epic remove the ballers

  • Cobiguy205
    Cobiguy205 3 months ago


  • Gavin Segeleon
    Gavin Segeleon 3 months ago

    99.9999999% of comments "revert 8.20

  • juicymattyeu
    juicymattyeu 3 months ago

    and you removed custom res ggs :)

  • EBAG tv
    EBAG tv 3 months ago


  • Drknss_Samurai
    Drknss_Samurai 3 months ago

    OMG I live in nyc

  • Carolyn Chambers
    Carolyn Chambers 3 months ago

    Dose epic pay for flight to New york

  • Horizon Metal
    Horizon Metal 3 months ago

    can a twelve year old go with an adult

  • Ari and Sherry
    Ari and Sherry 3 months ago

    After I bought the tickets do I see in very small print "Attendees must be 13+" so my 9-year-old son can't get in?

  • war_ mouse_
    war_ mouse_ 3 months ago

    Yeah buddy. Well be there check use out on youtube. My 6 year old sone is a beast. war_mouse_

  • CattoPlayz
    CattoPlayz 3 months ago

    That’s cool
    I suck at fortnite so I wouldn’t have a chance in that if I tried my best.

  • Jevox
    Jevox 3 months ago

    But what if your a kid

  • Twitch Twitch 3 months ago

    I going in guys

  • NoVa Cryptic
    NoVa Cryptic 3 months ago


  • Quan Trapz
    Quan Trapz 3 months ago +3

    Fortnite: ok let's give away all our money since our games gonna die.
    Me: Revert everything

  • CooqiesRBLX
    CooqiesRBLX 3 months ago


  • Kashifbot
    Kashifbot 3 months ago

    Only fans who remember the og factory

  • Thecool Desert
    Thecool Desert 3 months ago +1

    Thank god I live in NYC

  • Default Helper
    Default Helper 3 months ago


  • Hei Pedro
    Hei Pedro 3 months ago

    R E V E R T

  • black pharoh
    black pharoh 3 months ago


  • Srinivas Pamu
    Srinivas Pamu 3 months ago

    why can't I get this game

  • KRrampage
    KRrampage 3 months ago

    I really like how they said online open which means anyone can join but now you have to get 300 points on a non-world cup related event to even qualify


  • Zuleima Hernandez
    Zuleima Hernandez 3 months ago

    Really mad at epic... They said “All edible Fortnite Players can play in Online Open” Edible Players is all of us then Epic lies and says in the the game, “People who reached The Champion League Can compete in the online open!” Epic everyone was hyped because everyone can play we are not sweats like those streamers out there... Stop lying to your fans is my point

  • Linzack
    Linzack 3 months ago

    Just Revert

  • Tattier Verbose456
    Tattier Verbose456 3 months ago +1

    So it turns out you need to be at a certain point in arena to do this.

    • JSK_YT
      JSK_YT 3 months ago +1

      Ikr all a sudden

  • HoofsFN
    HoofsFN 3 months ago +1

    Remember when we were allowed to play on stretched. RIP

  • MR3K Jvar
    MR3K Jvar 3 months ago

    Take off 2fa

  • Parkot TM
    Parkot TM 3 months ago


  • RMont
    RMont 3 months ago +1

    How old do you have to be

  • Gostops
    Gostops 3 months ago


  • AFG- Ali
    AFG- Ali 3 months ago

    Can i play the world cup?

  • BlustarplayzEvo
    BlustarplayzEvo 3 months ago

    I heard that we must be 13+ to compete, but I’m just a year below that! :(

  • UnknownSpam
    UnknownSpam 3 months ago

    500 Cap material + 50 health/shield is better than having max mats... tbh

  • UnknownSpam
    UnknownSpam 3 months ago

    You'll see my name on that leaderboard.

  • Erick Martinez
    Erick Martinez 3 months ago

    It is on

  • Francisco Vazquez
    Francisco Vazquez 3 months ago


  • Francisco Vazquez
    Francisco Vazquez 3 months ago


  • MRU - 102806
    MRU - 102806 3 months ago

    There's an issue in the game I found out.
    The oump APPARENTLY does NOT make any sound when pulled out, which makes it perfect for attacking people from behind, yet it can be annouying sometimes when you're the one getting pumped by someone not knowing they're there.
    Also, METAL WOOD.